GUN: Magruder's Ghost

Part 1 of the 4 part video game-based saga!

By Caleb Baier

Colton White rode back to Dodge City on horseback. He was still stunned of his journey with Clay Allison into Magruder's abandoned gold mine.

He almost thought that he would die or be held hostage by Thomas Magruder. He would eventually collapse the cavern on him, killing Magruder and almost killing himself while trying to escape.

Colton had to find Soapy Jennings, an experienced safe cracker, to find a safe in the mine's doorway to find a very valuable amount of profit which Magruder tried his hardest to keep from Colton's army of Indian Apaches, who were trying to steal it.

He found Patrick Denton, or Pat, Dodge's city marshal. He asked where Soapy was. He replied he took over Hollister's Fort and it was called Safecracker Base. Colton thanked him, and was on his way.

"Wow" he thought, thinking of how crazy his life was now. He was raised by a man who had been lying to him his whole life. He had seen a woman who had been his good friend get killed in front of him. By Magruder. He had sworn revenge on his wretched life, and it had gotten better till Magruder died.

Now everything was crazy, and Colton was trying to set things straight. He headed to Soapy's base. It was destroyed. Colton knew he probably just started working on it.

"Soapy!" he called. Soapy walked over. "Cole, good to see ya!" "Do you have a moment?" Colton asked. "Sure, what do you need?" He explained what he needed from him, and Soapy agreed.

They headed to the mine, where they attempted to open it. Soapy figured out the safe's code, and they took it to the Apache camp.

They couldn't go to Empire City because it had been turned into a fortress when Hoodoo Brown was murdered. They couldn't go to Dodge because Soapy would get killed there, as he is known to cheat at poker.

The Apache camp was full when they got there. Many Wounds was there to greet them. "Hello", he said in Indian.

They opened the safe, in which Colton and Soapy shared the profits. Cole headed back to Dodge. He walked to Jenny's grave, said his remorse and put some flowers on it. She didn't know it, but he loved her. He would've done anything for her. If it were up to him, he'd go back in time and save Jenny, and marry her.

That night he sat in his bed, reading notes from Ned's keepsake chest. Suddenly, he heard raindrops on his window, but it wasn't even drizzling. Then he heard the wind blow, but it wasn't windy at all.

Then he heard the old, dusty, floor creek, but there was nothing there. He heard the sound of a faded gunshot from a nock gun, but no one shooting a gun. The candle light flickered, and then went out. His heat lamp was quickly losing heat. Then everything went black.

Colton woke up hours later in The Badlands' TNT mine. He was being hanged. It was 11:03. Four hours after the strange things happened. "Hello!" he called. "You know, Colton White, revenge is like is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches. And it's thirst is not quenched until the last man has fallen." He heard a ghostly voice say, "Maybe you should know that." "Who are you?" Colton asked, desperate. The voice replied "You killed me and my dream which I spent my entire life doing. And right when I do achieve my goal in life, you come around and KILL ME." "Magruder."Colton said. Colton was, again, stunned. "You remind me a lot of Ned. You're both useless." "Let me go!" Colton pleaded. He was pleading for help. Nothing but help. Then he heard "What next, boss?" It was Hoodoo. "It's all coming together." That was Reed. Then he heard Hollister's voice, and then Dutchie. Colton was freaked out. Everyone he killed was swearing revenge. It was stunning to Colton. Life really wasn't straight.

END OF PART 1 of 4.