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Boston Police Department-Office of Lt. Cavanaugh

"Aw come on! We don't need them sir!" The brunette's agitation was starting to irritate him.

"Watch your tone Rizzoli" Cavanaugh's threat went unheard.

Running a scarred hand through her hair, "We don't need the FBI's help for this, we know the type of person we're looking for,"

"No we don't Rizzoli, that's the problem. Tell me you have a solid lead and I'll call them off.

Her mouth snapped shut, she couldn't.

Five women were dead, with the last one found early this morning. The bodies had been found every two days for the past ten days. That timeline indicated another woman would be found within the next 48 and Jane didn't have a clue where to start. This perp was a ghost. No DNA, no evidence to speak of. All they had so far were the dumpsites and they couldn't find a connection with any of those either. Poor Maura was working overtime to try and tie the scenes together.

"Goddammit she hated working with outsiders"


"No Rizzoli, the chief of police invited them himself, they'll be here by this afternoon. I expect you to be courteous and ready to work with them do you understand me.

"Yes sir!" Slamming the door behind her, Jane headed to the morgue to see if Maura had any new information for her.


Quantico-B.A.U. (Behavioral Analysis Unit) Conference Room

"What've we got JJ?"

Clicking the remote, JJ brought up the pictures of five women. "In the past ten days, five women have been found beaten and strangled in and around the Boston area. The women thus far range in age from 26 to 36. The first victim, Nancy O'Shea, was a waitress at a place called The Dirty Robber. The second victim, Marlene Daniels was a telemarketer with the local cable company. Our third and fourth victims, Martina Ramirez and Emily Kim were a nurse and home aid specialist respectively, both worked out of Boston General."

Pausing, JJ looked around at her team as they took in the information and predictably, the first question came from Reid "What about our fifth victim? So far the victims seem to represent a different race or ethnicity."

With a nod from Hotch, JJ continued, "You're right Reid, the newest victim, Nancy Foxx, was Native American, Wampanoag."

"So is she why we were called in?"

"No Morgan, not exactly, she worked as a receptionist for Boston PD, which hit close to home but also, five women in ten days? They are at a loss and are looking at a 48 hour window before another body turns up."

"So who called us in, the Chief of Police or the locals?" Rossi had to ask since this would go a long way toward police cooperation.

JJ was waiting for this question. "The Chief of Police. Apparently the Detective in charge is unhappy about our being invited."

The general groan from the team put a knowing smile on her face. They'd been down this road before.

Emily looked at JJ before speaking, "are you saying we're going to have a problem or is it just that they didn't give this detective a heads up?"

"My impression is leaning more toward the latter, but we'll know more when we get there."

"Alright people, wheels up in 30 minutes, Garcia, get me whatever information you can find on the victims also, I'd like some background on this detective" looking at the paperwork JJ passed him, "Jane Rizzoli."


Grabbing her go bag from her office, JJ spun around as a well placed hand fondled her backside.

"Emily Prentiss! Not here…"

"Aww come on Jennifer, just a kiss before we leave?" Without waiting for an answer, she dropped her own bag and pulled the younger woman against her taking possession of her lips. JJ's moan of pleasure excited her even more and bodies pressed together, their tongues danced around each other eliciting moans from them both.

Breaking apart, they leaned into each other in an attempt to calm themselves. "Damn JJ" the husky sound of Emily's voice sent a shiver down her spine.

"Emily we have to go."
"I know hon I just…I hate having to pretend that we're not together when we work a case. Damn that fraternization policy."

"I know but Hotch was pretty clear, he backs us 100% as long as we don't let our personal lives interfere with our professional lives." JJ looked at her partner. She hated seeing her looking so miserable but right now they didn't have a choice. Glancing at her clock, she realized they had about ten minutes.

"Come on Em, we have to go." Taking the older woman by the hand, she led her out of her office, "Boston, hmmm …wonder if we'll get a chance to stop into the real Cheers Bar?" smiling she started whistling the theme song.


The team quietly read through the file JJ had provided for each of them. Looking up, "Dr. Maura Isles is the M.E.?" Rossi's sounded intrigued.

"I didn't get to that yet" the childlike excitement in Reid's voice made them all smile.

"Someone you know Rossi?"

"Yeah Morgan, I met her last year at a conference. She's an amazing pathologist; her work with Boston PD is beyond exceptional. I've been reviewing her Facial Action Coding System research for her,

"Oh the facial symmetry research, did you know that the muscles and nerves in the face respond to stimuli often without a person's awareness? The research she's done shows…"

"Later Reid," embarrassed Reid stopped his monologue, "plus she does consulting work for us as well."

Morgan looked up, "BAU?"

"No FBI in general. Remember the case last year with the Special Forces guy trained by Charles Hoyt? That was her consult."

"Hmm, The Surgeon," Hotch looked at Rossi "So we may have an ally there?"

Rossi thought about it. His impression of Dr Isles was that she didn't let things like turf wars between different agencies affect her opinions and, she was a lot like Reid, spouting information like a walking encyclopedia.

"Yes Morgan, we may have an ally there."

Reviewing the information Garcia had gathered on Detective Rizzoli, Emily Prentiss had to admit she was impressed. The youngest detective to ever join Homicide Unit, graduated top of her class, numerous citations for bravery and going above and beyond the call of duty, and…"Whoa, did we know Rizzoli was a victim of Charles Hoyt...uhm, twice?"


Boston International Airport

As was usual, JJ had arranged for their SUV rentals once she was notified about the case. Only two were available so Rossi, Hotch and Reid, rode in one while Morgan, JJ, and Prentiss rode in the other. Their discussion of Detective Rizzoli on the flight over had been heated at times with Morgan questioning the Detective's ability to be objective when any case related to a serial killer.

Emily had been the first to shoot holes in his argument, "So let me get this straight Derek, because she was a victim, twice, and survived, twice, she won't be able to handle this case." The steady tone of her voice should have been his first warning sign, but if he saw it, he ignored it.

"Look, all I'm saying is that maybe she isn't the most objective investigator to have involved in this case, I mean being a victim can skew…" seeing the warning in Rossi's eyes he looked at Emily. She had been a victim, on more than one occasion throughout the course of her career with the BAU and she had come back more effective than ever. Were there things that affected her differently than the others, of course, but that didn't matter, she did her job, and she did it well.

Reid had been a victim as well, as had Hotch, they had all been victims at one time or another, even Morgan as a child. The fact that he was making an issue of it spoke to something else.

"What's really bothering you Derek?" Rossi knew the younger man was trying to make a point.

Throwing his hands up in surrender, "look, I'm not saying just being a victim, I'm saying being the victim of a serial killer. I mean The Surgeon? Who comes back from that and is okay? He impaled her hands and came after her a second time. I mean she has to have some issues don't you think?"

No one had answered and they had let the issue drop as they attempted to formulate a profile of their newest Unsub.


Jane watched as the BAU team entered the 'brick', she didn't want them here, she knew she needed to learn to play well with others, but she liked to do it on her terms, not anyone else's.

She could tell who was in charge immediately, the man's hawk like face brooked no argument, "that would be Agent Hotchner," While Jane may not like it, she took her role as lead detective seriously. Extending a hand, "Agent Hotchner? Detective Rizzoli." They gauged each other as they shook hand and after a nod, he introduced the rest of his team.

"Detective, let me present my team, SSA David Rossi, SSA Jennifer Jareau, SSA, Derek Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid and SSA Emily Prentiss"

"Detective Jane Rizzoli" her husky contralto was not unwelcoming, but certainly not inviting. "Frost, Korsak" she motioned for the detectives to come over.

"These are Detectives Vince Korsak and Barry Frost. They've been working this case from the beginning."

The exchange of pleasantries completed, Hotch immediately got down to business. "Do we have a space where we can set up? We'll need internet access as well."

"Yeah, yeah, Frost, can you escort them down to the conference room? If you need anything at all, just let one of us know and we'll try to oblige." If Jane was surprised at his abrupt change in tone it didn't show.

"Well Detective, we're going to need you to sit down with us in a few minutes so that we can get a better feel for the direction of this investigation. Also, if you would, could you invite Dr Isles as well? We'd like her insight as to the manner of death"

Surprise was clearly evident on her face now as he included Maura so easily into the meeting. "Certainly, give us fifteen minutes."

Jane watched them walk away smiling at the two women in the group. She saw the protective way the dark haired agent walked beside the blonde liaison. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.


"They want me there?" Maura looked up from the computer screen. She was running her own analysis on some fibers she had been able to obtain from the newest victim.

"I'm really busy Jane…"

"Come on babe, it shouldn't take to long." Between the sound of Jane's voice and her calling her babe, Maura knew she couldn't say no.

"Fine," taking off her lab coat, she took Jane's outstretched hand and followed her girlfriend to the elevator. "So, BAU, Behavioral Analysis Unit, I met someone from that unit before, a David Rossi?"

"He's here." Jane matter of fact answer piqued Maura's interest.

"You really don't want them here do you? Agent Rossi is quite an expert on serial killers you know."

"No I didn't know…" her sarcastic tone directed at Maura, "Damn I'm sorry Maur I just don't like being forced to do something I don't want to do."

"But Jane, if they can help?"

"I know, and I'm sure they can…I just…I feel like a fifth wheel now, you know, like I can't take care of it myself."

Taking Jane's hands in hers, Maura kissed the back of each hand. "You're not a fifth wheel, you're the best homicide detective in Boston, go show them that."

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