Adventure Time with Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee!

Chapter Six: Fear the Night


"So not to put a damper on the mood we got going, but uh, just how the fluff are we supposed to get to the Night O'sphere?" Cake asked. She was only slightly annoyed at the fact they had been walking nearly the whole night.

Fionna turned to Marshall. "Don't we have to draw a smiley face, throw some bug juice on it, and—"

"No," Marshall snapped. "That's not how we get to the Night O'sphere. What gave you that ridiculous idea?"

The adventuress thought for a moment. "I don't know…" she stammered, "It's almost as if… as if… I just had an alternate universe moment or something." (A/N *wink wink)

"Baby, you just need some food in your stomach," Cake said. She stretched her paws into Fionna's backpack and took out a container of strawberries. "Eat those," she ordered.

Fionna grabbed the container and opened the lid. "Gray strawberries?" she asked in confusion. She realized what happened. "Marshall!"

The vampire punk shrugged. "I was hungry too Fi, don't be selfish. Really, I was being thoughtful; I could have eaten something else that's the color red. Or should I say drink?" he smirked. Before Fionna or Cake could yell at him further he announced, "We are here."

Cake decided to let the strawberry incident slip. "Where?" she asked. The fluffy cat looked around and still saw the same forest background she had seen almost all night. Cake then noticed a tall blue colored tree. The tree was huge, with a dark blue trunk and lighter toned leaves. "I haven't seen a blue tree before."

Marshall nodded. "This tree is the portal into the Night O'sphere." He flew up to the bark and knocked on it seven times with his left hand, eight times with his right, and then ten times with both hands. Fionna laughed because she thought he was being silly. Quite opposite actually, Marshall was being serious.

Finally a deep masculine voice said, "Name yourself."

The Vampire King smirked. "Marshall Lee the Vampire King, with two guests Fionna the human and Cake the cat."

"Human?" the voice asked.

"You heard me," Marshall hissed. His voice was threatening. "Don't test me."

"Right," the voice continued, clearly intimidated by the vampire. "Password?"

"Fear the night. Leave your sanity behind." Fionna looked up to Marshall. His voice was deep, cryptic. Leave sanity behind, she thought to herself, what an odd thing to say.

There was a moment of silence. "Welcome home, Vampire King," the voice finally said. "You and your human and cat may enter."

Marshall flew down and picked up Fionna and Cake (the cat was too distracted to object to him picking her up). "This isn't home," he muttered.

"Hey! You're going to fly straight into the tree!" Cake hollered.

He smirked. "That's the point!"

Fionna gasped and quickly shut her eyes, "I LIKE YOUR HAIR PRINCE GUMBALL!"


The human girl opened her eyes. She thought for sure she was going to smack into a tree and die. Now with her eyes open she could see a dark black moonless and starless sky, and down below a barren of dried wasteland. She made the mistake of turning her head towards her companions. Cake was giving her a knowing look and Marshall was glaring daggers into her.

She grinned sheepishly. "What?"

"You just screamed at the top of your lungs you liked Gumball's hair," Cake said.

"I-I did? Well I thought I was going to die… so… I just blurted it I guess." Fionna started to blush. "I mean it's not that great of hair."

The vampire scoffed. "It's pink," Marshall hissed.

"Well yeah, it is." Fionna fumbled with her words. "I guess I had to get that out of my system." She used the long golden bangs that stuck out of her bunny hat to shield her eyes. She was pretty sure Marshall was giving her an unfriendly glare. He does have nice hair, so what?

The adventuress was appreciative when Cake changed the subject. "How come the Night O'sphere is so dreary looking? Would it kill whoever lives here to grow some flowers? Maybe add a bird bath to liven up the place? All I see down below is dirt!"

Marshall shrugged. "My dad likes keeping things barren and dreary. It adds to his appeal of being scary."

"Your dad rules the Night O'sphere?" Fionna asked.

The vampire punk blew a strand of hair out of his eyes. "For the most part. My dad is powerful. He eats souls."

"For breakfast?" Fionna asked again.

The vampire resisted to laugh at the human girl's obliviousness. She was so cute when she didn't realize it. "No Fi, you can be so naïve. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner." He allowed himself a chuckle that neither adventurers noticed.

"Whoa, what happened to blood?" Cake demanded.

Marshall shrugged. "Some evil has a required taste."

"Your dad can't just eat sheets of red like you?"

"No," the vampire muttered. "And I'm considered a freak because I only eat sheets of red. Look, among the vampire community, I'm not exactly welcomed. They don't like me. I'm sort of like a banished prince. I was named king, that's true, but my dad still runs the show. I've been independent and on my own in Aaa for some time."

Fionna felt sad because of Marshall Lee's confession. She was starting to get glimpses into his life, into his complicated and dark life. Now she (partly) understood why coming to the Night O'sphere was so hard for him. Like he said, he was out-casted, unwelcome, and he was the king! A thought crossed the teenage girl's mind… always a prince but never a king.

Soon they started to see a large black castle out in the distance. There was a thick layer of gray smoke around the castle and the skies had turned from black, to gray, and settled on a blood red color. Cake's tail began to fluff. "I'm not getting a good feeling about this place," the cat said warily.

Marshall smirked and Fionna saw the darkness in his face. "Fear the night," he muttered under his breath, "and leave your sanity behind."


Fionna didn't blame Cake for shrinking herself and hiding in her backpack. The adventuress was scared as well but she didn't want it to show because A). That was weakness to Marshall, and B). She had to put on a brave face for the Night O'sphere. Adventuring was her job, it was her life, and if she couldn't brave it for the Night O'sphere then she was too weak for the job.

Marshall was holding her close to him; his grip was tight on her waist so she was face to face with him and had her arms over his shoulders. "You're sure I can't walk?" she muttered.

"You're staying with me, end of story," he hissed seriously.

She wanted to see the castle but then she realized the scenery had changed. Now she could see black houses with black roofs and red windows, shadowy figures staring at her with bright golden eyes and a white demonic grin. They were already inside the castle. It wasn't just that, those creatures, they were staring directly at her.

Marshall could sense her unease. "They won't harm my Fi," he murmured to her darkly.

There he goes with the possessiveness, using 'my' before my name, Fionna thought. Although, at this particular moment, Marshall's protection and embrace was comforting. She didn't want to admit it but something told her she didn't have to, which was why he was slightly smirking.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the lame prince," said a taunting voice. Fionna and Marshall turned their heads to see another vampire. This vampire man was tall, with silver hair, pale skin, and wearing a ripped pair of jeans and black shirt. He was grinning deviously.

"Leave me alone Cole," Marshall hissed. "Tell me where dad is."

"Oh, does the prince miss his daddy the king?" Cole mocked. He noticed Fionna and his fangs popped out. "You have a human!" he exclaimed.

Marshall hissed and tightened his grip on her. "She's mine!"

Cole growled and sneered. "You haven't even cut her, tasted her! Why have you brought a human then? If the King sees her he'll eat her! Human is so rare, he might just suck her blood then take her soul."

Fionna decided enough was enough. "I'm not on the menu," she said harshly. "And I'll slay any evil that tries to eat me."

The vampire's eyes widened. "Oh, the snack likes to make threats?" he challenged. "All the more exciting. Marshall, don't let this human go to waste."

That was the last straw. "You know," Fionna said, "I'm tired of my enemies not taking me seriously. I'm tired of them laughing at me and calling me cute." She pushed herself out of Marshall's hold and landed on her feet. Somehow in that movement she pulled out her sword and pointed it at Cole. "I'm Fionna the Adventuress and I'll cut your head off if you provoke me."

Cole laughed. "Human, if you really think you can—"

In one swift movement Fionna had her sword slash him, and a few of the vampire's fingers came clean off! That was fast. Faster than vampire fast. FAST.

The vampire hollered, "HOW DARE YOU—"

Suddenly her blade was at the base of her throat. "Your head will come off," she warned. "Unless you tell us where to find the King. And you better do it quickly."

"A-at the top of the castle i-in his study!" Cole exclaimed.

Marshall grabbed Fionna by the waist and the two started flying again. Cole watched them leave and then felt embarrassed and upset he let a human cut his fingers off. Oh well, he can glue them back, but still!

The vampire gave the human a small grin. "That deserves some respect," he said.

Fionna smiled. "Thanks."

"But that doesn't change the fact that you're cute."

"Shut up!"

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