Hi guys!

I was looking over this story the other day and I realized that it really really needed to be edited. So, guess what? I went back and checked over all the grammar and spelling and OOC moments and tried my best to fix them. This story, in my opinion, deserves better than the quality I wrote it with when I was still fairly new here, so I decided to fix it.

If you want to go back and reread to see all the different reactions and conversations, I would love it, but if you don't want to there really wasn't anything that changed much. Other than I have Danny being a big softie in the beginning. Sorry about that, but that's just how I picture him when he's with Dani. =]

Anyway, I realize it's been ages, and I probably should have done this much sooner, but now that it's done I really hope you guys will check it out. =]

Thanks for your time!

X Sleepy