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"On other news, vigilante group Phantom has made another appearance in Japan, stopping a deranged terrorist who attempted to blow up a bullet train with an unknown explosive. However, the famed policeman Kosaka Daisuke claims that no mercy can be shown upon the vigilantes and that anyone who has any information on this mysterious Phantom group is to report imme-"

I grumbled, before cutting off the television with a lazy wave of the remote.

"Troublesome old man, why does my family always have to be in the damn lime light?"

I'm Kosaka Kyousuke, age 17, 5'11", blood type AB… what else do you want to know?

I'm a fairly average high-schooler, even though I don't seem like it. I may not be the smartest guy in theworld, but I'm one of the strongest. I'm internationally acknowledged as a genius martial artist and recently won the Japan National Mixed Martial Arts Competition for the all age groups division. Still, I don't like it.

I hate it.

I want to be average… is that so wrong?

I attend an average nearby highschool and I'm in my second year. My motto is pursue normality. I have a few hobbies, one is cloud-gazing, another is being as normal as I can be. The third is a secret, one that is totally non reflexive of what I want. That doesn't mean it isn't as much a part of me as being a great martial artist (something that I'm surprisingly passionate about) and trying to be average.

Ah, yes, there is beauty in the simplicity of being average…

No expectations, no fans, nothing to worry about…

Too bad the world isn't that simple.

I sighed again, turning away from the small television in my bedroom.

"Maybe I should leave them a false trail?... Bah, as if they'll find us anyways. I should sleep, I have school tomorrow…"

With that I turned in.

The next morning I woke up early, whipped up a quick egg and miso breakfast, and left for my morning jog, leaving a Post-It note on the fridge.

By the time I got back, as always my family was already outside doing whatever that they needed to be doing and I got a quick shower before changing and getting out of the house.

"Kyo-chan!" a familiar voice cried out cheerfully.

I turned around with a smile to great the person. Her name is Taruma Manami, my old childhood friend. She's one of my most trusted of confidents, and I rely on her for a lot of things, including my studies. However, it appears that there is a rumor about claiming that she is my girlfriend because we spend so much time together. This isn't true by the way: sometimes she's too much like a grandma for me to want to date her.

Otherwise I would have asked her out a long time ago. If it wasn't for such a thing, then she would make the perfect girlfriend… too bad no guy is good enough for her. If they got fresh with her, I'd beat them up.

Not to mention, with her naturally brown hair, alabaster complexion, oval glasses accenting her soft gray eyes, she was very pretty in the plain kind of way. Which suited me just fine. If her breasts were even a size bigger, I'd have a real crisis on my hands trying to keep boys off of her.

"Good mornin' Manami."

"How was your jog this morning?" she asked, a genuine smile donned on her face.

"It was good." I replied casually, "I had to stay up so late recently that I couldn't have my morning jogs as frequent as I would like them."

She giggled, cutely.

"Well, it's good that school is almost over then, right, Kyo-chan?"

"Hai. Then I can relax and enjoy some lazy days."

It was hard enough trying to get through school without a whole bunch of fangirls wanting to be my kohai. Apparently I was really popular for one reason or another. I've been told that I'm a fairly handsome guy and my body, toned from all of my training, only helped such a thing. Not to mention that I was fairly smart and helpful to most people. I guess to an extent I was born to serve.

When we got to school, however, my day took a turn for the worse.

I've never gotten along with my sister, she overshadows me, even with my own accomplishments. It's half the reason that I've become, well, distant with her over the last few years. It pisses me off to be compared to her, and it's one of the reasons that I'm so glad that we don't look alike.

Still, at school, by some twisted act of God, sisters were mentioned left and right through teachers' lessons. History, English, Japanese… won't somebody just give me a damn break?

It didn't help that Manami left without me because there was something important that she had to do, so I had nobody to vent to or calm me down.

Maybe I need more close friends?

…Screw it, I still have Akagi to deal with, and the guy, while being my best guy friend, is such a pain in the neck. Stupid siscon.

I arrived home, saying the normal greeting of, "I'm home" which is really so overused that it feels mechanical and monotonous.

I stepped into the living room to find my sister chatting happily on her phone with one of her girlfriends. Someone named Ayase and making fun of some other girl with fat legs, or something. I didn't even bother saying anything to her since she wouldn't respond anyways.

My sister, Kosaka Kirino, is a fourteen year old at the end of her second year of middle school. She's a model, for both students and in real life, with light brownish orange dyed hair, pierced ears, delicately manicured fingernails, a slim figure… and yet she already has the air of a mature adult woman about her, something that nobody near her age group can hope to match in the current moment. Even so, she's really cold to me, her own brother. Funny, since I learned of her infatuation with imouto galges (pretty much a dating game) a few months ago.

Nothing happens in this house without me knowing of it, after all. I get bored sometimes, and my family is very predictable to me. I've been living in this household for about a dozen plus years, it only makes sense that I can tell how they live.

Well, putting that away in my mind, I pulled out my favorite drink of mocha flavored milk tea out of its carton in the fridge (I'm entitled to my own personal tastes in drinks!) and poured myself a cup. A rather futile act as I'm the only person in the house that drinks that stuff… I could just use the carton…

But know, mom would probably kill me… it's her biggest pet peeve when people drink out of the carton.

A quick cup later, I left the kitchen and headed up toward my room.

Only to realize that I forgot to put the drink away… again.

"I have got to stop doing that. That stuff spoils way too fast." I complained to myself.

But Kirino decided to step out of the living room as I was going to turn to step in, and we collided. Even being the track star that she was, I had much more muscle mass, a given, and while I stood unshaken, she collapsed to the ground.

"Ah, crap. Sorry about that." I said before attempting to help her gather her stuff.

Attempt being the key word as she immediately slapped my hand away and gave me a cold look.

"Don't touch my stuff."

Rude much?

"Get out of my way." She then said, after gathering up her spilt things into her purse.

Ignoring that, I got up and watched as she left.


I entered the kitchen and put the drink away. After another cup of course, did I mention how much I loved this drink? And that it had a strawberry hint to it? Oh strawberries…. mmmm….

Err… ignoring that.

When I stepped out of the living room, I couldn't help but to see what seemed to be a dvd case under the shoe rack. Puzzled, I picked it up only gape at the cover.

"Stardust Witch Meruru? Or something, what the heck is this?"

What was this anyways? Some sort of bizarre children's anime, but the girl was wearing only ribbons? Swimsuit? How are you supposed to describe something so scandalous on a small girl? And what the heck was up with the rockets that came out of her back? Or the weird mecha spear-wand thing that she held in one hand, shouldn't that thing be much heavier?

"What… Why is her hair pink, what is this Naruto? And what's up with the pink eyes, some sort of disease?"

I opened it without thinking and did a double take.

"Make Love With Little Sister… Limited First Edition…. Kirino."

Then I did a triple take when I saw the R-18 sign which made it all the worse.


Just then the door opened up and my mom walked in.

"Huh? Why the fetal position?"

"Oh nothing," I replied as nonchalantly as I possibly could. "I just wanted a change of pace."

I couldn't believe I said that with a straight face, as I clutched the DVD case to my chest to hide it from my mom. How awkward that was.

She walked by with a shrug, hopefully thinking it of a strange teen thing.

"Whew. I almost died as a proper member of society there." I muttered as I headed to my room.

I changed into some casual clothes and hid it in a secret pocket that I sewed into a light vest.

"Hmmmm. This could be interesting, but troublesome…. What should I do?"

Still, this was seriously bad. If my parents caught me with this I was dead.

"But what if there was a way to give it back to Kirino… and hold something over that troublesome girl's head at the same time?"

At that moment a devious plan was formed.

I would come down for dinner to find my sister on her knees by the door, desperately looking for something. To be honest, I knew it was her after the eroge disk, but it was nice to have more solid proof. I didn't know that she was into kid's anime, however.

"What are you doing?"

She flinched, eyes widening, showing how clear her hazely-blue eyes were. Still don't understand how she got those, personally. I know that our mom is a rather Japanese looking American, but genetics indicate that her eyes can't be that color, dammit!

"Huh? None of your business."

She then got up, walked briskly past me and entered the living room, heading toward the kitchen.

With a hidden smirk I followed.

"That so?"

During dinner, the only time when our entire family gets together, we ate rather silently to the sounds of the television. Phantom again, something that had dad in a bit of a grim mood. Or was it a shitty mood? Something of that sort anyways.

"You know one of my classmates got somehow hooked on this strange anime called Stardust something. I was wondering if I should give it a try." I said off-handedly as I took a bite into my mildly hot curry rice.

"What are you talking about?" my mother asked. Expected reaction. "Isn't that the kind of stuff that those otaku people watch? You shouldn't become like them, Kyousuke. Isn't that right, dad?"

"Right." My father responded. Again, an expected reaction, "Don't go polluting your mind with that filth. Even the strongest fall sometimes."

"Is that a barb about that jui-jitsu girl that took me by surprise? I thought we were over this subject." I sighed.

A discreet glance to my right revealed all I needed to see. My sister shook ever so slightly, like a dry leaf in the lightest summer breeze.

"He knows." Her eyes said, as they glared down at her food.

"Ah, I decided to visit the convenience store later, do any of you need anything?"

"I'd like some ice cream." My mother responded.

That was when Kirino's eyes took on a contemplative look before giving that determined sparkle, indicating that she had a plan.

Hook, line, and sinker.


Just as expected.

Later when I "left" for the convenience store, I looked up at my window to see the lights flash on.

"Really, Kirino. You make this too easy. You almost take the fun out of it."

When I walked back into my room, I found Kirino pulling a metal box, kind of like a footlocker from under my bed, one with a lock.

"Well isn't that too close for comfort. What are you doing in my room?"

She flinched before taking too calm of a voice.

"Why do you care? And what's in this box?"

"First of all… IT'S MY ROOM! Second, that's none of your business."

I walked briskly to the footlocker, and a swift kick placed it back under the bed. Then I stepped back toward the entrance. A successful attempt to cut off her escape.

"Move." She ordered.

"Answer my question."


"Well, if I did, then I suppose that you won't get this back will you…?"

She gasped as I brought out her eroge in its children's anime DVD case, waving it lightly in her face, laughing inwardly about how almost cat-like of her it was to follow the case with her large doe eyes.

"So it is yours!" I laughed as I played keep away with her.

"Like hell it is!"

"Methinks thou doth protest too much."

"There's no way that I'd watch an anime like that!"

"Well your actions don't match your words at all, brat!"

That got her calm real quick.

"If you weren't looking for this game, what were you doing in my room?"

"I… I was… I was… er…"

She looked so pitiful, I suppose it unlocked the brotherly instinct in me.

"Whatever, take it. Doing this was fun while it lasted." I snorted before pushing it into her hands.

"I just said that it isn't-"

"Well then go throw it away for me. I don't need or want it, and I can't be bothered to throw it away on my own. So whatever."

Her look of shock was so funny and, surprisingly cute, that I almost laughed. Still I managed to keep my poker face in spite of the situation. I moved out of the way and she began to slowly leave, but she stopped just past the door way, back facing me.

"Would you think it weird?"


"I mean, if this, well, was actually mine… would you think it weird?..."


Her whole body straightened in surprise. I suppose I can't say that I didn't expect such a reaction. We used to be such close siblings until that day that happened.

"I don't care what you're interested in. I have no right to judge people on the things that they like and dislike. I'm not that shallow you know."


I never knew her voice could be so quiet.

"Yeah. Besides, I'm… still your brother. I wouldn't make fun of your hobbies regardless of what they were."

I was surprised when a small, warm hand grabbed my left pinky from behind.

"Y-you promise?"

I turned around to find her face flushed slightly, embarrassment I noted, and for a brief moment I had a flashback to when we were young and she depended on me with all that she had.

"Yeah, really. Now go to bed, I'm tired."

"Promise me." She demanded, childishly desperate.

"Alright. I promise."

She left and I laid down on my bed.

"Ah… I never did get the ice cream…"

Chapter 1 end

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