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My Babysitter, My Lover

Kurt had just turned the last page of his magazine when he heard a knocking at the front door. He groaned and slowly shuffled off the bed. He couldn't believe his dad was leaving him with same eighteen-year-old bad boy. He was safer alone. Well here goes nothing he thought as he padded down the stairs and towards the door his heart pounding from nervousness at the thoughts that were racing through his mind of what this boy could do to him. He cautiously opened the door a fraction and stuck his head out through the small opening to check that indeed it was his babysitter. As he looked up though he was met with a sight that made his breath catch, he was staring into gorgeous golden-hazel eyes that held a laughter and warmth in their depths. Hours seemed to pass as he gazed into these gorgeous eyes, the moment passed as the older boy coughed and looked down.

"Your gonna let me in." He asked, his voice husky and oozing sex to Kurt's ears.

"Oh yes sure, what's your name by the way?" Kurt said awkwardly as he opened the door wider and stepped back.

"Blaine, yours?"

"Kurt." He answered softly as he gestured for Blaine to enter.

As Blaine walked through the open door and past him Kurt couldn't help but look down at the older boys ass, which to his young eyes looked so good in the tight jeans. Sudden embarrassment took over and he felt his cheeks start to heat up, He shouldn't be thinking those things about this older boy, his babysitter no less but there was no doubt in his young mind that he was attracted to this boy.

Blaine stopped in the middle of the Hummel's lounge and turned around a smirk taking over his tan face as he noticed where the boy's gaze was. Kurt felt his face heat up even more as he lifted his eyes and saw the smirk on the gorgeous boys face, he coughed awkwardly and started to walk towards the kitchen not looking back to see if Blaine was following. He automatically walked to the fridge and opened the stainless steel door.

"Have you eaten?" He asked without turning to see if Blaine was there to reply.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking that, I am your babysitter right?" He answered with a smirk.

Kurt hadn't expected that answer and for the second time that day his diva glare took over his face and his hand came to rest on his hip as he swiveled around and looked Blaine in the eye.

"You may be older than me and for some crazy reason my dad thinks you can protect me but lets get one thing straight Mr. "I wear a leather jacket and ride a motorcycle' I do not need a babysitter and I can protect myself so do you want some dinner or not?" His voice was full of venom as he said this to Blaine and for a second he even felt guilty that he had talked like that to this beautiful boy but for once in his life he didn't want to be seen as the young boy with no backbone.

Blaine stared incredulously at the younger boy in front of him as each spiteful word left his lovely - lips. He felt bad that it was such a turn on but angry Kurt was hot and suddenly his tight jeans were starting to get even tighter. Blaine smiled at Kurt's ending question.

"I would love some dinner Kurt." He answered charmingly, deciding then and there that he would rather stay on Kurt's good side even though it was one of the hottest things he'd ever seen. Blaine watched as Kurt's glare disappear and a small giggle escaped from his lips.

"Good answer Blaine, I don't think you could have handled any more of the Kurt wrath." Kurt replied as another giggle escaped and Blaine thought it was the cutest sound he had ever heard and he wanted to be the cause of the sound as much as possible.

"What would you like, we have left over chicken Parmesan or chicken Alfredo?"

Blaine smiled at the cuteness that was Kurt; of course he would have gourmet leftovers not just cold pizza like at home.

"Chicken Alfredo would be perfect."

"Good because that's my favorite." Kurt said proudly glad that him and Blaine had a similar taste in food.

Blaine sat at the kitchen counter watching Kurt as he moved around the Hummel's kitchen heating up their dinner. He guiltily realized that every so often his gaze would stray to Kurt's cute butt that look oh so sinful in the tight skinny jeans that Blaine knew would have taken ages to get on. Blaine had known he was gay from the moment he had seen Tyler Moore's cock in the boy's locker room when he was thirteen. Since then he had, had a few meaningless hook-ups at parties with Dalton boys who would always say they were straight the next day. It always hurt but he had never wanted a serious relationship not until he was out of Ohio. Kurt however was making him doubt that idea and he was hoping beyond hope that Kurt was gay to. He was pretty certain he was, no fourteen-year-old boy in Ohio wore Alexander McQueen Jeans or tight-fitting sweaters. Blaine decided he would find out by the end of the night.

"Here you go Blaine." Kurt interrupted Blaine's thoughts as he slid a steaming plate of pasta over to Blaine.

"Wow Kurt this is delicious, how about watching a movie while we are eating?" He said hoping this was a good excuse to get closer to Kurt.

"That's a great idea how about we watch Moulin Rogue, I just bought it the other day." Kurt replied shyly expecting Blaine to tell him what a gay choice that was and why would he want to watch a movie like that.

"I love Moulin Rogue, lets do this!" Blaine surprised Kurt by saying as he raced over and jumped onto the couch. Kurt laughed at the very childlike behavior and something funny started happening to his tummy, this wasn't a feeling he was very used to it was like a fluttering. It was something that he thought would happen when he fell in love, he realized that he had a crush on this older boy, this probably straight older boy even if he did like Moulin Rogue. He realized that if he had any doubts about being gay before they were all gone now, no girl made him feel like this man was making him feel. He walked to the lounge picking up Blaine's food on the way.

"I wonder whose the one needing babysitting now?" He scolded as he passed his plate of food to the outstretched boy.

Blaine laughed and gave a little swat to Kurt's ass as he walked away from the couch to put the DVD in. Kurt turned around a shocked expression on his face. His cheeks burned and he felt a weird stirring in his tight jeans. This boy would be the death of him. As he put the movie in and the opening music started he heard a delicious moan come from the couch.

"God Kurt this tastes amazing." Blaine groaned with a mouthful of pasta. A disturbing thought went through Kurt's head about Blaine saying that in a sexual manner. He quickly scolded himself for thinking those things at his age and hoped up striding over to the couch and sitting on top of Blaine's outstretched legs.

"Sure take a seat, it's not cutting of my circulation or anything." Blaine chuckled as he pulled his legs out from under Kurt and watched him gracefully fall back into the couch.

"Shut up Blaine, people would kill to have this butt anywhere near them." Kurt replied then opened his mouth in shock as he realized what he just said. Blaine's laughter made it worse and soon Kurt was covering his face in pure embarrassment.

" I could agree with that fact, I would kill to touch that butt." Blaine answered huskily as his laughter subsided. Kurt squeaked and covered his head even more knowing Blaine was only playing with him.

"You already have so lets watch the movie now." Kurt squeaked out. Blaine agreed and for the next 2 hours they sat in quite contempt, every now a sigh or chuckle was heard by the two boys and by Satine's death scene they had moved closer and closer together and Blaine's arm was around Kurt's shoulder as they both sniffled in sadness. They became aware of the warmth that surrounded them and the closeness of the other boy as the credits began to role. They should have moved, it should have been awkward. It wasn't though; neither boy had felt more comfortable and right in their whole lives. They both knew that this was where they were supposed to be but still the thoughts were running through Kurt's mind, he's not gay, he's not gay.

"I'm gay." Kurt said softly as the TV screen went black.

Blaine chuckled and a giant grin took over his face.

"I thought you might be"

Kurt turned his head up to Blaine and looked him in the eye confused.

"How?" Kurt had never told anyone and he had just figured it out completely tonight, how could Blaine know.

"Really Kurt? Boys in Ohio don't wear Alexander McQueen jeans so tight they must be sewed on and your choice in movies gives it a way to." As Blaine revealed all this to him he noticed two things one Blaine knew Alexander McQueen and two he had like Moulin Rogue as well so did that mean? No it couldn't Blaine wore leatherjackets and rode motorcycles that screamed straight.

"Blaine how do you know who Alexander McQueen is?" Kurt asked even more softly. Blaine chuckled and looked down at the beautiful young boy cuddled up to him. How could this boy mean so much to him in such a short time, he was the cutest, sexiest and funniest boy Blaine had ever met and he hoped that his next words would change everything for this boy who seemed to think he was alone.

" I'm gay too Kurt." Blaine answered softly. Kurt gasped this amazing boy, no man, who was funny, liked musicals and was the most beautiful and sexy thing he had ever seen was gay like him. Maybe Kurt had a chance.

"Kurt?" Blaine said interrupting Kurt's racing thoughts.

"Yes Blaine."

"Have you ever been kissed?"

"No." Kurt replied blushing.

"Could I be your first? " Blaine asked tenderly, wanting nothing more in the world then to kiss this boy beside.

Kurt's heart was pounding but he knew he hadn't wanted anything so much as to kiss Blaine.


Blaine smiled and lifted his arm from around Kurt and shifted a little way back. He angled his body towards the younger boy and lifted his hand to cup the boy's smooth cheek in his big warm hand. He grinned and looked down into the boy's gorgeous blue eyes, they were sparkling with happiness and warmth and Blaine hoped that Kurt could see the exact same in his. Blaine brought his face down towards Kurt's and whimpers as Kurt licks his lips. Their lips meet in the middle and as they mould together both boys know theirs nothing better than this kiss which is all soft and slow, their learning together because Blaine has never done slow but its better than all the fast hookups he's had. Nothing is as good as Kurt's lips against his own and a soft moan escapes his lips as Kurt shyly lifts his hand and runs it through Blaine's soft curls. Kurt darts the tip of his tongue out and tentively touches Blaine's bottom lip with it. Blaine groans and fists his free hand into Kurt's hair as he opens his mouth and lets Kurt explore. Kurt whimpers as Blaine pulls away, his eyes wide and chest heaving. Kurt had never done anything so amazing and wonderful. It was perfect and he knew that if he never got kissed again it wouldn't matter because this kiss with Blaine would mean more than any other. As both boys gasped for breath they looked each other in the eye and smiled.

"Are you happy I was your first kiss?"

"Yes, it was amazing thank you." Kurt replied warmly.

"I wish that had of been my first kiss."

Kurt smiled and knew that what Blaine had said was completely sincere and he had never heard something so beautiful.

With his hand still in Blaine's curls he pulled Blaine's face back to wards him and once again pressed their lips together. This time it was all passion as their tongues met and glided over each other, moaning and whimpering as they learnt to love the taste of each other, wanting more and more and getting it as they moved closer towards each other and Blaine wrapped his arm around the smaller boy bringing their chests flush together. Kurt moaned, the taste and touch of Blaine was more than anything his young mind had imagined and he never wanted it to end. They broke apart again as they gasped for air and Blaine pressed a small kiss on the edge of his upper lip. Kurt smiled against his lips and sighed.

"I never knew it could be like that."

"That's why I wanted it to be with me and not some ugly Jock who would take advantage of you."

Kurt smiled at the caring sentiment, he wondered what they were now was Blaine just kissing him to give him a good first kiss or did he want to be something with Kurt.

"Blaine what happens now?" Kurt asked shyly not sure if he wanted the answer.

"Would you like to be my boyfriend Kurt?" Blaine asked softly, he wanted Kurt to say yes, he wanted to be able to kiss this boy whenever he wanted, to hold him when he was sad and more than anything protect him from anyone who wanted to hurt this beautiful boy.

"Yes Blaine, I would love to be your boyfriend." Kurt replied as a massive smile took over his face, he had never known happiness like this before, this beautiful man wanted to be his and only his,

"Good." Blaine answered softly, grinning just as much as Kurt before pulling Kurt into anther soft kiss.

"Mmmm, who would have thought I would be kissing my babysitter, sounds a bit kinky doesn't it."

Blaine laughed at the cheeky comment.

"Lucky you don't need a babysitter then."

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