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Xion POV

Xion looked at Roxas, shocked at his words. There was about a full minute of silence before…

"Yes! Just… Meet me in the garden later. I'll have my stuff ready. I just have to say goodbye to a few people." Xion said.

"Not your parents, right?" Roxas asked worriedly.

"Of course not. I'll write them a note, but I doubt they'll care. I have to say goodbye to my teachers and Axel and Olette." Xion explained.

"I've got to say goodbye to Axel too. But don't tell Olette you're running away with me. I'm friends with one of her friends and he says she's a terrible liar, so she'll have plausibly deniability, but Axel's good at lying." Roxas said.

"And I'll have to find normal clothes. These all look so fancy. But I'll need a white wedding dress." Xion was planning out loud.

Roxas kissed Xion's hand and the ring that they had decided on putting on a necklace around her neck instead of having her wear and walked off towards the nearby town.

Xion got on her horse and rode swiftly back to the castle, where she was greeted by her parents getting into a carriage.

"Mother? Father?" Xion questioned, remembering that they had just gotten back from a trip.

"I'm sorry we couldn't stay long Xion, but we have more business to attend to. Be a dear and stop riding your horse like a mad woman, people will talk." Her mother sighed lazily.

"And don't go for such long rides! You'll never get a man by riding a horse. And you're riding it the wrong way!" Her father commented.

"I already have a man, Father. Earl Riku, remember? Have fun on your trip." Xion said, bidding them farewell.

As soon as they were out of sight Xion rode her horse to the stables, where Axel was brushing a horse in its stall.

"Axel!" She called out as she dismounted her horse and rushed over to him.

"Yes Princess?" Axel asked, smirking at her name. She had told him to call her Xion a million times, but he insisted on calling her Princess.

"I just wanted to say goodbye." Xion rushed out.


"Goodbye. Me and Roxas are running away to get married. You know how my parents are about… 'commoners' as they call them. I love him… and I want to be with him. But they'd never allow that, and besides I'm engaged to Riku. But… I felt so trapped, Riku's gay, so there's no chance we'll love each other. I mean, I love him like a brother… so everything's even more awkward. And I don't want to rule right now. And I don't want to marry Vexen, and Mother said I'd have to get married next year and… So I'm running away with Roxas. He loves me and I love him so this is what I'm supposed to do. This is what I want to do. So, goodbye. I'll write to you." Xion said hurriedly.

"Wow… You know, you could have told me all this before. I'll give you two horses. I'll tell them that you accidentally let one loose and then rode off on the other. Since you don't want them to know about Roxas, right?" Axel asked.

"Yeah. Thanks so much Axel, you're the best friend I could have." Xion said, and she kissed his cheek before running to the castle.

On the way she ran into Demyx and Zexion, who she said goodbye to and gave both of them a kiss on the cheek. She couldn't find Marluxia anywhere, but she wrote him a note and left it by his sword, taking her own for protection.

Xion frowned to herself when she got to her room and looked around. She didn't know how to do anything herself. She didn't know about corsets or those tools you use on buttons or how to do hair… but she had a few hours. She could get Olette to explain.

Xion grabbed her least grand dresses from her closet and her riding dresses. And the secret pants and shirts and commoners clothes she had hidden for sword practice. She shoved it all in a trunk and, knowing Axel would have a little wagon-thing ready for her, she threw the clothes into her trunk. She took all her jewelry and all the money and gold that was lying around, plus a fair amount from the safe in her father's room and put it in a sack and threw that in as well. She took the most sensible shoes and finally she had to find the wedding outfit.

She finally picked one of her grandest dresses. It was pure white and had white precious gems sewn into it. It was a ballgown and had puffy sleeves. She smiled at it and laid it in the trunk so that it wouldn't wrinkle.

Olette came into the room with worry on her face, but Xion smiled at her.

"Olette, I'm running away!" She said breathlessly.

"But… your plans as queen!" Olette protested.

"I have enough time, and I'll come back as soon as mother and father are dead. They hate me, I think. Always saying such mean things. I just need you to teach me a few things." Xion said happily.

"What?" Olette asked.

"I need to know how to lace up a corset on my own and how to do my hair and makeup. And those awful buttons." Xion said.

After an hour of Xion learning and practicing, Olette was done teaching her.

"Well… On your own you'll need to know how to sew and cook and clean, but I taught you how to do that when we were little. You'll need to know how to use your money properly, but you've never actually been one to spend much at all… actually I haven't seen you ever spend any money." Olette realized.

"Yeah, I haven't. But I know how it works and stuff, it was in my lessons. I asked Zexion how to act like a normal person once and he took a week out of schooling to teach me how." Xion recalled.

"Well anyways, wait here. I'll bring you some of my dresses. Don't worry about it either, I'll just rip up some of yours to make new ones for me, I do it all the time." Olette said with a smirk.

"Thanks Lette. I'm sorry that I'm leaving you. I wish you could come, but…" Xion trailed off.

"I know. You won't be punished when you get caught, but I would." Olette said with a nod.


Olette ran off to get her dresses and Xion heard rain start to pour. That reminded the princess to throw some coats and rain-gear into her trunk, on top of the wedding dress. She also grabbed those blasted corsets and undergarments.

Olette soon returned with some dresses and as soon as they were secure in the trunk Xion thanked her again and told her to go to her room so that no one saw her should Xion be caught.

As soon as the brunette was gone Xion heard a few taps on her window and she looked out. There was Roxas, throwing pebbles at her window from the garden. Xion smiled and picked up the trunk. It was surprisingly light, though all it had was clothes, books, and gold. She tied a rope around it and lowered it down to the garden, then she laced up her shoes and climbed down the trellis.

She and Roxas soundlessly took the trunk to the stables, where a covered wagon hitched to two horses was waiting for them. Xion grinned, reminding herself to thank Axel again and they rode off.

But then, as the castle grew small in the distance, Xion had second thoughts.

"Maybe… I should have told Mother and Father. They might have understood." She said softly.

"Don't ever look back." Roxas said softly, "They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance."

"You're right. I won't sell my heart for their silly rules. And I won't pretend that we're not meant to be." Xion said with a nod.

A crash of thunder… 3… 2… 1… Xion fell into Roxas's arms as the lightning lit up the sky.

"They'll probably change the locks so I can't get out again, if I would come back." Xion mused.

They were very high, on a mountain probably. And it felt like they were flying, with the hard wind and the fast horses. The view was incredible, and Xion looked to her side to see Roxas. It was better than incredible with Roxas there.

She was so glad she ran away.

Roxas POV

They ran to this place that called itself Radiant Garden. It was a beautiful place, covered with flowers. Xion was adapting to life there way better than Roxas had imagined she would. On the rode they had found a town called Traverse Town and had sold all her jewels and precious things for gold. They were actually quite rich with all the money Xion had smuggled out.

Roxas had bought them a nice little house with a room for them, a room for guests, a living room, and a kitchen. It wasn't very big, but they really didn't have much stuff either. Right now Xion was sitting in the rocking chair Roxas had bought for her, sewing. She was making herself another dress from the pattern of Olette's dresses.

Roxas kissed her on the cheek farewell and went off to "work". He was actually going to a restaurant with Pence, a member of the assassination team.

Pence was sitting at a corner table when he got there and Roxas slipped into the chair across from him.

"So, what's up? It's not like you to just send a carrier pigeon and no letter." Roxas said, and he ordered his food.

"Look, the King and Queen were out the night we invaded, as was the little Princess. Olette was beside herself, she hadn't known about the King and Queen leaving and it seems that the Princess ran away. Also… Marluxia, her dance teacher, died. He was trying to protect her room from the assassins and he took out a fair number of people before he was killed. He didn't even know she had run away." Pence said.

"Oh gods, I thought we agreed that no one but the King and Queen die!" Roxas hissed.

"Well, Seifer didn't get the memo! He and his team were killed by that Marluxia guy, all except Vivi, he's the one who finally took him out. But Vivi's in critical condition and he's probably going to die too."

"Gods… This is bad. When is the word going to get out?" Roxas asked, his head in his hands.

"Well… It'll be out to the big cities close to the palace tomorrow, but you probably have three, four days tops before it gets out here. I know about you and the princess. You better explain it to her quick and disguise her. Otherwise… Well, I don't know what'll happen to the two of you." Pence said with a shrug.

"Damn. Hey Pence… you know the stable hand, Axel? Can you get him down here tomorrow? Me and Xion are getting married then. I'll just have to tell her." Roxas sighed.

"Sure thing, but it's a really long ride for one night, so consider my debt to you paid." Pence said with a grin.

"Thanks Pence, you're a lifesaver."

Later that night Roxas came home to see Xion. There was a blonde girl sitting with her and they were talking animatedly.

"Who's this?" Roxas asked with a grin.

"Roxas! Welcome home. This is Namine… She actually used to be my friend, but she ran away from her palace too. We were best friends for a long time, but she ran away, what was it? Two years ago? Anyways, we've been catching up!" Xion said happily.

"Xion, can I talk to you in the kitchen for a second?" Roxas asked.

"Sure Rox. I'll be right back Nami." Xion promised her friend.

They walked into the kitchen and Roxas took her hands gently.

"Hon… I don't want to freak you out or anything, but people are starting to talk in town. You look too much like… well, yourself. I won't force you to do anything, but I will suggest you cut your hair." Roxas lied easily.

"Oh, I was just thinking about that while you were at work. I mean, princesses weren't allowed to change their appearance much at all. So it would be a great change." Xion smiled.

"And Axel is coming out to see us tomorrow. I was wondering… would you like to get married tomorrow? We said it wasn't going to be a grand affair, and I love you so much…" Roxas started, but Xion cut him off with a kiss.

"We'll get married tomorrow. I'll ask Namine to be my maid of honor." Xion said with a smile.

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