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Author's Note: So, since I know it's going to be asked for, this little drabbly thing will be where I post all the outtakes from Touch, Masks and Promise. Possibly there will be more. Things I've been asked to expand on because they were mentioned in that universe.

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Starfire Age 18.

Set: Between Touch and Masks.

It started as an innocent question.

One would think, two girls, three guys, five pubescent teenagers in one little Tower, the opportunity to catch a glimpse of something we should not be looking at would be easy, yes?

At least that is what a reporter tried to insinuate during one of our media appearances.

"Any high jinks happening in the Tower?" he asked with a sly grin at Robin and I.

I was appalled. "Where is Jinx? And who is the perpetrator that placed her up high?" I grabbed Robin's arm. "She cannot fly, Robin, we must rescue her!"

Beast Boy snickered behind his hand while Raven just rolled her eyes.

Robin placed a restraining hand on my shoulder, scowling at the reporter. "It's slang. He means are we doing things we're not supposed to be doing."

I blinked at him. "Like what?"

"Frivolity in other people's rooms?" the reporter questioned.

I clasped my hands together. "Oh, yes. Raven and I are most frivolous when we wish to –eep!" I squeaked as that black band of power slapped itself across my mouth.

"He means boy girl stuff," Raven said dryly. "Specifically of a sexual nature. And it's not any of his business what we do in the privacy of our own rooms."

"Not very bright, is she?" the reporter remarked.

The look Beast Boy has named the 'Batman glare' appeared on Robin's face. "I'd love to dump you in the tekadora swamps on Tamaran and see how you fare with her culture. Lack of knowledge regarding slang and American culture does not equate to lack of intelligence."

As thankful as I was for his defence, I was embarrassed and half hid behind Robin, refusing to say anything else for the duration of the interview.

When we returned to the Tower after the interview was done, I hid in my room. I dislike being reminded I am not of this world, I regard Earth as my home, and it pains me to think people do not believe I belong.

Raven knocked first, offering me the sympathies and calling the reporter an idiot and promising bad dreams for a week. I was grateful for her protectiveness in her own way, but refused to come out to visit the mall.

Beast Boy and Cyborg tried next, asking if I wanted to play a game of stank ball or perhaps would like to join them in the racing of cars on the computer console. Which I tactfully refused, wishing to be alone.

Robin… he told me not to worry about them. That he liked me just the way I was and if they couldn't understand how different I was then that was their loss.

It must be embarrassing for him to have someone on his team that does not understand the intricacies of human nature. Especially when said team member was his new girlfriend.

I should go to him and offer the apologies for being so idiotic about his culture. Even if it was late and I had been wallowing in my room for so long it was nearing midnight.

I was not quite sure what I was going to do, or say when I reached Robin's room. Or even if I would have the courage to knock on his door. Certainly, if it seemed like he was sleeping, I would not bother him, at least, that is why I told myself.

There was a light on in his room. I could its shine from beneath the door. Beside lamp, most likely, since it was not at all bright.

I hesitated. Scratched the back of my leg with my foot. Shifted my weight. Hugged my arms to myself, then lifted a hand and knocked on his door.

No answer.

Odd, so I punched in the code to his room. Perhaps he had fallen asleep at his desk again and I should make sure he got to bed.

He was asleep, but not at his desk.

No… my wonderful boyfriend was asleep in his bed, with the lamp on. Unclothed, his blanket draped across his hips, but I could tell from the way it stopped and revealed the skin of his upper thigh he wore nothing underneath.


One arm crooked so his head rested on his hand, while his other hand rested on those gloriously defined stomach muscles of his. His mouth was open slightly and he was snoring.

And unmasked.

I took several rapid steps into the room before I knew what I was doing. His eyes. Eyes. He had eyebrows, human and black, they made him look less serious. Lines around the edges of his eyes, the laughter lines, or stress lines, I could not be sure. One of the lids had a small scar across it and I resisted the urge to run my finger tips across the scar. Oh, I wondered what shade of blue they were.

As if drawn, my eyes drifted downward. So strong, so handsome. All mine, if he ever chose to share it with me.

I had seen him without a shirt before, but never looking at him with the eyes of the girlfriend. Never really thinking when I ran my hands across his chest, that was what I was running my hands over. The soft little curls of hair which grew atop such defined muscles, that strange line of hair down the middle of his stomach which disappeared below the blanket. I would imagine that chest the next time we had a make out session and know what I was running my hands over.

Oh, I knew what existed below that blanket. Felt the hardness grow during our make out sessions. But… I still wondered.

I had seen many Tamaranian ones, of course. My brother's, my father's. Clothing is optional in one's own home. Not to mention the many hand to hand combat tournaments I enduring watching as Princess of the Realm, most warriors were naked for those.

But I had never seen a human one.

I wondered if he would mind.

Yes. He possibly would. Humans did not like to be exposed. Robin had said that. They do not like to appear naked in public. They do not like to share the appearance of their bodies as Tamaranians do.

Except we were not in public.

Robin slept naked.

Oh… I thought I was the only one that felt the need to be free from clothes when I slept.

And still, I wondered about what lay beneath that blanket.

I knew if I touched him, he would wake, he sleeps so lightly. It was astounding that he had not woken by my knock or my entrance into his private sanctum.

Undecided, I shifted my weight from foot to foot.

Robin moaned and moved, his head rolling off his hand and his feet shifting position on the bed. The blanket was kicked away from his hips.

I squeaked and covered my mouth. Oh, I never expected, never imagined.

How would such a monster even fit? And this in its flaccid state.

Nestled in among the dark curls at the end of that trail of hair down his stomach, such a glorious sight. It appeared soft, innocently lying there, but I knew it would grow and poke and…

He only had one ejaculation point. Tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, I leant in for closer inspection.

On Tamaran, he would certainly be deformed, two ejaculation points necessary for procreation and breaching membranes, but humans… I have read they only have one, which they use for both urinating and ejaculation. The lack of a dual point certainly made Robin's seem more… smooth and streamline. Friendlier.

I am certain Robin would not wish to know my first thought about his hidden delight was how friendly it appeared.

The head was very mushroom like, rather than the sharp spear akin appearance the Tamaranian males were so proud of. Its general welcoming appearance made me wish to stroke it to see how it reacted to my touch.

But I could not, this was an invasion of privacy. I should not be here, peeking on Robin like this, he would be most angry.

Even though I knew under the same circumstances, he would be peeking on me.

Curiosity is only natural, after all. X'hal knows I have placed myself in as many compromising positions as I could lately, an offer he has not taken. The mask continues to hinder us.

Robin mumbled again and I bolted from the room.

I hit the opposite wall with a thump, the door sliding closed behind me and I stood there panting for a moment, my fingers stroking the wall as they could not have stroked Robin.

I should have returned to my room right then, but I was still dazzled by what I had seen. I certainly did not expect the door to slide open behind me.

"Star? Is that you?"

"Um… yes?" I squeaked, closing my eyes in case he had not dressed. "I am sorry, I did not mean to wake you."

"Done beating yourself up?" he asked and I peeked at him. His mask was fixed on his face again and he wore undergarments. A white beater and a pair of red silken shorts of the boxer. He did not know. He was not aware that I had just been in his room. "Really, I wouldn't worry about the reporter, God knows I've made some incredible fumbles with them too. He was baiting you."

"He was?"

"Of course he was. 'High jinks'? Who says that anymore? That has to be the most obscure and easily misinterpreted slang I know."

"Oh. Well… I apologise for interrupting your sleep cycle. I should go."

He smiled. "You don't have to. I had intended to come see you before lights out. I still haven't had my goodnight kiss."

Oh, X'hal, I could not kiss him now, not knowing what lay beneath those inadequate clothes. Stalling, I asked, "You were… tired?"

He reddened ever so slightly and shifted so his body was covering more of his room. "Yeah."

I frowned, wondering why he would be trying to hide his room. I saw nothing amiss, other than the box of tissues beside his bed was absent. But then his arms were around me, his sweet breath against my face and his warm lips drew me in for the goodnight kiss and it no longer mattered.