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Chapter 10 Fight in the bridge, Upgraded.

Naruto groaned as he woke up, his body was terribly sore, so he guessed he was suffering from Chakra Exhaustion. He looked around to see he was back in Tazuna's house, laying in one of the spare bedrooms.

"Oh you are awake!" Naruto turned to see Palmon entering with two identical pills in her hand. "We found your partners carrying you towards here. Hear you fought a Megadramon."

Naruto winced. "It was a Deltamon, but it evolved to Megadramon in the middle of battle."

"You should have known better. Though I hear congratulations are in order? You did defeat an ultimate and your partners' digivolved." Commented Palmon as she grabbed one of the pills. "Say AH!"

Naruto opened his mouth and let the sour tasting pill go down his throat. Soon his body flared as his chakra was restored. "It was the only thing that saved us. After…" he had to swallow another pill and feel his body flare. "…all, we were facing an Ultimate."

"Understandable, but do be careful next time. You might not be so lucky." Palmon then went to the door and yelled "He is awake!"

Naruto only blinked before he hissed in pain as three foxes jumped on top of him, all extremely worried and checking every part of him as they talked so fast it made Naruto's head spin.

Soon roots entangled all around the three desperate foxes and pulled then away while an annoyed Palmon tapped her… foot?... on the ground repeatedly. Then Palmon's head doubled in size as she yelled "He has just waked up and you are already close to breaking him! Would you girls control yourselves! He is fine!"

The three girls still struggled, but soon gave up, knowing that it was futile to go against Palmon when she was mad. Rose entered the room and saw the situation and just tilted her head while looking at… Fox since Naruto put his mask again.

"Don't ask, Rose. Just go with the flow. Glad that you came to assist me, how are the others?" asked Fox.

Rose did a few hand signs. "No news of Lioness and Gatomon yet? That is odd. They have been out for too freaking long. I hope they are okay." More hand signs. "The Hokage was that bad? This is not good. Old man should rest." A few more hand signs. "Then we better finish this mission quickly so that we can return and deal with these things."

Rose nodded while Palmon scratched her chin in thought. "But… how could Deltamon be here without him being detected by the crystal ball?"

"It has a limit of perception." Explained Renamon. "It only covers the Land of Fire. This is the Land of Waves."

"Ha, got it."

"This is most distressing though." Said Vulpamon. "My battle instincts are flaring high even as the battle is over. I don't think that Deltamon was the only digimon under Gato's rule."

"Well let them come, we will kill the motherfuckers one by one!" said Blackrenamon with glee.

"There is one more problem: Zabuza." Said Naruto. "If you haven't forgot, Zabuza is here, alive and kicking, and he will come after Tazuna. The way I see it Gato will send both Zabuza and whatever digimon or ninja or even rogue he might still have under his orders, which means we are at a big disadvantage."

Rose made some hand signs. Fox read them and shook his head. "That won't work, while these two factors are of great counting, mother and child will be defenseless while we are protecting Tazuna." Rose made more hand signs. "We can't force them to follow us to the bridge nor is it right to bring them to the line of danger so we can keep an eye on them."

"That is troublesome." Said Palmon. "Can't you just leave some clones?"

"It's the best we can do. With a double threat on Tazuna's head, we will both have to guard him." Admitted Naruto. "It still isn't that great of a plan, and has many failings."

Rose did a few more hand signs and Naruto nodded. "Please do that. Those seals will at least grant me some relief." Then he stood quietly for a few seconds before asking "You didn't see Kakashi on the way here, did you?"

Rose nodded. Fox sighed. "What happened? Tell me the details."

********Since I don't know gestural language at all, though you already knew that, here is a flashback********

Rose and Palmon were racing through the woods as they tried to reach the checkpoint in time. The sun was already too high in the sky for their taste, but they had to stay a few moments longer after another impromptu capture of 3 more root ANBU.

"These pests might be useful for Hokage's plan to take down Danzo, but they are annoying." Complained Palmon.

Rose did a few hand signs. "You think I don't know that?" asked Palmon. "I know that if we don't do it, no one else will. I don't know how the rest of the people don't notice them."

A few more hand signs. "Yeah, I know. We were trained, they weren't, but it's still annoying."

Before Palmon could continue her tirade, her mouth was covered by Rose as she made a shh sign. Palmon then heard footsteps and nodded in understanding. Rose let Palmon go and both hid away.

What they saw made both sweatdrop. If this is what passed for ninjas, then no wonder no one saw the root ninja: one emo kid snarling angrily at their teacher, who kept accusing a pale kid of telling too much, who defended himself as following superior orders, all with the background music of Banshee Scream… no, not the awesome music, just Sakura's voice.

Rose did some hand signs and Palmon nodded and both tried to avoid the group. Key word tried as Palmon choose this moment to slip on a root… there are so many ironies in this, I won't even mention them.

The group turned as they heard a soft thud. They saw a plant-like… thing get up from the ground. "SENSEI! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?"

"That is another member of the Hokage's hand. Rose and Palmon." Said Kakashi as he looked around only for Rose to appear and make some hand signs with Palmon yelling "I KNOW! I JUST SLIPPED IN THIS ROOT! FUCKING PIECE OF DEADWOOD!"

"Hum… it's not dead." Said Sai with a smile.

Palmon then turned and stuck her roots on the tree. The tree started to shrivel and die as Palmon took it all from her, absorbing every part of it. Once done, she took her roots and laughed madly. "Well, now she is!" declared Palmon proudly.

This made the group sweatdrop. Rose made some hand signs and Palmon screamed again "So what? You are a species of animal, but you eat cows and chickens to, don't you?" more hand signs. "Oh so when the human does it it's okay, but when the plant here does it it's weird! That is rich…"

"You guys. I was hoping I could talk with you two." Both turned to see Kakashi very close to them.

Palmon wasn't in the mood, though, so she immediately yelled "Hey hey back off! Never heard of personal space?"

Rose did some hand signs and Palmon blanched. "What? You are comparing me to them? Why would you do that?" at more hand signs, Palmon scoffed. "So what if I am screaming a bit, I am still aware of my surroundings!"

To prove her point, she took a kunai from Kakashi and threw it just above Sasuke, cutting through the middle of his hair and hitting a squirrel that was climbing up the tree.

"See? Nailed it!" said Palmon in a confident way, smile plastered in her face as Sakura screamed her head off.

"Hu-hum!" they turned to see Kakashi close to them yet again. "Can I talk with you about something?"

"Only if you stand 30 steps away from us, cause you are starting to creep me out." Said Palmon.

"Come on, there is no need to…" at Palmon's glare, he sighed and went to stand near his team. "Is this enough?"

"It will have to do." Said Palmon. "What do you want?"

"I want you to tell Fox to drop the charges against me and my team." Said Kakashi seriously.

"You and your team?" asked Palmon confused. "We read the complaint. Only you will be penalized since your team's mistakes are of your responsibility. At best they will get a new Jounin sensei. At worst they will have to wait until one is available."

"Listen, can't we put this little transgressions behind our backs? As a token of good will, me and my team will help you in your mission." Said Kakashi with an eye smile.

Which didn't last long as Palmon laughed out loud. "You? Help us? Are you serious? AHAHAHAHAH! You guys look like you couldn't wipe your own ass even if you had a map AHAHAHAHAHAH!" Palmon fell down, clutching her stomach as she beat her fists into the ground, still laughing her ass off

Rose giggled at Palmon's actions. It was insanely funny as hell. Especially considering the fuming team who were giving murdering glances at them.

"I am trying to have a serious conversation here." Tried Kakashi.

"So am I…" with that, Palmon got up. "…and I am failing… and I am sorry for that." Said Palmon, her face betraying her mirth. "It's just I can't stop laughing when an asshole like you try to suck it up to us like we are your alcoholic parents or something."

Kakashi had enough. He charged his hand with lightning and rushed towards them in an attempt to shut them up. Palmon trusted her hand on the floor and her roots came from under Kakashi catching him by surprise and throwing him in the air where he was met with Rose who applied a palm trust in his gut while a seal array appeared covering his body before disappearing. Then she punched his face, sending him crashing to the ground.

The genins were shocked. This was the second time that a member of the Hokage Hand was seen dealing with Kakashi like he was a joke. They hardly put an effort in it. Just what kind of training did these guys do?

"Man that was too easy." Said Palmon while shaking her head. "What do you think?"

Rose did some hand signs "So what if he didn't use the Sharingan. It doesn't mean shit, we would still beat him." More hand signs. "Yeah yeah, I get it don't get cocky and all that crap I know."

Kakashi tried to get up. Seeing that they were distracted, he tried to charge another Raikiri… key word tried, as it never even began. "What?"

"Sealing Jutsu: Void Chakra Seal. As Long as that seal is there, you can't use chakra. Mainly because not only you don't have chakra, but your body only produces enough for you to exist." Explained Palmon. "Now off with you, the Hokage will be able to remove it… if he doesn't arrest you for what you have done."

Kakashi gritted his teeth but decided that without chakra he stood no chance against these two. So he and the team left. As they did, Sai couldn't help but say "Interesting."

Sakura, who never really liked Sai, turned to him annoyed. "What is so interesting?"

"It's the first time I ever saw someone of your family reach higher than chunin." Answered Sai as he pointed to the Hokage Hand members. Even as they left, the pink hair was a dead give away at who was that woman.

********Flashback terminated. Enjoy your fanfiction*******

Fox just shook his head. "That guy just doesn't learn does he?" He then slowly got up, his bones making small pops and crack sounds as they finally got to move. Fox gave a satisfied sigh. "Much better. Come on. We have to prepare those seals. Me and the girls will give you guys a hand…"

It was then that he saw everyone stare behind him. "What?" he then looked and saw what the problem was. Where once was one blood red tail, now there were two. "What the heck? When did I get the upgrade?"

"We noticed it right after you passed out." Said Vulpamon.

"What do you think I should do?" asked Fox.

"I think we should finish the mission quickly, head back to Konoha, and ask the old man what he thinks." Said Blackrenamon. "He should know better. In the mean time, if it doesn't feel bad, then go with it."

"… Might as well. Let's just put the seals in place."

*******At Konoha******

In the Hokage Office, 3 figures were doing paperwork. Two of them were members of the Hokage Hand, Crow and Lunamon, while the third was Iruka. They have been at it for hours, dealing with the minor affairs to let the Hokage spend at least the morning with his grandson.

"Done." Said Iruka as he finished yet another stack. "Pfew. Makes you respect the Hokage huh?"

"Indeed. Things like this are the bane of the Kages but they are necessary." Said Crow. "I just wished that most of it weren't the Council trying to get more power. Denied." The Stamp made a loud noise as it hit the paper hard.

"Again? I already caught 4 or 5 of those." Complained Lunamon. "Denied! What do they want? To bankrupt the village?"

"Never thought I would say this, but I hate the council right now." Said Iruka as he shook his head. "50% less taxes on civilians while increasing the same amount for ninjas. Denied."

Just as they were about to continue, the door opened and in walked the Hokage, looking more well rested and happy. "Thank you all for your help."

"It's okay, Hokage-sama." Said Crow. "We exist to serve you."

"Huh… yeah, I had nothing better to do. Academy is out for vacation after all." Admitted Iruka.

"You still helped me in a time of need, and I am glad for that. Both will receive the payment of a C-rank mission. How does that sound?" asked the Hokage.

"It is very generous of you." Said Crow as he bowed. "Do you require us to continue?"

Sarutobi thought a bit and nodded. "Yes. Just for today, I would prefer to have some help in doing this."

"We are glad to help." Said Iruka.

Crow and Lunamon nodded before everyone sat down and went to tackle paperwork.

"This civilian has a project that could end in a bigger production of food." Said Iruka.

"Interesting, let me read that." Said Sarutobi.

"Reports from missions. I have reviewed them, everything checks." Said Lunamon.

"Put them over there."

"A complaint about the actions of a few Shinobi. Apparently during training they made a lot of property damage." Said Crow.

"Ah… that is a regular occurrence. They always blame the ninjas even when we didn't do anything. Send a team to investigate."

They continued this battle until someone knocked on the door. "Yes?" asked the Hokage. The door opened and the secretary peeked in. "Hokage-sama, Kakashi and his team here to report from their mission."

"Just a second." The Hokage then turned to Iruka. "I will not lie, what you will hear here will shock you. Your students were left with the wrong teacher."

"What? What do you mean?"

"You will see. Send them in." said the Hokage.

Team 7 strode into the room, the only one looking worried was Kakashi. Crow took a slight sniff and smirked. "Had a run in with Rose I see."

Kakashi raised an eyebrow. "Huh… yeah how did you know?"

Lunamon answered that one. "You smell of roots, dirt, and there is a seal array in you. Possibly the Void Chakra seal since it was one of Rose's favorites."

Kakashi narrowed his eyes. "Huh… yes I… well hum…"

"At loss of words, Kakashi?" asked Sarutobi with a smirk as he hold Naruto's letter. "I have all the words I need right here."

Kakashi growled. "Hokage-sama, I must appeal…"

"And you think that even if I allowed you to appeal, that I would choose you over my own students?" asked Sarutobi with a raised brow. "Come on, Kakashi, you are smarter than that."


"No buts, Kakashi! I had enough! If I know of anymore misbehavior, you will…"

"Actually, Kakashi Hatake attacked Hokage Hand member which I believe to be Rose while she and her partner were on their way to assist Fox." Came the voice of Sai as he kept smiling.

Silence fell in the room as Kakashi looked at Sai with fury, Sarutobi turned to observe Sai, Crow raised an eyebrow, Lunamon gasped, Iruka had his jaw hanging and the rest of the team was looking at a still smiling Sai. "Oh I almost forgot. Fox gave me this."

Sai then delivered the parchment that Fox gave him. The Hokage read it over and nodded. "Very well. I will trust your judgment, since you were recommended by Fox. Tell me of Kakashi as a sensei, how would you describe him?"

"Mediocre, at best. He makes teamwork exercises and spends time teaching Sasuke how to perfect his jutsu. In the other spar, Sasuke was able to pull a Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu even though up until then the only fire Jutsu he had was Fireball Jutsu."

Sarutobi took a look at Kakashi, who was sweating beyond belief. "Continue…"

"Sir, he spends the entirety of our missions readying Icha Icha books instead of offering advice or help. He ignores us outside of training except for Sasuke and he seems to believe himself to be too important to be on time, often appearing many hours late."

"Sai, that is…"

"Furthermore, in a battle against Zabuza he made the critical mistake of jumping towards the water, which was an element in which the enemy had a renowned mastery."

"Wait, how the hell did you guys face Zabuza of all people? It was a C-rank mission!" asked an appalled Iruka.

"That one is easy, after facing the Demon Twin Brothers, which proved that the mission was at the least B-rank, Kakashi decided to put the decision of going to vote. I voted on asking for reinforcements, but my teammates believed differently and continued with the mission."

"WHAT?!" yelled an enraged Iruka as he leapt from his place and grabbed Kakashi by the collar of his shirt. "YOU LET THREE INEXPEREINCED GENINS IN A B-RANK MISSION? WHAT THE FUCK IS WORNG WITH YOU THEY COULD HAVE DIED!"

"Actually it's A-rank with Zabuza." Said Sai.

That did it, Iruka yelled as he punched Kakashi straight in the jaw, sending him to the ground. "YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY STUDENTS YOU… YOU!"

"Calm down Iruka." Said Sarutobi, his tone showing he was serious. "He will be punished accordingly. Thank you Sai, is there anything else?"

"Depending on what is reported in that letter sir, it may be all." Said Sai.

Sarutobi nodded before turning to Kakashi. "Kakashi, there are two choices for you. One, you go back to Anbu, though you will never pass the grunt level and privileges. You will work at least 20 hours per day and your missions will always be rank A or higher."

"Sir, that is suicide! I will never have the time to read or…"

"You are being punished, not rewarded! You payment will be cut to 1/5 of its value every time."

"That is not enough for the amount of work I will have to do! There must be something else!"

"Second option, you will become a permanent genin without clearance for Chunin exams and even if you do participate, you will never rise to Chunin nor rise above the privileges of genin rank. Furthermore, you only have clearance for D or C rank missions. If the mission proves to be higher, you alone or your team must abandon the mission that same instant."

"That is even worse!"

"THE LAST OPTION!" yelled the Hokage, tired of being interrupted. "Is that you give up of being a ninja at all. We shall remove your Sharingan eye, your summoning contract, and the ability to manipulate chakra. You will have to find work as a civilian, pay taxes like one, and never meddle in ninja affairs again."


"The decision, however, won't be made until I have heard the people in this room." This surprised all. "Let's start with… Sasuke. What do you think?"

Sasuke looked at his teacher, then asked. "Are there any other Sharingan users in this village?"

"No, he is the only one…"

"Then genin. I need him to teach me how to gain mine and that requires time he won't have as an Anbu. I will even pay it as a mission, as long as he is successful." Said Sasuke, shocking Kakashi that he would only want him for the Sharingan.

"Sakura? It is your turn."

"Hum… I agree with Sasuke-kun." Said Sakura, making Kakashi do a double take on this two.


"I think he would be more useful in the ANBU corps. That way, he may actually do some good for the village by clearing the higher ranking missions that would be lethal to others." Kakashi glared at Sai.


"Absolutely not!" yelled Iruka. "After what he did, allowing him to be a shinobi would be dishonorable. I think being a civilian would do him better." Everyone was surprised at the hatred in his voice.

"Crow? Lunamon?"

Crow narrowed his eyes as he thought about it. Lunamon landed on his shoulder and whispered to his ear. Crow nodded. "We believe that being a genin would be the best. It will teach others that the rules are to be served without it being seen as too severe. Furthermore, he could still be useful to defend Konoha should the need arise."

Sarutobi nodded. "I believe so too. Sorry Iruka, but he might still be useful." Iruka breathed deeply a couple of times to calm himself before nodding to Sarutobi. "Excellent Kakashi, your new rank will be Genin with its privileges and duties. You will be the fourth member of team 7, but you will never participate in any Chunin exam or be given the chance to rise in rank. Your mission clearance is rank D and C missions. Am I understood?"

Kakashi looked around, hoping for help. None came, none cared. All looked at him with different emotions. Sasuke looked at him like a master to a dog, Sakura had pity in her eyes, but she then looked at Sasuke and adopted his look, Sai was smiling, Crow and Lunamon were emotionless. Iruka was fuming at him… literally, and Sarutobi was looking at him with utter disappointment in his face.

Looking down and gritting his teeth, Kakashi muttered through gritted teeth "Understood."

"Then give me your Jounin Jacket, and I better not catch you with even an old Chunin jacket you hear me?"

"Yes… sir…" said Kakashi as he took the jacket and gave it to Sarutobi.

"Good. Anything else?" asked the old man.

"Yeah, who was that Rose girl? She is a Haruno and I would like to know who she is." Asked Sakura.

"What makes you think she is a Haruno?" asked Sarutobi.

"Because she has pink hair!" said Sakura. "Everyone knows that pink is the Sakura clan sign!"

"Well she ain't a Haruno, she never was." Said Crow spitefully. "Simply because she never lowered herself to the level of whore that you guys hold with such pride."

"Crow, that is enough." Said Sarutobi. "Sakura, this information is mine to hold and mine only. To give it to you would cause a breach of confidentiality, especially considering your past as a gossiper."

"But sir!"

"TEAM 7!" yelled Sarutobi. "Leave my office while I decide who will be your new team leader."

Team 7 left the office, knowing that things were about to change.

********With Fox and Rose*******

"That's the last of them." said Fox as he set the last seal.

Rose nodded.

"We should get back to Tazuna before he leaves for the bridge." Said Fox. Both walked out of the forest they were in and went towards Tazuna's house. While this was happening, Fox was checking his cards. "That is weird. Have you ever seen this card?"

Rose looked at the card and went wide eye. The card read "Evolution to Champion" card, with its intent being clearly obvious. At her shaking of head, Fox scratched his hair in thought. "I didn't have this one yesterday. Might be because of the evolution yesterday?"

Rose nodded her agreement. "That makes sense… alright, so who faces who when the time comes?"

Rose thought about it before she did some hand signs. "You want Zabuza? You sure? If Palmon absorbs more digimons, she might get closer to digivolving." At her insistent nod, Fox relented. "Fine… Hey I got a Megadramon and a Deltamon card. Sweet!"

Rose looked at the cards. Apparently, it allowed the use of Triplex Force from Deltamon and Megadramon's Genocide Attack. "This could come in handy…"

Rose nodded. Then she started to write something and showed it to Fox. Fox looked it over. "Might work. There are still many variables though." Rose wrote a few things more. "Yeah, makes sense. Alright, we will use your plan. But you will have to give us that card."

Rose gave him the card he requested. Naruto gave a few more looks into his deck before he said "Oh here, might as well give it to you now." He then gave her 3 cards which had each of his partners' digivolved forms. "I kind of have 9 other of those.

Rose smiled gratefully and both went to meet Tazuna at the front of his house. "Ha, where have you two been?" Asked the bridge builder as he and the digimons had been waiting for them.

"Just adding some security sir." Answered Fox. "We never know when Gato will try a dirty move on your family."

"Well, when you put it that way…" said Tazuna. "Alright, let's go. A lot to build yet."

"Of course sir." Answered Fox.

The group assumed a 6-1-6 lateral formation: Fox, Renamon and Vulpamon were on Tazuna's right side while Rose, Palmon and Blackrenamon were in the other. The formation looked like two parallel lines with Tazuna in between them moving towards the bridge at a secure pace.

They reached the bridge to see the workers dead or close to, with a heavy fog littering the place. "Man, this is no good." Said Fox. "He is here."

"Who?" asked a fearful Tazuna. "Zabuza?"

"I'm afraid so." Said Fox. "TARGET: RENAMON! DIGI-MODIFI: BYAKUGAN!"

Renamon's eyes turned white as she looked around. Then she stopped. "They are over there, in the bridge."

"Okay, are you sure you want to do this, Rose?" Rose nodded and Fox sighed. "Fine, get in there."

Rose and Palmon rushed to the bridge while Fox slashed a card. "TARGET: PARTY! DIGI-MODIFI: FOUR POINT BARRIER SEAL!"

The four of them used sunshin to get to the four corners of the bridge. Fox finished the hand seals himself and then a purple barrier appeared, surrounding the bridge while leaving Fox and partners at its rectangular corners.

"Now it's all up to her." Said Fox. "Tazuna, rest assured, they won't come out anytime soon. You are safe for now."

"But, what about your partners? They are in there!" said Tazuna as he looked inside of the seal where the fog got so thick they couldn't see anything.

"They are fine, it will take more than Zabuza to bring Rose down." Said Fox. "I just hate that I have to stand here and do nothing."

"But what if something else comes?" asked Tazuna.

"We will know it." Said Fox. "There is a reason why me and Rose went to the forest, after all, we covered that and the one on the other side with seals. You are safe. Trust us."

*******Inside the Barrier******

Rose walked silently through the fog with Palmon at her side. They gave a few steps before stopping and activating their air purifying seal, cleaning the fog and revealing Zabuza and his accomplice… and the barrier, making the missing Nins look around in shock.

"What the… when did you put this up?" asked Zabuza surprised.

"That is the problem with the fog, you can't see what your enemy is doing." Mocked Palmon. "I didn't know you had a partner, Zabuza, but it makes no difference. Surrender or die."

Zabuza looked at Palmon, stared for just a bit than he pointed wide eyed and yelled "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?"

Palmon grew a tic mark on her head. Rose sniggered silently.


Palmon's tic mark grew even more, making Rose laugh quietly.


Palmon's head got huge as she yelled "THAT'S IT YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU ARE SO DEAD!" Palmon was about to rush to Zabuza when his partner intercepted her, rugby style, into the sidelines, making her fall on with her head on the floor. "OW! OKAY, YOU WANA GO FIRST? CAUSE I CAN DEAL WITH YOU!"

Rose decided to play attention to Zabuza. She brought her kodachi out and stood ready.

"A fellow swordsman, huh?" asked Zabuza as he readied his blade. "Tell me, where is Kakashi? Is he not man enough to face me again? Did he have to resort to green ass genins like you?"

Rose was ever so glad she was mute. She had learned that her silence irked those that didn't know she couldn't speak, and that meant a pissed off adversary, which is better than a battle ready one. Zabuza scoffed at first, thinking the kid was acting tough.

"Not going to say anything? I don't need you to speak anyway. You are probably too scared anyway, having to face someone like me."

His only answer was a blank face, though if he could see under the mask, he would see a raised eyebrow. Egotistical pricks. Did they have to exist?

"Fine, no words, I'll just kill you!" yelled Zabuza as he ran and tried to cut her neck with a swing of his sword… key word tried as Rose brought the weapon up and as it caught the blade, she slid under it before allowing it to continue its way, making Zabuza stumble a bit as she brought a knee to his stomach and stamped her left palm on his chest, a seal forming quickly as he fell backwards.

Zabuza got up. He was shocked at the skill behind that one move. There where Jounins that couldn't move that fluently. He had severely underestimated his opponent this time, this was no ordinary kid. "You brat, you think that you got a chance with me, think again." He then tried to channel some chakra, only for his arms and legs to feel heavier. "What the hell?"

Rose pointed to his heart. Zabuza was confused as he felt his chest. That's when he felt it. "Clever, you put a seal on me. If I had to guess, it is some weight seal, the more chakra that passes through it, the heavier it gets… and since the heart is connected to my chakra pathways… nay, it's one of the most important points where chakra passes, so every time I try to use more chakra it will get heavier. Not bad, but not good enough. I know this seal, you can't use chakra either or the seal will break, so all I have to do, is kill you or force you to use chakra and I will be free."

He then brought his blade up and rushed at her, with her copying him and the two exchanging blows like proper swordsman.

Palmon was having a bit of trouble, her opponent was fast and sleek. He avoided Palmon's roots left and right and without Rose to back her up with cards, she was in a bit of a pinch.

However, Palmon knew what she was doing. She was a Hokage's Hand member for a reason. While her opponent was avoiding her strikes, she didn't give him any leeway either for him to do his.

They met in the center and started to trade blows until he grabbed her hand. "I have several advantages now: one, I have immobilized your hand. Second, the air around us is filled with water." With that several spikes of water form. "Hidden Jutsu: A Thousand Needles of Death. You have no chance."

"Yeah, well you are asking the wrong girl for tango." Palmon said as she yelled "Poison Ivy!" Her poisonous spikes stabbed into the hand that was grabbing hers before she pulled him over her. Just as the needles were about to skewer him, they stopped and dissolved to water. Palmon pouted and threw him away. "Almost got yah. Well, it's not like you have a chance now, you are poisoned."

"Poison?" asked a surprised… well we all know its Haku.

"Yeah, you have little more than a few minutes. I suggest you say your prayers. I'm out of here, got to help my partner and all, see ya!"

As Palmon turned to move away, she had a distinct impression that she had just done something foolish. This only increased when as she was about to help Rose, an ice needle hit her shoulder. "OW, what the?"

She turned to see Haku up, not a hint of weakness or tiredness while he used his still working hand. "How is that possible?" asked an astounded Palmon.

"Venenum pernicies(1), also known as the poison bane…" as he said that, he showed an empty syringe. "…is a plant whose essence eliminates the toxins out of your blood stream. I have, at this point, 3 hours of total immunity."

"Well ain't that sweet? You know the problem with your explanation, kid?" said Palmon with a smile. "You gave too much information away. Now I know how you got better, know how long it can last, and know just how to counteract it!"

"Not if you can't catch me." Challenged Haku.

"Kid, you are fast, but not that fast. I caught you once I can do it again." Said Palmon with a scoff.

"You may had luck before, but I can be faster." And with that, Haku did one sided hand seals.

Meanwhile, Rose and Zabuza clashed swords again, one trying to overpower the other. Zabuza had to admit the kid was good, but he wouldn't say it out loud, he had a reputation to protect. Now if only he could get the upper hand.

But he couldn't use chakra to overpower her nor could he create more fog either. And his water jutsu not only were out of reach… but there wasn't enough water on this bridge with the damn seal cutting them off from the water that ran bellow it.

He seethed. This was well planed against him. Haku still had a chance, but not him. The only consolation was that the kid was on the same boat. Once that seal was used, she can't use chakra either or her connection to the seal will be broken. The problem was that even then, she still had the advantage, because even without him using jutsu, every time chakra passed through the heart, his weight would increase even slightly. In other words, it's a timed death: Each second making him slower, each second making it harder on him, while his opponent had no such problem.

Rose kept her focus. She knew that Zabuza was giving his best to kill her, it was the only way to stop the seal. But that meant she couldn't help Palmon, and it was frustrating to her. She knew Palmon depended a lot of her cards, and she couldn't get an opening.

"What's wrong, kid? Getting tired?" taunted Zabuza. At her silence, he growled. "Dammit, stop ignoring me!"

He yelled as he rushed again, bringing his sword down on her. But Rose was ready, as she sidestepped to the left and made an horizontal arch with her own blade, only for him to crouch down and try a cut at her legs, which failed to as she jumped over him and landed behind him and kicked back, making him fall forward.

Zabuza tried to regain his ground only to have to roll away as she trusted her sword at where he was. He let go of his sword as he got up and hit her in the face, making her stumble back before she made a swing with her blade and almost cut of his arm.

"Damn…" said Zabuza as he rushed back and grabbed his blade… only to struggle to raise it. He wheezed as he pulled on it, but it didn't bulge. "Dammit, it won't… move!"

Rose saw her chance and went to swipe a card. She reckoned a "Hyper Speed" might be good enough for now and did just that. Her digivice made the sound: "DIGI-MODIFI: HYPER SPEED ACTIVATE." Before she turned just in time to see Zabuza hit her face with a solid punch. "You forget, that before I was a Kenjutsu master, I had to learn how to fight without it." Mocked Zabuza.

Palmon looked around as many ice mirrors stood. She had no idea what the hell was going on, but it sure was freaky. I mean, in every single one, there was a reflection of Haku.

"Man, you are either one sassy guy or your ego is bigger than this bridge!" mocked Palmon as she tried to get him mad.

"Is that the best you could come up with?" asked Haku from all around her. "It is useless, my speed will get you now."

Palmon sneered. "I don't buy it."

"You will pay for it." Warned Haku as suddenly he blurred and needles rained on Palmon, who was pelted by all of them.


The green clouds of gas filled the place even as Haku rushed from one mirror to the other only for his voice to sound within the cloud. "I'm sorry, but my mask protects me against this type of gas."

"Shit shit shit shit shit!" yelled Palmon until she felt her speed rise. "Hyper Speed…I know! All I have to do is get out of this dome!"

She rushed towards one of the exits, her new speed making her flash through the place, only to be pelted with more needles from the front. "I'm sorry, but even if your new speed is impressive, it is still not enough for me."

"Damn it! What now?" asked Palmon as more needles rained on her.

Rose was not having it any easier. Apparently, that sword was really heavy, cause when fighting without it, even with added weight, Zabuza looked like he was a Guy with his weights on. And that is saying something. The only consolation was that he had no style of fighting, but did that matter when he was able to throw away her blade and kick her in the face?

"See now, kid? You are in way over your head." Said Zabuza mockingly as he ran towards her and tried to punch her only for her to move her head to the side and hit him in the stomach, which even as he recoiled from the hit, he grabbed her wrist and brought his elbow down on her arm, making it crack as Rose released a silent yell. "Even now you still don't say a word, do you? You are a tough one. A shame that you are going to die."

Rose glared from behind the mask. Damn her cockiness. One slip and now she is at his mercy. Unknowingly, tamer and partner were thinking along the same lines, both coming to one decision. Damn it. I need Jean/Palmon.

Her digivice lighted up and Palmon went through the digivolution process.


What came out was unexpected. It was tall, unnaturally tall. It had needles coming out of every part of her green body, each so thin it looked harmless to the untrained eye. This all ended with two big red boxer gloves.


Togemon stood proudly in the middle of the ice mirrors. All previous wounds and tiredness forgotten as she basked in her new power.

"This changes nothing. You just made yourself a bigger target." Said Haku.

"Man, you most definitely don't know what you are talking about." Said Togemon with a smirk… which was weird in her hollowed face. "You don't even know how stronger I am!"

"Then show me." Said Haku as he blurred… only for Togemon to roll into a blur herself as she yelled "Needle Spray."

It was chaos! Needle hit needle making them fall into the ground while more kept raining from everywhere. But Togemon didn't just sit still, she rolled her way towards one of the mirrors. In mid spin, she yelled "Knock-Out Fist!" and hit the mirror, shattering it as she passed through. She saw Jean going down as Zabuza punched her and rushed to aid. "HEY, BIG AND UGLY, LEAVE MY PARTNER ALONE!"

Zabuza turned only to be hit by a boxer glove to the face, breaking a lot of his bones, specially his nose and teeth, and sending him flying back. Togemon got to Jean and kneeled down. "You just had to prove you were better with the damn sword. Release the seal, I need my partner up to full power."

Rose nodded as she got up. She started to gather chakra on her body. As she did, Zabuza felt the weight disappear. "Hey Rose!" said Togemon. "I will take your opponent, you take mine. Just a warning, he is fast and likes to use needles."

Rose nodded and both set out to fight each other's opponents. Zabuza grabbed his discarded blade and brought it to cleave Togemon in half, only for it to be stopped by Togemon's glove. Togemon's voice sounded ominous as she said "Tsk tsk, naughty naughty Zabuza, thinking you can hurt big old me. You should know never to mess with someone bigger than you."

"Finally someone that isn't a walking coffin!" said Zabuza as he brought his sword back and tried again, only to be stopped yet again by Togemon's gloves. "On second thought, you are starting to annoy me already."

"Lightspeed Jamming!" yelled Togemon as her fists became blurs, hitting Zabuza's form quicker and quicker in each part of his body: down, up, left, right, the blows came from everywhere and anywhere at the same time, each with more strength than the last. The final punch, after an uppercut that sent Zabuza down to the count, was a crushing blow to his head, splattering it across the ground.

With Rose things went well. Haku had come out of his mirrors to try to fight Togemon only to be intercepted by Rose. He tried to send some needles, only for Rose to pull a scroll and seal them in the middle of the air, shocking Haku.

"To be able to seal an incoming projectile like that. The level that requires. What are your ranks, Jounin?" asked Haku fearfully.

Rose didn't answer as she then waved her scroll like a certain weapon mistress and all the stored needles came flying at Haku, who had to jump away from them. He wasn't ready for his own needles to be pushed back by chakra strings inside the scroll. "I wish I knew that trick. I wouldn't be losing so many needles." Joked Haku.

Rose didn't laugh, at least not out loud, which made Haku think that he was dealing with a real professional killer, who was there just to kill him, not to have fun. Haku tried to think of what to do and rushed to her, thinking he could still try to overpower her with his strength and stab a vital point… only for his needle to rush away from his hand and hit his shoulder. "What the…"

It was too late for Haku to understand as Rose unsheathed her blade and cut of her head, making it fall to the ground. She smiled. She couldn't have used this seals against Zabuza. Her seals worked like reverse magnets, perfect when she was being pelted by a rain of metal projectiles, sending them back to their owners. The problem is… they don't work in large things like Zabuza's sword, but it did its job well against his accomplice.

"HEY ROSE! I'M DONE HERE, NEED A HAND?" Rose turned to Togemon, who was waving her glove trying to get the blood and gore out of it. She just smiled and shook her head. "THEN LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!"

Both turned to walk towards one of the corners of the barrier.


Fox was trembling in his place. Trying to hold the same position for so long was really tiring and his muscles were filled with cramps. He needed to move NOW!

"Any sight of them?" asked Fox.

"Negative." Came the answer from Vulpamon.

"Nope." Blackrenamon called out.

"I don't see them yet." finished Renamon.

Fox growled. He didn't know how his partners were so calm. He was near hysterics. They were taking too long and not only his body was complaining, but he feared that something happened to them. "Damn, I am starting to get worried."

"Don't be, this is Rose we are talking about. She will manage." Said Vulpamon, which was the closest to him.

"Yeah, take a chill pill would you? They should be getting out at any… what the fuck is that?" came the worried answer from Blackrenamon. "Is that… wow Palmon grew a lot in there!"

Fox was extremely curious. The fact that he only heard "grew a lot in there" was making him antsy. Even more when Renamon started adding in "I forgot they could get that big." Thinking the worse, Fox yelled out "LADIES, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IN THE MIDDLE OF HOSTILE GROUND?"

"What? What are you talking about? We were admiring Palmon's evolved form!" came Renamon's answer.

At that point, Fox didn't know whether to bash his head in embarrassment or just find a hole and burry himself there. "Just… ask if we can put out this barrier!"

"… we can!"

"THANK KAMI!" yelled Fox as he fell down on his ass. "Ouch, even my ass feels sore."

Vulpamon just laughed at her tamer while the barrier slowly dissolved. It was then, as the remains of whatever fog was on the inside disappeared, that he saw Togemon, and he did a double take.

"What the hell happened to you? You are huge Palmon!" yelled Fox.

"It's Togemon, thank you very much." Admonished Palmon. "And it's called digivolving, you should know, your partners passed through it."

"Yeah, but… wait what was that." Said Fox as he felt a ringing on his ears.

Rose made a few hand seals. "What? Someone is coming? How did you… you mean the ringing is actually those seals alerting us?" asked Fox. At Rose's nod, Fox turned to look around. "How many and from where?"

Rose stopped to ponder before pointing to one direction and making some motions. "Dozens? Man or digimon?" at her shrug, Naruto sighed. "Oh well, get ready anyway, this could be bad for us."

Everybody got ready, looking towards where it was supposed to be. Fox then remembered something. "Tazuna, go home. If it is Gato, run and hide so that even if we fail, you live to fight another day."

"But what about you?" asked Tazuna.

"We? we are about to rumble." Said Togemon.

Tazuna looked at them, all ready to fight to the death. He turned and whispered "I hope you make it." And then left.

Soon, the enemies appeared. Gato followed by many mercenaries.

"Well well well. What do we have here? I suppose you are the responsible for Deltamon's disappearance." Said Gato in a cocky manner. "And you killed Zabuza too! What a shame. He will never know I wasn't going to pay him."

Rose started doing hand seals, which Fox started to read. "Yeah, he didn't." said Fox. "Doesn't matter though, respect the dead Gato! This man fought bravely and fearlessly, he deserves his post mortem respect."

"Post mortem respect… HA! He was a missing nin, why should he get any respect?"

"Because he was thrice the man you could ever be." Answered Fox.

"I may disagree with that." Muttered Togemon.

Gato smiled. "What a fool. Can a man like Zabuza command this?" at this he whistled and the water bellow the bridge started to move. From within the water, from each side of the bridge, many sea serpent digimons appeared.

"What the heck are those?" asked Togemon.

Rose pulled her digivice who beeped to life and started to say "Seadramon, the sea dragon digimon, this digimon is Airdramon's marine counterpart. Its attacks is Water Breath!"

"Well what do you know, he really has more digimon." Said Fox.

"Fox, that digimon is a long range digimon. We are sitting ducks here in the bridge!" said Renamon.

"So what do we do?" asked Togemon.


They rushed away making Gato laugh. "After them! Don't let them escape!" He yelled making the mercs cheer while the Seadramons roared and went into pursuit.

As the team left the bridge, Fox said "This way!" and rushed to the left.

"Fox where are we going!" asked Togemon as she tried to keep up.

"There is a fluvial beach down the river, past the forest we will have the advantage there!" said Fox.

"How so?" asked Renamon.

"Because then we can break the force into two! Me and the girls will deal with the Seadramon on the beach, you guys deal with the mercs in the woods! The advantage is that in the beach, we have a more open field, we can evade them better there! And the attacks only come from the front!"

Everyone nodded but Rose got an extra plan. She took a card and showed it to Palmon who scoffed. "Why are you showing me that bastard? ...Ooooooh!"

With the mercs, they had just gotten out of the bridge and were looking around. "Hey, where did they go?"

"I don't know, you see them?"

"There tracks! They are going down the river!"

"After them!"

They rushed as a mob, the Seadramons following them through the river. The mercs entered the forest without hesitation while the Seadramons hesitated when they didn't see them, but went around through the river.

The mercs all rushed until they saw Rose, standing still in their fronts. She had token of her mask, revealing her young and smiling face. She then pulled a scroll and opened it, revealing letters that read "Ninja art: Invisible Force Power Activate."

The mercs laughed. "Girl, you must be nuts if you think we will fall for that." Said the merc only to be thrown back with his teeth broken.

"What the" too late as this one took a hit to the back of his neck.

"That was a real jutsu?" this one had a blow in the balls before being thrown in the air with a strike bellow the chin.

Rose just smiled, Chameleomon's card resting neatly on her hand.

With the Seadramons they had just gotten to a beach when they heard "DIGI-MODIFI: DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!"

What greeted them was the sight of a kid with a mask and three nine tailed foxes 5 of the Seadramons yelled "Water Breath" as they shot water towards them.

"EVADE AND PREPARE!" yelled Fox as each of them jumped to a different direction while Fox slashed a card. "TARGET KORIKITSUNEMON. DIGI-MODIFI: DELTAMON TRIPLEX FORCE!"

Vulpamon formed three attacks around her head forming a triangle before she yelled "Triplex Force!" And shot them forward forming one unique powerful laser that hit the 3 Seadramons who were standing to close to each other. They were vaporized, leaving others to take their place.


Youkomon rushed and jumped towards them, her claws, front and back, turning to the infected claws Alex would be proud of. She tore at the throat of one and using him jumped up and yelled "Wicked Dragon Flame!" and hit yet another.


Kyubimon formed Megadramon's claws on her shoulders and yelled "Genocide Attack!" Two missiles came from Megadramon and rushed towards the enemy. 4 Seadramons suffered the blast.


The attack rushed towards the Seadramons roaring in midair. The seadramons tried to put it out with water breath but they were not fast enough and at least 2 died while others were affected by the heat, some having nasty burns.

"YEAH! THAT IS MORE LIKE IT!" yelled both Fox and Togemon who was finishing the last guy. "That was fun. We should do it more often!"

Rose put her mask back and nodded before climbing to Togemon's glove and pointing to the bridge. "You sure you don't want to help Fox?" at Rose's hand seals, Togemon gave in. "Your right, this new form is for close combat and those guys are in an all out range fight. I don't stand a chance. Let's go."

One of the Seadramon's got Fox at that moment, making him fly into a rock formation where he hit with the head. He groggily got up as the world spun around him. "Shit… I think I…" he then touched the back of his head and confirmed it. "I… I am bleeding. Shit. I need that card." He searched for it until he found what he was looking for. He saw that Kyubimon was the closest and yelled "TARGET: KYUBIMON. DIGI-MODIFI: HEALING STYLE: HEALING PALM!"

Kyubimon felt the healing power fill her paws and looked around for the one in need of healing. She gasped when she saw Fox down. She rushed to him and started healing him while yelling "GIRLS GIVE ME COVER!"

"YOU GOT IT!" yelled both as Youkomon jumped and rolled creating another "Wicked Dragon Flame!" while Korikitsunemon rushed and yelled "Níðhöggr Strike", both hitting some of their opponents and calling attention to them.

Fox gritted his teach as the jutsu took effect. "Damn it, how are we doing?"

"So far so good, but they just keep coming. How are they spawning like this?" asked Kyubimon.

"… they aren't spawning… they are cloning!" said Fox as he observed the Seadramons. True enough, none of them disintegrated into data, but into water. "What the hell? Is there another tamer out there?"

"How is that possible? Only we have the digivices."

"Not anymore. We have to keep fighting. I will warn Rose." Said Fox as he touched the com in his ear. "Rose, this is Fox. These things are clones, I repeat, this things are clones. There is another tamer out there and I don't like this one bit! Stay sharp!"

Rose heard it and got worried. They had just gotten to the bridge where there stood Gato with another ninja with a slashed kiri headband. Next to him, the real Seadramon awaited. "What is this, Rick? I thought your Seadramons could deal with them!"

"Come on, it is just one. I can deal with her." As he said that, he smirked and came towards her. "Hello sunshine, name is Rick, and I have a proposition from my higher up. Ditch the Dragon, join a true Sovereign."

Rose frowned while Togemon yelled "What do you mean, a true Sovereign? Which one do you work for?"

"Is that a threat hidden in your voice? Perhaps I should test you out before I make the invitation again, no?" Rick said as Seadramon got ready. Things were about to get real.

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