The one thing the twins loathed above all else was being lied to. Of course, that wasn't to say that they never lied to anyone. They did so quite frequently. However, that did't mean they were at all forgiving to those that put them on the other side of the equation. Whenever they caught one of the maids or teachers in a lie, they normally reported the culprit to their father. It wasn't always possible, however, as the lie in question wasn't always severe enough to warrant being fired.

"Yes, these flowers will bloom within a few days."

"You shouldn't go outside, it will be raining soon."

Tiny, little lies that most wouldn't bother with, that would be forgiven without a second thought by lesser people. To Alfred and Alexis, however, it was as horrid a crime as embezzlement. How to handle this problem, though? It wasn't as if they could harm anyone outright. They had the means, yes, but no way to hide their actions. So what did they do? They lied to their father, made the guilty out to have done worse crimes. It was easy, and they were never caught.

One day, they found out that Alexander had lied to them.

And how deadly his lies were.