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A 14 year old Naruto Uzumaki stood in front of his sensei, Hatake Kakashi in the middle of the hall at the hospital and said "Kakashi-sensei, I have a huge favor to ask you..."

Kakashi who was reading his book said "Stop right there. I know what you going to ask already Naruto and I'm sorry to say that I can't train you."

Naruto eyes widen and he said "What...but..."

Kakashi said "I have other matters to attend to but I have been searching for someone who can to train you who would do a better job then I could."

Naruto frowned and said "But your my sensei Kakashi-sensei. Who could train me better then you."

A voice from behind Naruto said "Well I don't know if I could do it better then Kakashi could teach you but I wouldn't mind training you."

Both Naruto and Kakashi looked at where the voice came from and Naruto saw Kurenai Yuuhi standing there and a few steps behind her was Ebisu who had also stopped walking in the direction Kakashi and Naruto were after hearing Kurenai say that and Ebisu said "Excuse me for interupting you Yuuhi-san but I have already volunteered to teach Uzumaki-san."

Kakashi said "Don't you already have a student in these exams Kurenai. Wouldn't it be a different of interest for you."

Kurenai bit her lip and looked around and motioned with her head toward the room next to where she was standing and Kakashi said "Very well. Wait here Naruto."

Kurenai shook her head and said "No Kakashi, he has a right to know why I am wanting to train his since it is HIS training. I don't mind him hearing why I want to train him but I just don't want it to be common knowledge until after the exams."

Kakashi frowned behind his mask and Naruto said "She's right sensei, it is my training and she is way better then closet pervert there."

Kurenai asked "Closet pervert."

Ebisu waved his hand and said "It's nothing Yuuhi-san."

Kakashi said "Well if you insist then let's here why you want to train Naruto and in what." as he motioned toward the room.

Once everyone was in the room with the door closed all eyes turned to Kurenai who took a deep breath and said "First, the reason I am not training Shino is his father has decided to train him in his clan jutsu for the exams. Kiba is also going to be training with his mother and sister durring this month as well since Hinata won't be able to train for the next 6 weeks. Now that leaves me free until after the exams but that doesn't explain why I want to train Naruto."

Kurenai took a moment to gather her thoughts and said "The reason I wish to train Naruto is I fear for the life of my student Hinata."

Naruto asked "Hinata...is she going to be OK. Is it because of that jerk Neji and..."

Kurenai said "It's not Neji...at least not directly...You see, Neji is a member of the branch family of the Hyuuga clan and Hinata is the Main branch. I have reason to suspect that since Hinata is not what the Main branch wishes she was for the heiress of the Hyuuga clan that they will use her defeat to Neji as an excuse to put her in the branch house and will put the cage bird seal on her which at her age could kill her. They can't touch her until after the exams though because she is under medical care right now due to the damage to her heart from Neji attack. That is the first reason I wish to train Naruto."

Naruto asked "What's the cage bird seal."

Kurenai said "It's basically a slavery seal. It suppose to protect the Hyuuga clan from having thier bloodline stolen but the main house uses it to control the branch house. They make a single handsign and cause a person who has the seal to feel extreme pain or even die from it."

Naruto frowned and asked "How does you training me help Hinata."

Kurenai said "I can train you to defeat Neji. I know most of the strengths and weakness's of the Hyuuga clan bloodline and if you defeat Neji after my training then I can goto Hinata father and tell him that it is his own rules about not allowing Hinata to learn anything outside of the Hyuuga clan jutsu that lead to her defeat to Neji while Neji's training in things outside of the Hyuuga clan jutsu is what lead to his victory over Hinata. By you defeating him under my training then that gives me grounds to help protect Hinata from being put in the branch house as well as get me permission to teach Hinata things that the Hyuuga clan forbid her from being taught because of thier narrow minded beliefs."

Kakashi said "Not that I don't feel sympathy for your student's situation but exactly what is it that you could teach Naruto."

Kurenai looked at Kakashi and said "Naruto's only opponent won't be just Neji. Everyone knows about his rivalry with his own teammate Sasuke. I also know how to fight a Sharingan user, not as good as some like yourself or Gai but I do know enough to give him a chance of fighting against Sasuke and his Sharingan. I know of Ebisu here, he is great at teaching the basics which is why he is allowed to train Konohamaru but the basics isn't going to give him a chance to defeat Neji and if he can't defeat Neji then he won't ever even get a chance to fight Sasuke. My request to train Naruto is selfish but I know I can give him the skills he needs to defeat Neji and a chance at Sasuke."

Kakashi said "Well, I..."

Naruto said "Do it." causing everyone to look at him.

Kakashi said "What are you doing Naruto, you need to think about this carefully."

Naruto said "I am...you remember Haku and Zabuza, right Kakashi-sensei...what you don't know is I met Haku once before that day on the bridge...He taught me a very important lesson that day...True strength comes from protecting that which is precious to you...I can see it in Kurenai-sensei eyes that Hinata is precious to her...she's willing to do anything she can to protect her...and I maybe a bit selfish as well...but what Neji did to Hinata was wrong...I...I don't know what it's like to have a family...but I don't believe what Neji did to Hinata is what family is suppose to do to each other...I want to defeat him more then I want to beat Sasuke...I...I doubt that I'll make Chunnin...but I don't think I'm ready to be Chunnin...A Chunnin is suppose to be able to lead others...how can you lead when you are looking at the back of others...that snake guy in the forrest...I wanted to make him pay for hurting Sasuke and Sakura...I killed 2 giant snake and used everything I had to fight him...he was able to beat me while holding me in the air with his tongue and a single punch to the stomach...I was knocked out for so long that when I woke up Sakura hair had been cut, team 10 was standing there along with Sasuke and Sakura and bushy brows was on the ground and he looked knocked out while his teammates were in the trees around us...I don't know what happened while I was out and I know I'm not the smartest but...but even I know the only reason I am alive right now is because the others saved me...I owe Hinata the same thing...what kind of Hokage would I be if I wasn't willing to protect the people of Kohoha, no matter if they are my teammates or some wierd girl who always passes out when she talks to me. I'll train under you Kurenai-sensei and I promise that I will defeat Neji to protect your precious person and I don't go back on my word, That's my nindo, my ninja way."

Kurenai smiled and quickly moved forward pulling Naruto into a hug with his face right between her breast as she said "Thank you, thank you, thank you Naruto. You don't know how much this means to me, thank you." as she hugged him tightly while moving him back and forward.

A thud caught her attention as she notice Ebisu was blown back with a nosebleed and a perverted smile on his face while Kakashi raised his book a little higher and closer to his nose and thought "Lucky bastard." and said "Well in that case, I am sorry for bothering you Ebisu and good luck Naruto and I hope you are happy with your decision. C-ya." as he shushined away.

Kurenai blinked a moment and then looked at Naruto who was frozen in place in the valley between her breast let go of Naruto and stepped back and said "I'm sorry about that Naruto I..."

Naruto rubbed his head sheepishly with a blush on his face and said "No problem Kurenai-sensei."

Kurenai smiled gently and said "Alright Naruto. Do you have anything else you need to do before begin trainning."

Naruto shook his head no and Kurenai said "Then sit down and tell me what skills you have so I know what you need trained on and what you don't."

Naruto said "That makes since...Um...I know the Kagebunshin no jutsu, henge, replacement, cloak of invisibilty, my sexy no jutsu, harem jutsu...I also know the tree climbing excercise Kakashi-sensei taught us in Wave country."

Kurenai who had a gentle smile on her face as Naruto started to speak slowly pursed her lips and said "Is that it."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and said "Yeah." with a sheepish grin.

Kurenai said "Did Kakashi teach you anything else or try to teach you anything else."

Naruto said "Just teamwork." with a shrug.

Kurenai frowned and said "I see...well we got our work cut out for us and only a month to get ready...Do you know where training ground 32 is."

Naruto blinked a moment and said "Yeah, that's the one by the waterfall that flows into the Kiroku lake. We had to get trash out of that stream. Why."

Kurenai said "Good, you know where I want you to go already. Meet me at the bottom of that waterfall in 1 hour and bring all your camping supplies and ninja equiptment as well as all your cloths as well."

Naruto frowned and said "Why."

Kurenai said "Because to keep your training a secret your not going to leave that area until your training is complete. I'm going to put you through hell durring your training and force you past your breaking point in order for you to come out stronger then ever. Now go, you only got 56 minutes left to get ready."

Naruto eyes widen and he quickly left the room and Kurenai growled a moment before she looked at the tag she pulled off of Naruto jacket and shushined away.

After going to his apartment and grabbing all his ninja equiptment and his cloths Naruto had shoved them in his backpack and heading toward Ichiruka ramen stand to get some ramen, Naruto made it to the location Kurenai had told him to meet her and looked around and said "Hm, I guess I beat her here."

A voice from behind him said "You guess wrong." startling Naruto as he jumped to his feet and turned and saw a shimmer in the air and saw Kurenai standing there with her arms crossed and said "Your late."

Naruto was wide eyed and said "That was cool, are you going to teach me that."

Kurenai said "I don't know yet. What good is me teaching you something if you don't know how to defend against it. You must know yourself before you can know your enemy."

Naruto looked confused and Kurenai said "Is that all your cloths and ninja supplies."

Naruto nods and Kurenai said "Let me see." as she held her hand out.

Naruto hands her his bag and Kurenai opened it and looked at Naruto supplies and she grabbed his cloths and put them in one pile and then his weapons in another pile with Naruto blushing when Kurenai giggled slightly as she pulled out his frog boxers which she put in a seperate pile.

Kurenai said "First lesson, stealth." as she flashed through a couple of handsigns and breathed a fireball into Naruto cloths minus his boxers causing Naruto eyes to widen and he screamed "NO, MY CLOTHS...How could you." as tears started to fall from his eyes.

Kurenai pulled out a scroll and said "Here is your new cloths."

Naruto looked at the scroll and said "What the hell am I suppose to do with that. Wrap it around me like bandages like you."

Kurenai got defensive and said "My cloths are not bandages...and don't you know anything about sealing."

Naruto frowned and Kurenai sighed and said "Look, this isn't going to do either of us any good if we fight so listen, inside this scroll is a standard storage seal. I got you some new cloths that will not only make you look more professional but also some other supplies that will help. Just take this behind a tree and channel chakra into the seal and out will pop out your new supplies. Now go, your wasting both our time."

Naruto took the scroll and said "No peaking lady." as he walked behind a tree and Kurenai blushed and thought "That was so wrong."

A few minutes later Naruto came back wearing a pair of black pants that had built in weapon pouches, a fishnet shirt with a grey shirt over it.

Kurenai said "Good. I see I was right about your old cloths being to big for you. Now remember I told you that you must know yourself before you know your enemy right."

Naruto nods and Kurenai said "When you fought Kiba I saw you use your kagebunshin. What do you know about the kagebunshin no jutsu."

Naruto blinked and said "The Kagebunshin no jutsu is a jutsu that is in the forbidden scroll. It makes solid clones that can only take one hit before dispelling."

Kurenai said "Is that it."

Naruto nods and Kurenai thought "Lazy ass bastard." and said "The Kagebunshin no jutsu divides the charka of the user evenly between himself and each clone you make. That is part of the reason it is in the forbidden scroll. If a person uses it to much or stupidly it could cost them to die of chakra exhaustion." causing Naruto to pale slightly and said "But I use it all the time with no problem."

Kurenai said "That is mostly because of THAT...Now I said the chakra problem was only part of the reason it was a kinjutsu. The other reason is because whatever a kagebunshin learns is transfered back to you and any other kagebunshin you created when dispelled. That makes it a great jutsu for scouting."

Naruto eyes widen and said "Really...but..."

Kurenai held up her hand and said "Let me finish. Now, I can tell you didn't know this before and that means that all this time you could have been making great strides in becoming a better ninja has been wasted because you didn't know yourself."

Naruto frowned as he heard that and thought "Did I really just waste all this time so far...why didn't anyone tell me."

Kurenai seeing the look on Naruto face said "Assumption is the biggest mistake people can make Naruto. I bet nobody told you about that before because they figured your read about it when you took the forbidden scroll."

Naruto looked down and Kurenai said "But we can work on correcting that mistake now so watch." as she walked out onto the water near the waterfall and said "This is also a chakra control excercise like the tree climbing excercise. To much chakra and you will blow off, not enough and you will sink. What I want you to do is use what you think is half your chakra to make as many kagebunshin's as you can and have them begin to practice this excercise...STOP." causing Naruto to stop before he could finish putting his hands together.

Kurenai said "Wait until I finish speaking before you make them. Now your kagebunshin will know what you know so when you make them already have your plan in your head. What I want them to do is form a line before trying this excercise. I want them to start with trying only 1 foot first while keeping one on dry land. Once they can stand on the foot on the water without sinking then the first clone to actually do it is to dispell so the other clones will learn what he knew as well as you. Then they are to try with both feet. Again, when the first clone to stand on both feet without falling can do it he is to dispell. After that then I want them to practice walking across this stream. The first clone to walk across the stream and back again 10 times without falling is to dispell. After that I want the kagebunshins to grab a leaf and try to do this." as she put a leaf on her left hand and start to channel chakra causing the leaf to float.

Naruto was wide eyed and Kurenai said "This is the leaf floating excercise. To much chakra an the leaf will blow off, not enough and it won't move. When a clone can get it to float above your hand for 10 seconds he is to dispell. Then the clones are to try and keep it there for 1 minute. After they can keep it there for a minute that one is to dispell and then the clones are to try the other hand, same rules for 10 seconds and then 1 minute. After that both hands, 10 seconds, then a minute. After that the clones are to try tree climbing with one leaf in one hand up and down the tree 10 times while floating the leaf. Then the other hand 10 times before floating the leaf, then both hands for 10 times. After that same thing on water with one leaf on one hand for 10 times across and back and then one leaf on the other hand 10 times across and back. After that then I want any clones that are remaining to try to run up this water fall using chakra one at a time until thier all gone...I don't expect you to get this done today but I do expect you to have it done before the end of the week."

Naruto nods and Kurenai said "But the real you will be doing something else."

Naruto said "What will I be doing Kurenai-sensei."

Kurenai walked behind a tree and came back out with a plastic bag and said "In this bag is a some rubber balls. I got them to help train Akamaru but because of fear of him choking on them Kiba would not let me use them. I am going to use them on you as target practice. I am going to throw these at you but you are not allowed to move."

Naruto eyes widen and he started to say something when Kurenai said "No arguing. You are not allowed to move because you are going to be using the replacement jutsu to move yourself. I have 100 balls and will be throwing them at my full strength. If one hits you then you will first have to collect each of the balls and then do 1 situp and 1push up for how ever many balls are still in the bag before starting all over again with dodging. We will do this until you can dodge the entire bag of balls. Now create your kagebunshins, it's time to train."

Naruto nods and put his hands together and said "Kagebunshin no jutsu."

Kurenai's eyes widen as nearly 200 kagebunshin appeared and thought "Holy shit, how much chakra does he have."

Shaking herself out of her though Kurenai saw the clones were starting to practice and she smirked before throwing a ball at Naruto nailing him in the nods and Kurenai said "99 situps and pushups Naruto."

Naruto grumbled as he rubbed his nose and began to do as told.

Several hours later Naruto was groaning on the ground and Kurenai said "That's good for now Naruto...I'm surprised your clones are still going. Now I want you to gather firewood and I'll be back in an hour with food. Keep your clones going until they are all gone or out of chakra. You just rest after getting the wood though. C-ya in an hour...by the way, good job so far."

Naruto groaned and said "Why is it always my nose." as he stood up slowly.

Kurenai giggled and walked over and said "Because your body is soar enough already from first your battle with Kiba this morning and using so much chakra...but here, this will make it feel better. I'm proud of you." as she kissed his forehead causing Naruto to go wide eyed and blush.

Kurenai giggled seeing this and said "Now go. If you got time to blush you got time to train." as she shushined away.

Naruto stood standing there for several minutes until the memory of one of his clones returned to him and he shook his head and began to gather fire wood.

When Kurenai returned she saw Naruto had started a fire already and was sitting by it and she saw the Kagebunshin had dropped drastically in numbers since she had left and thought "They must be running out of chakra finally."

Naruto who was looking at the fire asked in a soft voice "Why did you kiss me."

Kurenai who was in thought judging Naruto clones blinked and said "Hm, what was that. I didn't catch it."

Naruto still looking into the fire asked "Why did you kiss me."

Kurenai said "Just a friendly gesture as thanks and gratitude for all the hard work you have been doing today and for helping me to protect my student."

Naruto said "Oh." softly.

Kurenai turned her head slightly and said "Is something wrong Naruto."

Naruto said "I guess not. I...I just never been kissed before by someone."

Kurenai said "That's not true. You kissed Sasuke, remember."

Naruto got a mortified look on his face and said "Thanks, I thought I had repressed that memory...beside, that was an accident, the kid behind me caused it by knocking me into Sasuke so it doesn't count."

Kurenai said "Well don't worry about it. That kiss I gave you was just a simple gesture of gratitude, nothing more."

Naruto said "Sensei...what is this training we are doing for. I mean, what good is it going to do me against Neji."

Kurenai unsealed 2 take out plates from a scroll and said "I guess that's a fair question. Think back to Neji and Hinata's fight, tell me what you saw, not what was said but what you saw each of them was able to do. I'll explain what this will do after you answer that question."

Naruto looked in thought and said "Well...Neji and Hinata both got those wierd veins around thier eyes...they were doing a lot of dodging and I think they were using chakra in thier hands."

Kurenai said "We will need to work on your observation skills sometime...but you are somewhat right if only barely. Those veins around thier eyes showed that they were sending chakra to thier eyes to activate thier bloodline. When they activate thier bloodline they can see nearly everything around them and can see longer distances and can also see through things including the human body so they can see the chakra inside a person body. Hyuuga's are very flexible which is why both were doing so much dodging because they could attack thier targets from several different angles. They were also using chakra in thier hands to seal off each others chakra by blocking thier enemies chakra flow with thier own chakra."

Naruto said "But what does that have to do with anything."

Kurenai said "Neji is very fast, and flexible. He also has excellent control over his bloodline and being on an assault team under Gai I know his taijutsu is higher then your average Hyuuga. I doubt he used his full strength in that battle and will most likely have several tricks up his sleeves for the finals. Neji also has experience on his side having been a ninja longer then you or Hinata. Do you agree with me."

Naruto thought hard for a minute and said "Yeah...I guess so."

Kurenai said "If you were to fight Neji right now, what would you do...don't answer, let me try and guess, you would use your Kagebunshin and try to over power him with numbers, right."

Naruto frowned and Kurenai said "That won't work. Watch, HEY, you Kagebunshins, come here a minute."

Naruto watched as all his kagebunshin that were left which was only about 30 came over and Kurenai said "Alright, I want you to sit on the ground in a circle around me...good, now you see, I have about a 4 ft circle area I can still move. Your Kagebunshin couldn't all sit around me in one circle so they had to form another one behind the first one. Your clones can only come so close to me without getting in each others way giving your enemy a chance to take them out either by attacking them and with one punch destroy a clone or by replacing himself with a log covered in exploding tags which would kill all these clones. Do you see what I am getting at."

Naruto looked in thought and said "Neji would be able to use his speed, flexability, and experience against my clones to take them out while they were all tied up trying to get to him."

Kurenai said "Exactly."

Naruto got a worried look on his face and asked "Then how am I going to be able to defeat him to save Hinata."

Kurenai said "By increasing your chakra control you will be able to use your chakra better for more jutsu and by mastering your jutsu like the replacement you and your clones won't be getting hit as much so you won't have to replace them as much. That is what I am teaching you right today...Now the real you eat up and all the kagebunshin go back doing what you were doing before. After you eat Naruto, I'm going to tell you about some of the battle situations I have found myself in and I want you to tell me what you would have done in those situations, alright."

Naruto said "Hai sensei." as he took the plate from her and began to eat while the kagebunshin went back to training.

After Naruto finished eating he said "Sensei...I think thier is something wrong with my chakra."

Kurenai asked "What do you mean."

Naruto said "Well...one of my kagebunshin decided to get ahead of the others and tried to do the tree climbing with the leaf floating while the others are trying to get water walking with both leaves and well...it was like I never even done the tree climbing excercise before even though I learned to get up the tree in Wave."

Kurenai frowned and looked in thought and said "Naruto, how often do you do you practice the tree climbing excercise since you first learned it."

Naruto frowned and said "I...none. Why."

Kurenai said "Naruto, for normal ninja, chakra control excercises should be done a couple of times a week. You though don't fall in that catagory."

Naruto bit his lip and asked "Do you hate me for Kyuubi." as he looked away nervously.

Kurenai smiled gently and said "No Naruto...I saw the Kyuubi when it attacked and I can tell the difference between you and him. You are nothing like the fox.

Naruto smiled a small smile and said "Thanks Kurenai-sensei."

Kurenai said "Your control could have just slipped from not practicing it enough to compensate for your reserves growing. You really should have at least 50 kagebunshin every day practice some form of chakra control for you to keep it in good shape...did you finish the water walking excercise I told you clones to do."


Kurenai sweatdropped and thought "Never introduce him to Anko outside of the exams." and said "Well lets test your strategy..."