"Chitty, Chitty, Pow! Pow!"

The car backfired with irritated emphasis.

"Listen!" the Doctor said, hands on his hips as he glared at the car, "I am accustomed to temperamental machinery, but that's just rude!"

The car flared its wings at him. It was an old 1880's roadster, with a barrel shaped engine cover, wood siding, runner boards and old fashioned arc lamps.

It also had a lot of attitude.

The Doctor adjusted his bowtie, offended. He brandished the sonic screwdriver at it, berating. "I don't care what other Time Lord has been working on you, I promised I'd have you up and running by Saturday, and I intend to keep that promise."

The engine growled irritably under its hood, various accessories flashing at him.

"Yes, I know the sonic tickles," the Doctor said consolingly, "but if we want to fix you we haven't got any choice."

The radiator hissed a sigh at him, a column of steam boiling out. The car seemed to settle lower on its tires, resigned.

The Tardis, sitting off in the corner of the tinker's garage yard whooped a dematerialization sound at it. The Doctor grinned at the comment, puffing up proudly, "Exactly! What she said. I'm the Doctor, trust me."

He patted the car and slid gently onto the red leather seats. "Now this won't hurt a bit." He ducked down under the dashboard that was covered with dials and knobs and levers, he tinkered for a bit, the car groaned.

"Now, now..." he said, patting it absently with one hand, his head still stuck under the dashboard, the sound of the sonic screwdriver a shrill counterpoint to the soft shushing of the windmill slowly turning over the house.

There was a sharp crack, the gurgle of fluids. The car shuddered. There was more gurgling, the sound of pressure building, the car seemed to swell, then it backfired sharply. "Bang! Bang!"

A green cloud erupted from the tailpipe, it coalesced into a small smokey green gremlin, chittering and shaking its fist angrily, before it dissipated into the breeze.

"There!" The Doctor said cheerfully, standing up. "I told you we could fix it." He grinned smugly, pocketing his screwdriver.

The car hummed and chubbled to itself happily, bouncing slightly on its tires.

The Doctor petted it like a fond cat. "Gremlins get into everything."

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