The next morning Naruto woke up to a bucket of water being poured on his head causing him to sputter and scream "What the hell sensei."

Kurenai said "I have tried to wake you up for the last 10 minutes. Breakfast is ready."

Naruto grumbled quitely to himself and grab the plate that Kurenai was offering and began to eat and said with his mouth full "What are we doing today."

Kurenai frowned and said "First, don't talk with your mouth full, it's disgusting. 2nd, tell me what your clones got done yesterday."

Naruto thought a moment and made sure his mouth was empty and said "They got the regular water walking down and got the leaf floating excercise down with both hands but they tried to do the leaf floating with water walking or tree climbing and they didn't get more then a couple of feet before all dispelled or ran out of chakra."

Kurenai said "Then same as yesterday, create your kagebunshins and have them practice on chakra control while you practice dodging my throws but today instead of me standing in one spot throwing them at you I will be attacking from different locations. We will stop at noon and I'll go get lunch while your clones continue to work and you will sit here and rest until I return."

Naruto bit his lip and said "Last night you didn't exactly tell me what exactly is this training going to do."

Kurenai sighed and said "Naruto...I'm not going to lie to you so I'll just be blunt. There is no way between now and the finals you can get fast enough to get inside of Neji guard to attack him unless your willing to take a lot of damage that could cost you the match. There is also no way you can get enough flexability to out move him either in less then a month. What I am hoping to do is to take an experimental jutsu I created for when I spar with Hinata to keep from having my chakra shut off and have you take it to the next level. A lot of the work will have to be done by you to figure out the best way to use it for you. I could tell you everything I know about the Hyuuga, thier fighting style, and thier bloodline and then let you figure out your own way."

Naruto frowned and said "So you don't have some kick ass jutsu that will instantly let me win against Neji."

Kurenai said "No...all I have is my own experience and that jutsu I meantion that lets me reduce the damage I take from Hinata when I spar with her...if you want to cancel our agreement and find you someone better I'll understand. I just..."

Naruto said "Why would I do that. You have taught me more in a few hours then Kakashi-sensei has in 6 months. It would be cool if you had a one hit KO jutsu that would let me instantly win...but I learned a lot of things on that mission to Wave. Things are not what you always believe they are, an enemy today could be an ally tomorrow, teamwork can over power a stronger enemy, the most dangerous weapon a ninja has is thier mind, emo's come in all sizes...and senbon needles hurt like a bitch."

Kurenai laughed at the last one and said "Sounds like that mission was very interesting."

Naruto smiled softly and said "Yeah...hey, sensei...I got a question."

Kurenai said "I hope I can answer it for you. What is it."

Naruto said "Well...Iruka-sensei was always yelling at me about my sexy no jutsu."

Kurenai pursed her lips and said "I can understand why. That henge is degrading to women."

Naruto frowned and said "But it's not a henge."

Kurenai blinked and said "What do you mean."

Naruto said "Well...I got an idea in the middle of battle with Zabuza. He had Kakashi-sensei trapped in this water prison jutsu and he was standing on top of a lake and had some water clones attacking us while he held the jutsu. I got the idea that if I could get close to him then I could free Kakashi-sensei but since I couldn't walk on water like he could I got the idea of flying over the water so I created a couple of kagebunshins to help distract everyone and I used my sexy no jutsu but instead of imagining myself as a woman I imagined myself as a demon windmill shuriken and had my kagebunshin toss me to Sasuke who actually threw me at Zabuza who jumped over me and once I passed him I released the jutsu and threw a kunai at his back forcing him to defend himself and freed Kakashi-sensei...A henge isn't how is it that Sasuke was able to throw me as a shuriken."

Kurenai blinked and said " me, turn yourself into a shuriken like you claim you did."

Naruto put his hands together and was covered in smoke and when it cleared a demon windmill shuriken floated in the air a moment before falling to the ground with a thud.

Kurenai eyes widen and she bit her lip and put her hands together and said "Release." before she walked over and picked up the shuriken.

Tapping it a moment she ran her finger along the edge and winced a moment as she cut her finger.

Naruto released the jutsu and said "Are you alright sensei. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cut you." in a worried tone.

Kurenai said "That...that was amazing Naruto. You said that is basically your sexy no jutsu."

Naruto nods and Kurenai said "I wonder if it could be a bloodline."

Naruto said "No, I taught it to Konohamaru to help him knock out that closet pervert Ebisu."

Kurenai frowned and said "Well don't teach it to anyone else. That jutsu with the r...i...ght...hey Naruto...I just got a crazy idea, create your kagebunshin and have them start training in chakra control and then use that jutsu to change into someone you met not from Konoha and not a ninja. You and I are going to see Hinata."

Naruto said "Why can't I go like I am."

Kurenai said "3 reasons. The first is your training is suppose to be secret, the second reason is to see how long you can hold that jutsu and the final reason is to see if anyone can tell it's not real or figure out how to dispell it as we walk through town."

Naruto asked "But why do I need to see Hinata. I mean shouldn't I be training also."

Kurenai said "Well, Hinata might appreciate seeing you come and wish her a quick recovery plus I want Hinata to try and use her bloodline to test my theory."

Naruto shrugs and put his hands together and when it cleared there stood Tazuna who said "Call me Tazuna. I'm the bridge builder who was the client for Team 7 to Wave."

Kurenai nods and both began to head to town.

20 minutes later as they approached the hospital Sakura came out of the hospital looking down but when she saw Kurenai and Tazuna she said "Hello Tazuna, what are you doing here. I thought you would be in Wave with Tsunami and Inari."

'Tazuna' said "Tsunami been jumping all over me about drinking so much at my age and I promised her that I would come get a check up from a doctor here in Konoha while I came to thank the Hokage for the great work that you and your team did protecting me and saving my country...So where is the other 2 Sakura."

Sakura said "I...I don't know, the nurse told me that Kakashi-sensei checked Sasuke out and I haven't seen Naruto yet."

Tazuna said "Well if you see them tell them I said Hello. This lovely lady here was kind enough to show me around so I can return home quicker. Shall we go Kurenai-san."

Kurenai who was watching the exchange said "Yes, let's go Tazuna-san. It was good seeing you again Sakura."

Sakura said "You also Kurenai-sensei...Hey, by the way, how is Hinata doing."

Kurenai said "She was resting when I checked on her last night. I was going to check on her while Tazuna took care of his business. Well I'm sorry to chat and run but I must be going, good day Sakura."

Sakura said "Same to you sensei." as she turned and left.

Once she was gone Kurenai said "I must say you could make a very good infiltration expert Naruto...what's wrong." as she saw Tazuna had a scowl on his face

Tazuna said "Kakashi-sensei...he abandon me so he could train Sasuke privately."

Kurenai bit her lip and said "That is only partially true...I'm not allowed to say, it's an S-rank secret but I can tell you that Kakashi doesn't like what he had to do but orders are orders."

Tazuna pursed his lips and said "I see...It doesn't seem right though."

Kurenai said "I know, but it had to be done considering the actual situation I'm not allowed to speak about...anyways were here." as she knocked before slowly opening the door and saw Hinata asleep and blinked as there was another person in the room and said "Hiashi-sama, I'm not disturbing am I."

Hiashi Hyuuga looked up at Kurenai and said "No...I was just leaving." as he stood up and began to leave.

As he got to the door he saw Tazuna and said "Who are you and what are you doing here." as he activated his bloodline.

Tazuna said "I'm Tazuna, I'm just being shown around to the hospital to get a check up so my daughter will get off my back about drinking and this lady here was kind enough to show me here and said she would show me where to go to get my test as soon as she checked on her student who was here. I don't mean to intrude on anyone's privacy. I'll just be on my way. Thank you again for your help miss. I'll just ask a nurse or someone to show me where to go to get a check up...Goodbye." as he turned and started to leave.

Hiashi said "Stop right there Uzumaki."

Tazuna froze in place while Kurenai was cursing in her head and Hiashi turned to Kurenai and said "What is the meaning of this...deception Yuuhi."

Kurenai started to say something when Tazuna said "Can we speak somewhere more private sir and I can explain."

Hiashi nods and motioned toward the room next to Hinata and Tazuna and Kurenai walked in and Tazuna was covered in smoke revealing the real Naruto who said "Who are you exactly."

Kurenai said "This is Hiashi Hyuuga-sama Naruto, he's Hinata father and the head of the Hyuuga clan."

Naruto face scrunched up as he looked at Hiashi and said "I see...I don't like you."

Kurenai eyes widen and hissed "Naruto, show Hiashi-sama some respect."

Naruto looked at her confused and said "Why."

Kurenai said "Because he's..."

Naruto said "I know, the head of the Hyuuga clan, Hinata father, and he's also one of the council members. I recognise him from one of the times I was brought into the council chambers after one of my pranks...but I don't see why he should be respected."

Hiashi said "I should be respected because..."

Naruto said "I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to her." interupting Hiashi.

Kurenai was shocked hearing Naruto say what he was saying to Hiashi face and Hiashi said "If you do not stop this insolence I will..."

Naruto said "What...put the cage bird seal on me like you do the branch house. Call me a failure, a weakling, attack me. Take a number. What makes you different then the people in the branch house. I heard the cage bird seal is suppose to be used to protect your clans bloodline, then why doesn't everyone in your clan have it. Why only the branch house, why have the seal design where it can be used to torture or kill the person who has it. What makes them different then you."

Hiashi said "I don't have to answer to you."

Naruto said "And I don't have to answer to you. You know I'm right, there is no difference between you and the branch house, you just want to cause pain and suffering while forcing someone to suck up to you and kiss your ass...and to think, your probably going to put it on your own daughter...funny, Konoha hates Itachi Uchiha for killing his own family but your doing the same thing bastard."

Kurenai said "That's enough Naruto...Forgive him Hyuuga-sama, He's..."

Hiashi said "Right." causing Kurenai eyes to widen and Naruto to blink.

Hiashi sighed and said "I hate how things are in my clan but there is nothing I can do."

Naruto said "I thought you were the clan head. If you don't like it, change it." as if it was the simplist thing in the world.

Hiashi said "I am the clan head but I am also only one man against my clan elders and I have to do what is best for my clan."

Naruto frowned and started to walk toward the door but when his hand reached the handle and said "If you can't change your entire clan by yourself then change things for one person. That one person could then help you shoulder some of the load to help another...all it takes it teamwork and the desire to protect that which is precious to you. If you really care about your daughter and your family, then prove it. Kurenai-sensei, since he saw through my jutsu I should get back to training. Thank you for observing my testing of my new jutsu. Tell Hinata I said hi." as he walked out and closed the door.

Hiashi looked at the now closed door and after a few minutes looked at Kurenai and asked "What was his purpose here earlier. What were you trying to do."

Kurenai said "I wanted to check on Hinata to see how she was for what he looked like...I'll tell you if you can answer how you knew it was him first."

Hiashi said "He has a unique chakra network that is way different then everyone elses that works around THAT. I have seen it enough over the years to be able to recognise it...though that was the only way I could tell he wasn't him and if it wasn't for my byakugan then I wouldn't of even known."

Kurenai nods and looked in thought and said "It was a test to find out the true extent of a jutsu that he created that we all seem to have know his famous sexy no jutsu."

Hiashi frowned and said "I am aware of that henge...why."

Kurenai said "It appears that it is not just a henge but an actual shapeshift."

Hiashi eyes widen slightly and said "Really...are you sure."

Kurenai said "So far all the test I've suggested seem to suggest that though I don't know what all you can do to test something like this."

Hiashi said "I see...are you training him for the finals."

Kurenai looked at Hiashi and said "What could I teach him that would give him the advantage against your nephew. The only thing I've taught him is water walking to help him with his chakra control since Kakashi taught him tree climbing and the accademy taught him the leaf balancing excercises. Other then that all he is doing is reviewing his own jutsu inventory trying to understand them better and to use them quicker which is why when he showed that jutsu I started to tell him how degrading it was to women when he informed me about how he used it on a mission his team took that piqued my interest, especially when he claimed that he was able to teach someone else how to do it meaning it couldn't be a bloodline thing or because of THAT which is why I told him to walk through town using it to see if anyone could detect it and how long it could be used. I have not done anything that could be considered stealing your clans secrets or knowledge that I may have acquired by teaching your daughter. Just helping a student refine his own skills that he already has as well as chakra control. Anything else he comes up with is his own design."

Hiashi nods and said "Very well. See that you don't." as he turned and walk toward the door.

After he was gone Kurenai let out a breath and a puff of smoke behind her drew her attention and saw Naruto sticking to the wall and he said "Wow, that actually worked."

Kurenai turned her head to the side so fast someone might have thought that she had whiplash and said "What are you doing."

Naruto said "Ever heard the saying 'if only I could be a fly on the wall."

Kurenai blinked and her eyes got wide realising what he meant before she frowned and said "You were spying on me."

Naruto said "No...I just...I wanted to make sure that you weren't trying to trick me into failing the exams so that you could use that as a favor to protect Hinata. After Mizuki can you blame me."

Kurenai pursed her lips and said "Do you have any idea how stupid what you have been pulling was. You could get us both is so much trouble."

Naruto frowned and Kurenai saw this and sighed and said "We should go see Hinata and then get back to your training."

Naruto nods and Kurenai said "But if you ever spy on me again I'll quit training you in a heart beat after making you experience kissing Sasuke over and over again."

Naruto paled as he followed Kurenai into Hinata room and Kurenai moved to Hinata bed and grab the clip board and read it and frowned and said "They have sedated her to keep her from moving around to give her time to heal...I guess this was a waste of time."

Naruto was looking at Hinata bed and remember her words during the exams and after a moment said "Sensei...does Hinata like me."

Kurenai eyes widen slightly and she looked at Hinata and asked "Why would you think that."

Naruto bit his lip and walked over to the window and said "Sensei...can you keep a secret."

Kurenai said "I believe so...why."

Naruto said "I've notice Hinata following me over the years, spying on me."

Kurenai eyes widen and said "Oh...why was she doing that." in a calm voice acting like she didn't believe him.

Naruto frowned hearing this and said "Sensei...please stop trying to deflect me. You know something and I can understand that you don't want to tell me but...I'm confused."

Kurenai sighed and said "I can't tell you if she does or doesn't Naruto. I won't betray your trust like I won't betray hers...but if what you said is true and you have seen her following you over the years, why have you never talked to her about it."

Naruto looked down and said "At first...I thought that she was spying on me to rat me out for my pranks I was pulling or to figure out how I was doing my pranks to do something herself and get me in trouble for her actions considering how fast I was caught or blamed when I was younger."

Kurenai thought "Well...I guess I could see where he thought that." and said "You said at first. What changed."

Naruto said " wasn't until the first part of the Chunnin exam that my opinion of her see...Hinata was right next to me in the room we had that paper test...I didn't know any of the answers and I was getting a little worried but Hinata suprised me and quitely offered me a chance to copy her paper."

Kurenai eyes widen and said "She did." in surprise.

Naruto nods and said "She shocked me but I told her no thanks, that I would pass on my own...god I wanted to slap myself after I said that."

Kurenai said "Well you did get by it on your own."

Naruto said "With a blank paper."

Kurenai blinked and asked "What."

Naruto turned to her and said "I passed with a blank paper. I didn't even right my name on the test paper. I bluffed my way through the test, even going so far as to stand up and scream at that Ibiki guy telling him I would be Hokage even if I had to stay a gennin forever."

Kurenai shook her head and said "I can't believe you did that."

Naruto bit his lip and said "The rest of the test after Hinata offered to let me cheat I tried to figure out what she was up to...was she trying to get me caught to eliminate me, was she actually trying to help me...I just couldn't figure out what to think...and then when she was fighting Neji...when she was talking...she...she was quoting me...saying the words I they were her source of strength...I...I don't know what to think anymore sensei...I'm scared."

Kurenai who was watching Naruto and asked him "Why are you scared."

Naruto looked down and said "Because...because I don't know if her feelings for me are real or if they are just because she see's me as some kind of support...and I'm worried if she finds out about THAT that if she did like me she would turn around and either hate me...or worse, fear me.

Kurenai said "I think your not putting enough faith in Hinata. She will be able to see the difference between you and THAT."

Naruto bit his lip and said "I doubt it sensei...but what if Hinata doesn't actually like me, what if Hinata is actually getting strength from me then what happens when I'm not there...she would become like a puppet with it's strings cut. A person has to be strong enough to stand up for themselves first because no matter how many times someone help pick them up the moment they let go to see you stand on your own you will fall right back on the ground again."

Kurenai said "Don't you think that's a little harsh thinking."

Naruto said "It's the lesson I learned from the people of Konoha. If I didn't pick myself back up every time I got knocked down I wouldn't be here today. I would have quit long before I ever took my gennin exam the first time much less the third."

Kurenai bit her lip and said "You didn't tell me why you told me what you did."

Naruto said "Because I can tell your care for Hinata...I can also tell that you want to be there as a pilar of support for her and always to protect her...but that's not possible, either Hinata will eventually get premoted and moved away from you or you will have to move on for some reason yourself. Sooner or later you will have to let go and if Hinata doesn't know how to stand she will fall and not get back up. I'm telling you so that you don't hate me when I have to break her heart by telling her I can't be with her because I don't want someone I have to stand behind in my shadow of or in front of using me for support, I want someone who can stand beside me as an equal."

Kurenai frowned and said "I see..."

Naruto saw the frown and said "You don't agree with me. What if you were in Hinata. Would you stand up for yourself when people turn on you for being a demon whore or demon lover, would you be able to take what the world dishes out or would you buckle under the weight of it. Ask yourself honestly, could Hinata do that or would she collapse and never get back up. Is that fair to her or to me."

Kurenai said " made your point, I can understand where your coming from but I don't think you should judge her without getting to know her...after all, isn't that what happened to you."

Naruto frowned and looked at Hinata and said "I...I wish things could be different but..."

Kurenai said "You don't have to explain it to me. I'm not the one who has to live with your decisions."

Naruto said "Maybe I should go. I'll go work on my chakra control until you show back up."

Kurenai said "No, let your clones do that. You need to work on your body conditioning a little bit. Get in the water in the stream below the waterfall and start practicing your punches and kicks and jumps against the water. It's called resistance training and it works on toning muscles as well as increasing strength and power without sacrificing flexabilty. If your kagebunshin are able to complete all the charka excercises then switch the leaf for a small stone and repeat the process going with getting more and more heavier things. I also want you to create 100 kagebunshin and have them try and hit you with the rubber ball one at a time. I want you to replace yourself with a kagebunshin that doesn't have a ball so that it takes the hit. when you are resting from resistance training. I've got something I've got to look into for the next few days so your training will be your own until I can meet you. I want when we meet again for you to show me your improvement in using replacement as well as your chakra control and physical training. I also want you to come up with at least 5 complete battle stratagies that can be used in battle against each person still in the exams with the current knowledge and skills you have. Your not going to be handed a victory on a silver platter, your going to have to earn it."

Naruto nods and said "Is there anything else Kurenai-sensei."

Kurenai thought a moment and and took a look at Hinata and said "Know yourself Naruto. I want you to explore every possibility you can with all the jutsu you know."

Naruto nods and Kurenai watched him leave and sighed to herself.

Naruto after leaving the hospital frowned and thought "Maybe your right sensei...but I just don't want to be hurt by those who are suppose to love me...It scares me...could my parents have been like Haku's dad, could they have hated me for the Kyuubi and abandon me...that's why I don't ask Jiji who they are now that I know about Kyuubi."

Getting to the waterfall Naruto began to take off his shirt and pants not wanting to get them wet when he heard a noise behind him and turned around and blinked and said "What are you doing here."

Hiashi Hyuuga came walking out of the woods and said "I had thought over your words after you left and I had used my Byakugan to see where you were after I left Kurenai. I was suprised to hear the maturity of your words that you spoke to her about in my daughters room. While not as educated as some of your peers you are very good at reading people and have a high level of empathy for others. For that reason I want to tell you about why Neji did what he did to Hinata durring the preliminaries and see if you can come up with the solution to a problem that has eluded me for years. Do you have time to listen to my story."

Naruto looked at Hiashi and after a moment nods his head slowly.

Hiashi seeing the nods said "It starts back when I was see, Neji father was my twin brother. Since I was born first I was placed in the main house while my brother was placed in the branch house. The first born child of the main branch is always placed in the main house while any others become the branch house."

Naruto said "So the only difference between the 2 houses is which is born first...that's stupid."

Hiashi said "I will not go into why that is the way we do things...I will skip until right after the Kyuubi was sealed in you. Konoha had been weakened by the Kyuubi attack on our village. So much so that the Sandaime was afraid that other villages would take our weakened state as a chance to attack and destroy us...It was because of this decision that he revealed the secret of the Kyuubi being sealed in you to the general public as well as making his decree that no one was to speak about your burden."

Naruto eyes widen and said "Why would he do that."

Hiashi said "Jinchuuriki, that is what those who are like you called."

Naruto said "There are others like me...with demons sealed in them."

Hiashi blinked and said "I was under the impression that you already knew this."

Naruto frowned and said "Well...I didn't learn about it until what happened with Mizuki. I figure since your on the council you know all about that event."

Hiashi nods and Naruto said "Well after that Iruka-sensei and Jiji made sure I realised I wasn't the Kyuubi and Jiji told me about his law and that he wanted me to have a normal childhood as best as he could...but anything else he might have been willing to tell me that night I didn't really want to talk about because...well it raises a lot of questions on a personal level I don't want to go into about."

Hiashi thought a moment and said "Your parents."

Naruto eyes widen slightly and looked at Hiashi who after a moment said "Yes, I know of them...or at least who I suspect were your parents. If my guess is accurate then I can tell you that your father died the day you were born fighting Kyuubi and I believe your mother passed away giving birth to you though I can't be for sure but I believe that my opinion would be correct."

Naruto eyes widen and said "Can you..."

Hiashi said "No...Information is power, and power comes at a price. The information on who I suspect is your parents would not only cause me great trouble should it be discovered that I told you what I suspect but also put you and Konoha in great danger, something I can not allow without real proof."

Naruto frowned and looked down and said "Can you at least tell me...were they good people and would they have loved me."

Hiashi thought a moment and said "Yes to both."

Naruto smiled and said "Then that is all I need to know. For that I will do my best to help you with your problem. So what is your story."

Hiashi thought as he saw a small change in Naruto "Was it really that simple of an answer to make him happy...I suppose with the hardship of life knowing that you are loved, even by the dead when you did not know before would give you strength...perhaps that is where I have gone wrong all these years as a father." as he said "Very well. About 3 months after the Kyuubi attack Kumo decided that since Konoha was damaged as badly as we were as well as the fact winter came early causing our resources to reach thier limit that it would be a good time to attack Konoha and war started."

Naruto was listening said "So my sacrifice was for nothing then."

Hiashi said "No, your sacrifice saved Konoha because without the delay you gave us then Konoha would have been destroyed and more villages would have attacked us besides Kumo."

Naruto sighed and said "Then I guess I can accept that."

Hiashi said "I will skip until Hinata's 3rd birthday...Kumo had declared they wished to end the war and sent several ninja as well as one of thier top Jounin to come sign the peace treaty. It was a day of great joy in the village...but the Hyuuga clan did not go because as I said it was Hinata 3rd birthday...that night a masked individual broke into our clan compound and kidnapped he was making his escape with her I discovered him and killed him to rescue my daughter...the masked kidnapper was the Kumo Jounin who signed the peace treaty."

Naruto eyes had widen as he heard this and Hiashi said "Kumo said that Konoha did not want peace and only wanted a chance to kill one of thier top ninja and wanted the head of the man who killed thier"

Naruto asked "But what does this have to do with anything."

Hiashi said "My brother...he was killed in my place since he was my identical twin. He was Neji father."

Naruto thought a moment and said "So Neji blames Hinata for his father death because his dad took your place...that is why he did what he did in the exams."

Hiashi nods and Naruto said "Neji a fucking idiot."

Hiashi eyes widen and said "How dare you say that. He..."

Naruto interupted him and said "Blames an innocent 3 year old girl who could not defend herself against a Jounin level enemy ninja. No offense Hiashi but I can't respect Neji or feel sympathy for him because if I did then that would be like me saying that it's alright for me to kill everyone in Konoha who made my life bad because of the Kyuubi. The people didn't chose for me to have the Kyuubi in me and I didn't chose it just like Hinata didn't chose to get kidnap and Hinata didn't chose for her uncle to take your place either. What Neji did was a disgrace to everything I believe in and what I believe all the Hokage believed in. Hinata was not only a fellow Konoha ninja, she was also his family. My sensei says those who don't follow the rules are trash but those who abandon thier comrads are worst then trash. I also believe that true strength comes from protecting that which is precious to you and I believe that family is the most precious thing there is. The people of Konoha are family and as ninja of Konoha we are tasked with protecting them with everything we have. Neji is a disgrace in my eyes. I will not only kick his ass but I'm going to show him exactly how wrong he is."

Hiashi pursed his lips as his face went neutral and said "Goodbye." as he turned and left.

After Hiashi left Naruto turned to go back to the river to begin training when a female voice said "You know, I think that was the most emotional I have ever seen him."

Naruto turned to his right and saw Kurenai standing on a tree limb and Naruto said "How long have you been there sensei."

Kurenai said "Long enough...Naruto...I know you believe that if you believe in yourself that anything is possible...and you have enough conviction to make others believe in you also...but if you don't have the skills to back up your beliefs and convictions then you will end up looking like a fool. Have you thought about how your going to pull off not only a victory against Neji but NOW you go and claim your going to show him the error of his way. Something his uncle/clan head couldn't even do. I don't know if you realise it but your putting your dream of one day becoming Hokage on the line here. If you fail to keep your word to Hiashi now then how will he be able to trust you if you ever get the chance to become Hokage. Every action has a reaction Naruto. You need to realise that or you will get caught in a trap and die or cost yourself and your teammates thier lives."

Naruto frowned and looked down and Kurenai said "I'm sorry Naruto, I shouldn't be so hard on you but..."

Naruto said "No, your right...I know I'm an idiot sensei...I make a lot of mistakes...but I don't know how to do things any other way then the way I do." as he still was looking down.

Kurenai bit her lip and said " hard are you willing to work to have people actually look up to you as a possible Hokage one day."

Naruto looked up at Kurenai directly into her eyes and said "I'll die to reach my goal."

Kurenai looked for any sign of doubt and found only conviction and said "I had came back to check on you one last time before I started doing what I got to go do...but if that is the way you feel then the current training isn't going to be enough...I'm going to call in a couple of favors from a couple of friends. You are going to hate me by the end of this month but you will be thankful as well. Now get back to training like I told you and when I return I won't be alone...and Naruto, keep your cloths on, the cloths while wet will make you weigh more and help add to your resistance training."

Naruto swallowed as he saw the look on Kurenai face and thought "What have I gotten myself into."