The Sandaime Hokage was looking at the match down below between Shikamaru and Temari and said "I was suprised when your middle son forfieted Kazekage-san. He's nothing like his elder brother."

The Kazekage blinked and said "You mean sister, right Hokage-san."

Hiruzen said "No, I was refering to your other son. The one you had before you became Kazekage. I understand why you can't publically claim him but still, even you can feel pride in what he has done instead of what your middle son has done. Right."

The Kazekage said "Yes though, I rather not talk about it Hokage-san."

Hiruzen smirked and said "Of coarse...but tell me, what do you think of Naruto's new jutsu."

The Kazekage said "Impressive."

Hiruzen said "Yes, it trully is a very impressive jutsu. I mean after he left he came and gave me a message in my hand. He claimed he found a missing ninja hidden somewhere in the village and he used his ghost jutsu to place exploding tags inside of the missing ninja."

The Kazekage tensed and said "Really, how interesting."

Hiruzen said "Yes, he even told me he took something of great value from the missing nin and is just waiting for my orders to kill him."

The Kakekage said "And what was it that he took."

Hiruzen saw Shikamaru capture Temari and he said "The Grasscutter sword my former student."

The Kazekage tensed and said "What do you mean."

The next moment there was an explosion outside of the village walls and both the Kazekage and Hokage tensed and Hiruzen smirked and said "It appears that Naruto is taking care of your army Orochimaru. The Kazekage doesn't have a third son. That was a test to see if what Naruto told me is true. Now if I was you I would retreat before the exploding tags he placed inside of you goes off."

The Kazekage reached up and pulled off his face showing Orochimaru who said "You are a fool Ssensei."

Naruto voice said "No, he's not." before Orochimaru felt something grab his leg and Orochimaru fell through the floor but before his head came through his body became solid along with his 2 body guards heads.

On the underside of the Kage box Naruto stood along with 2 kagebunshin holding the body of Orochimaru and his gaurds that had became seperated from thier head before jumping up through the floor again holding them.

As he landed back in the kage box Hiruzen and the gaurds there tensed before Hiruzen saw the state Naruto cloths and body was in and he quickly moved to Naruto side ignoring the 3 headless bodies and said "Are you alright Naruto."

Naruto who had several cuts along his arms and legs said in a pain filled voice "I was able to take out about 3 dozen ninja before...they realised they were under attack...It was a group around a large summon circle and the the gaurds surrounding them...That explosion was me taking out the summon circle...I'll be fine...The furball is good for need to warn everyone, my clones are fighting the outside of the village but are dying quick...Watch out...for Gaara." before he passed out but was caught by Hiruzen.

Hiruzen frowned and said "Radio, take Naruto to the hospital for immediate medical care and stand gaurd over him until I personally relieve you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

Radio, the ninja assigned to gaurd the Sandaime said "Hai Hokage-sama." as he grab Naruto limp body before shushining away.

Hiruzen quickly moved to the front of the kage's box and said "May I have everyone's attention."

Temari and Shikamaru both stopped fighting and everyone looked up at the kage's box and Hiruzen said "We have just recieved word that Suna is about to be attacked by the Hidden Sound Village. The Kazekage has left to take charge of his forces to deal with this threat to his village. All Konoha ninja are to immediately prepare to aid our ally Suna."

A puff of smoke beside the Hokage showed an ANBU in an ape mask who said loud enough his voice carried over the entire stadium "Hokage-sama, the Kazekage has been killed by S-rank missing ninja Orochimaru and his body has been taken by Sound ninja who are preparing to attack the village. Naruto Uzumaki is currently engaging the enemy."

Hiruzen turned to the crowd and said "The Chunnin exams are hereby cancelled. All Suna and Oto forces spread word about the death of the Kazekage and the attack on our village. Chunnin, begin Invasion protocols. ANBU, move to the walls and prepare the counter offensive. Jounin, protect the Vip's and the village and eliminate any threats. I'll be moving to take care of Orochimaru myself. MOVE."

Several Sound ninja immediately jumped to thier feet but were killed by Konoha and Suna ninja though the last were looking confused and unsure at first.

Hiruzen seeing the fighting begin moved to Orochimaru head when a chuckle was heard and the mouth of Orochimaru head opened and another Orochimaru appeared and said "Hello Ssensei."

Hiruzen frowned and said "My former far have you fallen to create something like that." as he moved into a defensive stance while quickly shedding his kage robes showing his armor underneath.

Orochimaru said "It appears even without the nine tails warning you were prepared for me."

Hiruzen said "Indeed I was. Why are you doing this."

Orochimaru said "Because I can't stand peace. Peace is an illusion that causes the world to stagnate. Only when the world is in motion can the world evolve. It is unfornitaely that I had to shed my body in order to rid myself of those explosive notes and the loss of my sword is a minor inconvienance but nothing that will cause me to much trouble."

Hiruzen said "We shall see Orochimaru. Prepare yourself." as he charged Orochimaru.

2 days later Naruto slowly opened his eyes and found himself in a hospital room and blinked and said "What's happened." as he tried to clear his head.

A voice said "Naruto-sama. Just rest and Hokage-sama and the doctors will be here shortly."

Naruto blinked and saw an ANBU in a bear mask and said "ANBU...What's going on."

Bear said "The Sandaime will explain everything when he arrives shortly. All I can tell you is that it has been 2 days since the Chunnin exams and I have been given orders to make sure you stay here and are not disturbed until Hokage-sama arrives which will be shortly. He also gave orders that you are not to speak with anyone until he speaks with you. My teammates are notifying the proper people."

Naruto frowned and said "Then if I'm not suppose to talk to anyone why did you talk to me."

Bear said "Professional curtosy."

Naruto pursed his lips and said "I just know you have a damn smirk behind your mask."

Bear said nothing and Naruto sighed and said "Can we open the curtians. I want to see the village with my own eyes."

Bear said nothing or made any move but when Naruto tried to get up Bear quickly moved and placed his hand on Naruto shoulder stopping him causing Naruto to pout.

A few minutes later the door to the room opened and the Sandaime walked in and Naruto eyes widen and said "Are you alright Jiji." as he saw Hiruzen had his arm in a sling.

Hiruzen said "I'm fine Naruto. ANBU, please leave but make sure we are not disturbed or spied upon."

Bear disappeared in a puff of smoke and after a few moments Hiruzen walked over to the bed and said "How are you feeling Naruto."

Naruto frowned and said "Soar."

Hiruzen nods and said "You and I have much to discuss." causing Naruto to gulp and Hiruzen continued "First, how did you discover the army outside the village."

Naruto frowned and said "When my match first started I sent a couple of kagebunshins henged as birds out to see if they could find Sasuke and Kakashi. They dispelled halfway through my match and sent me the memories of the Suna and Oto armies outside the village. Since I realised Suna was going to attack us and remember what Gaara said about himself I had to warn everyone about how dangerous he was so that's why I decided to quit and explain things. I was hoping the Suna nins would be scared of me and possibly retreat or call off thier attack since I saw how Gaara's siblings acted around him and heard from Gaara himself about how things in his village was."

Hiruzen said "I see...that explains several other questions I had...How did you discover Orochimaru."

Naruto looked sheepish and said "I accidently came up inside him thinking it was your spot like I did when I gave you that message."

Hiruzen nods and said "I guess the only question I have now is about your new ghost jutsu."

Naruto frowned and asked "What about them."

Hiruzen said "I want to know if they are as good as you originally claimed why did you get so injured and drained when you appeared before passing out."

Naruto bit his lip and said "When I was in the forrest of death before the preliminary round, my team met Orochimaru and he placed a seal over the Kyuubi seal."

Hiruzen eyes widen and glanced at Naruto stomach in worry and Naruto said "It's a 5 star seal. Since I passed out when I first got it I didn't remember it until I was training with Kurenai-sensei and Anko-sensei. I was having some problems with my chakra control and Anko told me that it was because of that seal after we discoverd it. Since she was his apprentice once she knew how to remove it and took it off of me but since I had spent 15 days of almost pure chakra control training when it came off my control went through the roof."

Hiruzen let out a breath he was hearing until he heard Naruto continue "I wanted to prove I could win without the Kyuubi. I had asked Anko to come by and replace the 5 star seal before the final should be able to figure the rest out."

Hiruzen was quite a moment and said "Yes. You passed out from using all your chakra and without the Kyuubi you couldn't replace it as fast as you normally could."

Naruto nods and Hiruzen said "Well that explains the passing out part but it doesn't explain how you got so hurt or how your ghost jutsu actually work."

Naruto sighed and said "Deception is a ninja greatest tool...Remember how I said the entire time Neji was fighting a kagebunshin are made of just chakra. No element, right...wrong."

Hiruzen blinked and said "What do you mean that's wrong."

Naruto said "Kurenai-sensei explain the difference between knowing a jutsu and mastering a jutsu. I found out through a lot of trial and error that a kagebunshin is actually made up of air."

Hiruzen blinked and said "I don't seem to follow what you mean, Wind chakra is used to make..."

Naruto shook his head and said "I didn't say wind chakra. I am talking about the air itself. The stuff we are breathing right now. That everyone breaths. I guess you could say wind chakra is actually a sub element to air. When you make a kagebunshin the air that is in the spot it is created is pulled in and trapped in the body while what ever extra chakra that's left over is dispersed back into the air which is what the smoke is from."

Hiruen nods and said "I...I think I see where you are going with this. So if a Kagebunshin is actually a clone made of air how is that related to your ghost jutsu."

Naruto said "I was originally trying to figure out a way to make my kagebunshin last longer and after an argument with Anko-sensei about kagebunshin not being made of an element which is why it couldn't take any damage like others could. Once I learned that air is actually an element and kagebunshin was a jutsu made from it I started to try and figure out how to manipulate the element inside the clone to my advantage which is how I learned my clones can control the density of the air inside it making it thicker or thinner. Making it thicker turns it into an exploding shadow clone but making it thinner..."

Hiruzen said "Makes it a ghost clone."

Naruto said "Mostly. It took a lot of trail and error and you should have seen the look on Anko face the first time I succesfully had her punch phase through my clone before he punched her in the face...but there are weakness that comes with the ghost clones."

Hiruzen said "What exactly."

Naruto said "My ghost clones can last longer then the Kagebunshin but if my kagebunshin use the phase ability for to long they will become to weak to be stable and pop. So far my kagebunshin can only go ghost for 5 minutes before they pop. Every time someone attacks them the actual movement from the item going through them causes the air inside to speed up and can cause that part of a clones body to become solid after the hit so there is a couple of second window where if someone hits a spot and hits it again they could dispell my ghost clones like a kagebunshin which is why when my kagebunshin realise someone has figured this out they use that added speed of air from the punch to help turn itself into an exploding clone."

Hiruzen said "Impressive...I notice your vocabulary is larger now."

Naruto looked sheepish and said "Kurenai-sensei made me read a lot of books and she questioned me about them. I had to read a dictionary once every day with a kagebunshin."

Hiruzen nods and said "Well you explained the weakness of your ghost clones but what about the real you. How did you get so hurt or is it that only your kagebunshin that can use your ghost jutsu."

Naruto said "Not exactly...My kagebunshin can use it for offense and defense like it did against Neji but the real me can use the ghost jutsu for defense but not offense."

Hiruzen said "Explain."

Naruto looked in thought and said "I learned when I make a henge I was never doing it right. I was coating my entire body with chakra and trying to make my body real which in essance I was...I can change everything in my body but my chakra network. That makes it where I can turn my body into a kagebunshin like they can but if someone was able to attack my chakra network then the part that is hit would become solid until I rephased it. I learned that when I am phased out I can move my chakra network. Bend it, shape it, change it...I can even regrow it which is how I know that if I become solid in the ground I can lose a limb or die."

Hiruzen eyes widen and looked at Naruto body and Naruto said "I lost my feet a couple of times but I think it's something I got from the fox I can convert chakra into a physical body though it takes a lot out of me and it hurts. BADLY"

Hiruzen said "So your able to reform lost limbs." trying to hide his worry.

Naruto said "Yeah, that's why I retreated and came to tell you. I was fighting some Suna nins and they were able to use swords made out of wind to cut my arms off by cutting the chakra networn I had in it and I had to regrow them. Luckily with my ghost clones help I was able to take them out but I felt so weak after killing that group around the summoning circle that I knew I couldn't keep going and had to fall back while my clones kept attacking. The injuries I had was from constant attacks after the Suna nins learned about my weakness. Luckily all of them that saw it are dead."

Hiruzen said "I see...what are your plans for these jutsu you made Naruto."

Naruto looked down and said "I think that if anyone beside me tried to use them they could accidently kill themselves so I don't want to teach them to least until I learn everything about them."

Hiruzen said "I agree. I am officially listing all your ghost jutsu as kinjutsu."

Naruto said "So what happened with the invasion. I guess we won since your here right now."

Hiruzen said "Thanks to you we won but Orochimaru escaped."

Naruto eyes widen and Hiruzen said "Orochimaru has his own kinjutsu that allowed him to repair his body similar to a snake shedding it's skin. You did weaken him and allowed me a chance to trick Suna into believing Oto tricked them. Which reminds me. Everyone believes that Oto tried to attack Suna and that Orochimaru killed the Kazekage. If anyone ask about the Suna nins that you attacked and killed, tell them that you thought they were imposters since Suna is our ally."

Naruto asked "But why...were they really imposters."

Hiruzen said "No...Suna had betrayed us but by claiming you thought they were imposters then that makes it easier for Suna and Konoha to become allies again. Especially since Orochimaru did kill the Kazekage. Were just not sure when he killed him so he could have been impersinating the Kazekage when he had Suna betray us. By giving Suna a chance to blame Orochimaru then we can become allies again. Something both villages need since we are both weakened from the attack."

Naruto said "I see..."

Hiruzen said "Now I know you probably have more questions or want to get out of here but I can't let you leave the hospital until tomorrow and I have to return to my office. Tomorrow you will be dismissed and an ANBU will bring you to my office."

Naruto who was confused asked "What do I need to come to your office for Jiji and why can't I get out. I feel fine."

Hiruzen said "2 men were caught sneaking into the village earlier looking for you. They are part of a criminal organisation called Akatasuki. They want you because of the Kyuubi. The 2 men were able to escape and Kakashi is in a coma right now after he fought these 2 men to protect you along with several other ninja. Tomorrow when you get out you are going to meet your godfather Jiraiya who is Konoha top spy master."

Naruto said "I know who he is." in a dead tone.

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow and Naruto bit his lip while looking down and said "When Gaara told me about himself I realised there was others like me out there...Gaara scared me...I didn't know if I would become like him someday...I wanted to find out more about Jinchuuriki so I figured the only place that would have any information about them beside you would be the ANBU headquarters...I used my ghost jutsu with my kagebunshin to sneak into the ANBU record room...that was how I knew all about the other Jinchuuriki I meantioned in the exam...I also read my file in there. It had my parents names as well as Jiraiya as my godfather and Mikoto Uchiha as my godmother."

Hiruzen frowned and said "I see...I..."

Naruto interupted him and said "I'm a little tired Jiji."

Hiruzen nods and said "I understand...Get some rest and I am sorry." as he turned and started to walk away.

Naruto said "Hey...did anyone get premoted."

Hiruzen smiled and said "Yes, Shikamaru and you both did. Congradulations Naruto."

Naruto eyes widen and a smile formed on his face and said "Thanks Jiji."

Hiruzen said "Don't thank me. You earned it by not only showing great strategy but also leadership qualities. We will discuss this further tomorrow when you arrive in my office."

Naruto nods and said "I'll see you then."

Hiruzen nods and leaves and Naruto felt a small smile on his face and thought "I made Chunnin."