Chapter 1

This is a new series I'm writing (inspired by NykkiLeighVampireHeart's Arranged Marriage to Ian Somerhalder). At the beginning this is set in the UK (where I live) but it will move to the US. That's why it has English spelling but anyone can read it. Hope you enjoy it and my other stories will still continue (Elena's Despair).

I sit downstairs, bored when the door bells rings. My mum shouts:

"Kayla, could you get that I'm kinda busy!" I nod even though there's no way she can see my small gesture. I walk towards the door and open it, not believing who I'm seeing. Steven R McQueen from my favourite show Vampire Diaries and the grandson of Steve McQueen (my mum has heard of him). I stand there with my mouth open, not sure what to say. Luckily, he beats me to it:

"Hey, are you Kayla?" I nod and finally say:

"Yeah, um would you like to… um come in?" Wow, that was the worst reply ever. I've never got lost for words before. Anyway what's he doing here? He lives in the US and this is the UK. Even if he was on tour or something why is he at my house? How's he know my name? Steven looks me up and down. Immediately, I feel embarrassed and cross my arms. He smiles and I realise that he hasn't answered. I step back and nearly trip over my younger brother's toy car. Steven grabs my arm and stops me. "Thanks." I mutter. I thought that only happened in the movies? I walk into the living room, pulling my arm out of his grip. He follows. My 7 year old brother, Oscar, is on the floor playing with his cars. He looks up and grins.

"You're Jeremy." He says, thinking about his role in Vampire Diaries. Steven frowns for a moment and then realises what he means. He looks at me.

"You let him watch Vampire Diaries?" He whispers. I shrug. He leans down and says to Oscar:

"Where's you mum? Say Steven needs to talk to her." Oscar nods and runs into the kitchen.

"So why are you here? I thought you lived in America and have filming to do?" I ask Steven.

"I said I was taking a break to see my family." He says, looking round the room.

"So you lied?" I joke. He does that cute innocent smile that I've seen him do on TV. I roll my eyes and it makes him smile even more.

"No, I didn't lie exactly… I am with my family…" He stops and I realise that Mum is in the doorway staring at us. She laughs at us:

"Sorry, you were just about to tell her weren't you?" He nods at Mum.

"What were you going to tell me? What's going on?" I say, now really confused. Steven faces me and takes both of my hands in his.

"We're arranged to be married." He blurts out. I just stare at him with my mouth open until I realise that he's still holding my hands. I let go of his hands and look from him to my mum.

"No, you're joking, there is no way…" I step back and see that his smile has disappeared. He's serious. There's no way I'm marrying him, there's no way my mum would do that to me. "Mum?"

"Our family has a long history of arranged marriages. Your marriage was set up when Steven was 6 and there's no way out of it." I look back at Steven and suddenly I don't want to be around him anymore. A sob escapes my lips as I run up the stairs and into my bedroom. I slam and lock the door behind me. I sit on my bed, turning around so that my back's to the door. After what feels like a minute, I hear a faint knock on the door. More tears are running down my cheeks, I don't want this. I don't want to marry anyone, I'm only 16. I know it's Steven at the door because Mum would be demanding that I open the door already.

"What… what do you want?" I try to sound normal but stutter after the first word. Wow, I'm rubbish at talking to him even when I'm angry at him.

"First I'd like to not stand outside this door all day…" He pauses, obviously waiting for my reaction. I don't speak. "…but if that's what it takes." I hear him move and then sit down next to the door. He's probably hoping I'll take pity on him and let him in. No way. I stand up and walk over to the TV, about to turn it on, when a piece of paper slides out from under the gap of the door. I pick it up and stare at it. It says:

It wasn't my intention to make you upset. I'm forced into this as much as you are.

Underneath he has drawn a heart with a cross through it. I sigh, unlock the door and open it. He knew I would open the door, he's ready and facing me. He hugs me. I try to struggle but he just laughs.

"No… air... Steven… can't breathe…" I pretend to choke. He let's go quickly and apologizes. That's when I start laughing.

"What's so funny?" He frowns. I give him his piece of paper back.

"You weren't forced into this, what are you like 40 now?" I joke.

"23." He corrects.

"You're old enough to make your own decisions." I sit back on my bed. He sits next to me and gently holds my hand. This time I let him.

"I can't make my own decision about this. We're stuck with each other." He winks, stands up and walks out. Leaving the piece of paper in my hand.