Full Summary: Sakura Haruno is chosen to be a sacrifice, in order to appease the temperamental Water God, Sasuke Uchiha. Her plan is just to convince him to send down a little rain and then return home. But then she accidentally bonds herself to the man and finds herself stuck in the immortal land. Guess she'll just have to deal with becoming the Bride of the Water God and try not to fall in love with that cocky jerk! SASUSAKU. other pairings: naruhina

Chapter One: Sacrifice

Once upon a time there was a little village, struck by a drought. Their crops failed, the children began dying off and their lives were thrown in turmoil.

Desperate for rain, the villagers prayed everyday to the Water God, but still, no rain fell from the skies.

The villagers approached their shaman for aid. "What shall we do?" they asked miserably. "The rain still does not fall!"

The shaman replied wisely, "You have angered the Water God. Appease him."

Dread rippled through the people as they knew that a sacrifice was necessary in order to appease the temperamental God. However, they were desperate and they agreed to choose a maiden for the sacrifice.

A meeting was held and they chose the most beautiful maiden in their village who was sure to appease the Water God. The maiden accepter her fate without a word and agreed to become the sacrifice.

This is her story, the story of the Bride of the Water God.

My fate was determined the moment my name was said aloud.

"Sakura Haruno."

The emptiness of my name resounded throughout the room, ringing through my ears. It was me. I had been chosen. Chosen for what you may ask? Don't expect it to be something grand and honorable, because I had been chosen as a sacrifice to the Water God, Sasuke Uchiha.

There were rumors that the Water God was an ugly demon and lashed out violently. Others said he was a beautiful dragon with a fearsome demeanor. I didn't know what to believe, but I accepted it. Maybe I should have protested against this unfair judgment.

Maybe I should have…but I didn't.

I nodded my head in submission and let the shaman take me by the hand and lead me to the sacred lake where I would meet fate head on. I heard the crying of my little sister behind me. My parents simply looked on without a hint of emotion.

I swallowed hard, there was a reason I was doing this. I wasn't doing this just for the starving families and sick children. I was going to prove once and for all, Sakura Haruno was not useless.

The shaman began chanting and I stepped precariously into the lake, the hem of my detailed robes soaked. The chanting grew louder in my ears, and I finally saw the magic incantations began to take effect. The water churned around and rose until, it reached my knees. It rose even more now to my stomach. It twisted around my body it was to my chest now and a sense of dread bubbled up in my stomach but I forced it down. I was going through with this. The water now, reached my chin, and I sucked in a quick breath before the water rose around my face and I was completely surrounded by the cool water.

There was now a sucking sensation at my feet and I felt the ground underneath me began to open into a vortex, and I felt my body getting heavier and heavier as I was plunged into the depths of the lake, where the land of Gods awaited me.

I could smell the salty sea before I opened my eyes and it instantly made the bile rise in my mouth. My eyes flashed open and I turned to the side to heave the contents of my stomach into the sand. "Nngh…" I groaned. And then that's when I remembered. I was in the supernatural world. I wasn't at home anymore! I struggled to stand up but my ocean soaked robes made it difficult to stand up and I just sat up on what appeared to be a beach.

"Are you okay?" an amused voice chuckled beside me. The voice surprised me as I hadn't expected anybody to be near me. I whipped around and instantly, my cheeks grew hot. An insanely gorgeous man around my age sat languidly on the sand, his fingers, digging into the grainy surface. He had deep onyx eyes and raven locks that gave him a mysterious aura about him, but his small smirk just about killed me.

"I-I-Who are you?" I demanded, scurrying backwards away from the stranger. He couldn't be a god, gods were demonic looking and this guy was just about the farthest thing from a demon.

He smirked again, "You're a mortal aren't you? A mortal isn't worth my time." He stated bluntly and stood up. His robes opened up just a little as he stood, revealing his toned chest. I tried to ignore his body and focus on his rudeness. Who did he think he was?

I swallowed hard and glared at him, "Fine." I gritted out and tried to stand up but lost my balance and had to reach out and hold onto his forearm for support. He looked down at me in surprise and I instantly retracted my arm. "I'm just looking for the Water God, so if you could just saw east or west that would be a lot of help."

He stopped and stared at me intently, "What do you want with the Water God; he's a busy man you know." He gave me a devilish grin and my cheeks heated once more.

"Obviously so busy that he can't even send water down to my village." I replied heatedly, my temper flaring up. "What kind of Water God is he, anyways?" I asked haughtily.

He turned around now to face me full on. His expression was unreadable but he clearly wasn't as playful as before. "You're a sacrifice aren't you?" he enquired flatly.

"Well, obviously." I replied cheekily.

He shook his head, irritably, "I keep telling those damn mortals…" he muttered under his breath. His hand shot out and he grabbed me tightly by the shoulders, "Let's go." He stated abruptly.

"Ouch." I cringed and then tried to wriggle out of his grasp but failed. "Wait a second, who are you? How do I know you're not going to feed me to the Water God or something? I just want my village to have water and then go home, kay?" I rambled on, trying to stop him from taking me away. I yanked back a final time and he finally stopped in his tracks to turn to me.

"Look." He sighed in exasperation. He ran a hand through his raven hair. This somehow, made him look even handsomer. FOCUS, Sakura! I mentally slapped myself. "I can get you back home. So just shut up and follow me." He turned around again, but I grabbed his arm.

"Wait." I frowned stubbornly. "What about the water?"

He rolled his eyes, "The water." He repeated. "Yeah, sure whatever, now let's go!" he growled and pulled me along. I reluctantly went along and I trudged around in my wet robes.

The man was walking really quickly, and I being out of shape was out of breath while he didn't even break a sweat. Goddamn athletes… We walked off the beach and approached a small but tidy village with a looming palace in the background. I swallowed as I realized that that was probably where the Water God resided. It really was a beautiful place but I was way too even care.

He went down an alleyway and we came to a little shack that looked rundown and unsanitary and I cringed as a rat passed by my robes. The man knocked once on the door and immediately somebody came and opened the door.

The heavy wooden door swung open to reveal a beautiful blonde woman of imposing stature. She looked like she belonged in the palace and not in this grimy shack. She wore silken robes and had it cut low enough to reveal a flower tattoo upon her neck. However, instead of petals, there were daggers etched in. She glanced at me with cool blue eyes and then turned her attention to the man.

"My Lord…" she whispered. I frowned, 'My Lord'? Was this man of royalty or something?

The man cut her off, "They sent another sacrifice." He pushed me forward and I stumbled on the pavement. "I need you to send her back."

The woman glared at him, "That takes time and you know it. I can't just whip up that potion in a few minutes." She snapped back.

The man's eyes flashed, "I told the mortals to stop sending sacrifices down here and I want her out of here before the banquet. I know you can do a rush job, Ino."

Ino paused and stared at me before finally conceding, "Alright. But you owe me for this." She jabbed him in the arm. She was about to pull me into the shack but I paused. What about the man? Who was he? And was he really going to follow up on his promise?

My hand shot out and I grabbed his hand, "Wait!" He turned back, his eyes wide with surprise and I was about to yell but a blinding flash interrupted.

I could hardly see but the light was emanating from the contact of our hands and I felt something wrapping around my wrist. Something slithering around my skin and I tried to yank my hand back but it was as if somebody has super glued our palms together.

"What's happening?" I yelled over the chaos. I saw the man's face and it was a look of pure shock and the witch's face was of disbelief.

The slithering around my wrist finally halted and then I felt a burning sensation on my skin and I let out a yelp of pain and stumbled backwards, finally detaching myself from the man.

I was panting and I stood up shakily, "Wh-what was that?" I asked confused. I looked over at the man and he was pale as he lifted up his wrist to stare at it. Confused, I lifted up my own wrist and saw a crescent moon etched onto my skin, like a tattoo, but it still burned painfully.

The raven-haired man let out a low growl, "Ino…don't tell me that I just bonded with her…"

Ino's mouth was agape and she shook her head, "It's rare for this to happen…but you did…" she trailed off in amazement.

I interjected, "Bonded?" I repeated quizzically. I was beyond confused at this point. I was in some strange supernatural world and met a mysterious guy and girl and then bonded to the guy. God, this could NOT get any stranger. And what was bonding? I was frustrated beyond belief.

The man shook his head. "No…" he muttered. "I-I'll have to speak to Naruto or Shikamaru about this. This can't be." He looked up to speak to Ino, "Take her to the palace and hand her to Hinata's care. I'll deal with her later."

Ino nodded once and Sasuke began to walk away. I was about to yell after him but in a blink he had disappeared in a whirlwind of leaves. Bewildered I turned to Ino, "What just happened?" I asked numbly.

She rolled her eyes, "Mortals take such a long time to adjust. Look, I'm Ino, resident white witch at Konohagakure."

"Konohagakure." I repeated. So that was the name of the place.

"What's bonding?" I wondered aloud and she looked at me with a grin.

"Bonding is the supernatural tie between two beings. It makes the people more attuned to each other's emotions, thoughts and such. It's activated; I guess you can say, by hand contact. However, bonding is totally spontaneous, it can happen before or after any romantic attraction. Bonding marks you as his bride." She replied, as if reciting from a dictionary.

"Oh…wait. WHAT? I'm his bride?" I repeated weakly. "I-I don't even know who he is. I just came here to talk to the Water God and try to convince him-"

She cut me off with another roll of her cerulean eyes, "You really have no idea who that man was?" she demanded.

I nodded with a sheepish smile.

She sighed, "That's Sasuke Uchiha."

Recognition came to my mind and my jaw dropped. "You mean that I bonded with the—"

Ino nodded, "You bonded with the Water God." She lifted up my wrists. "This," she pointed to the crescent moon mark, "Marks you as his bride."

Sakura paled and only one thought came to her mind, FML.

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