Hello, everybody! I was bored the other day and an idea for a new fanfic came to my mind. A Wemma story, of course! =) It won´t be following the show´s plot, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

I apologize in advanced if this chapter´s a little silly and short… planning on adding more information about Emma and Will as the story progress!


Lima, Ohio. Yes, this seemed a nice place to start again. Early July made this little town look wonderfully, especially around the lake, where the colonial buildings gave the entire area a very quaint and picturesque appearance. Sunlight through the trees and the warm breeze blowing softly her face sent Emma a sense of comfort and peace she hadn´t felt in a long time.

She was going to be just fine. Though that wasn´t the thought tossing her mind when she first walked into her brother´s apartment a month ago. The place was a complete disaster: books and magazines were piled on the table, dirty dishes in the sink waiting to be washed, the unmade bed…

"I´d have clean if I knew you were coming early, Freckle" he brother Steven had apologized scratching his skull nervously, knowing his sister´s issues with disorder, "The bathroom is clean, tho" he had joked.

"It´s not that bad" she had replied struggling with anxiety. It wasn´t that bad, actually. Months ago, she couldn´t have had entered into a room looking like her brother´s.

Thank you, therapy.

But she couldn´t complain, after all, she was a guest there until Steven moved out.

So now, 30 days had passed from her arrival and everything appeared to be taking its natural course. She had exactly one month to find a job before her brother left Lima and a decent therapist to continue working with her... problems.

Now, now, Emma... Enjoy the afternoon and you´ll deal with all that later. She told herself walking across the pave lane, bordering the green area and finding a bench to sit down to let the sun warm her body. She contemplated the kids playing on the lawn and cute couples taking romantic walks holding hands and a slight smile contoured her lips. This sure seemed a calm and quiet place to move on after all what happened. Five years seemed so far away and yet so close…

Unexpectedly, a loud bark made her jump from her seat and her eyes widened in shock she found a large German Sheppard looking at her with dark and piercing eyes. The animal barked again, this time more stridently and Emma froze gripping the edge of the bench as tightly as she could. It looked dangerous, even bad-tempered; her eyes run across the park, wishing its owner to come fetch the beast. But suddenly, something unusual occurred: its tail shook playfully and leaned down on his front legs at the time its quarter back lifted up in a graceful movement.

Go away, go away, go away…

But the dog wasn´t going anywhere and when he saw Emma had no intention what so ever to play with him, he let out a soft dim growl and walked to her to rest his slobbering snout on her lap.


"Dust!" a male voice called the dog causing Emma to lift her head to see a man running towards her with rush. "Dust!" The dog didn´t move; instead, he looked at Emma with 'help-me-I'm-in-trouble' eyes. "Damn it, dog, leave the miss alone…" the man said indignant as he approached and took the dog by its collar. "I´m terribly sorry…" he apologized to Emma kindly, "Miss, are you ok?"

Emma couldn´t reply for a moment. She had lost herself in these stranger´s deep and pleasant hazel eyes. "I-I´m ok, thanks" she manage to respond brushing her hair behind her ear and lowering her gaze to her pencil skirt where Dust had left a drool stain. Oh. My. God.

"Oh, shoot…" he looked upset at his dog and then apologetic to Emma, "I'm so sorry… Let me… here" he handed her a handkerchief, "I don´t know what´s gotten into him… He´s not usually like this with people" he nervously explained to Emma, scrapping his chin.

Despite her gross, she couldn´t help to find his stutter quite adorable. "Don´t worry, really" her voice came out sweeter than she expected, and tried to clean the drool from her skirt, without success, "Thanks"

"It´s ok, keep it" the stranger told her when she intended to returned his handkerchief, "You have probably drool on your hands as well" he looked at her kindly.

She laughed nervously, trying not to think about the dribble infecting her hands. "Th-thanks". Her eyes met the stranger´s once again, who was looking at her a little concern. Calm down, for Heaven´s Sake. Say something. Emma opened her mouth, obeying her mind. But nothing came.

"Are you sure you all right?"

"Yes, I'm ok… Just, uhm, got caught napping…"

He let out a chuckle, "Me too… He-he usually ignores most of people… You could be standing next to him and he wouldn´t even look at you… But, again, don´t know what´s gotten into him… " Dust was sitting quietly next to him, "and now Mr. is finally behaving!" Emma giggled at the dog. Now he was calm he looked kind of adorable. But once again, her eyes flew to the stranger. There was something about him making her ease. His mouth was curved in a gentle smile when he saw she was looking at him; "I´m-"

"I, uhm, should be going now" Emma said with nervous dash; the effect of sudden and unexpected alleviation this man had on her scared her.

"Yeah, me too" the man replied quickly, "It was nice to meet you… and sorry again!"

"Bye…" Always running away, Emma.

She slowly walked away. Her hands a bit shaking by the startle caused by Dust and his lots of spittle; still she was holding the handkerchief. Emma looked at the cloth and then back to the stranger. He was kneeling down close to Dust talking to him until his gaze lifted up to meet Emma, who sent him a shy smile from the distance. He smiled back and waved his hand.

And then she finally walked back home, trying to convince herself men were not a different race and hesitation wasn´t the best method to overcome her past.

Courage, Emma.

And then she wondered what the stranger´s name would be.