The Story So Far...

Robin Burton, a survivor of Raccoon City and Barry Burton's adopted daughter, has been in love with Chris Redfield for a majority of her life, but she had kept it a secret. On her first mission as a BSAA operative-in-training, in her birth father's native county of Finland, Robin encounters a rival for Chris' attention. Mistaking identities, she is overwhelmed by her emotions and abandons the mission. Finding out that she has gone missing, Chris goes after Robin, realizing not only her feelings, but his own as well. In the wilderness, Robin is mauled by a mutated bear, but she is saved by Leon S. Kennedy. Partnering up, his mission to arrest one Noah Walker for blackmail, hers to bring him in for involvement with the Uroboros Project, they defeat the now mutated criminal, only to be contacted by his boss. After taunting Robin, they find files about Noah's mission, files that confirm the President's guilt in a number of underground operations. After reuniting with Chris, they leave the bunker before it self-destructs. Robin and Chris begin sneaking around behind her father's back...

Waking up in his arms was exactly where she wanted to be every morning, not waking up after spending the night in the bathroom, head submerged in the toilet. But that was life. Sometimes people got sick, and sometimes they got to enjoy a good nights rest in bed with with their lover. Lover. It had been a little over month since Finland, and Robin still wasn't used to calling Chris hers. Maybe it was the doubt that nagged in the back of her mind that told her that he was only with her out of the scare of thinking that he had lost her, but whatever it was, the feeling was real and had no intentions of leaving.

Scrubbing her hands in the sink for the fifth time that morning, Robin looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her jet-black hair was lank, hanging from her shoulders in an unkempt curtain, her amber-grey eyes were rimmed in puffy black bags, and her skin seemed paler than usual. She was a mess, and her stomach just wouldn't settle itself down, no matter how much medicine she took. Wiping bile away from her face with a piece of toilet paper she tore from the roll, she glared at the toilet, feeling another wave of nausea.

Standing on the other side of the bathroom door, homemade breakfast considerately laid out for the both of them, Chris knocked on the door worriedly, "Are you alright in there?"

Not caring that she was in his house, she locked the door so that he couldn't see her like this, going right back to the throne before she had the chance to redecorate the floor, "Does it sound like I'm bloody ok?"

Cringing back from her wrath, he thought about calling Barry to come pick her up, but since she was supposed to be with her friend Katie right now, he knew that that would be ruining the secrecy that she had worked so hard to keep. Her father had no idea that they had been seeing each other these past few weeks, and though he wanted to tell him, Robin had begged him not to. Barry was his best friend, and he felt as if he owed him the truth, but Robin just kept keeping it a secret. Wondering if maybe she was ashamed of him for whatever reason, he held his tongue on the matter. But this sounded serious...

Thinking suddenly of cute little Rebecca Chambers, an ordinary doctor now, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone, but Robin's voice on the other side of the door stopped him before he could bring up her number, "I think the worst is over now. Why don't you put the phone away while I take a shower?"

Trusting her judgement, even though it left a knot in his own stomach, he obeyed her, putting his phone back. She knew her body better than anyone else, and if she felt fine, why not listen to her? Besides, maybe all she needed was a good yak... A hundred of them...

His Primary Job Done ...

Leon had done all he could do with the information, so now it was up to the people and the Congress to decide what do to with the President. No, that wasn't strictly true. He had done all he could do pertaining to the fate of his country, but he had the feeling that he could still help Robin. It felt like they had been through so much together, and after all he had found the information with her by his side, so he reasoned that it was natural to be thinking of her. Besides, he thought that she might have questions about the man who had spoken to them after they had killed Noah - He knew that he did. At the very least, he should ask her about her take on the matter before heading out.

That's what he thought when he had left Washington, but now that he was in her hometown, surrounded by the people that she strived to protect, Leon wondered if it was right to be dragging her into this, whether she was willing to go with him or not. She had a family, and he was skeptical that the life of an agent was really what she wanted. It wasn't that he professed to know her or what she wanted - that was unlikely after their limited time together - he just thought that from the little bit he did know of her, she wasn't cut from the same fabric as Chris or himself.

He had called her almost as soon as he arrived in town, inquiring about lunch, adding that he had a proposal for her. Agreeing to meet with him in the middle of the week, she sounded as if she had caught some kind of stomach flu. Hopefully she would be better in time for their lunch date.

The little cafe they had agreed to meet at was full of couples and business groups, so he had to take a table outside. Considering the mild weather, that wasn't so bad, but the cars that drove by cut a bit too close to the fence for his preference. And the tables were small, leaving plenty of want for leg space - hopefully she would be aware of that. Standing up to greet her when he saw her getting out of a gigantic green jeep, she waved, smiling.

"Leon!" She ambled over to him, shaking his hand excitedly. After trudging through the snow and frigid atmosphere, it was interesting to see her dressed in plain jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Leon himself was wearing a hunter-green shirt and a navy windbreaker.

"No bandages?" He inquired at her bare head, her dark hair pulled back in loose loop, referring to the wounds she had sustained from the bear attack.

She crinkled her nose, "And ruin my hair? No, it actually wasn't as bad as it seemed back there. A few stitches, but that's nothing new for me."

Admiring her indifference to wear and tear, assuming that she had learned it from her idiotic, potentially life-threatening lifestyle, he rethought what she was made of, "I've never met a girl quite like you before."

Casting a suspicious glance over her shoulders, she leaned closer to him and whispered jokingly behind her hand, "That's because I wasn't always a woman."

Chuckling in amusement, Leon took his seat again, Robin following suit, though she sat slightly to the side. She was obviously aware of the cramped leg space. They ordered their lunch before getting to business; Leon got a burger and a cola, and becuase of her stomach being so finicky this week, she got ginger ale and soup, though she enviously wished that she could have gotten the same thing he did. Observing proper etiquette, Leon politely asked how she's been these past few weeks.

Setting aside the empty dishes, he paid for the meal, "So, how are things going?"

Taking a sip from her non-bendable straw, she began grinning like the love-struck idiot that she was, "Amazing! Well, Chris and I have been getting into it a lot lately... He wants to tell my father about us, but..." She trailed off, eyes downcast and mind a million miles away.

"You're afraid," He said insightfully, having dealt with more than enough women in his career to know certain things about their inner workings.

She nodded woefully, "I am... I am well aware that Chris does love me, but I can't help but wonder if it really is romantic love. Thinking that you lost someone can really put things in perspective, but it can also make you feel certain things that aren't necessarily true... I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm saying all of this. So, what brings you here?"

He got right to the point, "I'm going after Noah's boss, and I wanted to know if you wanted in."

For a fraction of a second, her expression faltered. Robin knew deep down that this meeting was going to have something to do with the mission in Finland, but with Chris on the mend after being poisoned by that viper, she wasn't so sure about taking him up on his offer. No, even if Chris was fine, she would still have to think about it - her personal life wasn't in tatters, but she could see the threads beginning to show. This was an opportunity in many ways, but she felt guilty even thinking about going anywhere without discussing it with Chris first. Maybe they were together and maybe they weren't, but either way, she valued his opinion.

Surmising her struggle by the look on her face, Leon understood what she was thinking; it was a big deal to just pack up and go chasing after shadows. Reaching across the table, he put his hand over hers in a comforting motion, "I won't be leaving until tomorrow at the earliest. Give me a call around nine."

Smiling weakly at him, she nodded, "Thank you. I will."

Getting up from the blocky dinning chair, Robin shook Leon's hand firmly, going back home, to Chris. Watching her go, he was curious about whether or not he would be making this journey alone, but he had the feeling that she would be joining him for one reason or another.

Five Minutes Later...

Counting backwards from twenty, Robin walked into Chris' living room, where he was engaging in his daily workout. Glistening with a healthy sheen of sweat, his shirtless form remained straight as she sat down on the couch and watched him, basking in her desert. His perfect muscles rippled as he finished a set of push-ups.

"I spoke with Leon today," She said mildly as he reached for a towel to wipe the sweat off his brow, "He has a job for me."

Pausing, he slowly brought the cloth down his face so that he could see her clearly, "Does he?"

Biting her lip, she reached subconsciously into her back pocket, expecting to find a cigarette pack. Of course, Chris had taken her smokes and was helping her to kick the habit, "He says that he's going after Noah's boss. He wants me to go with him. But... he's leaving tomorrow."

Chris actually liked Leon, not that he really knew him personally, but he had never made a pass at Claire, so therefore, he was alright in the older man's book, "Tomorrow?"

Robin nodded, teeth digging deeper into her flesh, "But I don't know if I'm going with him."

"Why wouldn't you?" He wasn't one for tests, but he found himself gauging her response.

She sighed, a playful gleam on her face, "Because of you. It didn't feel right making a decision without your input, and... We... We are partners, right? Business partners, like you and Sheva?"

He had been expecting her to ask him if they were dating, or to say she loved him at the very least. Was it wrong of him to want her to say those words? Part of him felt like it was, but the other part of him, the one that was in control, reasoned that he was justified in his desire for recognition. If Robin truly couldn't bring herself to let the world know, shouldn't she make it clear to him how she felt? Was it that she was frightened of scaring him away? Or was it something more?

"I would say so." He kept the edge out of his voice, letting his doubt fester.

She hated herself for not saying what she had been about to say, but she thought that if she were to voice how much she loved him, it might frighten him away: Guys had a tendency to run if you threw the "L" word around too much...

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