Alpha & Omega

Chapter 10: Aftermath

So how was the last chapter? I enjoyed it. Humphrey went to Reba and Janice and was fixed his broken arm and his cut up chest. Now this chapter is going to be interesting.

Once Humphrey was finished eating the caribou he saw that he ate the whole thing. All that was left was the bones and a small pool of blood.

"Wow, you must have been hungry to eat the whole carcass alone." Kate said joking.

"Oh, sorry I didn't mean to eat all the food. I should have asked if you wanted some. Sorry Kate." Humphrey said looking down at the ground.

"It's alright; I ate before I came here." Kate said smiling.

"It's getting late; you two should head back to Reba and Janice's den." Winston said getting up and walking away. Humphrey looks at Winston and nodded.

"So, are you ready to head back to their den?" Humphrey said lifting his head.

"Well… I was thinking of heading to our den and stay there." Kate said looking slightly down. Humphrey saw Kate's reaction and knew she didn't want to be with other wolves around after what he had been through.

"Ok, but we'll to have let Reba and Janice know that were not going back to their den. They might be mad about the idea but I bet they'll understand." Humphrey said lifting himself with his un-broken arm. Kate lit up when she heard what Humphrey said and licked his face.

"I just noticed you washed up, I'm glad you did, did my dad help you?" Kate said going underneath Humphrey to get him on her back.

"Yeah, he startled me and I fell in the pond. I'm just glad he didn't smell Me." Humphrey said chuckling. Kate twitched at what she heard about him falling into the pond and Humphrey's broken arm touched the ground and he yelped in pain.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to." Kate said apologizing.

"It's ... ok, just as long as you're here." Humphrey said in pain. Kate couldn't help but blush at what he said and walked towards their den. Kate notice a smell of blood illuminating from the den, she poked her head in and noticed the mess of blood. The blood soaked the dirt leaving a crimson red puddle still wet, she turned her head to exit the horrific scene but noticed the blood splatter on the wall dripping to the ground. Kate's eyes filled up with tears, tears of hatred towards the wolf that did this to her mate, her mother.

Humphrey notice Kate's fur stand up, and look into the den to see the blood almost everywhere.

"Kate can we leave I don't want to remember what happened in this den." Humphrey said whimpering.

"Ok, we'll just head to Reba and Janice's den; she will pay for what she did." Kate answered irritably.

Humphrey closed his eyes tightly trying not to remember what happened. Kate walked away and headed towards their friends den.

20 min. later

Kate had just reached their friends den and noticed that they were waiting for them.

"What took so long, it's already almost night time." Janice said walking into den and laying down in the back.

"Seems you washed up pretty good , I don't smell any more piss coming from you." Reba said giggling.

"Well, it took a while because Humphrey was getting hungry." responded Kate walking past her. Humphrey looked at Reba and smiled. Kate carefully set her mate down near the den entrance. Gets some sleep, you're going to need it to heal arm quickly." Kate said lying next to him smiling.

"Kate, you sure you want to sleep that close to me? Remember what happen last night?" Humphrey whispered with his ears lying flat on his head.

"Yes I want to be this close, is that a problem?" Kate said giggling.

"No, but two other female wolves are here, what if you do 'it' again? I don't think I'll be able to hold you back." Humphrey said blushing.

"Well, if 'it' happens again just try to wake me up no matter what happens ok?" Kate said kissing him.

"Get a den you to." Janice said chuckling.

"We do have a den but you're in it." Humphrey said joking. Reba, Kate, and Humphrey all laughed but Janice ignored the joke and went back to sleep.

"Don't do anything you'll regret later." Reba said lying next to her sister. Kate and Humphrey looked at each other and blushed. Humphrey was the first to fall asleep and Kate just stared at her mate as he slept.

"He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I just hope his arm heals faster." Kate thought and fell asleep with him on her mind.

Morning came and Kate woke up and looked around the den and saw Reba and Janice gone.

"Their probably out eating berries or getting more herbs." Kate thought. "How can a wolf be a vegetarian when everyone else eats meat?"

Kate dropped the subject and looked at Humphrey and saw his bandage around his chest falling off. She got up and stretched away the weariness in her legs. Kate was going to tie the vines more when the bandage fell off showing his chest with no scratches and no scars. Kate stared at him astonished, it's only been one night and the marks were gone. She stared at his broken arm and noticed the log was splintering.

"Humphrey, wake up I need to show you something." Kate said nudging his face.

"Hmm… Kate, please don't… stop…"

"Humphrey wake up this instant!" she shouted into his ear. Humphrey's eyes flashed opened and saw her in front of him angry. He jumped up and landed on his broken arm, shattering to wooden cast to reveal his arm in good condition. Humphrey yelped in pain and saw his arm in good condition.

"What, what's up with my arm? It's not broken anymore!"

"Not just that your chest is healed completely, not even a mark, like it didn't even happen." Kate said touching his chest. Humphrey yelped in pain at the touch.

"I don't understand, It's healed but I can still feel the pain, why's that?" Humphrey said looking at his arm.

"I don't know but let's try to keep this a secret, ok?" Kate said kissing Humphrey.

"Well ok, but you want to go for a walk, I don't want to stay in a den for a whole month." Humphrey said joking.

"I love to but can we stop by the pond I want to wash up." Kate said getting ready to pick her mate up.

"Um Kate do you think I could walk this time?" Humphrey said stopping her.

"Ok, but let me know if you need help or get tired." finished Kate walking towards the den entrance. Humphrey looked at the ground and then back to Kate.

"Um, can you walk a little slower?" Humphrey said limping with his right paw off the ground. Kate turned and walked beside him letting her mate lean against her shoulder.

"Thank you, I love you." Humphrey said licking Kate's cheek.

"I love you too, my crippled mate." Kate said kissing him.

"Hey, I'm not that crippled." Humphrey said laughing at the joke his mate said.

20 min. later

Kate and Humphrey were just reaching their den when they saw a tan wolf exit it.

"It's my mom, hurry get on top of me before she notices us." Kate whispered. Humphrey stared in shock as he saw Eve; just the thought of her scared him. Kate notice Humphrey staring at her mom, she quickly leaned away from him and picked him up. Humphrey yelped as soon as Kate made contact with his chest.

Eve turned towards the sound and saw Kate carrying Humphrey on her back. Eve walked over to her daughter with her head down towards the ground.

"What mom, did you come back to finish off Humphrey or apologize for what you did?" Kate said walking pass her towards the pond. Eve didn't respond but followed her daughter. Kate walked up to the bank of the pond and slowly set Humphrey down. Humphrey winced at the pain in his chest and covered his face with his un-broken arm.

"Mom if you don't mind I am going to wash up and let you apologize to Humphrey for what you did." Kate said walking into the water. The water was refreshing to the touch, and Kate dived in.

Eve was staring at Humphrey with hurt written all over her face.

"Humphrey… I'm … I'm sorry for yesterday, I didn't mean to break your arm…" Eve was cut short when Humphrey budded in.

"Well if you didn't mean to then why did you do it? Can you answer me that?" Humphrey said rudely.

"I… I… was worried for my daughter, I don't want anything happening to her, I'm an over protected mother." Eve said looking at Humphrey with hurt in her eyes.

"Eve, I made a vow, not to let anything or anyone hurt Kate, as long as I live. I don't care what happens to me as long as I know Kate is safe and is being protected." Humphrey said removing his paw from his face. Eve looked away from his eyes and noticed his arm.

"Humphrey, your arm it looks… fine." Eve said pointing to it. Humphrey was caught off guard by the sudden topic change and looked away from Eve's eyes.

"Well I and Kate were going to keep it a secret but it looks like you found out. Last night when I fell asleep my body was hurting like crazy, and in my dream I saw a silhouette of a wolf. It had Kate's voice and it began to lick my wounds, it looked like it was healing them and next thing I knew Kate woke me up to see my cuts gone and my arm fixed. They appear to be fine but I can still feel the pain." Humphrey said showing Eve his chest. Eve stared astonished at Humphrey.

"His scars are gone and his arm is healed, how can that be?" Eve thought to herself.

Kate walked out if the pond and the morning sun's ray reflected off of Kate's fur illuminating her.

"Mom did you apologize to him?" Kate asked walking to her mates side looking at her mom with hate.

"Yes dear and I'm sorry for you to see what I did." Eve responded looking at the ground.

"Also, why were you here at our den so early?" Humphrey asked.

"I was going to talk to you about…"


A twig snapped behind them and Eve turned to check what had made the sound. Humphrey looked around as well and saw nothing.

"This isn't going to be good." Humphrey thought to himself.

Ohhhhh another cliffhanger. What is going to happen, in order to find out you must keep reading. What could it be? Is it good or is it bad. Can Humphrey defend Kate like he said and let nothing hurt Kate. Will Eve tell Humphrey what she wanted to say?

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