32.1.0 was out.

Every member of the bay12 forums was rushing to get it.

Upon starting up their old fortresses, something quite peculiar happened. A siege, except the text said "A royal force of rainbows has arrived." Strangely enough nothing had changed.

Everyone just unpaused the game and continued, when another message popped up, this time saying "Rumbling is heard in the distance." Again, everyone shrugged it off, what could a couple gobbos do to an army armed to the teeth with "Cotton Candy", and thousands of weapon traps that could even take down "The Circus".

Put of course, they were wrong.

Soon something appear on the map, a small lump, as if on an invisible ball outside of the map, then more came in to view.

A large ball covered in some small lumps, being hauled around by a multiple z-level tall creature titled "The Prince"?

How strange, surely it was too large to get into the fortress?

Suddenly, it touched a piece of the ground, which promptly stuck to the ball. It was rolling towards the fort. Nothing could stop it. When it rolled up the weapon traps, they simply extended, making the ball even more deadly. It rolled throughout the fort, until it eventually reached hell. Then It rolled straight through the slade and- your fortress has crumble to it's end.