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My Babysitter, My Lover

Fourteen year old Kurt was annoyed to say the least. He glared at his father, who glared back not wanting to backdown from his decision. He had a dinner with a man who owned a car dealership and they were hoping to start a partnership. The problem was that Kurt wasn't able to come and he was grounded so couldn't stay at Mercedes or Rachel's house and Burt didn't want him home alone. The solution. A babysitter.

"I'm old enough to stay home by myself dad!" Kurt yelled clearly furious at his dad.

"I know son I just don't want those bullies of yours to have anymore reasons to come and hurt you." He sighed dejectedly. Kurt being home alone was basically an invitation for that boy Karofsky to come and beat his son to a pulp and he wasn't taking any chances.

"But dad they wouldn't know I was home alone and what is a girl Babysitter going to do if Karofsky shows up?"

Burt scratched at his bald head and smiled."
"It's not a girl."
Kurt looked at his father confused his eyebrow raised.

"Whose not a girl?"

"Your babysitter, its John's Son."

"John from the garage, I didn't think he was married?" Kurt replied in an even worse confused state than originally.

"Yes John from the garage who is happily married with an eighteen year old son who goes to some posh private school in Westerville."

"How does John afford private school?" Kurt asked but inside that wasn't really what he was wondering. He was wanting to know how his dad who wasn't completely happy with the idea of a gay son was letting an eighteen year old boy look after him.

"John's father pays for it I think, the boy got into some trouble at his old school so they transferred him."

Kurt stared with big eyes at his obviously crazy father.

"Your letting a boy who got in 'some trouble' look after me?"
Burt looked down at his feet, knowing that would be a touchy subject with his son.

"Well John says he is a good kid now and it means that if anyone comes around here he can protect you."

"I can protect myself dad." Kurt huffed in annoyance before turning and walking up to his room.

"He's coming at 7 so be nice by then!" Burt yelled at his Son's retreating figure.

Kurt was sitting on his bed listening to Judy Garland and reading the latest Vogue when he heard his father turn the knob on his bedroom door.

"Thanks for knocking dad." He said sarcastically without looking up from his magazine.

"Enough with the attitude Kurt, but anyway I'm off now, John's son should be here in the next ten minutes. I love you kiddo and I'll see you tommorow." Burt answered, his voice going slightly soft at the last words as he closed the door to Kurt's room,

"I love you too dad." Burt heard Kurt say softly just before the door banged closed. He smiled and quickly walked downstairs locking the door behind him as he stepped out into the late autumn night.

As he unlocked the door to the truck a motorbike pulled up beside him holding a shortish boy in a brown leather jacket and ripped jeans. Burt just stared at the young man as he hoped off the bike and pulled off his helmet releasing a full head of curls and a cocky grin. A sudden thought that this was maybe a bad idea hit Burt and he went to open his mouth to tell the boy that he wasn't needed. No he thought Kurt needed protection and this boy looked like he could definitely take on a few jocks even if he needed a knife. Kurt would be fine and its not like he would do anything to Kurt, he looked way to straight to want to rape Kurt and his dad's Job was on the line.

"Hi, are you Mr Hummel?" The boy said quite politely but with a little hint of arrogance in his voice. Burt almost laughed it was a very similar attitude to Kurts.

"Yes you must be Kurt's babysitter for tonight, what's your name boy?"

"Blaine, how old is your son by the way, dad never got around to telling me."

"Kurt's fourteen." Burt answered then glared as Blaine smirked.

"You want me to babysit a fourteen year old? I thought he must be like eight or something?"

"My son has had some bad things happen to him and so I don't want to leave him alone." Burt replied almost angrily. Blaine's features noticeably softened and a strange look passed over his eyes.

"I'm sorry sir, I will protect your son no matter what."

Burt laughed at the soldier like stance the boy had suddenly taken on.

"Well that's good, I want him in bed by 10:30 and I want you to call me if anything happens, my number is on the bench."

"Will do Mr Hummel, should I go in now then?"

"Yea kid, just knock on the door so it gives Kurt warning. I'll see you at 12." Burt answered as he got into the truck and started the ignition.

"Don't let him push you around" Burt yelled out the window as he reversed out of the driveway and drove off.

Blaine ran his hand through his curls and his usual smirk took over his face. Burt wouldn't have to worry about anyone pushing him around especially a fourteen year old boy.

He walked up the front steps and knocked lazily at the wooden door. He heard the sound of footsteps slowly coming towards him a minute later. As the door slowly opened a head of brown coiffed hair caustiously poked its way out into the small opening and Blaine was met with a pair of gorgeous bright blue eyes and an expression that he was sure was the exact same as the one on his.

One of complete and utter shock and awe. This was no normal fourteen boy. This was a gorgeous young man who Blaine knew would have him wrapped around his little finger from the get go. Blaine knew he was fucked but for once in his life he didn't even care.

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