Finally. Finally after three years of high school, Kurt Hummel was a senior. Again... FINALLY. Just one more year in this hell hole full of neanderthals and then NEW YORK CITY! This year. Kurt was determined to have things go his way, for once. He had glee club, he had friends, he had the bully whips, and he had a fabulous wardrobe. He was ready to take this year by storm.

After the shit year Kurt had last year, he figured he deserved to have this be the best year ever. He had been threatened by Karofsky, then transferred to Dalton Academy, where he joined the Warblers. But there just wasn't anything there for Kurt at Dalton. It was a nice school and everything, and the Warblers were great, but he just didn't have any of the close friendships at Dalton that he had at McKinley. So after a few months of being away from his friends, he decided to meet with Karofsky, come up with an agreement to end the severe bullying, hence the bully whips, and transferred back to McKinley, only to lose at Nationals and watch his dad have a heart attack.

All in all, last year had been horrible. It might have been a bit better if Kurt had had someone to lean on during it all, but, alas, he was alone. Yeah, he had his friends, but it just wasn't the same as a boyfriend. But Kurt had given up all thoughts of having a boyfriend while he still lived in Ohio. If he hadn't managed to find a gay guy to date at an all-boy private school, then he most definitely wouldn't find one at McKinley High.

But anyway, now it was a new year, full of opportunities just waiting to be seized. Needless to say, Kurt was happy to be back with his friends in glee club, where he just knew they would take Nationals by storm. He was happy he would only have to endure one more year in Lima, Ohio. And after walking into his first period French class, he was happy for the new sight that was awaiting him.

The instant Kurt walked through the door with his best friend, Mercedes, he went completely silent. He had never seen another person who looked so beautiful. Yeah, the guy was a little short, and his hair had wayyyy too much gel in it to be healthy, but he was cute. He had a smile on his face that lit up the entire room. And his eyes... oh god, his eyes. Kurt knew he could get lost in those for days. He was wearing skin-tight jeans, a button up shirt, suspenders, and a bow-tie, which was just absolutely adorable, in Kurt's opinion, and his ass... oh god, his ass. It was undeniably fantastic.

Kurt was instantly smitten. He had to meet this new student.

"Excuse me, Mercedes. There is a new boy over there who is just calling my name. Wish me luck!"

Mercedes just smirked, and made her way to her seat, knowing there would be no way to talk Kurt out of making a move once he set his mind to it. Kurt was the most strong-willed and determined person she had ever met. All she could do was sit back and watch.

Kurt put on his best smile, straightened out the non-existent wrinkles in his outfit, smoothed a hand over his perfectly coiffed hair, then strutted over to Blaine, tapping him on the shoulder.

"Hi. I'm Kurt. I love your bow tie. It's very becoming of you."

Blaine took a moment before he responded, just taking in the beautiful boy in front of him, before he quickly shook his head to clear his thoughts and introduced himself to Kurt.

"Hi, and thank you, Kurt! My name's Blaine," Blaine replied, holding out his hand to shake Kurt's. Kurt felt a spark go through his hand and up his arm as contact was made.

"Are you new here? I've never seen you before, and, believe me, I would have remembered you," Kurt asked with a wink.

He couldn't help but noticed that Blaine blushed before replying. YES!

"Yep. Today is my first day!"

"Oh, how wonderful! Well, since you're new and you probably want to meet some new people, how about I take you out for coffee after school and we can get to know each other. My treat."

But, oh no. Now Blaine was silent, staring at Kurt with an expression that Kurt couldn't quite place. After a few seconds of silence, Kurt began to grow uncomfortable, worried that he had done or said something wrong.

"Ummm... did I say something wr- oh my god, you're not gay, are you? I just assumed with the bow tie and your hair and I should never have assumed. I am so sorry. Oh my god. Please don't beat me up," Kurt panicked.

"Kurt. Just, shut up. That's not it. I'm gay. It's just... ummm... well, I would really, really like to hang out with you, Kurt. Believe me, I would. I just think, unfortunately, it would be frowned upon if we went out for coffee, seeing as I'm your new TA."

Kurt's eyes opened wide with shock. He took a quick glance around him and suddenly realized that Blaine was leaning over a table placed in the back of the classroom, covered in tests, books, and notes.

"So, you work here? As in, you work for Madame Sophia and the school?"

"Yeah... today's my first day on the job. And, not only that, I'm also twenty-one, and I'm just going to go out on a limb here and assume you're not legal, yet. So... I'm afraid I'm going to have to say no. I'm sorry," Blaine offered a small smile.

Kurt's face turned a deep shade of red.

"Oh. I see. I understand. If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to go sit in my seat and die of embarrassment."

And with that, Kurt turned around and quickly darted to his seat next to Mercedes, avoiding all of her questions about the "new kid," hiding his face in shame. What he didn't see, though, that would have made him feel better, was Blaine staring at Kurt's retreating figure, shaking his head back and forth, trying to convince himself to not become enamored with one of the students. Too bad it was already too late. Blaine was totally and completely smitten with one Kurt Hummel.

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