Author's Notes: Written for TuesdayNovember's Quotes Remix challenge on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange forum, with the quote "You think he could forgive me, even after I've done terrible things? Even if I've killed hundreds and tortured even more?" from Lunacy meets Anarchy by ThisLife103.7. Thank you, Ben.

Definitely not the best thing I've written, but, in my defence, inspiration only struck about two hours before the challenge closed.

500 words.


"It's beautiful, Andi," Lily Evans said, turning her friend's hand over so she could admire the engagement ring from all angles. "You and Ted are going to be so happy together."

Andromeda chewed on her lower lip. She was only talking to Lily because she had had to share the news of Ted's proposal of marriage with someone, and Lily was the only girl Andromeda knew who wouldn't immediately tell Andromeda's parents. They weren't particularly close friends, though they certainly got along, and Andromeda wasn't quite sure how to ask what she wanted to know.

"Do you think it's right?" she said at last. "I mean, for me to marry Ted when I used to be such a horrible Pureblood brat?"


Andromeda sighed. How to explain this…

"I remember the first time I met Ted," she said at last. "It was years ago, when I was younger. Cissy and I were out for a walk, and we saw some boys playing. One was about my age – that was Ted, I didn't know him yet, obviously – and one about Cissy's, and one was younger, maybe five. Ted called us to come over to play with them. I said no, but Cissy was only seven, and she wanted to play. She asked why we couldn't when they looked like they were having so much fun." They had looked like they were having fun. Andromeda remembered the sweet summer day like yesterday. "But I told her no, we couldn't go play with them. Ted came over, and grabbed Cissy's hand, said they were playing some make-believe game and she should come be the princess. And I said…" Andromeda trailed off, staring at her hands.

"Said what?" Lily prompted gently.

"I said 'you filthy little Mudblood, don't you dare ever touch a Black'."

There was a long pause, broken only by Lily's quiet, "Oh." Then, at last, Lily said, "Andi, I don't think that's really going to make much of a difference in your relationship. Yes, you said something horrible, but you were only a little girl."

"But I was such an awful little bitch!" Andromeda exploded. "Always acting like being a Black made me better than the rest of them…"

"To be fair, that is what you were taught," Lily pointed out.

"And when Bella threw curses on Mudbloods, I was always there to laugh along…"

"For goodness' sake, you didn't know any better, Andi!"

Silence again, while Andromeda toyed with her wand, not looking at her friend.

"Do you think he could forgive me?" Andromeda asked at last. "Even after I've done terrible things?"

"He'd forgive you even if you'd killed hundreds and tortured even more," Lily assured her. "Ted loves you, Andi. He's not going to let some stupid things that happened when you were nine years old get in the way of that."

Andromeda's eyes went teary. "You really think so?"

"Yes," said Lily with absolute conviction. "He knows you know better now. He knows you love him too."