Mulling over Leon's proposal, Chris and Robin had retreated to opposite ends of his deep jade-green couch, looking as if they had been dejected, and in Robin's case, dead on her feet. Thinking along the exact same lines, the thoughts posed in a way that befit them individually, neither was very sure about this endeavor. Though nothing was being done about the relationship, was it really wise to leave when things were like this? Then again, maybe time apart would do them both some good? There was a cloud hanging over their heads, and if they didn't work things out soon, who knew how bad it could get.

Wrapped up in the silvery throw she had bought a few years back, Robin peeked over at Chris, his shoulders tense and brows knotted. She hadn't seen him this flustered since coming back from Kijuujuu. That's right, Chris was suffering form post traumatic stress back then, and if it weren't for her father calling when he did, they would have...

"Chris, we need to call my father." It sounded like she was going to hurl again, but he knew that this time it was her nerves. After being around her for so many years, he couldn't help but to know the difference.

If not for her panicked reaction to her own suggestion, he would have thought that she only wanted to ask him his opinion about going with Leon. However, before she could even reach for her phone, it began to vibrate in her back pocket. Set to play the Queen song "We Will Rock You" every time Claire Redfield called, they looked at each other, curious about why his younger sister would be calling Robin. Robin answered her phone, setting it to speaker so they both could hear what it was Claire had to say.

"Robin!" They could readily picture Claire as she spoke, bright and cheery no matter what was thrown her way.

Robin answered lightly, "Hello, Claire."

Not beating around the bush and eager to know something, she jumped right to it, "So, word on the grapevine is that you were out on a date today."

Chris and Robin looked at each other in confusion, though he remained silent as to not arouse Claire's attention, "With who?"

"Leon! Who else could it be? Apparently Moira saw you two at the cafe." She sounded as if she already had to say that a million times today.

Suddenly Robin regretted putting the phone on speaker. It wasn't a date, but if someone were to have seen it from the outside, she could understand how they would make that assumption, "Well, it wasn't a date - "

"It was. From what your sister told me, he even held your hand," Claire had just doomed Robin without realizing it.

"I was upset, and he was..." She trailed off, looking at Chris, "You know what, it wasn't a date. I know that and Leon knows that, so that's all that matters."

Claire clearly wasn't convinced, "Whatever you say."

Irritated that she now had to deal with this on top of everything else, Robin scowled, "I'm hanging up now."

Flipping her phone all the way off and ramming it back into her pocket, Robin cast a wary glance at Chris. To put it simply, he looked nothing short of furious. "What did you say to him?" His voice shook and sounded even more outraged than he appeared. "What did you say to him that you couldn't say to me?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you - You should believe me when I said that it wasn't a date." She became defensive, which was never a good idea in this sorts of situations.

"That I do believe," He was about to crack and lose his composure altogether, "What I don't see is why he would hold your hand."

"Because that's supposed to be your job?" She threw the blanket off, getting to her feet, "Has it ever occurred to you I was afraid? That I had no one else to turn to?"

He understood the need for multiple outlets, but for her to say that she had no one else to turn to was the worst thing she ever could have said to him, "You could have turned to me. But no, you won't say anything to me... You won't even tell me that you love me."

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that he was sounding like a big baby, but she had cut him deep just now.

Looking at him in disbelief, she had tears in her grey, amber-strewn eyes, "I do love you! With all of my heart and soul! You think I don't want to scream it from the mountaintops?" He didn't answer her, so she continued, "Do you want to know why I haven't told anyone about us? I'm afraid that you don't love me the way I love you, and that once you realize it, you'll feel obligated to stay with me because of my father."

Everything fell into place just then. Robin had been selflessly trying to save him face, but there was one flaw in her plan - He really did love her. Relieved that she was only misguided, he broke into a joyous grin, "Robin, I'm never going to realize something that isn't true. I love you."

She let out a surprised sniffle, "You do?"

Taking her into his arms, he whispered into her hair, "More than anything."

"I'm sorry I was such an idiot." She kissed his cheek, reaching back into her pocket for her phone, "Why don't we straighten this out?"

Putting his hand over hers while she was still fishing in her pocket, he gave her rump a slight squeeze, "Not quite yet."

Smirking perversely, rather found of make-up sex, Robin led Chris back to the couch...

Fifteen Minutes Later...

While on his way home, Barry had been called by his dear, sweet wife Kathy, who had been in stuck in the rumor mill with a number of people that day, only to learn offhandedly that Robin supposedly had been on a lunch date. He found that strange, since he had been under the impression that she was supposed to be babysitting for Katie that day. Concerned for his daughter's honor and good name, he had decided to see Chris, to ask if he might have known anything. If anyone would know about Robin's activities, it would probably be him. Adding fuel to the mystery, Robin's monstrous jeep was parked at his place, but why on earth would she be here when she should either be at Katie's or on a date?

Going up to the door, Barry knocked three times. After the third unanswered knock, he figured that Chris was too busy to get the door, though that didn't explain Robin if she was really here, so he produced his spare key and let himself in. Walking directly into the living room, he saw something that he never should have seen.

Blanket obscuring them from the waist down, Chris was straddling Robin, her head banging into the armrest. Thankfully for Barry, his vantage point prevented him from seeing things on her that a father never should see, adopted or not. Catching sight of their visitor, Robin pulled Chris closer on top of her as if he were a blanket, "Daddy! What are you doing here?"

Chris almost fell off of the couch when he looked over his shoulder and saw Barry. At least, he would have if Robin hadn't had her legs crossed around his back, "I can explain."

"..." Saying nothing to either of them, equally betrayed by those closest to him, Barry turned around and left the house of horrors. Whores. Horrors. He wasn't sure what he thought about what he had just seen, he knew only that he had been hurt.

Grabbing the blanket and wrapping it around her, she chased after her father, not caring at the moment that she was standing practically naked for the neighborhood to see, "Wait!"

He froze in place, but he didn't look at her. He couldn't bring himself to, "How long?"

"Since we got back. Daddy, he wanted to tell you..." She began to cry anew, "But I was an idiot!"

Unable to accept that answer, Barry held up his hand to silence her, and he left. She watched him go, her heart falling with every centimeter that separated them. Chris came out a moment too late, in pants, to see her standing on his porch, crying her eyes out. He led her back inside, trying to tell her that it wasn't her fault, even though it was.

Once he had finally gotten her to stop crying, her mother called Chris, figuring that her daughter would be a wreak over this, "Chris? Are you on speaker phone?"

After what had happened earlier? Not likely. "No."

"How's Robin?" Kathy asked, her voice low, leading him to think that Barry had no idea that she was calling.

He stroked her head, "Managing."

"That's good to hear. If it's not too much of a hassle, I was hoping that you could take care of her for a while." She sounded as if she were about to cry herself.

His heart sank, understanding that she had wanted Robin to stay away from the house for the time being, "Of course, she's welcome to stay here as long as she needs to."

Following the conversation, Robin sprang up, almost smacking her head into his, "What? I'm getting kicked out of my home?"

Overhearing her daughter, Kathy broke into tears, "Baby, I'm so sorry... Your father isn't taking this well. Just give him time, and he'll come around."

Sobbing, Robin threw herself into Chris's arms. He rubbed her shoulders, "Thanks for the warning."

"I'm sending the girls over with some of Robin's things tomorrow," Kathy began to rush, "Tell Robin that we love her.'

Hanging up, Chris looked at Robin. She would come to terms with this soon enough, but for now, she needed to cry it out.

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