Picture this:

The world is white.

Skeletons tower through the sky.

Their ragged limbs reach up, up, up towards the heavens.

Scattered here, there, are lumps, some larger and some smaller.

There is only one color to be seen, besides the whiteness, and that color is grey.

It isn't much of one, but in a winter blank world such as this, the occasional puffs of smoke that shatter the world's stillness as they emerge, gasping, from their chimneys, are the most colorful things to be seen.

Now look closer.




Do you see it?

There is a girl.

Can you see her yet?

She's not that big - best look in closer.

Her lips are almost as blue as her eyes.

You can see her now, can't you? Right there, look!

Her blue blood shines beneath the dull surface of her fingernails.

It should be easy to find her. She's the only thing to be seen - there are no rabbits or birds or flowers to be found.

Her skin is practically the same color as the snow around her, just a few shades lighter than her hair.

You do see her, right? Better watch closely!

Because this is the story of a girl. It starts not with a bang, but a whimper.