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"Ow! Hey stop throwing things at me!"

Why does she have a kitchen sink in her room?! That one really hurt!

"Baka baka baka baka baka!"

"Jesus save me! It's just some lines for the game my club is developing! Kuroneko's the one that suddenly skipped three pages to read lines I thought we all swore to edit out! The living room just happens to be a good place to do some of the basic voice recordings!"

Kirino glared at me from inside her room, glaring suspiciously at me from the partially open door with suspicious green eyes.

"I don't know if it'll make you feel better, but this is apparently a game based off of me, so there's a character modeled after you in it too. I was going to ask you if you were willing to help voice your character, but I guess we can find somebody else if you're against it."

"You want me to voice an eroge where you're the main character? Hentai."

"It's not an eroge! I'm going to make sure that it's not going to be an eroge. I don't want to star in an eroge."

"Aniki... don't sulk in a corner, that's surprisingly pathetic."

I sighed as I looked up at her.

"Hey you came out of your room. Were you worried for your poor onii-chama?"

"L-like hell I am!" She stood there silently as I stood back up, not stepping back into her room. "What's the game about anyways?"

"Its a visual novel based off of me apparently, but its like a KoF/Street Fighter arcade fighter game. I've actually tried the first fight for the tutorial. It's pretty fun Sena-kohai is a pretty good programmer, as is Kuroneko-kun. I remember when we played King of Fighters together when we were kids. You could never stick to one character and you always lost."

Kirino flushed angrily.

"That's because you would never stick to a character that I didn't know what to do! I was following you, idiot!"

I laughed, ruffling her hair as she pouted cutely.

We should play that together again sometime. I'm feeling all nostalgic.

"Come on, want to see what we've got thus far?"

"Fine. But it better be good. I want to see the script too. I've always been a bit curious about the stupid situations you get yourself into anyways."

It took a few minutes to introduce Kirino to the club members although Kirino and Kuroneko had their customary glare and verbal joust. Albeit this time it was Kirino getting more angry than usual over some issue or the other.

"So my issue is what exactly are we going to make the story, and how are we going to make the actual visual novel go by? We've begun the basic programming, gotten Kouhei-teme to do some of the artwork for the characters we decided to definitely have, but other than that we've got nothing. All we've done is polish up the fighter system and begun character bios of the main character based off of me and those around me. We can still add in some more as long as the script isn't finalized."

"We were thinking we could introduce three or four girls as obvious relationship choices, and then if the player passes by on their flags either introduce other characters and/or lead to some sort of harem end. Maybe even a secret heroine unlocked under very specific conditions." Sena spoke as she began debugging code at speeds I wish I could shoot at.

"Isn't it fine just to make it a normal story, rather than a choose your own heroine galge/eroge?" I asked, tossing some apples and oranges at my friends and pulling out a few cans of iced tea.

Passing around the drinks I winced at the heads shook in my direction.

"This isn't MuvLuv: Alternative, which was a shit VN where choices don't matter worth jack, but if people dislike one story, they should have the choice to choose another. A game is all about bringing satisfaction!" Sena spoke up, glaring, "Good games are extensive and comes with replayability. We are trying to make a good game."

"Well said, Sena-san!" Miura agreed heartily, "That and very few great eroges star only one heroine!"

"We are not making an eroge!"

"Maybe an eroge is too far, but I think that with Kyousuke-danna's life, a very interesting galge could be made. It has also been decided that there is a route for my character alternate 'Yozora'."

"Didn't we agree on that already?" Kaede questioned as he opened his drink.

"We did. I just wanted to see the brocon flush in anger."

"Who's a brocon, you gothic-loli catgirl!"

"See, Miura-sempai. I told you her character alternate will make the ultimate tsundere brocon character."

"Wh-what?! You want me to be a character love choice for this pervert-dog?!"

Ouch, that actually hurt a bit, you know. Can't you be a little more dere in public, rather than being a full tsuntsun?

Still, she fell headfirst and face flat into Kuroneko's trap.

"Ara, ara. I never mentioned your character being a love interest."

Oh she was just so evil.

"Huh? I mean, of course, that's good."

"I never said that it wasn't either."

"What?! What're you people doing?!"

"Ara?" Kuroneko grinned before leaning into Kirino's ear, "Aren't you the one that plays eroges about imoutos?"

"That has nothing to do with it!" she hissed back.

"If it has nothing to do with it, I suppose you can't complain then."

"Urk! Grrrrrrrr!"

When did Kuroneko get so good at pushing Kirino's buttons?

"Well, your life certainly is interesting, Kyousuke-taichou! Ha ha ha!" It was then that he started pulling at the handkerchief in his hands with his teeth, "But to have a bishoujo tsundere imouto like yours? Hiiiiiiiiiii! I'm so jealous!"

"I need some more normal friends."

I flicked a stick of pocky at the silver haired otaku as I sighed for the umpteenth time that day.

"So we agreed on a sister character, the alternates for our club as supporters/members of the martial arts club, and Kuroneko's window into the game world 'Yozora' what are we doing for the others?"

"So aniki want even his digital self to lust after girls? Womanizing baka."

"I see that simply having you and I aren't enough to satisfy Kyousuke-danna's endless libido. How surprisingly shameful."

"Wh-who the hell would do something like that as siblings?!" We both cried out indignantly with red faces.

"...I feel that there's something dark behind the words unspoken…"

Don't look into this Kuroneko, I beg you.

Knowing you, you'll actually find out somehow.

I coughed into my hand.

"Well anyways. If you have any ideas, feel free to speak up, we'll pick the simplest and the most entertaining with respect to the timeframe that we have. Luckily already having a fighting engine and somebody willing to draw avatars in both Kuroneko and the reluctant but forced Kouhei-teme, as well as generic backgrounds that we don't have to worry about except for different fighting fields and stages, this should be easy. All that's left is the storyline and how every heroine choice affects it."

Then began brainstorming.

A large amount surprisingly came from Miura who although had his occasional fetish flying by here and there, did do his part and really gave some good pointers. I suppose that he wasn't president of the Game Research society for nothing, huh?

Although we realized after we figured out the skeleton of the main storyline that we needed to know about how each character would fight and how many. With much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that we needed to use a total of ten characters and that seeing as how we weren't going to incorporate anything crazy, but rather style up actual martial arts moves some, three pairs of two characters each would use the same standard fighting style, but with deviations in their special attacks.

Then we all realized how hungry we were, and since today most of our parents for some reason or another were planning to come home late and told us all to feed ourselves how we saw fit, we ended the meeting with all of us going outside to get some pizza.

"So tell me again why we're only having a game over and not a 'Bad End' setting? Isn't that kind of a standard?"

"Kyousuke-taichou… we don't believe in any universe you can end with a bad end. Only a harem end."

I tossed a pizza crust at him, my eye twitching.

Kirino slurped at a diet soda with annoyed eyes.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I countered.

"Kyousuke-danna… Have you ever tried a shopping plaza lottery before?"

"Huh? Yes, why?"

"How many times?"

I tapped my chin.

"Like, twice?"

"Have you ever won?"

"Yeah, a two day trip to a hotsprings in Osaka for my parents and a 500,000 yen Visa gift card. Why do you ask?"

The table as a whole sighed.

What? I can't help it if I'm just good with lotteries. And money. I found a 5000 yen bill at school today and that's what I'm using to pay for my portion of the pizza.

"...For a denizen of darkness, Kyousuke-danna is surprisingly blessed."

"Kyousuke-sempai," Kaede smiled wryly, "do you get it now?"

"...I'm still trying to understand the relevance of the question."

"...Aniki is really stupid when he wants to be…"

Don't look at me with sudden pitying eyes, Kirino, what the hell? Have I de-evolved into a monkey? Am I a poor chimpanzee locked away in a zoo somewhere and is begging for peanuts?

"Anyways, we have a good and solid plan for our club plans this year! Banzai!"

"Banzai!" We mirrored Miura laughing.

"Now when tournaments start coming around we're going to go film Kyousuke-taicho! Banzai!"

"Banzai!" - "Like fun you are!"

Miura pouted.

"Why not, Kyousuke-taichou?"

"If you haven't realized, for one, it's against all official tournament regulations to have a private recording device. If you really need video clips, you can use a video sharing site and martial arts movie clips. Secondly, regular tournament martial arts isn't like actual fighting. They only mark by points and first hits, rather than a smooth flow and consecutive blows like that of an arcade fighter experience."

"Baka-aniki… you're friend is really stupid sometimes…"

"Noooo! Imouto-chan hates me!"

Kirino shivered as she backed away from the silver haired eternal high schooler.

"Creep… birds of a feather fly together Kyou-baka."

Oi, is that something you should be saying to your older brother? Need I bend you over my knee and punish you like Dad used to when you were four and tracked mud all through the house?


On that note...

"...Kirino… Remember that one time you came home covered in mud when you were four? And Dad got so mad at you because he was having a superior officer come over for dinner?"

"W-wait, Aniki. Calm down…"

"One… thousand…" I raised my hand ominously.


I know this one was a bit slow, but I wanted to have the Game Research Club in there. I'll give a better next chapter, I promise!