True Love Shines Through.


Little stories about how Kurt and Blaine show the world what love is all about.

True Love Shines Through.

Chapter 1: Shopping

There was simply one way to put it, Kurt Hummel was annoyed. Well as annoyed as he could be with the love of his life. He let out a dramatic sigh as his boyfriend stepped out of the changing room of the department store in a red and blue striped polo shirt and dark blue jeans.

"What?" Blaine asked defensively.

"I thought we were here to break you of your habit of only wearing Dalton colours?" Kurt asked, a mocking tone to his voice, and a smirk on his face.

"Well I really, really liked the shirt" Blaine said looking down at himself, then looking up and grinning sheepishly at his very fashion inclined boyfriend.

"Oh Blaine Warbler" Kurt sighed. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Well you could kiss me" Blaine said with a huge, loopy grin on his face as he moved towards Kurt placing his hands around Kurt's waist.

Kurt blushed but he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's neck and pressed himself closer to Blaine who tightened his hold around Kurt's waist.

"I love you Kurt" Blaine whispered to Kurt before capturing Kurt's lips with his own.

"I love you too Blaine" Kurt whispered against Blaine's lips.

The kiss ended quite abruptly when the two where interrupted by the sales lady clearing her throat. The two boys broke apart hastily with a deep blush to each of their cheeks.

"Umm, can I help you two with anything?" the sales lady asked timidly.

"No thank you" Blaine said quickly.

" Ok let me know" she said, leaving quickly.

"Well that was horrible timing" Kurt said before falling into peels of giggles while looking at Blaine. Blaine was soon laughing as hard as his boyfriend.

It was one of those moments in life that an awkward moment, turned into something utterly hilarious. They soon realized how lucky they were to not have some homeopathic Neanderthal walk in on them. That thought calmed the two boys down, but they kept grinning at each other just the same. Kurt turned to Blaine with a serious expression.

"Blaine do you have any clothes that don't involve Dalton colours?" Kurt said with a tone of fake anger. They both broke into giggles again.

"Yes Kurt I believe I do, but can I still get the shirt oh great fashion guru?" Blaine asked with a puppy dog eyes.

"Yes my incredibly silly boyfriend, you may" Kurt said with a grin.

For the next hour Kurt watched as Blaine tried on many different outfits, many of them making Blaine look amazing. As Blaine stepped out of the change room in his normal attire and looked at his boyfriend.

"Are you ready to pay love?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah I believe so beautiful," Blaine said as he looked at his boyfriends reddening face.

Blaine deposited the rejects of his large pile of clothing on the table outside the change room before grabbing Kurt's hand and heading towards the checkout. As they approached the girl who had interrupted their kiss smiled at them as she began to ring them up.

"Did you boys find everything O.K.?" she asked.

"Yes we did, thank you" Blaine replied.

"Ok, well then your total today is $163.67, and will that be cash or credit?" she asked.

"Credit please" Blaine said with a breath-taking smile.

She handed Blaine his purchases and credit card back and smiled back warmly and as she was doing so whispered to Blaine:

" He's a keeper don't let him go".

Blaine smiled at her and replied:

"I don't intend too, he's the love of my life". As he said this he snaked his arm around Kurt's waist and pecked him on the cheek.

"Have a nice day gentlemen" the sales lady said with a broad smile.

As the two boys left the store Kurt turned to his boyfriend with a quizzical look on his face.

"What was that about love?" Kurt asked Blaine.

"That my dear" Blaine answered, "was proof that humanity can recognize true love when they see it and ignoring the gender." Blaine said with the outmost joy.

All the two boys could do was smile at each other, because at the moment all they could think about was how the world wasn't such a bad place after all...

Authors note;

Hey everyone! This is my first fan fic and I really need some input, as this story was written very late at night with me jittery on coffee! :p So I hope you all enjoy and PLEASE let me know what you think of it.