He lay dead in my arms, just as the clock struck 12. His hand fell lifeless from my cheek, I let out a howling scream as a signal to some people that he was gone. Kat and Alfie stood on the pavement, opposite Kat stood shocked at what she'd just witnessed. Alfie walked over to me, put his big leather jacket around my shoulders and let me rest my head on his shoulder in grief. I looked up at Janine, tears violently fell from my eyes, anger boiled up inside of me as I prepared to scream.

"YOU! YOU KILLED HIM!" I screamed, as tears fell like a river crashing on to my cheeks. Janine just stared at me, like I was some Looney woman who'd just gone mental. I wasn't mental; I'd just lost my closest friend.

I turned my head to behind me to, see Bianca and Ricky holding back, a very tearful Whitney. I took a breath and turned my head to the other side of me to look at Ian comforting Jane and Bobby. Then I looked down, his head still in my hands, his lifeless body still in my arms I had a dead body in my arms, not just any old dead body. The corpse of my best friend.

Alfie helped me up and onto the pavement with Kat, so the police and undertakers could take him away. When they placed his body in a plastic black bag, onto the stretcher and into the car, I burst into tears wanting to go with him I couldn't. Kat took me in her arms and stroked my hair.

"Its gunna be okay chicky I promise" She whispered.

I looked up, over to my house's front window. Someone stood in the window holding the net curtain revealing themselves fully to the light. Tears ran softly down her pale cheeks, her long blonde hair was scruffy; her black mascara was black as thick bold ink.

"Who's that?" Kat said, rubbing my shoulder supportively.

"That? Oh, that's just." I paused, before thinking. "That's just Lucy"

That night, I spent my first alone. This is where everything went wrong, grief took over my life. It was going to ruin my life for the rest of it, how was I going to live without someone so close to me?

Comon' Lauren pull together woman!

I couldn't face going to the funeral with everyone else, especially Ian being there. I was going to wait until everyone else left.

I knelt down in front of his grave, tears reached my eyes. I reached out and I ran my fingers through the name craved every so neatly on the stone.

"I love you too, Peter Beale"