Author's note: It set after Series 3, taking notice of the " League of Gentlemen are behind you!" Sketch, but with the series 3 characters normal context.

PS: Please don't kill me!

Mickey looked at the cash machine, with concetration in his eyes. Pauline put a pair of highlighters on a sparkly yellow bag and handed it to the little girl standing in front of the counter, she faked a smile and send the girl her way " Well, go on now, you!" she said moving her hand in a "shoo" expression. She rest on the counter, crossing her arms on the grass. She looked outside, staring at the street, the people passing by, the sun setting behind the buildings. She looked at mickey, counting the pounds with his fingers while muttering the numbers. He kept stoping and starting again. He wasn't very good with numbers " What are you doing Mickey, luv? trying to count the money, again?".

He looked at her and said "yeah" with that face that in the old days, the days of the Restart courses, she would cathegorize as the face of someone with shit for brains. Now it was...the same. But she loved that face. It was her luv's face.

She looked at the clock and saw the time. Seven thirty...Ross was going to come for his rent in any moment.

And like more than often...she had no money to give him.

Fucking little tit witch of Carter-Smith! Her and her computer shop had brought nothing but misery for her humble, modest, decent, little pen shop. It was november, the end of november and she had sold almost nothing. Imagine for christmas! She felt bitter, but she wasn't going to looked like this in front of the child. He would not understand that feeling in his warm, silly heart.

She looked at Mickey and faked a smile. She walked to him and rest her head on his shoulder, while he putted his arm around her. " Are you tired, Pauline?"

Mickey, silly Mickey." Yes, Mickey, i'm tired" she said, lying.

She tought in closing the door of the shop and going upstairs, going and having some nice dinner with Mickey, but " Remeber, Ross is coming" she said to herself. She looked at her husband who looked, as always, a bit distracted.

Mickey...sweet Mickey.

She had to get rid of him. It had to be now and for some time. At least 30 minutes, better an hour.

If she didn't got any money, she knew she had to do.

The same as some of the past months, when the pay was bad. The same as last christmas. Yeah, that way was becoming usual. It was the only way Ross would shut up about money for a while. She tought it was more the shame than the joy that kept his mouth shut.

" Just the pay" she tought.

She looked at her husband and said, smiling "Mickey I need you to go and spy Cathy again, okay? Like last month". Mickey smiled. She used that plan, cause he loved that job, it made him believe he was like James Bond and at the same time, he was too simple minded to suspect something.

That kinda depressed her more, but she continued" And Mickey, could you bring me some of this things from the shop" she said, pulling a list from the pocket of her jacket. Mickey smiled and took it. " What's it for?" he asked looking at the list. " Oh, I need some things for the week. I might invite some friends to the apartment, you know, like Barbara and her children".

"Oh" he smiled wider. He loved the children.

They both heard the little bell when the door opened. It was Ross, serious as ever. Pauline mutter to Mickey to leave and do the chores she asked him. He noded and walked to the door. As he passed by Ross he said " Hi, Ross. I Have to go spying now".

Ross look at him, stranged but still smiling softly. "... Okay, bye Mickey".

The bell ringed again as he opened the door and leave Her Nibs. As Mickey walked away, Ross got closer to the counter and put his hands on the glass. " Pauline, you know what I'm here. Where 's my rent?". Pauline pouted as she always did and slowly exale. " I don't have it Ross".