Prologue. Two Cats Met

Black Cat stood calmly in the corner of a hall. Far from the crowd and ruckus of the rich guests. Arrogantly mentioned about their assets or their now-improving business.

Black Cat shook gently the punch glass in his hand. With a bored and sulky expression he examined every inch of that big and elegant room. 'Too much,' he thought sarcastically. Indeed, he hated such a party where every rich people gathered. But, it couldn't help, order was an order. Actually Train preferred to face tens bodyguard than waiting calmly and patiently in a too bright room.

Train watched his target again who was being an attention centre in the hall. Alto Aznabel. A former governor who had smuggled state cash. And as if it wasn't enough yet, he also did some human-trafficking and being a major drug lord, prompting Chronos to annihilate him. Another scum that no longer deserved to life.

As sick watching Alto, Train put his glass down onto a table near him. Once again examined the room while leaning onto a wall behind him. And then, his cat-like eyes caught something interesting.

A girl stood across him. Alone with arms crossed in front of her chest. Her black hair fell until her shoulder and just bejeweled with a black hairpin. Her fade-black dress fell until her ankle but being part above her knee. Such a simple dress but yet, elegant. Train examined her again and saw something conspicuous with her left hip. Vague, yeah. But Trains' eyes had trained to see things his opponents hid. Train caught a silhouette of a pistol hung up on her hips. Train smirked a little. From the shape of the pistol, Train believed if that wasn't a pistol for amateur which usually used to self-protect. It was a pistol to a pro, to fight, to kill.

Train wondered who that girls' target was. He followed her gaze and stopped to Alto Aznabel. 'Oh good, now there's someone else targeting Alto.'

Time passed. Train kept watching his target and also that girl. He really wondered about who she was actually. Until finally Alto moved with his bodyguards, leaved the hall. Train followed him and loosened the necktie he hated so much as he walked. Let his XIII tattoo be seen. And without Train noticed, the girl he watched before made a movement as well.

Train followed his target. Not bother to disguise him self because it was just a piece of cake he could accomplish easily. And beside, he also felt someone walked, far enough behind him. 'Is it that girl?'

The bodyguard started to feel irritated by Train.

"What do you want, huh?" one of them asked harshly with a gun ready in their hand. But Train kept walking casually. A cheap threat like that didn't make any effect for Train Heartnet, the Black Cat.

In a flash Train withdrew his Hades from his tuxedo, "I've come to give you some bad luck"

Altos' eyes and his bodyguards' froze to Hades that aimed Altos' head and XIII tattoo which engraved on Trains' left chest. Although he turned so pale and tense, Alto dared him self to speak, "Hah, I'd never thought Chronos would send their Black Cat to kill me. What an honor, Black Cat"

At once the corridor suddenly was full by tens Altos' bodyguards with any weapon ready in their hand. While Alto had disappeared among his bodyguards. Sighed lazily, Train kept his gun back. 'No need to waste any bullet for these small fish'. Without wasting any time, Train ran, attacked the bodyguard who blocked his way toward Alto. Then he felt someone else rushed along his side and attacked the bodyguards as well.

That was that girl. And she was as fast and strong as Train. For a moment Train stared the girl in awe. Calmly and easily she managed to knock off half of the bodyguards. They did knock them off. And the girl glanced Train using a examine look and a little challenging look. Train chuckled mentally seeing that girls' gaze. A gaze which implied something like, 'Don't interfere my hunt!'

But Black Cat had trained to hide hid emotion.

The girl continued running, after Alto. Train, as if did not want to lose chase Alto as well. That girl threw an annoyance look to Train but Train did not care at all. Until Alto had right in front of them. Running alone in panic. The girl withdrew her gun. A black pistol with silver wire in the tip of the hilt, just like Trains'. Train withdrew his Hades too and ran faster than her. She growled and also ran faster. Until finally they managed to caught with Alto and on the same time pointed their gun on the different target.

Train pointed Hades to back side of Altos' head while the girl pointed hers to Altos' heart.

"He's my prey…" the girl hissed and her eyes caught Trains' weapon and his tattoo. "…Black Cat"

Train just kept quite and stuck Hades even harder to the head of former governor who shaking for fear.

"I don't care he was targeted by whom but for the clear, he will killed by me" Train said casually. The girl narrowed her eyes and ready to pull her trigger.

But Train was much faster.


A bullet tore trough Altos' head. He died on the spot. Bit of his blood splattered the assassin girls' face. She stared at the corpse which supposed to be her target fell to the ground in shock, died.

"If you want to kill, do it fast and without any hesitant." Train said as keeping his gun and walked away. While the girl still stood there, froze for shock.

"You will regret it, Black Cat!"