So my first true Redge. Written just for JoMoFan-Spot because she is seriously deprived of her OTP. Hope you enjoy it!

"Randy!" Adam scolded firmly glaring at his boyfriend. "Don't!" The tattooed man just looked at the blonde innocently.

"I didn't do anything Adam," he protested. Adam kept glaring until Randy turned his attention back to the television. Adam slowly looked back at it as well and Randy slowly reached out, wrapping his arm around the back of the couch and tugged Adams hair playfully before pulling his arm back to his side.

"Randy!" Adam yelled again. The brunette finally gave up and started laughing.

"Come on babe," he soothed, wrapping an arm around Adams shoulder to pull him closer. "You know it was only in fun." Adam pouted at him.

"But you pulled my hair," he whined. "It's not nice. Imma tell Jay now." Randy snorted.

"No you won't," he pointed out. "You pulled that stupid prank on Jay last week. Remember?" Adam flushed. He did in fact remember. He had noticed that Jay was getting stressed so he had decided to make him laugh. Maybe collaborating with Jeff and dying his hair hadn't been the way to do it but it had always worked before! As a result though, this time Jay had lost it. He had yanked Adam over his knee and spanked him a few times. Adam had been mortified and was refusing to speak to his best friend.

"Jay will forgive me," he protested. "And then he's gonna tell you off and kick your ass!" Randy just shook his head indulgently. His baby was so adorable when he was mad.

"Babe you know I was only teasing," he murmured kissing the top of his boyfriends head. "You know I love you." Adam struggled, mostly for show, before he settled back down in Randy's embrace.

"Love you too Randy," he sighed tilting his head up for a quick kiss. It still wasn't going to stop him from getting him back though.

"ADAM!" The blonde Canadian laughed softly. Randy stormed out of their bathroom. Adam looked up innocently.

"Yes babe?" he asked sweetly. Randy growled.

"What. did. you. do?" he snarled. Adam giggled softly.

"Nothing Randy," he insisted. "What makes you think I did anything?" Randy rolled his eyes.

"I dunno Adam, maybe it's the fact that my HAIR IS BLONDE!" he yelled. Adam finally lost his battle with laughter.

"You look ridiculous," he sniggered.

"Adam," Randy started. "I look like Jay. What did you do?"

"Bleach in your shampoo," Adam explained, still laughing. "You deserved it."

"Why?" the younger man asked.

"You pulled my hair," Adam said, pouting. "You shouldn't pull my hair." Randy stared at him.

"I pulled your hair, so you bleach mine?" he asked. "Seriously?" Adam rolled over on to his stomach before he nodded.

"Don't pull my hair," he muttered. Randy smirked before he crept over to the bed. He took a seat gently on the edge before leaning down to whisper in Adams ear.

"But you like it when I pull your hair," he whispered. "You like it when I get a bit rough and treat you like my slut." He smirked at the soft shudder that went through his boyfriend's body before he stood up and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Adam whined. "You can't leave now!" Randy turned around and faced his baby.

"I have to go find a diva to dye my hair back," he pointed out. "Then you and I are going to have a littleā€¦talk." With that he gathered up his phone, wallet and room key and slipped out of the door, pausing on the other side just long enough to let a small laugh at the muffled scream that came from the other side. Adam thought that Randy was wrapped around his finger. And sometimes Randy had to exercise his control over the Canadian. It was the way that they worked.