What's up everybody, we are back with another chapter of Lemon Moments. This chapter shall be a Naruto/Kin/Sakura lemon…kinda. I don't know what you would call it so if you know by all means let me know. I'm also going to start doing something that I encourage other authors who are reading this to do. Lately I've been reading a lot of different stories the circle around Fanfiction. During my readings I noticed that there are a lot of underappreciated stories that are being made. So from now on every time I update I'm going to suggest a story that I highly recommend that you read if you can't find anything else to read and give them a comment or two. We are amateur authors sharing different idea's with a common goal of getting better at our trade. So why not help them out am I right? The story I'm going to recommend is an Avatar the Last air bender fic called Forgiveness by VereLupin. I'm not too keen on how it ended but overall it was a great story.

Now that I'm done with that let's get on to some good old fashion smut. The right way!

The sounds of grunts and screams filled the forest floor as the second test of the chunin exams went on. The screams wasn't two loud as one of the shinobi's muffled the screams with his hands as he continued to stab into the other shonobi not at the least concern for the person.

A young girl with long black hair, almost reaching down to the ground that was tied by a violet ribbon right near the end was watching the two go at it. Her black eyes were wide with awe as she watched the two shinobi's dance without any concern for the environment. Luckily for her, her pale green vest and flak jacket as well as her snake like pants and scarf blended in with the environment quite well not giving away her position.

"Oh Kami Naruto!" One of the Shinobi's said as the male smirked still slamming into her making her claw at the dirt as he hit another one of her spots.

'How can they do that at a time like this?' The voyeur thought as she was holding tightly onto her kunai as she watched the two go at it. Her original plan was to ambush the two shinobi's take there scroll and leave them for the animals of the forest, but then they started doing stuff like this. 'Damnit Kin get a hold of yourself!' The now identified voyeur shouted to herself as she shook her head trying to throw out every perverted idea that made its way into her head. Kin had always been a curious girl; she would be lying if she wasn't the least bit interested in sex.

"Yes! Naruto-sama faster! Pound my wet cunt, it's all yours!" The girl cried out as Naruto smirked at his little cum dump. She had been his first and the first to submit to him. He didn't know why he enjoyed, making Sakura his bitch. He never wanted Haku to act like her. 'It must be because she always liked to hit me for every little thing.' Naruto thought to himself never stopping his flow.

"Naruto-sama! Please fuck my ass; it's been a long time since you did that." Sakura said as she slid off of his penis, Naruto's cum already leaking out from there earlier bout. She went on her hands and knees a raised her hips in the air showing off her puckered ass hole. "Well if you insist." Naruto said lining his cock into the girl and slowly entered her; she smiled appetitive at the jester and moaned in pain and pleasure. Naruto grunted and began moving slowly, she was really tight.

Naruto gasp as the girl tighten up on his dick as he grabbed her hips and began to pound into her as hard and as fast as he could.

"Kami! So fucking good Naruto-sama! This ass hole belongs to you and only you!" Sakura said as drool dripped out of the corners of her mouth.


Unknowing Kin's hands had been working into her pants and were now pleasing her clit with reckless abandon. Her breathing became for horse as she gasps for more air unknowingly alerted one of Naruto's clones that were standing watch over the two. The clone smirked as he made his way over to her as slowly as he could as she focused on the two as it seems like the real Naruto was at his limit.

"Sakura, I'm going to cum…" Naruto said picking up the speed in his thrusts.

"Inside me Naruto-sama, paint my walls white with your cum!" Sakura shouted as Naruto released his load deep inside Sakura.

Naruto drained from his activities sat on the forest floor, but there would be no rest for him as she immediately grabbed hold of his dick and began stroking it back to full harness. "Come on Sakura that was our second time." Naruto whined as she expertly cleaned off their combined fluids off of his penis.

"Haku had you for the entire month we were back from wave. Not to mention you also had sex with Tsunami-san. I'm going to get as much of your cum inside me before this test ends." Sakura said as Sakura started to bob her head back and forth several times.


Kin's fingers were so deep inside of her at the moment as she had discarded her jacket as the ends of her black shirt were now being in between her teeth as she fingered her clit and pussy in ecstasy. Her thought were easily on Naruto's penis. She could only imagine what it would be like to suck on that 9 inch monster. "Oh kami!" She mewed as a glassy look came into her eyes. She had never had that kind of orgasm before, it was incredible.

"Did you like what you saw?" A voice from behind her scaring the crap out of her, before she could let lose a scream she felt two fingers inside of her pussy only making her voice go silent. Her already sensitive pussy was doing wonders on her as she already felt herself at her limit. She grabbed onto the clones arms as she came once more not noticing her eyes flicker from black to red, and to switch back in a heartbeat.

The clone smirked as he felt the tightening of her already incredibly tight pussy. "Now what are you doing here miss sound shinobi?" The clone said in a surprisingly deep, sensual voice as he began to rub the spot she had just touched inside of her harder causing the kunoichi to spread her legs more as she started to hump the palm of the clone's hands.

"You…bastard…" She gasped out as he pressed his thumb against her engorged clit as her thrust went on faster.

"You wouldn't happen to have found yourself turned on would you as he nibbled on the girls ear lobe as she watched the real Naruto and Sakura go right back at it with Sakura being on top, riding him as fast as she could.

"You wish that was you don't you?" The clone said softly in the girl's ear running a small amount of chakra into the tips of his fingers making the girl arch her back crashing her hips harder into his palm.


"You want my dick don't you?"


You want to cum don't you?" Naruto said as he added a tiny bit more making the girls eyes widen in pleasure.

"Kami yes!" Kin screamed as she came soaking his hands and the ground. As she tried to catch her breath the clone moved in-between her legs and positioned himself and entered her.


"Holy fuck!" Naruto said as the tightness of her pussy surrounded him. Kin moaned out approval as she felt so…full. 'It's my first time…why does it feel so good?' Kin thought as he rose and fell back into her. "How is it Kunoichi-san? How does it feel?"

"It…it feels so good, you're so…so big!

The clone smirked and started to suck one of her B cup breast, but pulled back when Kin began to thrust herself harder into him. He fought hard not to cum. He knew as soon as he did he would dispel and there was no way he was just going to up and leave. 'Besides if I do she might go after boss. I'm going to have to fuck her until she's unconscious.' The clone thought as he grabbed hold of Kin's hips and went at her from and angle hitting the deepest part. She clenched around him again as she grabbed his hair and started whispering into his ear

"Ah fuck I'm coming, you son of a bitch I'm cumming so hard!"

The cursed as he knew he was at his end as well. "Shit me too!"

"Naruto-sama I'm cumming, Give it to me! Give me your cum!" Sakura shouted bouncing up and down on Naruto's girth.

"I'm cumming Sakura-chan!"

"Naruto/Naruto-sama!" The girls screamed as Naruto and his clone released their load into them. The clone felt Kin go slack as she faded to unconscious. He smirked and proofed away.

Naruto still inside of Sakura jumped as he came into her for the 4th time as Sakura gasped in pleasure. Naruto turned his eyes over at where Kin laid and remembered everything his clone did to the girl. A smile came to his face at this new revelation at what the Kage Bunshin could do. "Well I'll be damn!"

Unknown to all three of them Kin wasn't the only one that was watching them. Said girl was rubbing her legs in frustration at what she saw. Oh how she wanted to be the one to jump both Naruto's bones. If only she could have gotten away from her teammates. Maybe then she would have been able to find her release. "Hey Hinata! It's time to go." Kiba called out.

Hinata dismissed her blush as she walked over to her two teammates. 'Naruto-kun, you're not getting away from me that easy.' Hinata thought as an evil perverted smiled came to her lips creeping out both of her teammates.

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