Time skip, day of the finals.

Naruto stood in front of a mirror in his apartment and thought "Let's see what the world thinks of the Yuurei no Konoha(ghost of konoha)." before he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

The Chunnin exam stadium was full of people waiting for the exams to begin. Down below in the stadium all the competitors were there except Dosu, Sasuke, and Naruto.

A swirl of leaves appeared in the middle of the stadium catching everyone's attention and a figure wearing solid white combat boots, white pants with built in holsters, a white shirt, with white fishnet underneath it, a white chunnin style vest with several white scrolls on the pocket of the scrolls, a white cloak with a built on hood that was pulled up over the head of the person who had arrive.

Murmors broke out in the crowd as everyone saw the figure arrive including the Sandaime Hokage and the Yondaime Kazekage.

Genma, the proctor of the exams looked at the new arrival and tensed a moment and said "And you are."

The person who hood completely shadow the face of the person who had arrived said "Naruto Uzumaki, the Yuurei no Konoha."

Several eyes widen as they heard who it was that had arrived and even more murmurs broke out in the crowd as everyone looked at Naruto including the other competitors.

Genma getting over his shock said "Get in line with the others and stand at attention everyone. The Chunnin exams are about to begin."

Naruto walked over and stood next to Shikamaru who glanced at Naruto and said "Troublesome."

Genma cleared his throat and said loudly "Now if I can have everyone's attention, the Semi Annual Chunnin exams are about to begin. My name is Genma and I am the proctor for this part of the exam. It will be a one on one battle. The rules are the same as the preliminary round. You will fight until a person quits, knocked out, dies, or until I call the match. There is no room for arguments. Now everyone look at this as there have been some changes in the order of battles." as he pulled out a piece of paper and showed it to everyone and Shikamaru thought "My matches have changed."

Genma said "Now that everyone has seen the changes would everyone but Naruto Uzumaki and Neji Hyuuga please leave the arena floor so we may begin."

Shikamaru said "Good luck Naruto." as he turned and followed after the 3 Sand ninja's and Shino.

Neji who was looking at Naruto said "You look like you have something you wish to say."

Naruto reached up and pulled his hood back over his head and said "Just one." as he pulled out a book and held it up to his face and said "If you want any chance to defeat me then you need to come at me with the intent to kill because you will not be able to defeat me otherwise."

Neji scoffed and said "Proctor, start this match so this loser can learn that no one can defy fate and a loser like him will always be a loser."

Genma said "The first match of the Chunnin exams is between Naruto Uzumaki and Neji Hyuuga...ready..begin."

Neji activated his bloodline and said "Prepare to lose."

Naruto who was still reading his book said "Hmm, you say something."

Up in the stands Sakura slapped her forehead and thought "Naruto copying Kakashi-sensei."

Several others were also deadpanning as they heard this.

Neji activated his byakugan and began to charge toward Naruto but when he got within 15 ft of Naruto a small explosion detonated right in front of Neji knee causing Neji to stumble and scream out in pain and shock.

Naruto who was still reading his book said "Lesson 1. Observation. A ninja must always look at thier surroundings to figure out the best way to use them should they be attacked as well as for any possible signs of a trap or deception."

Neji looked at his left knee and saw it was burned slightly while his pants took most of the explosion and Neji said "I see, you act was to distract me from the exploding tag you must have set prior to the exam starting."

Naruto said "Nope. Before I shushined inside the stadium earlier I have never in any way, shape or form ever set foot in this stadium. That also was not an exploding tag."

Neji stood up slowly and tested his weight on his left leg and said "Then if it was not an exploding tag then what was it."

Naruto smirked and lowered his book and said "Now why would I want to explain that to you." as he closed his book and tossed it away from him on the ground and reached into his weapon pouch and pulled out a senbon needle and said "Uzumaki ultimate secret jutsu, 2000 years of pain." as he threw the senbon needle in the air straight up.

Neji who had activated his Byakugan was facing toward Naruto and was watching Naruto and the needle and the same time when all of a sudden the needle was covered in smoke.

Half a second later Neji screamed in pain as he was felt something stab him in his left ass cheek from behind.

Many people in the stand blinked as they saw this and Neji reached behind him and pulled out the senbon needle and glared at Naruto before throwing the needle at Naruto but the needle disappeared again and he felt pain in his right ass cheek this time.

Pulling out the needle he glared at Naruto and said "I figure out your trick. You are using you chakra to direct this needle. My eyes see everything and can see the chakra in it. As long as it is in motion then you can use your chakra to redirect it." as he stuck the needle in his weapon pouch.

Naruto smirked and said "You really think so. I only have one word for you. Boom."

Neji's weapon pouch exploded sending all his weapons flying as well as causing Neji to scream in pain from the mild explosion that injured his right thigh.

Neji was gritting his teeth to endure the pain and Naruto said "Tell me Neji, how will you be able to move fast enough to hit me when your right knee, and left thigh are injured."

Neji glared at Naruto and said "You resort to tricks because you are not skilled enough to defeat me honorably."

Naruto said "Um...Ninja Neji. Samurai have personal honor, Ninja have village honor...besides, so far I have only used a single jutsu to put you in the shape you are in and I have not even started yet."

Neji stood up as straight as he could and tried to ignore the pain he was feeling and Naruto said "Remember when I arrived earlier. I called myself the Yuurei no Konoha. Do you know why I called myself that."

Neji said nothing as he activated his bloodline and Naruto said "Let's find out." as he charged at Neji and Neji got into a taijutsu stance and when Naruto was in range Neji shoved his hands forward to hit Naruto...but to Neji and everyone's elses shock the blow went right through Naruto who kept moving and Neji thought "Bunshin no jutsu." right before Naruto who went completely through Neji body stopped and stab Neji in both shoulders with kunai's causing Neji to scream out in pain and shocking everyone in the stands.

Turning Neji threw a palm thrust at Naruto which went through Naruto body but Naruto threw a punch while Neji hand was in him and the punch sent Neji flying backwards.

Everyone was wide eyed and Naruto said "The reason I call myself the Ghost of Konoha is because over the month break I created a new jutsu I call Ghost phase. With it I can make any and every part of my body become like a bunshin no jutsu where any attacks to me will simply phase through."

Neji winced as he pulled the kunai's out of his shoulders and said "It doesn't matter what your new jutsu does. You are still fated to lose."

Naruto said "Yeah, about that. I didn't get the memo so I'm still going for the win...anyways Neji, I only told you about the part of the jutsu I can do to myself. I didn't tell you about what happens if I apply this jutsu to someone else." as a hand came out of the ground and grab Neji leg and Neji screamed as he was pulled into the ground completely.

A few moments later Neji came flying out of the ground with another Naruto holding onto his leg before letting go and going up in smoke.

When Neji hit the ground Naruto said "If I had let go of you when you were underground then you would have phased into existance and died instantly with your entire insides being turned into the ground you had been standing on. I can do this with any element. My ghost phase jutsu's are the perfect spying and assassination jutsu. Take this for example."

The wall of the stadium exploded shocking everyone because the explosion was equal to that of 20 exploding tags.

Neji said in a slightly scared voice "What...what just happened."

Naruto smirked as said "That kagebunshin I created that pulled you under used my ghost phase jutsu to go inside the walls of the stadium and planted several exploding tags. He also placed them in the trees."

Just then the 3 trees exploded destroying the tress and after the dust settled Naruto said "You see Neji. You can't touch me. I could just as easily put an exploding tag inside you as I did those tree's or walls."

Neji got a scared look on his face and Naruto said "You told Hinata during the match you had with her durring the preliminary round that a loser will always be a loser. You sprouted of shit about fate claiming that no matter how hard anyone fights against thier fate they will never be able to change thier fate. I bet you believed that you are fated to win this match, right."

Neji said "Yes, you are fated to lose today and no matter what you think or do you will never be able to defeat me. I don't care what kind of jutsu you got. I will defeat you."

Naruto shook his head and said "I thought so. That is a way of thinking that will cost you and others thier lives. You think that because you are considered a prodigy in your clan or rookie of the year or kunoichi of the year or even if you are an elite Jounin that you can not be defeated. My sensei is Hatake Kakashi, also known as Sharingan no Kakashi, the copy cat Ninja, who is said to have copied over 1000 jutsu in his life...on my teams first C rank mission outside the village we encountered A-rank missing ninja Zabuza Momochi. Kakashi-sensei got arrogant because of his Sharingan. He got his ass beat by Zabuza and trapped in a water prison jutsu. Zabuza after capturing Kakashi got arrogant because he was a Jounin and my team was made up of 3 gennin...Sasuke and I were able to work together as a team and was able to not only attack Zabuza and his Mizu-bunshin, but also freed Kakashi-sensei. You arrogance has blinded you to the truths of the world just like Kakashi-sensei and Zabuza were blinded by thiers."

Neji glared at Naruto and said "And what truth is that loser."

Naruto said "Hinata could have defeated you at any time she wanted by just activating that seal on your head without ever batting an eyelash. She chose instead to face you as a family member instead of a ninja. She chose to face you as an equal when according to your way of thinking she should be your better since she was born the first born daughter of your fathers twin brother. She is the honorable heiress while you are a lowely member of the branch family and yet here you are, in the finals facing me while you cousin sits in the stands recovering from the heart damage you gave her in your match. The branch house is suppose to protect the main branch and yet you tried to murder the very person you are suppose to protect...you tried to kill someone who wants to see you as an equal instead of a lowely slave. Tell me Neji, did your father love you."

Many eyes widen as they heard Naruto ask that including Neji who said "Of coarse he did."

Naruto said "Then why would you betray his sacrifice and memory."

Neji said "I have never..."

Naruto interupted him and said "Hinata."

Neji face changed into a look of hatred and said "It's her fault that my father had to die."

Naruto said "Your father may have been a member of the branch house but he loved his twin brother just like he loved you and Hinata. Do you honestly think your father would stand by and let his brother die."

Neji frowned and Naruto said "Think about if you were in his place. Faced with the option of watching your own twin sacrificed. A twin who had the power to protect your niece and son better then he could...your dad was a hero Neji. He sacrificed his life to protect Konoha but more importantly his family...He should be remembered with honor like the Yondaime Hokage is remembered for his sacrifice in defeating the Kyuubi to protect Konoha...As Hokage he saw the people of this village as family that he would die to protect them...but you Neji have disgraced your father and the Yondaime and both thier sacrifice by turning on your family and comrad, even when one stands in front of you with her heart being destroyed by you because she wants you to find peace in your life so that you could live on."

Neji who had been recovering during Naruto speech, charged at Naruto and delivered a palm thrust to Naruto chest causing Naruto to cough as blood flew out of his mouth.

Neji said "You will be silent about things you have no clue about loser. A loser is always a loser. Even with your new jutsu I was able to defeat you."

Naruto who had blood coming out of his mouth smirked and said "BOOM." before he exploded blasting Neji backwards causing him to begin screaming in pain from the blast.

As the smoke cleared Naruto who everyone could see was completely unharmed from before was seen walking toward the body of Neji and Naruto stopped a few feet away from Neji and said "You dead man." in a questioning jocking tone as he kicked Neji leg lightly

Neji moaned in pain and asked "How."

Naruto smirked and said "If you don't know yourself then how will you be able to know your enemy...remember the book you saw me reading. The one I threw away at the beginning of the match...that wasn't a book. That was me using a version of one of my jutsu to change myself to look like the book. The entire battle you were fighting nothing but a single kagebunshin who has been using the few jutsu I know to trick you and defeat you while I rest and recover my chakra from creating that single kagebunshin in total safety...My clone let you hit him so he could explode and take you out without killing you...but you know the funny thing Neji...I failed the graduation exam 3 times because I was unable to make a bunshin in order to pass. You, the rookie of your year as well as a prodigy of your clan was just defeated by the deadlast of his class with his worst skill. Looks like you were fated to lose...I guess you missed the message."

Neji eyes widen before they closed and said "I lost."

Naruto said "I told you that you would...but you know something funny, you were right about you winning this match. Proctor, call the match. I quit."

Genma looked at Neji and reached up to take the senbon out of his mouth to speak he heard Naruto's words and his eyes widen as did everyone elses and several shouts was heard and Neji said "Wait...you quit...why." in a pain filled voice.

Everyone quited down to hear why Naruto said he quit and Naruto looked at Neji and said "You know Gaara, the red headed guy over there who fought your teammate Lee durring the preliminary round...Well Gaara tried to kill Lee while he was in the hospital 2 weeks ago. Shikamaru and I both found him and was able to stop him but when we stopped him Gaara told me something very important...He's the Jinchuuriki of the Ichibi no Shukaku. He has the 1 tail Bijuu inside of him."

Everyone but the Suna nins eyes widen and Naruto said "Gaara claimed his father, the Yondaime Kazekage had the Ichibi sealed in him to make him Suna weapon...Jinchuuriki's come in 2 catagories. Those who have a Bijuu sealed in them for the purpose of being weapons of war and the 2nd catagory is when a Bijuu attacks a village, like the Kyuubi did and the Bijuu is then sealed away into a small child, usually an infant for the sake of protecting the village. One Jinchuuriki is used as a sword and one is used as a shield."

Neji said "How do you know about Jinch...what ever that word is."

Naruto closed his eyes and said "Gaara is a sword, I am a shield."

Everyone's eyes widen who didn't know and Naruto said "When the Kyuubi attacked Konoha the Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside of me to protect Konoha. He asked that I be seen as a hero but the Sandaime wanted me to live a normal life so he made a law saying it was illegal to talk about the Kyuubi being sealed in me...The reason I quit is because I am trying to protect Konoha and save the lives of our fellow Konoha Shinobi. You remember I blew up the wall and those trees. I did that for a reason."

Neji asked "Why."

Naruto said "You notice my teammate Sasuke hasn't showed up yet...Kakashi-sensei has been personally training Sasuke this entire month...problem is Kakashi-sensei is 3 hours late for EVERYTHING. Sasuke will be late for his match and his match will be postponed until the end of the first round even though if it was anyone else they would be disqualified. That means Shino and Kankuro match would be next. By destroying the trees like I did and causing them to fall I made it where Kankuro, who is a puppet user, doesn't have any place to really hide so he will have to work faster to attack Shino which will cause him to make a mistake while the debris from the wall and tree's will give Shino room to hide his clan partners who are bugs, no disrespect to the Aburame family but I don't know really anything about insects besides the general term they are refered as. Anyways both Shino and Kankuro are long range fighters. Shino will be able to cut Kankuro chakra strings as soon as he makes and drain him of his chakra so odds are Shino will win his match and quickly unless Kankuro uses poisons. Then it will most likely come down to a draw."

Up in the stands Shino nods as does Shikamaru while Kankuro frowned.

Naruto looked at Neji and said "But then there is Shikamaru match. Temari is a long range wind user...but Shikamaru not really a long range fighter. I know he's a Nara and I saw what his family jutsu can do...but I also saw a single flaw with Shikamaru jutsu durring the preliminary round he had with that Kin girl. He made his shadow very thin in order to stretch it out longer. That means he only has a set area he can cast his shadow."

Up in the stands Shikaku raised an eyebrow and thought "Interesting, lets see how much he figured out."

Shikamaru on the other hand thought "Troublesome."

Back in the arena Naruto said "But then I thought, if the original Ino-Shika-Cho group was so dangerous, his dad only being able to send his shadow a couple of feet would actually cost more time and energy then it was worth when you could just tie ninja wire around a kunai and throw it to capture an enemy. That was when I came up with a theory, there must be some way that the Nara can make thier jutsu stretch longer. It might be just adding more chakra to it but if that was the case why did Shikamaru make his so thin when that would require more energy and concentration then he likes to use...I also thought what would be a weakness for his jutsu...I'm not sure if I am right but I had to take a chance. Since the Sun sets in the west I'm hoping by knocking out the wall Shikamaru jutsu will be weakened with more of the sunlight coming into the stadium making it where he won't be able to attack Temari as easily so she can quickly take him out with a long range jutsu."

Neji said "So you would sabatoge a fellow Konoha ninja."

Naruto said "If Shino beat's Kankuro then he will most likely be to tired to fight in the next round. If Shikamaru some how beats Temari then he will also be to tired for another match. In that case with both of them now knowing about Gaara having the Ichibi in him, they will forfiet thier matches against him. With both Shino and Shikamaru matches going so much quicker thanks to me changing the field then Sasuke will be disqualified and Gaara will win. Temari and Kankuro won't fight thier brother so Gaara will win the tournment without ever fighting anyone so he won't have a chance to kill anyone durring this tournament."

Neji said "But if your one of those Jinchuuriki then why don't you fight him."

Naruto said "You have no idea what you are asking. Battles between Jinchuuriki should be far away from civilians and villages. Jinchuuriki are thought of weapons of war for a reason Neji. Iwa has 2 Jinchuuriki's, the Yonbi and the Gobi who are sealed inside the sons of the Nidaime Tsuchikage. Kumo has 2, the Hachibi and the Nibi. One is sealed inside the brother of the Yondaime Raikage and the other is sealed in his niece. The Sanbi is sealed inside the Yondaime Mizukage, Gaara up there has the Ichibi and he is the son of the Yondaime Kazekage. I have the Kyuubi sealed in me by the Yondaime Hokage. If you notice, all the Jinchuuriki are related to the leader of thier village in some way to help form loyalty to thier home village. Odds are I am somehow related to the Yondaime or one of the other Hokage's and I bet I'm not the first Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi Konoha has had. I mean think about it. The Shodaime fought the furball and then it disappeared until the day I was born. You can't kill them so odds are it was sealed in someone or several someone's who were related to the Hokage in some way and odds are the reason the furball attacked the village is because the person it was sealed in died releasing the bastard...but when you think about it, it kind of explains why each of the villages with a Jinchuuriki is refered to as one of the great 5 village's...anyway's I'm done. Your to injure to continue. I'm going to get a bowl of ramen before the Sandaime tears me a new one for revealing the truth about Kyuubi being sealed in me. Shino, Shikamaru, good luck to both of you and please do your best in your first matches. Don't face Gaara." as he turned and started to walk away.

The voice of the Sandaime Hokage said "Naruto, wait."

Naruto stop and looked up at the Sandaime who said "Your right on both guess. The Kyuubi was sealed in the wife of the Shodaime Hokage and then later in the wife of the Yondaime Hokage...Someone discovered thier secret marriage and the fact they were expecting a child and attacked her right after she gave birth to you and critically wounded her which lead to her death and the Kyuubi escape. Your mothers name was Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze and your father was Minato Namikaze...I've hidden the truth all these years in order to protect you from your fathers enemies and to try and discover the identity of those responsible for releasing the Kyuubi...I had plan to tell you the entire truth when you became a Chunnin but after seeing your new jutsu and you revealing your burden your life will be in the same danger it would have been in if everyone knew who your parents were."

Naruto smiled and said "Thanks...now please hurry up these exams because I know Sasuke won't listen to anyone and will try to fight Gaara. As much of a pain in the ass Sasuke-teme is he's still my teammate...besides, all the fangirls will most likely commit a mass suicide if he got killed just so they could be with him again. Konoha needs are fangirls."

Neji choked and said "Why."

Naruto looked at him and said "In the event Konoha is ever attacked, fangirls are used as cannon fodder and enemy communication disrupters."

All the guys in the stands began to nod in agreement before several screams and shouts of Naruto name was heard causing Naruto to pale before he said "C-ya." as he shushined away.

Hiruzen sighed and said "Genma, proceed. If Sasuke not here in 2 minutes then disqualify him."

Genma said "Right." as he ignored the shouts of disagreement.

Naruto phased up inside of the chair Hiruzen was sitting in before placing a note he had in his hand inside of Hiruzen palm before phasing back into the ground.

Hiruzen blinked as he felt a piece of paper appear in his hand and turned his hand sideways and read


Suna and Oto have allied together. Enemy ninja outside the walls, around 1000, Kazekage fake, it's Orochimaru. Placed 3 exploding tags inside him. He had some wierd sword inside him I took also. Send your guard to your office to get your pipe if you want me to use my ghost phase and kagebunshin to take out the ninja outside the walls. Inside your pocket is a kagebunshin henged as a scroll. Pull it out and give it orders and he will activate the tags in snake face if you are attacked.

Hiruzen bit his lip and reached into his pocket where he felt the scroll and said "Capture when possible." as he crushed the scroll in his pocket.

Naruto was leaning against a building when he got the memories of his scroll kagebunshin and thought "Be careful Jiji." before he shushined away.