Summary: Living as a rich, Upper East snob in New York City isn't as easy as it looks-it's easier. Light Yagami, the son of a well respected politician, has it all: looks, intelligence, wealth, and love. But, like all overly brilliant teenagers, he's utterly bored with his normal life. That is, until he meets a strange boy from SoHo whose odd quirks and adoration for partying reels in Light's attention. Suddenly, Light's perfect world comes crashing down.

Warning: Drug abuse, some sexual content (not vivid, or anything), mild language, yaoi, and violence. Oh, and a really, really OOC Mello. He's very gay.

Central Characters: Light, Misa, L, Matt, and Mello.

A/N: Chapters will range from 1000-3000 words. This chapter IS a bit short, but I really despise introductions, so...they will progressively become longer. I already wrote this, published it, re-read...then decided it had to be re-written. Starting a story is always difficult. Heh
Sooo, read, review, and enjoy!

I've been called shallow, selfish, close minded, cruel, but never, ever has anyone had the nerve to call me stupid. I wish I could tell you what ran through my head as my fist flew into the kid's face, or why I kept smashing his stomach with my foot, but I can't. Consequences slipped my mind, leaving me a completely hollow, testosterone-filled mad man. Actually, I'm a bit ashamed of how I acted, but what was I supposed to do? Stand there while some fool insulted my intelligence? Me-with my 4.0 grade point average at one of the most prestigious and challenging high schools in New York City.

Yes, I might have been a bit smashed. Yes, I might have taken a bit too many pills. But sitting in jail, thinking back to how fantastic it felt to finally give someone what they really deserved, I realize it's all worth it. In fact, everything I've done up to this point has been completely worth it. I smile to myself, leaning against the grimy white walls that encased me in this god-awful place.

"You're in my seat."

An enormous mass suddenly stands over me. His knuckles crack as he waits for me to reply. I simply stand up, suddenly unwilling to fight anyone else. Or maybe just him. The alcohol still rushes through my veins, pumping adrenaline until I feel myself twitch. But only an idiot would cross this guy-and I am not stupid.

"Light Yagami?" An officer slides the key into the lock. "You get your phone call."

I maintain my composure, trying not to seem too eager about my escape, as I stride out the cell. I follow the officer silently. My father won't be too thrilled bailing me out of jail, but he's my best shot. Not only does he have connections, but his ridiculous amount of money makes it so easy to spend it anywhere and everywhere. I begin to dial. A few days ago, he threw me out of the house, promising to cut me off. But, he couldn't just leave me here, right?

"Hi, dad."

"What do you want, Light?" Venom poisons his voice.

"I need help-I sort of messed up."

There's a long pause. "What did you do now?"

"Well, I'm in jail and-"

A dial tone cuts me off. I nearly slam the phone back on the hook. My chest wells as the officer drags me back to the cell, completely ignoring the fear radiating from my eyes. Maybe this wasn't worth it. I lost everything: my future, my money, my family, my girlfriend-my dignity. I slump onto a bench, burying my face in my palms. The worst part is I know exactly when it all went wrong.

Exactly two weeks prior, I was lying on the couch at Misa's place. Her pretty figure danced around the room, socializing with all the guests and flirting with anyone who had desire lurking in their eyes. Although Misa acted like a dolt, she always knew exactly what she was doing. She held herself so fantastically and was able to clean up any mess with just a simple smile. I was lucky, or so everyone told me. Not only was she beautiful, but she practically bathed herself in money. Even my apartment on the Upper East Side couldn't compare to her penthouse in Midtown.

"Oh, Light!" she shrieked as she spotted me. "Did you have to much to drink?"

Yes, of course I did. It became a bit of a habit at parties. I used to be the center of attention. Misa and I were a power couple when it came to socializing. But recently, I lost any inhibition to fit in with my classmates. The truth is, they began to bore me. Their minds were plagued with sex, alcohol, and appearance. After reading too many books, I began to explore myself, finding depth in myself. I, normally too shallow to talk to anyone under a '9', finally overcame my senses.

I was outgrowing them. Or so I thought.

"Misa, I think I'm going to head home," I grumbled, sitting up on the couch. "My head is pounding."

"Oh, no, Light," she pouted.

Sweat poured down her neck, running down her prominent sternum. My eyes followed the bead until it settled right between her breasts. I glanced back up to her pouting lips. She grinned widely, throwing her arms around my neck. She stank of alcohol, but I figured I smelt much worse. I patted her back softly, suddenly feeling closed in. All I wanted to do was lay down in my own bed and sleep. Yet, she clung to my neck, staring at me with those large, puppy-dog eyes.

"Don't leave the party," she purred. "If you stay, I'll make it worth your while later tonight. Please, Light!"

"No, I'm good for tonight." I stood up, swaying a bit.

Misa was the epitome of perfection. She radiated a certain tantalizing aura, always speaking with a smile on her face and a glimmer in her eyes. Like me, she's been on the Principle's List her entire high school career. Plus, she's a model. Her only flaw was her incredibly low common sense, but a lot of people found it appeasing. I, however, could never look passed it.

In fact, I stepped into the relationship unwillingly. My mother, who was close with Misa's mother, forced me into it when she found out Misa liked me. She promised me that, one day, I would feel the same. I still barely find her desirable. Then again, I rarely found myself infatuated with any woman. I just figured my standards were too high, as my mother was not only beautiful, but witty and intelligent as well.

"Oy," someone slapped my back. I turned a glazed eye towards Erik, my best friend at the time. "What's doin', good lookin'?"

Misa immediately giggled, wrapping her arm around Erik's waist. "Isn't he so funny, Light?"

"Yeah, yeah," I rolled my eyes at Erik, throwing him a quick smile. "Hey, I think I'm going to get going. I'll see you in class tomorrow, though."

"What?" Erik nearly shouted. "You're leaving now? Come on, man, the parties just getting good!"

"That's what I said," Misa shrieked, grabbing my wrist. "Light-y, baby, you can't go just yet. We haven't even popped the good champagne yet! Come on, baby, baby, baby!"

Suddenly, her incessant babbling tore at my patience. And after dating Misa for two years, this was nearly impossible to do. I gruffly responded something incoherent, unsure what I was trying to say, before I kissed her on the cheek and left the apartment. I sighed, pressing the elevator button. Maybe my narcissism finally overwhelmed any connection I had to another person, but I couldn't see myself at those parties with those people anymore. Maybe-just maybe-I was bored.