Hey all, ILoveThisStory2 with my new story, The Demon's Blessing.

In this story, Naruto awakens his bloodline, the Rinnegan, granted by Kyuubi at the age of 6 after being assaulted by a mob of ninja. Trained by the Kyuubi, as well as Anko and Kakashi, the Naruto world will never be the same.

Naruto is NOT dark in the story, but he does know demon attacks and the like.

Naruto will be very strong. He may even be considered godlike later on. But when he's facing Zabuza or Orochimaru, he'll have his ass handed to him only because of experience. They know how to fight; Naruto is strong, but he just kinda blows everything out of the way. He'll also be rather smart, because of both the Kyuubi and Kakashi teaching him.

Shout out to DevilKeys Writing for allowing me to use some of his stuff. Check out his story, Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto. Pretty epic, if I do say so myself.

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That one word was all Naruto Uzumaki, a mere six year old, experienced all his life. All of his memories were filled with hate directed at him. Even his birthdays were filled with it. Today was no different.

He never could understand why.

What he doesn't know is the reason why he was hated.

Six years ago to this day, the fearsome Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Nine Tailed Demonic Fox, made an assault on the Hidden Leaf Village. It destroyed many homes, killed many shinobi, and caused an unimaginable amount of terror and grief in the hearts of all of Konoha. Had it not been for the legendary Fourth Hokage, the Yellow Flash, the greatest man to ever grace the elemental nations, it would have wiped out Konoha.

The Fourth Hokage was not a legend for nothing.

He made his last stand on Gamabunta, the King of Toads, and in a heroic tale worthy of all heroic tales, he killed the demon. He sacrificed his life for his village.

But why was Naruto hated?

Perhaps it was because he shared his birthday with the date of the attack?

Why was he beaten everyday of his life?

Why had he been kicked out of the orphanage at age four?

What had he done to deserve the village's hate?

'At least the old man is nice to me...' the glum blond thought in a feeble attempt to cheer himself up. He was, of course, referring to the Third Hokage, the only person to acknowledge his existence in a positive manner.

The blond was currently wandering the empty streets of Konoha's eastern district. Normally, a large village such as Konoha would never be so empty. But it was October 10th. Naruto's birthday. The day the Kyuubi was defeated. The day the Yondaime died.

The day that would change the course of history forever.

He turned the corner to attempt to reach his apartment when he ran into a large male.

"Hey demon, watch where you're going!" he said. Naruto looked up into his face.

He was easily six feet six inches. He had a scarred face- one running horizantally across his forehead, one running down from the midpoint of his forehead, down his nose to the middle of his chin, and one on his right cheek. He had two brown eyes, with black hair that fell to his shoulders. He wore the typical Jonin outfit. Naruto realized that it was a Jonin- and one that could easily cause him harm.

None of it mattered to him. He was too busy thinking about his eyes.

Those cold, hate filled eyes.

'Why do they all stare at me like that?' he asked himself.

"I'm sorry, sir. I wasn't watching where I was going." he apologized. The man seemed as if he didn't hear him.

"You know what, you stupid demon? I've decided that you can' t exist here anymore. You're a threat to the peace that we work so hard to maintain. Your very existence is sickening. DIE!" he said while drawing a kunai in an attempt to slit Naruto's throat. The child, however, had developed fast reflexes from past assassination attempts. He ducked as it sailed over his head and sliced a part of his golden hair.

The boy ran back down the street, with the Jonin in hot pursuit. He turned into an alley he had used many times. He jumped on some boxes and leapt up to a fence, where he hopped onto a low lying building. The man didn't falter in his attempt to hurt the child. Instead, he merely used chakra to hop up the building.

Naruto ran as fast as he could, hopping from the occasional building to the next. Having been attacked so many times in his life, he had been able to develop the ability to jump from one building to the next. But the man he was trying to escape was a Jonin; he easily kept up with him.

A hail of shuriken from his right whizzed at him in an attempt to hurt, if not kill, the blond. The child suffered several cuts and one imbedded itself in his shoulder, but he kept running. He glanced back, to find that three Chunin had joined the Jonin in his chase. He groaned inwardly.

'What did I do to deserve this? I'm only six! I haven't done anything wrong! I'm no demon, or monster! Why?' he asked himself again. He dodged as a kunai knife came close to impaling him in the head.

He kept running and jumping until he reached the end of the row of buildings. Naruto jumped into the alleyway below, in yet another attempt to escape his pursurers.

That was his mistake.

As soon as he landed, he knew that he was screwed. His left ankle buckled under the momentum and landed the wrong way. Having shifted most of his weight onto that foot, which was in the wrong position to support it, Naruto fell as he heard a sickening snap! Judging from the pain in his foot, he'd have to say that he broke his ankle.

He wanted to scream, but he'd felt worse.

The ninja caught up to him, sneering at the child.

"Well, demon. Look at you. You can't even stand." One Chunin said as he kicked Naruto in the head. The child was dazed by the impact and was ready to pass out, but before he could, he felt two things. One was blood escaping from his mouth. The other was a pill that he was forced to swallow.

Before he could ponder what was that pill, the Jonin picked him up by the neck and told him what the strange tablet was.

"Nuh-uh, monster. You're not going to get unconscious on my watch. That pill keeps the person who swallowed it conscious for two hours, no matter what happens. Feel the pain," the man said as he thrust a kunai into Naruto's gut. He gasped as he was then discarded like a broken tool- thrown aside into the wall. When he looked up at the sneering men, he couldn't help but ask.

"Why do you keep beating me? What have I done to deserve your hate?"

The Jonin looked at him in the eyes.

"You know what you did, you demon. You destroyed my home and killed my mother, cousin, and wife!" he responded.

"You nearly killed me and killed my girlfriend!" one Chunin exclaimed.

"My best friend was crippled because of you!" the second stated.

"And you killed my family!" the third Chunin said.

"Please...I haven't killed anybody..." Naruto said desperately.

"SHUT UP, DEMON! You know what you've done, and yet you walk around with that dumb-"

Kick to the head.


Stab in the arm.


Kick in the stomach.

"GRIN!" the Jonin exclaimed while throwing Naruto into several trash cans. To his credit, the child did not cry out.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu," one Chunin said. Several fireballs pelted him and burned him all over.

"Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bullet," the Jonin said. An dragon head formed from the earth and fired several mud bullets at Naruto. They all connected, breaking most of his bones.

"Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu," one Chunin said while the second also did handsigns.

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough," the second performed.

Not many things could rattle Naruto.

A giant ball of flames, greatly increased in power by a huge gust of wind, was one of them. Naruto watched with unconcealed horror as it flew directly at him.

Time stood still.

Everything but the fireball blacked out.

Then it, too, became nonexistent as he fell face first into sewer water.

He laid there for a few seconds, not comprehending how he had reached the sewer. He decided, however, that he didn't like lying down in the water. He got up, and took a look at his surroundings. He was standing before a huge, two hundred foot cage. On the middle of the cage stood the kanji for 'seal.' Naruto, for the life of him, couldn't figure out why such a thing was there until the object it was containing appeared.

Naruto first noted the giant claws, teeth and eyes that the beast had. It was a red shade, with evil red chakra coming off of it Nine bushy tails swung behind the animal. With a start, Naruto realized that it was a fox. That meant...

"I see that you've figured it out, kit. I am the King of All Demons, the great Kyuubi no Yoko!" it bellowed. The sound reverberated throughout the sewer, almost knocking Naruto off his feet. The Kyuubi noticed it and gave an amusing chuckle.

"Kyuubi? Why are you here? I thought that the Yondaime Hokage killed you!" Naruto frantically exclaimed. The Kyuubi gave a bellowing laugh in response.

"Kit, I'm a being of pure chakra! I cannot be killed. I can, however, be sealed, which is what your Hokage did to defeat me. He sealed me within a newborn baby...you." he explained. Naruto's blood ran cold at the revelation.

"So... I'm really a demon, aren't I?" he asked sadly. He understood why the villagers hated him know. He had caused them so much pain.

"Kit, listen to me. You are not a demon; the villagers are just idiots. They don't know the difference between the sake and its bottle. They experienced a lot of pain the day I attacked...and they took it out on you. For what it's worth...I'm truly sorry." the Kyuubi said. Naruto looked up in surprise.

"Why are you apologizing?" he asked curiously.

"Everything that happened in life to you was because of me. You don't deserve anything that's happening to you... and because of that, I apologize."

"It's ok, I suppose...but why did you attack?"

"That is a tale for when you're older. For now, though, you are in serious danger. Listen closely, kit.

"First off, I'm giving you the Rinnegan. Think of it as a gift for all the trouble you've went through. The Rinnegan is the most powerful doujutsu there is. It gives you control over every element there is, as well as control over gravity.

"Secondly, I'll be training you. You'll learn the Fox Style Taijutsu, which relies on speed and strength. You'll also learn how to do Fire jutsus. Plus, as a Dark being, you have a very strong Shadow alignment, so I'll be training you in using that as well.

"Finally, I want to strike a deal. For each year onward, you absorb a tails' worth of my chakra into your own. By 15, you'll have all my chakra, and at 16, you'll also have my intelligence. By age 30, I can leave your body, but you retain my chakra and intelligence, as well as everything that I've taught you, including the Shadow jutsus." the fox said.

"I agree to the first two things, but I'm not letting you out. You'll just wreck havoc on everything."

"That's not true. I didn't attack Konoha of my free will. My kits and mate were killed shortly before, and the place was litered in the smell of snakes and had Konoha headbands everywhere. On the way to your village to seek out who did the attack, I was captured in an extremely powerful Genjutsu placed on me by a Uchiha. After that, my memory is fuzzy, but I do know that I attacked your village." Kyuubi said. Naruto was silent for a long time.

"I think...that I trust you. Fine, I agree to your terms. And if I find the people who killed your kits and mate, I'll kill them."

"I think that I'm gonna like you, kit. But right now, we have more pressing matters. You're about to be hit by a fireball. I need you to give me control for a little while so that I can get you out of harm's way." Kyuubi explained.

"Very well." Naruto stated before he came back to his senses. He felt the power rushing through hisbody. Time seemed to slow again as the fireball approached. His life danced before his eyes before he felt Kyuubi take control. He raised his arm, and with a resounding roar, he screamed:

"SHINRA TENSEI!" the fireball was instantly put out. The power left Naruto. The boy felt weaker and weaker. Darkness ensnared him, but not before two ANBU, Inu and Hebi, dropped down between him and his assailants. He smirked.

He would live to see another day.

Kakashi sighed as he and Anko barged into the chambers where the council was meeting. He really didn't want to interrupt, but after coming across the scene that they had, there was little choice in doing so.

"Kakashi, Anko. What are you doing here?" Sarutobi asked.

"Lord Hokage," Kakashi began. "There was an incident earlier today involving Naruto Uzumaki-"

"That little demon should be put down!" one council member screamed. Two ANBU memebers appeared after a hand signal by Sarutobi and took him away.

"Anyway, Kakashi, continue." Danzo said. Kakashi's eye narrowed for a slight second at the man. His sensei had told him tales of Danzo Shimura, and he didn't seem like the type of man Kakashi would like to work with.

"Anko and I were doing our regular patrol routine when we spotted Naruto running away from Hakei Takoeda, Jonin, as well as Ja Hea, Hitomi Nakada, and Yuashi Nomai, all Chunin. We followed the five to an alleyway, where Naruto fell and broke his left ankle.

"Hakei fed him a special pill designed to keep someone conscious after Hitomi had kicked him in the head. Hakei then proceeded to stab Naruto in the gut before throwing him into the side of a building. Hakei then kicked Naruto in head, stabbed him in the arm, and kicked him in the stomach. Hitomi used the Fire Style: Phoexnix Flower Jutsu on him, burning the child in multiple spots. Following that, Hakei used Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bullet on him, breaking several bones. And after that, Yuashi used Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu whie Ja used Wind Style: Great Breakthrough to incinerate him." Kakashi paused as Anko was preparing to take over.

"THE DEMO...BRAT DESERVES IT!" Sakuda Haruno, head of the Haruno family and member of the civilian council, said.

"What has he ever done to deserve this treatment?" asked Shikaku Nara, the head of the lazy Nara clan.

"HE'S THE REINCARNATION OF THAT MONSTER!" she screeched. Everyone flinched.

"He's a regular boy who has the Kyuubi trapped inside him. It was his fate." Hiashi Hyuuga added. He was the head of the famous Hyuuga clan.

"Sakuda, shut up." all the other clan heads stated before she could say anything else.

"Hey, this next part is very interesting!" Anko interrupted. Everyone sharply gazed at her, while she just grinned.

"The gaki then spaced out for a second before opening his eyes. They had changed into a small black pupil with one circle around it, like a ripple. Both the iris and sclera were a light purple color. Then he said some words- Shinra Tensei- and the fireball just disappeared!" she said. At this, the whole council broke into gasps and conversations. Sarutobi brought his hand up to stop the whisperings.

"Hiruzen," Sarutobi's long time teammate and advisor, Koharu Utatane, started. "Do you know of any such thing?" she asked.

Hiruzen nodded slowly in response. "That is what the Rinnegan looks like." he said, shocking Shikaku, Kakashi, Shibi, Fugaku, Hiashi, and the advisors. The others looked at him in confusion.

"The Rinnegan?" one merchant of the civilian council asked.

"The Rinnegan is the most powerful doujutsu ever to be discovered. The Rinnegan, Byakugan, and Sharingan make up the Three Great Doujutsu. It gives the user undisputed power over all five elements, as well as control over gravity, and allows the user to use six dead bodies to fight with him. Each body has a different ability. It is said that the user of the Rinnegan is either someone who will bring peace to the world, as the Rikudo Sennin did, or will destroy the world." Hiruzen said. Everyone was silent until the pink haired bitch started screaming once more-

"HE SHOULD BE MATED TO MY DAUGHTER!" This outburst then created a giant mess of things which proceeded to give the Hokage several tick marks.

"SHUT UP!" he roared using the infamous Big Head no Jutsu. 'I've got to thank Iruka for that,' he thought as the chambers fell quiet.

"What is the extent of his injuries?" both Hiashi and Fugaku asked sincerely. They knew of Naruto' s heritage, and since they were both very close to his parents, were genuinely concerned for him. So much so that the only reason Naruto was not adopted was because both sides were too stubborn to give up in their pursuit for him.

"He suffered a broken ankle, a small fracture in the skull, three broken ribs, a fractured patella, two fractured ulnas, and several second degree burn marks covering his torso and legs." Kakashi reported. "He may or may not have a torn biceps."

Sarutobi sighed. "What happened of the four assailiants?"

"Hakei and Hitomi were killed during battle between us. Ja and Yuashi gave up and were sent to Ibiki." Anko said while manaically grinning.

"This meeting is adjourned." Sarutobi said with a sigh. The council filed out, leaving him alone with Kakashi and Anko.

"You guys don't know how much I appreciate this." he said. Anko shrugged while Kakashi gave no visible reaction. Sarutobi was sure, though, that he was eye smiling underneath his ANBU mask.

"It was our duty. Besides, we like this kid." Anko said while Kakashi nodded. Sarutobi sighed once more as he took a drag from his pipe.

"Kakashi, Anko, you two are to train Naruto-kun for the next seven years in everything you know. Kakashi, teach him how to use chakra and Ninjutsu. Anko, teach him how Taijutsu." he said. "Whatever else you see fit may also be thrown into the mix."

The two ANBU merely nodded and left. As Sarutobi turned to face his village, he couldn't help but think of Naruto.

He didn't know it at the time, but the history of Konoha would be forever changed through this one night.

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