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Chapter One:

Sakura's Feelings


Sasori looked at his younger sister whom he and his family treasured so much worriedly; the fragile girl had been crying non-stop ever since she got home. The reason: her idiotic, dumb, insensitive and easy-to-fool friends. From what he has known a girl around Sakura's age came into the picture and used some magical words to fool the whole group. Sakura's boyfriend also broke-up with her, leaving the girl's heart shattered-beyond-repair. The girl's smiles were replaced with tears that broke Sasori's heart.

Sasori couldn't take it anymore he took Sakura carefully into his arms, "Everything will be fine"

Sakura tears didn't stop, "What did I do to deserve this? I have been a good girl all my life"

"You didn't do anything" Sasori's eyes softened "They will pay for hurting you"

That was the scene that Pein saw when he arrived fresh from Switzerland.

"What is happening here?" Pein asked as he went towards Sakura.

"Her friends betrayed and replace her with another girl" Sasori said bluntly

"Even Sasuke?"

Sasori nodded rubbing her younger sister's back to soothe her.

"This will make her condition much more worse" Sasori sighed

Sasori rocked Sakura back and forth until she fell asleep. He carefully lifted her up bridal style and went towards her room on the second floor.

"Mom and Dad are not going to be happy when they here about this" Pein sighed.

Knowing how much they love their little daughter to death especially their Dad.


Next Day…..

Karin was having so much fun these past few days. She got Sasuke: the best and most handsome boyfriend in the whole world and her friends. She got Sakura out of the picture using some dirty tricks of course. She knew that she was playing on dangerous grounds because of how much powerful the Haruno's are; especially Sasori and Pein. But is it wrong to steal the life that she always wanted and envy?

She grew up in a middle class family but that all disappeared when her mother became drunk, her father always in a cheap casino all of their money suddenly became bubbles and pop.

She envied Sakura to death and that she has tasted the life of Sakura (except the wealth, suitors, talents and looks of course) she isn't going to let it slip in her hands. Sakura still has her money and lots of suitors.

"Hi! Karin-chan!" Ino greeted her as she seated at the vacant sit next to her.

"Hello! Ino-chan!" she greeted back.

Then all of stolen-friends were there and her boyfriend whose arm was hanging loosely one her shoulder. All was well until they heard gasps among their fellow students.

Then they were the famous Haruno Brothers walking towards them and at that moment she sensed trouble.

"So this is the girl that replaces Sakura" Sasori said harshly while giving Karin a disgusted look.

"And I thought all of you have a taste on picking your friends" Pein said bluntly.

She felt humiliated.

"Don't say mean things to Karin-chan!" Naruto shouted.

"She didn't to anything to you!" Ino shouted at them.

"Not to us, but to our sister" Sasori said.

"Sasuke aren't you going to say anything about this?" Tenten said.

"Leave her alone" Sasuke said.

'Leave her alone' is that all he can say to protect me. But when Sakura is the one in my situation he would be giving them (the one that are fighting with Sakura) harsh words and a taste of his fist.

"You don't know the consequences of your action! Sakura's condition became wo-"

"Sasori that's enough, Sakura's personal matters doesn't concern them anymore" Pein said walking away.

"What condition?" Ino asked.

She still cares for Sakura even though I already told them harsh words about Sakura.

"It doesn't concern you anymore" Sasori said coldly.

Then Pein's phone rang, "What is it?"

"Pein-sama!" the maid shouted at the phone sounding so frantic.

"Is something wrong?" Pein asked still glaring at Karin.

"It's Sakura-sama, she collapsed!"

"What! Call an ambulance; we'll be on our way!" Pein said.

"What is it?" Sasori asked.

"It's Sakura she collapsed, we need to go" Pein started walking away.

"We'll settle this some other time" Sasori said as he followed his brother.

Sasuke's POV

"It's Sakura she collapsed, we need to go"

At those words my heart sank. What happened? Is she okay?

Even though that Karin told us that Sakura is cheating on me and that she is the one spreading rumors about the gang, at first we didn't believe her but when she gave us evidences we believed her. Don't get me wrong I don't love Karin; I will just use her as a rebound 'love'.

"I'm worried about Sakura" Ino said pacing back and forth.

"Up until now you still care for her! Even after she said those words" Karin shouted at Ino.

"Well you can't take that away! She became my best friend once" Ino retorted.

Ino suddenly covered her mouth, "I'm sorry Karin-chan I didn't mean it!"

Up until now I don't believe her. But I can't deny the evidences. I just hope that my strong feelings for Sakura will be redirected to Karin.


She woke up with voices calling her. She opened her eyes and saw her brothers looking at her worriedly.

"What happened?" She asked,

"You collapsed Sakura and we were so worried" Sasori said as he hand-comb her hair.

Then her mom and dad arrived.

"Sweetie! We were so worried about you!" Mizuki Haruno said as she kissed her daughter's forehead.

"I'm okay mom"

"Sakura, is it true that they betrayed you?" Ryuu Haruno asked her daughter.

She nodded sadly.

"Cheer up! Saku-chan" Her mom said.

"Sakura, you'll come with us next time to Paris" Her dad said.

"But dad, I still haven't finished school yet!" Sakura said.

"You can continue there" Her dad said.

"Come on, Ryuu we still have a meeting, Bye Sakura!" Her mom said while dragging her husband out of the room.

"When you come back they will get a taste of you revenge" Sasori said.

"When I come back they will meet a new Sakura Haruno" Sakura said.

To Be Continued

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