A guiding star

May bird was twenty three years old when she died. So when she found herself back at the old lake in the woods, she had an idea of what had happened. She looked down at herself. gray and translucent. She didn't float. She remembered pumpkin saying it took time for mew spirits to float. She drifted in the door to the old movie theatre. She was relieved to see dimly lit specters occupying the seats. Last time she had died bo cleevil had taken over and there was no one in there.

She continued out into the spectroplex. the beach was bustling and lively, no pun intended, she climbed into one of the boats and pushed off. after a while she came to a sign hanging on a gnarled tree:

Fiery fork 18 miles, belle morte 1,300,017 miles. She remembered her first boat ride in the Ever After. She was with pumpkin then. She looked at the zipping stars in the sky, trying to figure out which one was him. Her heart longed for him, still as it was

When she arrived in Belle Morte, may noticed she'd begun to levitate. She floated quickly and silently down the sidewalk. Few spirits glanced her way but the ones that did thought there was something familiar about that dark haired girl. She continued out of the city until she saw the beehive house. A familiar figure stood in the doorway. "kitty!" may cried running as fast as she could. He leapt into her arms. They hugged for what could have been eternity until a familiar voice interrupted them.

" zzz we've been waiting for you." Aristsa said.

May was surprised to see her friends already there. She was greeted with hugs and laughter. Fabbio had started crying "my a little a may isa not so little anymore!" only lucius greeted her with a scowl and she didn't understand why. Arista suddenly said what was on everybody's mind.

" zzz now my dear, how did get here if you don't mind telling us so?" may gave them a sad look.

" all right. Well, I'd stayed up late at a friend's house. But I had to go to work this morning. While I was driving I fell asleep. My car drifted into the other lane where a huge diesel truck smashed into me." She looked at the ground. " the next thing I knew, I was here." Fabbio cried some more Beatrice gave her a hug. Even lucius, who'd been ignoring her, seemed sympathetic. Somber kitty looked at them all, licked May's cheek and went off to the garden to find legume.

They stayed up late that night laughing, crying, playing Uno and go fish. Fabbio cheated. They discussed old times, new ones, catching up. Spoke of bo cleevil in whispers until may reminded them he was gone. They talked about pumpkin and his goofiness. Until, eventually, they all retired for the night.

May couldn't sleep. Even with kitty curled up next to her. Her mind drifted to pumpkin. She hoped he was still looking down on her. She missed him. She loved him she realized with a pang of sorrow. Now he was gone forever. She wished she could tell him one last time, how she felt. These were May's last thoughts before falling asleep.

Yes I love pumpkin x may. That's basically what this story is about.