Delfim: As promised, here it is, the Naruto/Digimon crossover.

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Delfim: Okay, on with it.

Chapter 1 Meeting new friends

In the village of Konoha, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the people were chatting happily… and a kid was running away from a mob.

Naruto was running through the street, panting as the hours of running were starting to take a tool on him. Behind him, a mob was chasing the kid with every kind of weapons, even broken bottles. What kind of monsters could chase a 5 year old kid with the intent of killing him?

To tell the truth, the kid could not be considered a normal kid. And all because of an event that happened the day he was born. The Kyubi had attacked, killing everyone in its path. A great part of Konoha was destroyed because of it. That is, until the Fourth Hokage sacrificed his life to seal the beast in a child, Naruto.

(Ego: Oh oh oh, wait a minute! He gave his life, and he didn't kill the thing?

Delfim: Ego, I already made a Naruto fanfiction and you should know this already. Yes, he gave his life and no, he didn't kill him.

Laurelene: You're kidding, right?

Delfim: Well, that is how people do things there. What do you want me to say? Now shut up and let the chapter continue.)

Then the most impressive thing happened.

********Author Style: Flashback no jutsu******

(Laurelene: Uau, what the hell is that?

Ego: Delfim found a dark scroll of jutsus. He has learned them all and he uses them in his stories.

Delfim: Could you guys stop interrupting my story? God damn it!

Ego and Laurelene: Sorry.)

Hiruzen Sarutobi, know to all as the Third Hokage, came towards the child left on the ground, his heart filled with remorse. Jiraya was next to him, walking with his heart as heavy as his master.

"So, he is dead." Said Jiraya.

Sarutobi nodded. "Yes, but his son lives! That is the most important.

Jiraya nodded. "Yeah… wait, something is wrong!"

Sarutobi turned and indeed something was wrong. A bubble of thick red chakra surrounded Naruto, incasing him and making him invisible to all around him.

"What the hell is going on, Jiraya? Shouldn't the seal only let a tiny bit of Kyubi's chakra to pass to the kid?" asked Sarutobi in fear.

That is when Jiraya's face became one of shock. "This is a tiny bit! Think about it, it's the Kyubi we are talking about! Probably the chakra was too much and while the distributing part of the seal is working well, the filtering of it isn't due to the sheer amount of it!"

They watched in silent awe as the bubble faded, leaving the baby on the floor. But he no longer was human. His human ears were gone to be replaced by two on top of his head; in his back, one blood red tail swished back and forward; is eyes were pure red, but one could see they were not angry or filled with hatred, but happy and curious.

Both man stood shocked. They knew that him being a jinchuuriki was already bad enough and that many people were going to try and do him harm. But now that he was… a half kitsune, he would be downright hated!

Even so, Sarutobi took him to the village, sending Jiraya to gather information with his spy network. He just hoped that the village would be more humane than what they where hoping.

**********Author Style: Flashback no jutsu: Kai********

Guess not.

But Naruto was as tricky as a fox. Running towards the Hyuga compound he yelled inside "Hyuga haters! Hyuga Haters on the street."

The Hyugas didn't recognize the voice, but responded immediately. They flooded the street and started yelling at the mob, who cowered in fear at seeing the wall of furious Hyugas.

Naruto laughed as he kept running towards the Hokage tower.

********In the digital world*******

Azulongmon was watching Naruto's universe, Naruto in special. He laughed at the way the kid acted and had diverted the attention from him. His pranks and the way he got out of trouble were incredible and funny to watch. He then thought to himself. Could it be…

He then went towards a stack of papers which had a sign saying "Tamer requests" He then grabbed one of the sheets and read it.

Dear Azulongmon.

I am a Yellow Viximon, type data and element holy and I would like to have a tamer. My requirements are the followed:

1-He can think on his feet and improvise.

2-He has surviving skills and fighting abilities.

3-Is hardworking.

Thank you for your time.

He then grabbed another paper and read.

Dear Azulongmon

I am a Purple Viximon, type virus and element dark and I would like to have a tamer. My requirements are the followed:

1-He has a wicked mind, with the ability to cause chaos and mischief.

2-He has surviving skills and fighting abilities.

3-Is hardworking.

Thank you for your time.

He grabbed one final paper and read it.

Dear Azulungmon

I am a Blue Viximon, type vaccine and element ice/aquatic and I would like to have a tamer. My requirements are the followed:

1-He has a daring attitude and is brave.

2-He has surviving skills and fighting abilities.

3-Is hardworking.

Thank you for your time.

He looked at the papers, than looked at Naruto. Well, he is smart, I saw the way he gets rid of trouble. He has a wicked mind, if his pranks are anything to go by, and he is rather daring, because even though the village hates him, he keeps doing this impressive stunts! I will call this three here. Perhaps it's time this Naruto had some luck on his life.

*********With the Third Hokage**********

Sarutobi was sighting. The paperwork was killing him slowly. He was almost sure that the council had poisoned the paperwork, because he felt like he was losing strength and will as he treated paper after paper. I really need something to take my mind out of this.

"Oji-san!" Yelled Naruto as he entered the office through the window. Sarutobi had just one thought in mind. Thank Kami for Naruto.

"Naruto, good to see you boy. But why are you entering through the window?" asked Sarutobi as Naruto rounded the table were we worked, the tail being the only thing he could see as Naruto walked in all fours. He walked on all fours just as easily as on two legs, but he preferred to walk on all fours because he could run faster that way.

"The lady in the front didn't let me in. She said that demons were not allowed to see the Hokage." Answered Naruto sadly.

Sarutobi got an evil shine in his eyes. "She said that, huh?" when Naruto nodded, Sarutobi pressed a button. "Marie? You are fired!" he then stopped pressing the button and turned to Naruto "Now then, I think it is time to say Happy birthday, Naruto."

"Thanks, oji-san!" yelled Naruto.

"So, what would you like, Naruto. Today is your birthday, so you can ask for whatever you want."

Naruto thought, then pointed to the Hokage's hat. "I want to wear that, just a bit. Can I oji-san?"

Sarutobi was shocked, but agreed. He grabbed the hat and put it on Naruto's head. It was funny how he would struggle with his ears so the hat would fit. "Why did you want to wear the hat, Naruto?"

"Because one day, I will be the one wearing it for real!" said Naruto as he smiled to Sarutobi. "I'm going to be the best Hokage ever! Believe it!"

Sarutobi laughed "Very well, I believe you, boy. Now I want you to try and avoid people today, okay?"

"Can I go to the forest? The one that says training ground 44?"

Sarutobi would be shocked, if he didn't knew that Naruto had been there before. He knew from Anko, who found the kid sleeping in the forest. It looked like the forest was trying to protect him as he was hidden by the plants and animals attacked her if she came close.

"I suppose, but leave Anko alone."

"You know I will, nee-chan is one of the persons I care about!" Sarutobi laughed as Naruto called Anko, one of the scariest Kunoichi ever, sister. "See you old man."

"Be careful Naruto."

And with that, the young half-kitsune left the place.

********With Azulongmon********

He had just showed the three of them Naruto. Then he turned to them "Is there any question?"

The yellow one came forward. "Yes, yes there is. Why are we all here and why did you show us that boy, is he going to be the tamer of one of us?"

"Why yes." Answered Azulongmon. "yes he will… of the three of you."

The three were shocked. The black kitsune was the first to react. "You mean you are going to give him…"

"Yes, the omnivice. I will give him the omnivice."

"But sir, not that I'm belittling the boy, but why him?" asked the blue one.

"Well, because he falls on the requirements of the three of you, and because, as you saw, he has had a miserable life. Yet, he is still an happy and friendly kid. He needs friends, and with the three of you, I hope he will get it. Besides, I know we will grow up on you quickly." He then turned to the yellow one. "You saw that he is smart, and can improvise on the worst of situations." She nodded as he turned to the black one. "You saw his pranks, tell me you didn't like it!" she smirked as he turned to the blue one. "And you saw the look in his eyes, sheer determination! Tell me you didn't like it!"

They looked at each other, then nodded. "Alright, we accept!"

"Very well. I will warn you, though, this world has rules different from the other worlds we are used to. Good luck."

And with that, they were pulled to a digital hole and were gone.

(Ego: What the hell is a digital hole? A digimon's pussy?

Laurelene: While it may mean that, in this case it is an data based portal that allows the travel between the digital and the human world.

Ego: Ha… so Delfim, are you going to make Naruto go to the digital world?

Delfim points a shotgun to Laurelene and Ego: You interrupt the story again and you are dead!

Both gulped and stayed silent.)

********With Naruto*******

Naruto was walking around the forest, enjoying the sights and smells of the place. Unlike most ninjas, he didn't have to look out for the normal dangers of the forest as it welcomed him inside without any of the animals attacking him whatsoever.

He was watching the place when he saw a strange hole appear in the sky, a couple of steps ahead. He ran there and was greeted with a strange sight: three little foxes, one yellow, one dark and another blue were in the clearing.

Now Naruto knew this was weird. He knew that Konoha had an unreasonable hatred towards foxes, so much so, that there were few foxes living now. So it was rare to see two foxes together, much less the three he was watching. But that was not the most fantastic part. They were talking!

"So where to now?" asked the blue one.

"We should try and find Naruto." Said the yellow one.

"Yeah, and how do you purpose we do that, Einstein? You surely don't expect him to just appear out of nowhere, do you?"

Suddenly, as Naruto tried to get closer, he tripped and rolled up until he was in the middle of the three very surprised foxes.

"Huh, what do you know, he appeared!" said the dark one. Then she got thinking and turned to the yellow one. "You surely don't expect a pizza to just appear out of nowhere do you?" and as the others sweatdropped, she turned to look around. Disappointed, she sighed. "Oh well, it was worth a shoot."

Naruto looked at the three of them. "Who are you?"

"We are digimon! We are Viximon, I'm the yellow one, this is the dark one and she was the blue one."

Naruto looked at them. "What?"

The three of them sighed. "This is going to be a problem." Said the dark one.

The yellow one thought a bit, then said. "Fine, listen to me." He turned to her. "Okay, we are digimon, creatures that come from the digital world, okay? We were sent to this world to become your partners!"

"But why me? Most people hate me!" asked Naruto.

This time it was the blue one that answered. "Because you fulfill our requirements!" making the others sweatdrop. "But also because Azulongmon, the one in charge of the tamers requests and all partnerships and all that, thinks you are funny and that you deserve more!"

Naruto was touched by this. Someone out there cared about him. One that wasn't the Hokage or Teuchi or Ayame! His eyes were getting filled with tears as he reached to touch them. As he did, the three began to shine and a ball of light appeared over Naruto as they began to grow.

Naruto fell back as the three began to grow bigger.





And with that the light faded. There stood three tall kitsunes. They were all slim and tall, but each one was different. Renamon was yellow on her fur, her mane was white and her eyes were blue. She had purple armguards and the symbol of the yin yang on her armguards and in light purple in her legs. (See Renamon from digimon tamers series.)

Blackrenamon was just like Renamon but had dark fur, yellow eyes and her armguards were a darker shade of purple. She also had the yin yang symbol, but hers were darker.

Vulpamon was blue in fur, green in eyes and had her armguards were yellow. Again, she had the yin yang symbols, but on the legs they were yellow.

Naruto was shocked, and even more when something fell on his head. He saw that it was a strange device. He looked at them and said "Maybe we should go somewhere where you could explain me everything better."

They nodded at his reasoning and soon, they were gone.

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