She froze when his voice came out that harsh; their gazes met when she turned around, "I don´t wanna fight with you," her lower lip trembled and she cleared her throat.

"No. No. Don´t you dare cry" he demanded coming closer, "Do you think I want to fight?"

"Of course not."

"Then why are you making things so hard?" he asked exasperated running his fingers through his hair.

"Do you think I do it on purpose?" It was her turn to begin feeling upset.

"I don´t know; you tell me."

Emma snorted taking a step back, "You´re being unfair again."

"I don´t mean to be mean…" he didn´t, but he was tired and irritated, "I´m just frustrated and you know why. But you´re not really helping here."

"You think you are? Stop pushing me." Except she had no clue she needed to be pushed, to have her back against the wall, with no other option but to make a call.

"No," his voice was grueling and he came close, holding her waist tightly to bring her body to collide with his, "because I know I can take those words from you. I know you´re always biting your tongue."

She liked his confidence; the way he could read her as an open book; there was nothing sexier than a man with confidence, "Why do you love me anyway?" the question was formulated despite she was perfectly aware she was diverting the subject.

"Is that even a real question? Don´t you know yourself? You drive me crazy, Emma." in less than a blink, her breathing became slightly labored, "I love everything you say, what you think, your kindness, the way you make me feel when you´re around. I love the way you twist your mouth when something displeases you, and the way your twist it when something pleases you. I love your face without makeup in the mornings and the way you look all dressed up. I love your body, I love watching you walk away from me, how you sway your hips pretending not to notice that I'm staring at you. I love how you feel around me every time we have sex… God, I could make love to you forever. Because that is what it means to me. I make love to you every time we are together."

"You shouldn´t make love to me," she advised nonsensically.

"Why not?" he couldn´t believe her words, "That´s what I feel."

"You shouldn´t," she spoke slowly, shaking her head, causing her fragrance to reach him. She smelled like coconut and jasmines.

"Why not?" his fists closed securely around her waist, the fabric of her summer dress wrinkled underneath them.

"Because you risk too much."

"I don´t care! It´s me who risks… don´t tell me what I should or shouldn´t do."

"Risking means losing… you don´t want to end up losing, do you?" she seemed calm, held back causing Will to raise his voice.

"Actually I'd rather had and lost than never have had at all". His tenacity amazed her. "But of course! You´re not risking, so why would you understand what I'm talking about?"

"You have no idea what I've lost for risking," she grinded getting rid of his grip, sooth suddenly fading away.

"So that´s all this is all about?" an ironical gurgle escaped his lips while watching her giving her back to him, "That you´ve lost and now you´re scared?"

"No," she lied facing the sideboard mirror, shunning his eyes.

"What would you do if I left?"

She met his gaze in the reflection, "What?"

"You heard me," She didn´t answer. "Have you even thought about anything during the past week? Because I did, Emma. And you know what? I´m willing to take a chance, I´m willing to take the risk with you and for you even though the simple thought of loosing you scares me to death. But at least I'd have the memory of having you," He walked toward her, but she didn´t turn around, "Answer me. What would you do if I leave?"

She watched his neck going stiff, his bloodshot and shinny eyes; imminent tears emerging and yet he had the guts to ask, knowing she could tell him some crappy lie and disappear of his life for good. Except she didn´t want to; she just couldn´t. "Make love to me." he mesmerized her, his strength was everything she ever wanted. She had fallen for him, needed him; but couldn´t find the words or courage to tell him so.



"That´s not what it means to you," fair and painful answer, "So no, Emma, I won´t make love to you."

"Then have sex with me. Fuck me" she used that word deliberately. She couldn´t remember the last time she had craved for physical contact that much. She didn´t want sex. She wanted him, close.



"Because that´s not what it means to me," he felt airless, almost stuffy. Her persona intoxicated him in the most hurting way.

"Then make me feel good. Make me shiver."

She always had a card under her sleeve and he breathed. There would be time for that later. First he needed to know. "Why?" he prompted her, understanding the new logic their discussion had taken.

"I need it," she answered selfishly.

"You don´t need me for that. Anyone else could make you shiver," the whole idea of other man touching her made him sick, but he walked toward her and stopped a few inches away. Their bodies not even touching, but he could feel the heat eradiating from her.

"Not like you do."

"I´m sure if you look hard enough you´ll find someone," he pushed her once more, this time his hand found the curve of her hip. "Who could resist you Emma? You´re beautiful."

"I don´t want someone else," Emma found his gaze in the reflection, after she had followed his hand to go rest on her skin. She was perfectly aware of what he was doing. She loved his self-belief, the way he used it without being arrogant.

"What do you want?"


"Why?" his palm was now flat on her stomach, tightly curving around her frame.

Her eyes clouded with lust and shame. "I don´t know."

"Yes you do. Say it," his intensity aroused her.

"Because I love you," she breathed unevenly locking eyes with him, "I need you."

He pressed himself hard against her behind, "Was it so hard to say?"

"Yes," she whispered, her head tilting down; she was ashamed and alleviated.

"It shouldn´t. There´s no chance of you losing me," his hands traveled to her abdomen and then to her outer thighs to keep her steady. His lips brushed against the shell of her ear, breathing in her perfume, and soon his fingers sneaked underneath her skirt to find her silky skin. He stroked the warm flesh of her legs, and moved up to discover her underwear; his fingertips teased its fabric slowly and yet firmly and Emma arched her back. "What did I say" he said huskily, his voice thick, "about me making love to you…"


"Wasn´t entirely true."

"Wasn´t it?"

"No… I also fuck you, while we make love."

"Will…" Fuck you. Such powerful words, so offensive, and yet she was so turned on by them.

"And I want to do it forever. For every day…" his fingers moved her panties aside, "of my entire life."

She moaned, blood running madly across her body. Will watched her face contorted in a pleasure grin and his ambitious hand unbuttoned her blouse. He tormented her nipples through the thin material of her bra and her arms curled in an opened angle around his neck.

"I wanna have you right here, right now," he mumbled against her neck; her bottom completely in contact with his evident erection.

She arched even more if possible, inviting him to continue. She didn´t care they were in the middle of her living room, still fully clothed.

With a quick move, Will lifted her skirt above her thighs and watched her reflection again. His own hand was plunged between her folds. Everything about her was cluttered; her hair was falling on her forehead, the blouse tumbled on her shoulders, almost like it had been ripped off, her cheeks flushing pink. And she looked beautiful, lust and apologize exhibited in her eyes.

The front of his pants were tight, tighter than ever.

"Do it," she encouraged him, "have me now. I´m yours every time you want."

He didn´t need another word; his pants felt down to his toes, and so did her panties. He couldn't tell where the ability to slither a condom in less than 2 seconds had came from. Snaking his muscles arms around her belly, he pushed inside her. The furniture trembled when the two bodies impact on the cold edge.

"Oh, Will…" her eyes rolled back, when he hit all the right spots, "I-I made love before, but-oh God-never like this."

"That´s because I'm not making love you now, I´m fucking you," he strategically emphasized his words, joining her rocking hips with every thrust.

Emma had to hold back not to scream and cry. She leaned forward on the ledge, burying her face in the crook of her elbows; a drowned whimper escaped her lips.

Will saw Emma´s back completely bent forward, the line of her spine accentuated by the angle of her rippling body. Moans and incoherent words escaped her parted lips; he kept pushing inside her, with irregular breathing and she heard him growl, attempting to control it; but a thin layer of sweat covered his brow and his hands pressed Emma´s hips on him. She whimpered again, twirling, joining his dance and with impressive force, he curled an arm around her chest, the other on the line of her throat to lift her up.

"You feel amazing… so good." she arched, providing him more, and he groaned and mumbled things she couldn´t completely understand.

Skin was tasted, a ritual they would never condone, her perfume inebriated him in the most delicious and miserable way. Emma caught his reflection in the mirror. Lust; so much lust and commitment and promise. He could put her down her knees with such easiness. Her hands gripped the edge of the wooden furniture.

"Will…" she panted when he thrusted firmly inside her, "Will…", she called his name again, "s-stop".

Without delay, movements ceased, "What is it?", he was still inside her, waiting until she could regain the lost air; her eyes were darker as ever, and her hair messy



"I don´t want to do this anymore," she breathed, locking her gaze with his.


"I want to make love to you" she turned around gently and cupped his face with tenderness, "I love you", the existent gap between them was broken when she assaulted his lips with devotion he never known before, "I'm in love with you" she finally said, "I can´t be without you. I can´t live without you"; he slithered his moist tongue and flesh was tasted again.

"Em, Emma, I love you too" Will managed to mumble when nudity rubbed together, heat and desire unsaid but palpable amid them, called to be quenched. His fingers collected her wild curls and felt to her shoulders to remove the last piece of cloth on her body. Emma watched him undressed her, and soon her hands copied his. They were naked on her living room, lights on, clothes scattered around them, sweat and vows implicit.

When his lips closed on her throat, she whimpered again, and held him tighter, "I´m sorry… I´m sorry."

"I´m sorry too," he apologized, "I´ll never treat you like this again."

"I deserved it. I was a coward."


"Yes, I was; I am."

He sucked her skin with force, "You´re not the only one. You think I don´t wake up every morning terrified by losing you?"

"You won´t," She huffed deep.

"Neither will you."

"Will…" his name rolled out her mouth when she felt him rotate the hips on her, this time slower, "I-I"

"What?" she felt his manhood teasing her entrance.

"I-I" loosen words got lost in her throat.

"What?" he licked her lips seductively.

"I wanna make you feel good."

"You already are."

"No," coyness tinted her voice, and her cheeks flushed pink.

"Of cours-" but he practically choked when Emma felt into her knees to stare at him from bellow, "what-?"

"I wanna drive you crazy, Will." with delicacy she removed the condom so her hand could close around all of him; and Emma watched herself discovering the new sensation awaken by boldness. Her gaze travelled to the eyed widened man standing in front of her.

"Em.." it was a grumble more than a word.

"Is this ok?" she came closer, her hand never stopping the ministrations on him.

"Ye-yeah, more than ok…" he tried to control his sharp breaths, failing when her mouth closed around his shaft. He groaned, mumbled and curse between teeth, causing his lover only increasing the intensity of her suction. He had to hold back so he wouldn't buck his hips into her mouth; with trembling hands, he brushed the hair off her face to find a malicious grin crossing her features. She was provoking his darker instincts and looked up him with acknowledge. In an attempt to take him over the edge, she dragged her nails on his thighs, hard. But instead he pulled back.

"Wha-" his hazel eyes were wild, every single muscle of his torso was marked.

"I won´t… last of you keep doing that."

"I know," her lips curved into an impish grin.

"Come here," Will commanded softly, bringing her to her feet again, "You take my breath away" his fingers moved to her jaw line.

"I don´t want to fight again," it was a plea more than a question, "I wouldn´t take it," her eyes sparkled with emotion, "promise me we won´t," now it was her turn to demand and be snatched, "Promise you won´t put me through anything like this in the future."

"Promise," a gentle kiss was pressed on her cheek, "Do you?"

"Always," Will leaned forward to kiss her, but before he could seal their lips together, she pulled away.


"I´ve just, uhm, my mouth was-" but Will didn´t allow Emma to finish. He tasted himself in her mouth; it was the most erotic experience he had ever lived and his tongue dueled with hers, uncontrollable and vehemently. Velvet against velvet. And skin; lots of skin and heat. "Will…" his name was pronounced again when his thumbs brushed her nipples; a puff of air fled from her lungs.

"I love when you do that," he watched her react to his patting, "when you twitch and try to hold back; it´s so beautiful," this time, he pinched her flesh and she moaned louder.

"Will" she gasped, "T-touch me."

"I am" he could be such a tease sometimes, and Emma giggled when his fingertips traced playful patterns on her lower abdomen.

"Not there," she took his hand and located it between her legs, "here." She watched him gulp, his knob going up and down his throat.

She was damp and so were her thighs, and his fingers soaked wet instantly, "Em…"

"I know," her head felt back when he rubbed the heated nub of nerves. His hand pressed flat against the hot flesh and her cheeks burned red before Emma buried in the crook if his neck, "Will…" she panted when the little space between them disappeared after he glued his bare body on hers. They blazed with candor, inhaling each other breathings. His fingers run wildly across her feverish folds, tracing patterns he could only knew. Emma called his name again, at the time her hips pushed forward seeking for more, "I want you," words were tinted with desperation, "I-I'm ready, Will". She was; in every possible and impossible way. Their eyes locked together, just like every time honesty was unbearable crude amid them. Her thighs quivered around his hand. And she gasped when Will scrutinized her; apologize, crave and longing was all he could read.

"You are ready," his voice was sweet, lightly pleased with realization and she nodded, biting her lower lip.

"Yes". Their mouths linked together and flesh met. His tongue twirled around hers. Smoothness and hanker, all together. He nibbled at her lip, seconds before sliding inside her; and the caught accord that night was theirs and completely different from them. Emma´s chest waved choppily when he lifted her up to sit on the ledge and immerse in her. Hips rammed against his, struggling to provide him all she had deprived him and herself from.

Every fiber of her body teetered when Will´s hipbones rubbed against hers. She felt close, agonizingly close, and she wailed when there was no way to be closer to him. "I love you," she managed to mumble when he rested his forehead on hers. Their lips brushed together slightly when the air was enraptured with the impetus of the love making.

"I love you too," he had waited so long to hear say so, "I love you."

Whimpers filled the room when unrelentingly, orgasms hit them at once. Unanimously, blistering shuddering rocked their forms in a liberating explosion and soon, the intensity of the moment gave place to recompose. They remain intertwined in silence, panting for air, holding each other as securely as their remaining strength allowed them to.

With numb arms, Will carried Emma to the bedroom and leaned on the mattress with her resting on his torso. He said nothing, overwhelm gradually dwindled.

"Will…" she called his name with candidness, supporting her weight on his pectorals.


"I never meant things to come out like this," she sincerely apologized with the lowest voice.

"I know… Neither did I. I-I should have been more patient, but it´s just…. I love you too damn much."

"I´m in love with you" she professed fixing her big doe eyes with his, "I´m so crazy, helpless and ridiculously in love with you."

"Do you mean-"

"I think I've loved you since I met you" tears streamed down her cheeks, "I just didn´t know it. And everything you said about me, about us together, about future….marriage and kids. I want it all, Will. I want everything with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Every inch of his body swelled and distended at her words, and he could do nothing rather than embrace her petite frame with burning candor, "You make me whole."

Later that night, when the quietness of the dark went down amid them, a deep and relieving sigh was breathed out harmoniously. Their eyelids fluttered close while mouths curved in joyful smiles against the other.

Because, no matter how dreadful things had turned out between them, the reality was despite hurdles there will always be something unexpected bringing them back together. It had always been like that, since the beginning. An unexpected bark, unexpected meeting, unexpected news, unexpected kiss, unexpected theft, unexpected reconciliation, unexpected ticket, unexpected words, unexpected fears, unexpected discussion, unexpected confessions.

And now it was time to expect the future and everything it would lead to them.

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