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The Egyptian sun shined over the land. A young prince ran through the streets, chasing a small rubber ball, while having his loyal dog, Kufu. "Come Kufu!" The young prince ordered his dog.

The prince's name was Atemu. He was shorter than most, about seven years old and had spiky black hair with crimson tips and blond bangs. His eyes where shining crimson as well.

As young Atemu ran through the hot Egyptian streets, he kicked around his toy. "Go Kufu! Fetch the ball!" yelled the little prince.

The pharaoh hound puppy just stared at his master. Atemu giggled and patted his dog's head. He kicked his rubber ball, once more as hard as he could, causing it to go a little bit far. "Oops. Follow me Kufu." Atemu ran after his ball, Noticing that it was in the hands of a small peasant boy. The young prince was in shock, the boy almost looked exactly like him. The only difference was his hair didn't have the same blond streaks, his eyes were amethyst, and the tips of his hear were amethyst.

"I believe that this is yours." The boy held out the rubber ball to the prince.

The prince suspiciously looked at the peasant boy, then snatched the toy from his hands. "Thanks. Um, I gotta go." Atemu ran, trying to ignore his look alike. The peasant boy just stared at the rushing prince, and walked away in confusion.

Several years have passed the once young prince; Atemu had become the pharaoh, at the young age of 18. (A/N I couldn't really find what to put so just go with this ok?)

The new pharaoh sat at his throne, waiting for something new to happen, while stroking his now old dog, Kufu.

One of the pharaoh's high priests, Mahado, ran into the room, panicked. Kufu growled at Mahado's approach, and then relaxed when he saw him. He knelt down on one foot, in respect. "My Pharaoh, we caught this boy stealing from all the venders in the streets. He also happens to have a strong Ka within him."

"Very well, send him in to be tested by the millennium items." Atemu signaled to Mahado.

Mahado bowed and exited the throne room, and reentered now holding chains in his hands. Wow, if this simple peasant boy has some chains on him, then he must have some strong Ka within him like what Mahado said.

All of Atemu's priests stood in front of him, hiding the pharaoh from a potential threat. Atemu saw four guards, all holding some chains in their hands, trying to pull the boy forward. They stopped bowed for the pharaoh, and showed Atemu the boy. Kufu growled, threatening the boy to stand away from the pharaoh. Atemu cooed to Kufu and patted him, calming the old dog.

Atemu's eyes widened. It was the same boy that he had met in the streets playing when he was seven. He could never forget who he called his look alike.

The boy's eyes were filled with tears, wondering why just stealing food sent him to the pharaoh to be judged. He hung his head, too afraid to look at the pharaoh. The boy had now aged but only grew a little bit, him now standing at about 5ft, while Atemu now was 5ft 6.

"Oi, boy, now show your respect to the pharaoh. Bow and show him your face." A guard ordered. The boy gave the guard a small glare, hoping that no one would notice him. He then slowly lifted his head, keeping his eyes closed, he bowed. He opened his eyes, hoping to not see a very angry pharaoh. Looking into the crimson eyes staring at him, he fell into shock. He began to quake with fear at the sight of Atemu. Atemu and the boy gazed into each other's almost mentally speaking to each other.

Atemu could hear the boy's thoughts almost. They kept saying, I know you, you're that boy who looked like me when I was playing in the streets. How could you now be the pharaoh?

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