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Sonny's POV:

I was driving to work, but I had so many thoughts in my head. What if I run into Chad? How are we going to talk about the kiss, both kisses, what do I say?

I arrived at the Condor Studios parking lot not too long after. As I got out of my car I saw Chad. He had just arrived too. I couldn't just avoid him because he saw me too. So I smiled and waved. He waved back and we walked into the studio, not together though.

I was in my dressing room now, and Tawni greeted me, "Hi Sonny!"

"Hi…" I said quietly.

"Wow, what happened to your usual perky self?"

"Sorry, it's just there's a lot to think about right now."

"Same here, I don't know how I should wear my hair today."

I rolled my eyes and walked out the door. Suddenly, I ran into Chad.

"Sorry!" He said.

"It's fine, I'm sorry."

"I…I was just coming to talk about…the uh…the thing."

"Right! Right, the…the thing."

"Yeah, because like…are we talking about the same 'thing'?"

"Oh there were two things?" I asked. This was all so awkward.

"Yeah, the first one and the….second one."

"Of course! Duh. Aha. I was talking about the first."

"Oh, that's funny because I was talking about the second…" We both supposedly laughed.

Then an awkward silence.

"So…we'll talk later!" He said.

"Yeah…yeah, later…" I said.

Chad's POV:

UGH, Chad you're so stupid! Just talk to her and be a man!

After I ate lunch, I walked into my dressing room and found a note.

Dear Chad,

We need to talk. Meet me in the prop house at 1:30.

Love From Sonny

Okay, it was already 1:00 when I read it. I had to be brave. I freshened up, and walked over to the prop house.

"Sonny?" I said. Then I saw her get up from the couch.

She walked toward me and placed both of my hands in hers. She looked into my eyes, I looked into hers. She kissed me. We pulled away.

"Do you like me?" Sonny asked.

"More than anything in the world." I smiled.

She smiled and giggled, "Good."

"So, you needed to talk?" I asked.

"I think I've said enough."

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