Alfred sat on the chair, crying quietly to himself as he cradled his injured hands close to his chest. He'd been so stupid, not putting on the mitts when he'd gone to get the cookies from the oven. His hands were burned, and it hurt so badly. His father had come instantly when he'd screamed, but Alfred wouldn't let him touch the wounds. As much as he loved his only parent, Alexander's hands were rough and only caused him more pain.

"Brother?" he flinched at the sound of Alexia's voice, though it had been spoken softly. He pulled his hands even closer to his chest protectively, and eyed her nervously, "Brother, father informed me you might need my help?" she noted how he tried to hide his injury, "Alfred, may I see your hands?"

"W, why would you want to do that?" he answered, pressing himself back against the chair, "I'm fine, Alexia..."

"Then why are you crying?" she countered, a very slight edge entering his young siblings voice. "Let me look." she insisted, and before he could protest, she wrapped her fingers around his wrists and pulled them towards her. He flinched, expecting it to hurt, but the pain never came. She very lightly trailed her fingertips round the edges of the burns, and the touch was so soft he barely felt it.

"These need to be bandaged." she informed him quietly, and she left the room only to return a moment later with a first aid kit. She took his wrists from him again, "Be still." she ordered as she pulled out the tube of disinfectant. He whimpered quietly, again expecting it to hurt, but it didn't. Even as she smoothed the cold, creamy liquid over the sensitive skin and wrapped it tightly in a bandage. "How did this happen?"

"I, well, I was making cookies, but I, uh, forgot to put mitts on when I took them out of the oven." he answered sheepishly, watching as her gentle hands soothed his own.

"If you wanted cookies, why didn't you ask the cook to make them for you?"

"I, um...wanted to make them...for you..."

"Silly brother." she muttered as she finished and started putting everything away. He looked away as his cheeks reddened a little in shame, "But I still love you." she added, and he looked back at her. She was smiling, and leaned in to kiss him softly on the forehead, "Be carful until these heal, understand?"

He nodded, "I will. Thank you, Alexia."

Happy with his response, she left to put the kit away. Alfred looked down at his hands, both covered in thick bandages. They didn't hurt at all anymore.

His sister could be so gentle when he needed her to be.