In the time that followed the great robot war, the sectors did part ways, but promised to reunite as often as possible. Many sectors didn't keep the same company as before. Central sector went home short one pink hedgehog. Amy stayed with Shadow and his sector she couldn't bear to leave him, and even if she could, Shadow would of never let her go. Central may of lost a second, but they gained another tech. Marine went with them so she could be with Tails. Many had learned that love was a precious thing, those who had lost their loved ones in the war, became a living testament to the idea of spending every moment with those you love because you never know what moment could be your last.

Just as Silver had promised, he and the rest of North Sector returned with Mina and Tikal to the West during the winter and began rebuilding the Western base. South sector, who also had a new member, Fiona's lover, Scourge, often traveled to the West during the winter to assist with the rebuilding. Scourge's joining of the South had been a surprise, but he knew Amy would make a great second for his East Sector and he would be able to stay with his sweet Fiona.

When the first Spring bloomed, and the sectors reunited for the first time, there was amazing news. A love had blossomed between Sonic and Mina and they held a long distant relationship. They loved each other, but Mina couldn't ask Sonic to give up his position as leader of Central, and he wanted Mina to fulfill her dream of seeing the West Sector restored to its former glory. The two may of often been far apart, but their love never weakened. Another more predictable love that formed was between Void and Julie. The two became true lovers and spent weeks with each other switching back and forth between their two sectors. It was a hectic lifestyle, but they loved it and each other. Other romances that had been seasoned were now bearing fruit. Rouge and Knuckles were pregnant with a baby boy, and Fiona and Scourge were expecting a little girl. The years past and many others had children as well. Shadow and Amy had a son and daughter. Silver and Tikal had twin girls. Marine and Tails a little boy, and Jet and Wave had triplets, two boys and girl.

In the years to come the sectors formed a tradition. As their sectors and families grew they needed a larger place to meet other than a base. They chose the valley. The valley that had once been known as the valley of the Core and was full of only death and despair was now a beautiful memorial ground where the master emerald still remains shining brightly as a beacon of hope and love. As sector members would come to their end of their life they would be buried there with the first fallen eight. The valley became affectionately known as the valley of the seven skies.

x-x-x-x Fics to Come x-x-x-x

I've had requests for sequels for some stories that I've written, but I've found that I'm not too good with sequels, so I'm doing the next best thing. I had lots of request for more on my story Vampire Kisses, so my newest story, Wolfsbane, is something similar. I think I'm going to have a really fun time writing that one! Second I had a lot of awesome reviews on My Song, so I'm writing a new story called My Melody which features a similar concept, but appears in a more sophisticated and exciting story. Hope you'll let me know what you think about these up and coming fics!


Amy's provincial life begins to fall apart, after a chance encounter with a mysterious crimson eyed hedgehog. Strange and extraordinary transformations, a secret war, and so much more. In the midst of everything she begins to find herself in the middle of a most unbelievable love affair.

My Melody

Four music schools throw down their skills in the ultimate musical battle for the title of future stars and the grand prize of contract with the greatest music producers in the biz and a whopping donation to their music school. A competition like this brings music, love, and drama to the big stage. Tune in and get pump'n with the beat!