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Epilogue: Wherever You Are

They made love to each other again and again on that isolated beach, despite Embry's initial concerns for her well-being. Leah discovered that even after they had gone back to shore and drove back to Honolulu, she carried the memory of that sunlit morning like a secret treasure she could touch and admire any time she chose. Something told her that even after she returned to California to start her tour, the gift that Embry had given her would be there, deep inside her.

The following day Leah just planned to sleep in. She still didn't know what her next move was after they admitted their love for one another. But she didn't want to leave. Leah still had her eyes closed when she felt him lightly walk up her naked torso with his fingertips. She tried to keep her breathing slow and steady as if she were still sleep, but she was pretty sure he caught on to her when he softly chuckled after she shivered.

"Come on, get up beautiful. I have another surprise for you." He said moving his fingers towards the underside of her breast.

Leah refused to open her eyes. "It's not four in the morning again, is it?"

"No, it's almost eleven. But you might want to be all cleaned up and dressed for this surprise babe." He laughed again moving his calloused fingers down to her waist and pulling her forward until she sat up.

Leah exhaled opening her eyes slowly, taking in the stream of sunlight that came through the open window right behind his head. She blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to the light in the room. She saw him dressed in cargo shorts and light blue T-shirt that had his restaurant name written diagonally on it, with another silly grin on his face. She couldn't bring herself to look away from him when he looked like that...so happy.

"Come on move that sexy booty," he grinned kissing her softly on the lips when she narrowed her eyes at him in confusion. "If I have to carry you to the shower this will take all day. And I don't think you want to keep your surprise waiting." He kissed the tip of her nose. "I'm giving you ten minutes before I come back in here for you." He then got up and repeated. "Ten minutes," before he left her in the room alone, shutting the door behind him when he left.

If the surprise was anything like the day before Leah decided she might like Embry's surprises. She got up noticing that he had laid out a cream colored sundress and white sandals on his side of the bed. She hurried and showered and dressed. She was sliding on the sandals when he opened the door walking in what felt like slow motion.

"You ready?" he extended his hand towards her.

Leah nodded taking his hand, he pulled her up from the bed and they walked down the small hallway towards the living room. Someone was standing in the middle of the living room with his arms crossed as he looked at a picture of Embry that was placed on the wall. Leah looked over at Embry in question as the guy with dark black curly hair, jeans and green T-shirt turned towards the thwack sound of her flip flops on her feet. Leah stopped in her tracks.

The man was almost as tall as Embry—give or take an inch or two—he had a baby face, although his facial stubble told that he had to be older than eighteen, he had a bit of muscle stacked onto his gangly frame, his eyes were also hazel just like hers, his dark pink lips were full and he had a full grin on his face as he looked her over once. He was the spitting image of their father.

Leah didn't realize she was just standing there with her mouth hanging open until she felt Embry's hand on the small of her back. "Go say hello to your brother." He whispered pushing her forward a bit.

Seth didn't waste any time after that, taking the five steps it took to get to her, pulling her up in his arms and swinging her around in a circle before setting her on her feet. "It's finally good to meet you Leah." His baritone voice said when he finally placed her on her feet. Leah let the tears flow freely as she held on to her brother for the first time.

Where she had been closed off to people touching her, Seth didn't mind the contact at all wiping her tears away and pulling her down to the couch to speak with her more. When Leah glanced back where she last saw Embry was now empty. He had left the room, leaving her to talk in private with her brother. She loved and appreciated that man all the more for this moment she knew she would have never gotten if she hadn't returned.

"We have so much catching up to do." Leah said when her voice returned to her. And catching up they did. They talked for hours. Leah found out her brother was twenty one born to a woman that her father had a drunken one night stand with. Seth only knew her name, Annabelle Koa, but that was all, she immediately gave him to their aunt Patricia after knowing she wouldn't be able to care for him. Seth said that woman gave birth to him but he would never call her mother. Patricia would always be his mom in his mind, body and spirit.

He then went on to tell that he was in college studying to be a journalist, and at the moment just dating around. Where Leah had suffered, he had been raised well, loved and protected by their Aunt Patricia, knowing that Leah existed but not knowing how to contact her, or find her. Seth said he was angry at their father for being so selfish, and he was sorry he wasn't around to take care of her even though he was eight years younger than her. Leah reassured him it wasn't his fault and they had all the time in the world to talk, hang out and get to know each other now.

Seth was extremely happy when Embry had called asking if he wanted to meet her, and Seth eagerly agreed without hesitation. As they both cried, laughed and shared their past with one another, the day had gone and went. Seth left her with his number and she gave him hers before he left. They hugged and Leah promised he would be seeing alot more of her whether he wanted to or not.

It was only after Seth had left with Austin that Embry stepped out of his bedroom standing closely behind her.

He didn't say anything when she fully turned to face him. "Thank you." she murmured.

"Anything for you." he said softly pushing her hair towards her back and placing a light kiss on her shoulder.

The next day Leah and Embry were in his car driving back from a lunch date they had had at Bry's. It was an amazing date and she was happy to spend time with him to talk about how she felt about reconnecting with her baby brother. Embry was all too happy to listen to her go on and on about what she knew as Leah ate one of the best meals she ever had in her life.

When he turned down a street only a local would know, to get back to his home faster, Leah broke the silence.

"Do you think Sam will try and blackmail either one of us with those photos?" she asked.

"Not a chance," Embry said.

"What makes you so sure?" she asked as she studied his profile. Just the mention of Sam's name made his handsome face tighten with irritation.

"Everyone in the Call family tried to protect Gran from the knowledge of my cousin's occupation. Sam knew that perfectly well when he created the news leak. He knew that even if I thought he had had a part in it, I wouldn't take my suspicions to Gran."

"But then you got angry at him at the luau and Sam got pissed in return and your grandmother found out what everyone was trying to keep from her."

Embry nodded. "Yeah, I regret it, but there's nothing I can do to change that now. Gran will recover. She's tough as an old mule, and more stubborn than Sam. She'll more than likely railroad him into making an honest living in the next several months."

"So you think Emma will be the one to keep Sam from blackmailing us?"

Embry gave her a quick glance of dark amusement. "Yeah, but not directly. Sam just knows that if he ever foes so far as to try and blackmail us, I've got nothing to stop me anymore from informing the cops of what he's up to. Hell I would be all too happy to do it. Gran will end up catching wind of it if I turn him in. I may not have much pull over him, but it's amazing how much pull his portion of Gran's inheritance has on him."

They crested another mountain. Leah looked down over the entire area and the Pacific Ocean. It looked so small from up here… so much less complicated.

"I think I would like to go to the cemetery," she murmured.

His head swung around. "Now? You sure?"

Leah nodded with more confidence than she felt. Still… she knew she was ready, it was time.

They stopped in town and bought two bouquets of fresh flowers. Oahu Cemetery was a historic graveyard located just outside of Honolulu. Leah possessed few memories of the cemetery from when she had come there as a child to bury her father, and she recalled even less from her mother's funeral. As an adult, she realized her parents were laid to rest in a calm setting in the lush Nuuanu Valley. The graveyard was laid out on acres and acres of immaculately landscaped grounds.

To my beloved wife, Sue Marie Nahua.

My spirit flies with you.

Leah sat and thought as the craft made its way across the harbor to Embry's home. My spirit flies with you. Harry Nahua had lost a vital part of himself the day his wife had passed away. He had been devastated. He saw himself as an empty shell and yet he remained on this earth, forced to exist in his own brand of hell.

Forced to remain behind with a daughter who was a daily, hourly reminder of what he had lost.

"It wasn't an excuse for him to treat you the way he did." Embry said after he had pulled up to his boat and stood to secure it.

"No," Leah agreed. She met his eyes. "But I understand him a little better now, I think."

He stepped onto the deck of the houseboat and put a hand out for her. He stopped her when she started to walk toward the door. She turned to him, a question in her eyes.

"Are you going back to California soon, Leah?"

"I'll have to… in a few days, anyway. I need to start planning my tour."

He stared at her with eyes like smoking embers. "What would you say to me…" he paused as if he were the uncertain one for once, "…coming with you?"

Leah stepped closer and opened her hand over his angular jaw. "What about Bry's?"

"Quil, Becca, Jared and Gran can hold down the fort until we return love. You have to get breaks in there some time right?" he spanned both of his hands on her hips, using his thumbs to massage part of her belly and sides soothely.

Leah nodded, "You would leave this paradise you created behind to be with me?" Leah closed her eyes and held her breath for the answer she didn't know if she was ready to hear yet.

"Look at me," he demanded softly squeezing her hips softly to get her attention.

Leah opened her eyelids slowly meeting his smoky-fired gaze. He looked at her intensely for a few moments refusing to answer the question she really needed the answer to. She sighed when he swooped his head down and slanted his mouth over hers, giving her a breath taking kiss that immediately went to her core.

He nipped at her bottom lip playfully before pulling away giving her a relaxed, satisfied smile. "Where ever you are is my paradise. I love you."

"As I love you." she finally exhaled the breath she had been holding.

He then pulled her up into his arms kissing her deeply, thoroughly, possessively as he carried her bridal style into his houseboat where they continually made love into the dark of the night.

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