A/N: Hey guys. So this is only my second story up here and my very first Spirited fanfic. Just a small little piece that popped into my head a month or so ago but one that has been quietly longing to be read.

Touch. It seemed like such a small thing. Something we take for granted. He knows he did. It's perhaps the thing the misses most now he's dead. The little things, the textures, those are what seemed to fade first. The scrape and pull of a comb through tangled hair. The feather light whisper of mist before it settles and coats your skin. The grit of sand. He knew how to describe them. He had a vague knowledge of what it should be like. But he couldn't remember what it felt like. The touch escaped him.

He couldn't make contact with anyone. Not the slightest touch. No accidently knocking knees with a stranger on a crowded train. No meeting someone for the first time and shaking their rough calloused hand after you've been introduced. No slapping you mate on the back after a good job gone. No throwing yourself off stage and being raised up by the hands of fans. No celebratory hugs. No embraces, no kisses.

Touch eluded him.

He could not place Elvis's fingers on the right cords. He could not rock Verity back to sleep after a bad dream. He could not punch Steve in the face for being such a complete prick. Suzy. He could not touch Suzy. It was torture lying next to her every night and not being able to hold her warm body against his.

Touch denied him.

He could not touch but he could still feel. He felt helpless and guilty when Suzy cried and he could not wrap his arms around her to comfort her. He felt frustrated and terrified when the King attacked her and he couldn't shake her out of her dream. He felt a pang of longing every time she left the Elysian and he could not follow.

He felt for Suzy.

But he could not touch.

He could never be touched.

So what did you think? Short and bitter sweet? I know there's not a very big community for Spirited out there; being not a universally well-known show, so feedback will be greatly appreciated. It's always nice to get reviews :)