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Fran x Bel -

"Bel-Sempai.. whats wrong?" It was the question that started that night.

It was pouring outside, thunder raged on and it was silent in the Varia house. Fran had green hair without the frog hat on his head, he was in his pajamas and walked into his superiors room after hearing Belpeghor yelling.

Everyone else didn't want to bother going to see the knife weilding kid at a time like this, so they left Fran to do it. Since Fran wasn't afriad.

Fran closed the door and walked towards the queen sized bed with black blankets. There obviously was a body moving underneathe the covers.

"I didn't tell you to enter did I?" A growl came from the blankets and instantly three blades came flinging out. In which Fran had advoided already knowing Bel was not in a good mood.

"Tell me whats wrong and I'll leave," Fran said simply, his voice deadpan as he came to the foot of Belpehgors bed.

"Ushishi.. there's nothing wrong you nusiance frog, get out or I'll kill you where you stand."

Fran ignored him and crawled onto the bed, coming to Bel's side; he flipped the blankets over and grabbed onto the blonds wrists before he flung some more blades.

Bel was sweating, and he clenched his teeth together as he glared at the one over top of him.

"Don't tell me your having nightmares again.. your brothers dead Bel-Sempai," Fran chuckled as Bel struggled.

"I know he's dead, you annoying brat, get off," He hissed as he pushed Fran off the bed and the green haired hit the floor with a thump and groan.

Bel stared at the boy as he got to his feet, still with a bland expression he turned to leave. Bel bit the buttom of his lip, watching Fran's hand as it was about to touch the doorknob he flung a single blade, hitting the door as Fran stopped himself from touching the knob.

Turning around and looking at a smirky blond. "Do I get to stay?" He asked amused of his superiors motives.

Belphegor didn't say anything as he laid down and waited for Fran to lay with him, and when Fran had sat down on the bed, Belphegor relaxed as a calm sigh escaped his lips.

He snatched Frans wrist and pulled him next to him tightly, holding the slim boys waist. His heart beat rapidly pounding but Fran kept his breathing calm, feeling Bel-Sempai as he tugged the blankets over their body.

Belphegor loved being so possessive of his Fran, feeling the green haired next to him, flush against his body made everything fade. Having his expression that shown nothing was amazing enough, and the attraction came after as he flung knives in which he had no affect to.

"Yes you can stay... don't ever leave or surely I will kill you," Bel said as he breathed in his lovers scent.

Fran closed his eyes feeling Bel-Sempai tighten his grip around his waist, but the feel made everything so much better as he nodded.

"If I can help with the nightmares then I'll always stay with you."


The end.

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