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Summary: AU. Vampires and other creatures of the night have a high ranking in social society. Dalton is a special school where all creatures, including humans, come together to learn. Blaine Anderson being a old, powerful, and respected vampire works as a professor. He meets his newest fledgling by accident in a little coffee shop. After a year of 'dating' the boy, his father dies leaving him no one but Blaine. Now with a new fledgling in tow, Blaine goes back to teach at Dalton, also enrolling his new fledgling. Some don't see the new fledgling like most do. Some hate and taunt when Blaine or his friends aren't around. Kurt won't let that slide. That's just not the way it goes, and he's going to make sure they know it.

Rating: M

Warnings: Character death, M/M, Language.

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New Blood

A New Beginning

Kurt felt the cold raindrops splatter against the back of his neck and face as he stood there. He didn't care that the expensive suit he was wearing was currently getting soaked with the heavy downpour. He didn't care his shoes were caked with mud or the fact that his hair was completely ruined and slicked down, sticking to his face and falling in front of his eyes. He didn't care about anything anymore, nothing was left.

A strong wind pushed through the cemetery causing a shiver to run through his body and rain to prick his eyes. He slowly reached up to rub his eyes, trying to stop them from stinging. He couldn't tell if it was the rain or his own tears that burned at that point. He felt his teeth begin to chatter and suddenly wished he had taken Blaine's advice and brought a jacket.

Suddenly something warm and heavy was dropped on Kurt's shoulders, causing him to jump slightly. Large hands gently squeezed his shoulders before pulling away. "Blaine?" Kurt asked, confused as to why the vampire was standing next to him. "You promised you wouldn't come until after the service…"

"It's been over for three hours, Kurt." Blaine said over the roar of the rain. "You've been standing here ever since."

Kurt blinked in surprise, quickly looking around the grave sight and frowning when he noticed all the people who had come to his fathers burial were gone. He pulled the jacket closer around him, rubbing his nose against the soft fabric. The musky scent of the others cologne and coffee made him realize that Blaine had given him his own jacket. Still hugging it close he looked back to his fathers grave.

"He's not coming back." Kurt whispered, more to himself than Blaine, but he knew the vampire would be able to hear him. He actually smiled slightly when he felt an arm snake around his waist and pull him to Blaine's warm side.

"He's not." Blaine replied, choosing his words carefully. It had been a long time since someone he had cared about had passed on, but he knew Kurt was going through a world of pain right now despite the fact he couldn't remember how it actually felt himself. He felt the teen shiver against another gust of wind and held back a sigh.

"Kurt, I think its time to leave." He said gently, not wanting Kurt getting sick on top of everything else he was going through. As he expected the countertenor stiffened.

"I can't, Blaine…" Kurt practically begged, trying to step out of Blaine's arm, but Blaine didn't let him.

"Kurt, your dad wouldn't you out in the cold and rain getting sick over him." Blaine stated, slowly turning Kurt from the grave.

"But…he…he'll be alone." Kurt whimpered, sniffling slightly. Damn it! He had cried enough hadn't he? Why couldn't he stop? Despite wanting to stay, his feet moved on autopilot as Blaine led him down the path towards the entrance.

"Baby, he can't be alone with your mom right next to him." Blaine said gently, leading Kurt out the entrance and towards the parking lot. He heard Kurt sniffle and mumble a small agreement. He hated seeing Kurt so broken like this. His confident, witty Kurt so hurt and lost.

By the time they had reached Blaine's BMW the rain seemed to be pouring even harder. Blaine quickly dug his keys from the pocket in his jeans to unlock the car and open Kurt's door. Once Kurt slipped in he quickly closed the door and walked to the other side, becoming a blur with the rain as he used inhuman speed to get there faster. He slid in and closed his door before sticking his key into the ignition, the car purring to life instantly when he turned it. He fiddled with the knobs to turn on the heat for Kurt when he heard the others teeth clattering together. He turned in his seat and reached into the back to pull the blanket he always kept on the back seat for Kurt. Humans tended to get colder easier than vampires did, and he had noticed early on in knowing Kurt that the boy got cold a lot faster than most.

"Here." Blaine whispered as he unfolded the blanket and draped it over Kurt. He leaned forward and pulled the seatbelt over the unmoving teen's chest, clicking it into place. After turning the radio station to Kurt's favorite he clicked his own seatbelt in and put the car in drive, rolling out of the parking lot. Kurt still hadn't spoken, and to be honest it was starting to make him feel a little uneasy. He knew the countertenor was upset, but Kurt always had a comment to spare. Finally having to slow down and stop for a red light he reached over and placed his hand over Kurt's thigh, squeezing gently. "I'm right here Kurt, and I'm never leaving." He said over the soft hum of the radio in the background.

"Until I get too old." Kurt whispered softly, looking out the passenger window. The warm had on his thigh felt like the only thing anchoring him down and he was glad it didn't move once the car started forward again. Another squeeze was given before Blaine spoke again.

"Never, even if you get wrinkles and loose all your hair." Blaine replied, glad to be getting some kind of reaction from Kurt, even if it was one of his most hated subjects to talk about.

"Hmm." Was all Kurt said in reply. He breathed in deeply, smelling the same scent he had on the jacket only now it was stronger without the rain washing it away. The smell of Blaine calmed him, grounded him it seemed. He looked towards the windshield again, wondering where they were headed. As if Blaine had read his mind, and no he couldn't since Kurt had made sure to get that question out of the way as soon as possible when they had met, Blaine spoke up.

"I'm taking you to my apartment." Blaine said quietly, turning a corner before speaking up again. "That alright?" He thought to throw in, not wanting Kurt to think he was making all his decisions for him. No, he had learned his lesson for that many times over and he didn't care for a repeat.

"That's fine." Kurt whispered, closing his eyes. He was so tired and he really didn't care where he was as long as Blaine was with him. The vampire was the only thing he had. Carole and Finn had offered their home but he knew the woman would be uncomfortable with the son of the dead man she had grown to love living with her.

Blaine finally pulled up to the large apartment complex that was his temporary home on the weekends. The only reason he had it was because of Kurt. He hadn't wanted to have to drive back and forth the two hours separating them all weekend, especially not wanting Kurt to drive at night. He pulled up to the parking garage entrance and reached up to press a little button on the black box attached to his visor. The gate slowly opened allowing him to drive through and park in his normal spot.

Kurt unbuckled his seatbelt when Blaine turned off the car and pulled off the wet blanket before folding it and throwing it back on the back seat where it had been. "Do you want your jacket?" He asked, secretly wishing he could keep it on. He was still freezing and it wasn't like Blaine was affected by the cold that much.

"Of course not." Blaine scoffed playfully, opening his door and zooming to Kurt's side before the teen could even reach the door handle. He grinned at the other when he scowled, stepping out and letting Blaine shut the door behind him. He hit the little button on his keypad to lock the car before taking Kurt's hand and pulling him towards the elevator on the other side of the parking garage.

"Will you ever grow out of the gentleman stage, or will you forever be stuck in the fifties?" Kurt quipped, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"Hey, don't trash the fifties, I was there and it was awesome." Blaine replied, glad some of Kurt's wit was returning even if he was making fun of him. "Besides, I know you love it." He grinned when he heard a soft snort in reply. He pushed the little arrow for the elevator and was glad it dinged quickly, opening its doors.

Kurt leaned against Blaine as they rode the elevator up to the top floor. Why the man had to be so cocky and get the most expensive room in the most expensive vampire apartment complex when he only used it on the weekends was completely beyond him.

The elevator dinged and Kurt allowed the slightly shorter vampire to pull him out and down the hallway. They had passed a few other vampires but all they did was nod in Blaine's direction who ignored them completely. He looked around the halls, trusting the vampire to lead him. The sound of keys clanking together pulled him from a weird looking wolf painting and he blinked since he hadn't noticed they had already reached Blaine's door.

Blaine pushed his door open, letting go of Kurts hand to place his on the small of the countertenor's back to push him inside. Once they were both inside he pulled the door closed and locked it back. He heard Kurt's soft footsteps head towards the bathroom as he headed for the large bedroom. He glanced at the clock on the night stand and was surprised to find it already past eight.

He had spent all day with Kurt, trying to help him relax for the funeral. He had then been banished from attending since some of Burt's friends had been avid vampires haters. That didn't mean he didn't actually attend though. He had just made sure he stayed out of view sitting on a large branch on an oak tree on the other side of the cemetery. No way was he going to leave the boy he loved so much to go through it alone. Sure his friends had been there with him, but they hardly offered anything they hadn't already.

Kurt walked into the room with one of Blaine's bathroom towels rubbing at his damp hair. He had pulled off the wet jacket and draped it over his arm on his trek to the bedroom. Glancing to the clock he sighed and walked over to the desk on the other side of the room, draping the damp jacket over the computer chair so it could dry. He walked over to the dresser and opened his drawer to pull out a clean pair of boxers and pajama bottoms that had little music notes stamped all over them. They had been a gift from Blaine, and they were the biggest comfiest ones he had. Closing his drawer back he smiled slightly as he caught himself considering it his again. It might as well be with the number of weekends he had spent here, it was like his second home. He felt arms wrap around him and he instantly leaned against Blaine, closing his eyes.

"Do you want something to eat?" Blaine asked hopefully, not too surprised when Kurt shook his head. "Alright, I'm going to go clean up then." He said kissing the teen's soft cheek before leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. The fact was that even though he and Kurt had been 'dating' for a year they still hadn't done much more than heavy make out sessions. It didn't bother Blaine at all as long as he still got to be with Kurt. The boy drew him in like no other human ever had before and he found himself taking extra precaution with how far he took things and how hard he pushed.

Kurt smiled when he heard the door softly click shut behind Blaine. It had been over a year and the older vampire still left the room for him to dress or undress like a true gentleman. He shook his head slightly when Blaine's comment from earlier floated around his head. Pulling the wet suit from his body was a bit of a challenge but he finally managed, throwing the wet fabric into the hamper in the corner of the room. He pulled on the boxers and pajama pants he had pulled out earlier before walking over to the dresser again, digging through one of Blaine's drawers for a t-shirt. He finally found a black one with a yellow batman symbol, snorting at the thought of Blaine standing in line at one of those geeky comic book conventions. He pulled it over his head before crawling into the king-sized bed and slipping under the silky blue sheets.

Blaine knocked on the bedroom door, entering when he heard Kurt call out an ok from the other side. He had dried off as well and had chosen simple black pajama bottoms and a white tee to wear. He smiled at Kurt when he saw that he had already crawled under the sheets and blanket. He closed the door behind him before walking over and crawling over him, pressing his forehead to Kurt's. "Are you alright?" He whispered, gently running his thumb over the boy's high cheek bone.

Kurt stared up at him with tired, sad eyes before reaching up and running his fingers through the vampire's loose, damp curls. "No." He whispered back, closing his eyes.

Blaine frowned and pressed his lips to Kurt's. He leaned back slightly holding back a growl when he caught sight of one those dreaded band-aids that the younger teen used to hide his mark. He reached over and gently pulled the stupid thing off. He smiled at the two dark little puncture wounds against Kurt's pale neck, running his thumb over them slowly. "Why do you insist on covering them, are you ashamed?" Blaine asked, leaning down and running his tongue over the two little punctures, loving the way Kurt shivered beneath him.

"No, I just didn't think letting them be out in the open today would be very smart." Kurt explained softly, closing his eyes as Blaine began to place kisses along his neck. Blaine was lucky in Kurt's opinion. Everyone he loved were vampires, or other creatures that didn't die so easily. Well everyone except him he supposed. He slowly opened his eyes and reached up again to cup Blaine's cheek. Would an eternity be worth it? Would he be happy forever, or would he regret turning into what Blaine was a few years from now? Did he care at the moment? Hell No.

"Do it."

Blaine blinked leaning back and looking into Kurt's beautiful glasz colored eyes. "What?" He whispered a little confused. Was Burt's death finally affecting him fully?

"Turn me." Kurt pleaded, looking up at him while tears rolled down his cheeks. "Please." he whispered.

"Kurt…" Blaine said in shock. Was Kurt finally letting him do what he wanted from the first day he had met him? No…Kurt was in an emotional panic from his fathers funeral. "Kurt, I don't think that would be a good idea right now…"

"D-Do you not want me anymore?" Kurt whimpered, his heart clenching in his chest at the thought.

"What? Of course not!" Blaine said quickly. "I just don't want you to do this and regret it once everything is frozen in place, baby."

"Blaine, please." Kurt began, his hands shaking slightly. "I…I don't have anything left to live for." he whispered, closing his eyes as more tears rolled down his cheeks.

Blaine stared down at Kurt, his dead heart aching at the sight of so much sadness and desperation flittering across the beautiful pale face. Hadn't he prepared himself for this tonight anyways? Hadn't he drank from five different donors the day before just so he would have plenty to feed Kurt with when he changed him? Yet again he had done this every time he knew he was going to see Kurt, ready to change the teen whenever he asked or whenever it was needed.

"Kurt, are you sure you want this right now?" Blaine whispered, reaching down and wiping the tears from Kurt's soft face. "Once you do this, there is no going back to what you were before.."

"Please." Kurt begged, looking up at Blaine with watery eyes. He trusted Blaine. He loved Blaine. His father had told him if it was what he wanted, he would support him completely when he came to his decision. Why should he not?

Blaine smiled down to Kurt happily. It wasn't what he had imagined for this certain event, but it was still happening nonetheless. He bent down to Kurt's ear as he took the teen's smaller hand in his. "I love you, Kurt Hummel, and you shall always be mine as long as you walk this earth." He whispered before pressing his lips to Kurt's.

Kurt felt the others tongue swipe his bottom lip and opened his mouth in return, moaning into Blaine's mouth as they shared a deep passionate kiss. When they finally broke away Kurt was breathless and he could feel his heart beating against his chest.

"I love you too, Blaine." Kurt whispered once he could breathe again, smiling at the dazzling smile Blaine gave to him in return. He tensed nervously when Blaine pulled him up to straddle his lap. He blushed when Blaine pulled off his shirt then his own, looking away because the vampires chest did things to him when he saw it.

"No Kurt, look." Blaine whispered, placing his fingers under Kurt's chin and gently turning his head so he could look him in the eyes. "I need you to listen to me." He said seriously, moving with Kurt in his lap to lean against the headboard.

Kurt nodded mutely, staring into Hazel eyes he had come to love so much. He reached up and ran his fingers through the soft black curls again, trying to keep his nervous feelings from showing.

"I am going to drain you." Blaine began, placing his hands on Kurt's hips as the other tensed again. "It will feel pleasurable at first like normal, but when I begin to take more, you'll start feeling weak." Blaine explained, reaching up and pushing Kurt's damp bangs from his face. "Don't panic, I'm old enough and have had enough fledglings to know when to stop."

Kurt smiled at Blaine and nodded. He was still extremely nervous and he didn't know that Blaine explaining it all to him beforehand was helping or not.

"Then I will give you my blood…" Blaine trailed off. "You will feel nothing but pain for a long time Kurt." He whispered. "Are you sure you want this?"

Kurt paled at the pain part but nodded stubbornly at Blaine when he asked if he wanted the change again. "I'm sure, Blaine." Kurt whispered, smiling sadly. He gasped out surprised when he was flipped back on the soft bed on his back. "Blaine?"

"Shh…." Blaine whispered, smiling down at Kurt lovingly. He slowly leaned down, running his tongue across Kurt's neck before opening his mouth and flashing his fangs at Kurt before biting down in the frail neck.

Kurt gasped, his back arching. "Blaine!" He cried out, reaching up and digging his nails into Blaine's bare back. "Oh god Blaine…yes." Kurt whispered, feeling a warm heat spread throughout his body. He had always enjoyed when Blaine had bit him, but he had never felt Blaine suck so hard before. "Blaine.." he whimpered, feeling a different kind of heat in another part of his body. He moved his hips slightly, trying to get comfortable again but before he could move too much he began to feel weak. Suddenly the heat he enjoyed was gone and his eyelids felt heavy. He could hear Blaine suck from his neck and he smiled lazily. "Mngh.." was all he managed to say before his hands fell from Blaine's back, landing next to his sides. He flexed his fingers, noticing he was slowly loosing the feel of them.

Blaine pulled back from Kurt's neck, licking his lips as he looked over Kurt with a fond smile. He gently pulled the boy's head into his lap before biting into his own wrist. He pressed the wound to Kurt's mouth, resisting a chuckle when Kurt actually managed a disgusted look in his half dead state. "Drink, Kurt." He commanded softly, growling loudly when the boy began to lick at the wound.

Kurt had never tasted anything like this before! It was better than anything he had ever tasted before. It was so sweet and warm that he couldn't help but reach up and pull Blaine's wrist closer to his mouth where he began to suck on the wound, moaning when the blood seemed to pool in his belly.

Blaine hissed feeling Kurt suckle against his wrist. "Yes, that's right." Blaine said, reaching down with his free hand to run his hand through Kurt's still damp hair. Not long after the boy was sucking mouthful after mouthful rapidly. Blaine grimaced as he felt himself weaken and began to pull his wrist away. He wasn't surprised when the other groaned and held on tighter. "Let go, Kurt." he whispered, prying his wrist away gently. The wound healed quickly and Blaine moved Kurt from his lap to the pillows.

"Blaine! That was amazing! Why have you never given it to me before?" Kurt asked, giggling afterwards, having the sudden urge to roll around the bed like a loon. He felt Blaine's large hand push against stomach, keeping him from giving into the urge.

"You would of gotten addicted, surely you read about it in class?" Blaine asked as he waited for the change to begin. He couldn't help but smile at the way Kurt was grinning up at him. It was a large improvement from the frowns and sad eyes from earlier. He felt Kurt tense and got ready.

Kurt whimpered as his body temperature seem to rise suddenly. His head began to swim and his stomach churned violently. "Blaine…I…" He began but couldn't finish his sentence. His blood! It felt like it was on fire! His head felt like it was splitting in two! "Blaine!" Kurt screamed, reaching up to claw at his skin, trying to get the blood out. He howled out in frustration when Blaine pinned his hands above his head, preventing him.

Four hours had passed before Kurt's screams died down to small whimpers and moans. Another two hours and the fledgling was out. Blaine considered the countertenor lucky, considering his own change had lasted eight hours. He planted kissed all over Kurt's sleeping face, smiling when he moaned and turned on his side away from him. He pulled the blankets up around the teen to make sure he was warm before rolling over to the bedside table and picking up his phone. He scrolled through his contacts until he found the one he was looking for. He listened to the ringing patiently, smiling when a snappish Wes answered.

"Blaine, this better be good." Wes snapped, looking across his bed at his own fledgling who was purring contentedly at him.

"I need a bigger room, and Dalton has gained a new student." Blaine said quickly. Silence met his ears before a bright laugh echoed from the other side.

"About time you turned him, Blaine." Wes amended. "I thought Nick was acting a little strange earlier."

"What about Jeremiah?" Blaine asked, running a hand through his hair then down his face.

"We haven't seen him around lately." Wes said quietly. "Don't worry about it Blaine, we'll get everything taken care of and brief the rest of the staff and students."

"Thank you, Wes." He muttered then tilted his head as thought. "Make sure you have quite a few donors lined up, I think Kurt is going to have to be fed every four to five hours for a while." He glanced over to said boy when he rolled over, his face flawless as usual. "I can't wait until you meet him Wes…he's amazing."

"Yes, yes. We've all heard it before. Be careful on your way here tomorrow, you know Lima isn't a safe zone."

"I know, Wes." Blaine said before ending the call. He looked over towards his fledgling and a small graced his lips. His fledgling. He stood up weakly, sighing as he rubbed the back of his neck. Kurt had taken more from him then he had realized. He quickly walked over to the mini-fridge in the room and pulled out a few medical bags filled with blood. He began to gulp them down , knowing Kurt would wake up soon starving, and since he could only feed from Blaine himself for a while, he would have to make sure he stored up.

Vampire Info:

since my vampires tend to be a little different from others : )

Can they go out ins the sun?: Yes. Fledglings are are very sensitive to it, they just need shades. If they stay out in it for hours at a time, they can get dizzy, or sick to their stomach.

Can they be killed by crosses or other related things?: No.

What can kill them?: Cutting their head completely off, but good luck with that.

Undead army?: Nope! fledglings have to feed directly from their creator for a good 30-60 years before they can actually rely on human blood alone. So having more than two or three at once would be pretty much suicidal. Creators cherish their fledglings and always put them first.

Can they eat normal food?: Yes

Do they sleep?: Fledglings do, but as vampires age they tend to loose the ability.

(A/N) If you have anymore questions about anything don't be afraid to ask!

Thanks for reading!