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Chapter Seventeen:
Karin Watanabe


Karin hated mornings. She hates waking up so early and getting ready for school.

She brushed her uneven hair and sighed. She was still sleepy and the bed suddenly seemed inviting.

Contrary to the people's belief, her hair is actually really uneven. People always think that she is in a rush and forgets to brush her hair or she puts gel and it's her way to attract people. What they don't know is she was born with it. She tried every process she could find to make her hair straight.

She examines herself in the mirror. She's wearing a white black stripe print miniskirt, a white sheer ruffled polka dotted trim top and a pair three inch heels red glitter velvet trim platform pump heels. She took her concealer stick and dabbed some under her eyes to cover the eyebags that formed due to lack of sleep and her trademark red lipstick.

Unlike the other students who only have half day classes, Karin spends the whole day at school since she don't have appointments to attend to or magazine covers to shoot and all that stuff like the other teenagers in her school do.

Two hours ago she saw Sai carrying bouquets followed by Ayame who is carrying a box full of flower petals. They are heading to Sakura's room upstairs.

She looked at her watch, 10:00. She still has an hour before her first class starts.

At least, I still have time to think, Karin thought.

Konoha Academy

Karin sat at the farthest seat on the classroom. She needed time to think about her situation.

"OMG! Did you see what's happened at Sai Yamamoto's exhibit this morning?" A girl asked.

"YES! I did. Sakura-san is so lucky having two guys chase after her" Another girl squealed.

"I heard that Sakura-san and Sasuke-san are doing a film together!" Another girl joined in.

"Aren't they a couple before Sakura-san left for Paris?"

"They are. I heard that they broke up before Sakura-san left for Paris"

"Then after that, Watanabe-san suddenly became Sasuke-san's girlfriend"

"Who's Watanabe-san?"

"She's the girl with red hair with an unusual hairstyle…"

People these days have nothing better to do than gossip, Karin thought.

Karin faked a cough and the three girls who are busy talking to each other looked at her.

When they realize who she was they quickly got on their feet and want to their respective seats, their faces red from embarrassment after being caught talking about her. Karin looked at their faces and she could immediately tell that they are freshmen because if they are higher year levels they wouldn't be frightened by Karin's glare instead they would fight back.

That's right, bitches. Learn your places and don't ever talk about your superiors that way, Karin smirked.

She sighed and rested her chin on her palm and stared at the board filled with equations with a bored expression on her face.

The chattering died when Kakashi entered the room and told them to copy the notes written on the blackboard.

Karin took out her notebook and her pen and started copying. She needed something to distract her from her thoughts.

Lunch at Konoha Academy's Cafeteria

After ordering her lunch which is a tuna carbonara and with garlic bread and her favorite fruit juice she took a seat at the famous 'Golden Table'.

The Golden Table is made out of pure gold. The reason that it was called the Golden Table other than the fact that it was made out of gold; it's where the most famous students sits during lunch and vacant periods. Unfortunately, Karin thinks that she is famous and therefore has the right to seat there. While all the other students could only glare at her. They were scared to face the wrath of Karin Watanabe.

"What does that girl think she is? How dare she say sit at the Golden Table" A senior girl snarled.

Karin only smirked at her and enjoyed her food.

I'd like to see you die out of jealousy, bitch, Karin thought.

Later that night

Karin yawned and let the book drop on her table. She has been reviewing for her Calculus exam tomorrow. Getting up from her chair, she jumped on her bed and turned on the television.

Guess what happened today my viewers! Uchiha Sasuke was spotted at Yamamoto Sai's exhibit. We all know that Haruno Sakura and Yamamoto Sai have a relationship what we don't expect is that Sasuke going to the exhibit and have a fight between Sai. Am I sensing a love triangle on the way? After all Sasuke and Sakura attended the same school before Sakura moved to Paris. Did they have a relationship before Sakura moved? We all knew that the two are doing a movie together which will start shooting next week. The two men have exchanged few words before Sasuke left. What could have happened? We are still trying to contact Sakura but still no response. This is getting so exciting I nev-

Karin turned the television off.

One minute she is kind to me now she is flirting with Sasuke! That doubled face, whore! I mean she already have Sai now she has Sasuke on her tail too. What on earth is happening? I better do something!

Karin quickly left her room and headed to Ayame's room. She turned the knob and entered the room. She went to the mahogany table where the Ayame's laptop was left opened. She looked at the files they mostly contained about the company until she accidentally went to the file where Sakura's schedule was written. Karin smirked.

Monday Evening: Music Video Shooting- Waterfront Hotel.

Closing the file, Karin rushed towards her room to change.

Waterfront Hotel

They were shooting the music video at the rooftop of the hotel. Sakura has a harness attached to her since they are shooting the part where she would jump off the hotel and break through the glass window on the 67th floor. They can't find a double since they don't know any girl at Sakura's age with freaking pink hair and besides Sakura was up to the challenge.

"Sakura-sama, you don't have to do this. We could easily find a double for you" Ayame said worriedly.

Sakura smiled at Ayame, "You worry too much, Ayame-chan. I have a harness on me so don't freak yourself out"

"Get on your places everybody!" The director shouted.

"Be careful, Sakura-sama" Ayame said her voice full of concern for her mistress.

Sakura nodded and stepped at the edge of the rooftop. She looked down and her eyes widened at the height of the hotel. The cars look like little ants. Sakura was never afraid of heights but at the moment she regretted saying that she doesn't need a double.

There's no turning back now, Sakura thought as she prepared to jump.

Unknown to all of them Karin was there, a knife in her hand. The redhead was smirking as she looked at Sakura who is preparing to jump.

Something's wrong, Ayame thought. She always know that something bad is going to happen whenever she get this feeling she is feeling right now.

The green haired secretary looked at Sakura who is singing the lyrics before jumping and her eyes widened when she saw the harness' damaged part.

"STOP!" Ayame shouted.

All the crew looked at her even Sakura. She rushed to Sakura and took off the harness herself.

"Ayame-chan, what's wrong?" Sakura asked clearly confused on the actions of her secretary.

Ayame looked at the stunt director and ushered him to get closer. The stunt director went towards Ayame.

"The harness' has a damaged part!" Ayame said as she pointed the almost cut harness.

The stunt director looked confused, "But we just bought this harness this morning. I even checked it myself before putting it on Haruno-san"

Sakura looked around and spotted Karin who is already making her way towards the exit.

"Ayame-chan, stay here and clear things up. I'm going to run a little errand" Sakura said and left.

Sakura followed Karin and ended up on the girls comfort room.

"Why are you here Karin?" Sakura asked.

Karin smirked, "Am I banned on this hotel?"

Sakura shook her head, "But that still doesn't answer my question"

Karin smiled evilly and showed Sakura the knife that she is holding. Sakura gasped and ran but Karin caught up easily since Sakura is wearing high heels compared to Karin who is wearing flats.

Karin caught hold of Sakura's pink locks and shoved her towards the comfort room again.

"You listen to what I have to say and listen well" Sakura nodded and whimpered.

"You're a good for nothing whore. You're a bitch in my life. If you didn't come back then maybe Sasuke and I are still together and I'm still living my life" Karin held the knife to Sakura's neck dangerously.

"What do you want from me?" Sakura whispered.

"I want Sasuke to hate you and everybody to see how much of a bitch are you" Karin answered.

"We can talk about this Karin" Sakura said.

Sakura had enough, first she threaten her with a knife then she orders her like a freaking maid! If Karin thinks she's a bitch then she'll show her how bitchy Sakura Haruno can be.

"Is it my fault that Sasuke thinks that I'm more attractive than you? Is it my fault that people hates you and they fucking love me? Maybe you should start changing yourself but I would advice you to change your hair and the- OW!" Karin yanked Sakura's hair harder.

Sakura hit a very sore spot. No one insults the hair!, Karin thought angrily.

"NO! I'm here to warn you. Stay away from Sasuke or else" With that Karin left leaving Sakura stared in disbelief.

Did she just threaten me with a knife just to stay away from Sasuke?

Well judging from what happened minutes ago then yes.

It's Sasuke she should warn.

CHA! Oh… If only I can control your body that Karin is already ripped in pieces by this time.

Sakura sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. She straightened her crumpled clothes and hand combed her hair. When she got back on the set the director decided to postpone the shoot and rescheduled it after four days to give the creative group some time to think about a new setting and location since Ayame is dead set on not having Sakura jumping off a hotel.

"Sakura-sama, you have a message" Ayame handed Sakura her phone.

Dear Bitch,

Do you know what H.I.M means? It means HE IS MINE!

Sender: Unknown Number

Message Received: 9:57 p.m.

Sakura knew that it was Karin. She sighed and massages her temples.

This is too much for a girl to handle in one day.

"Ayame-chan, let's go home"

To Be Continued.

Author's Note: Just to let you know that this isn't the type of story where Karin is only ALL WORDS BUT NO ACTION. In this story Karin will try everything just to get Sakura out of the way. She will not be the entire typical fangirl-stupid-bitch- not intelligent Karin who squeals when she sees Sasuke like there is no tomorrow and doesn't care about her grades like in other stories.