Don't Break My Heart

Part 17

Ichigo has been pacing for about twenty minutes now, his mind wrought with questions and decisions he's yet to make. He went to class earlier and has been off for an hour, his designs for the next line already sketched up and ready to take to Uryu. It's only been a week since that show and Ichigo's business has skyrocketed, his artistic ability striking favor within the wealthy men and women that had seen the show and slowly traveling through their friends until they were forced to explain they're not big enough for such large orders. Now, Ichigo takes three hours out of each day to spend time on new designs, requests, and his artwork. He sighs, stopping when a knock at his door sounds. He wonders if it would be too rude to pretend he's not home, but shakes the thought from his head as he moves to answer it.

"Hey, Kitten!" Grimmjow grins. "You busy?"

"Just wearing a hole in my carpet," he sighs. "I'm so frustrated! I never expected this designing thing to take off so fast, I'm ready to pull my hair out!"

"I see," he nods as he shuts the door. "Come on, I'll help you relax."

Ichigo is hesitant, but follows his boyfriend to the couch anyway. Grimmjow sits and leans back, pulling the orangette onto his lap to cuddle. One of the jock's hands runs through those bright locks, massaging the scalp every now and then until his smaller beau is practically purring.

"Let it all out, Kitten," he says as he nuzzles Ichigo's neck. "I'm listening."

"Two days after the show, Uryu throws a huge list… like four pages long… at me!" he growls. "Rich women have way too much time on their hands! Like ten of them decided they like this outfit, but they don't like that style. How stupid is that! Then about three of them said I like this but I have another idea for it, so I have so many requests to fulfill. Not to mention I'm still in class and I have to find time for my own art! I don't think I can do this!"

"Just take it a little bit at a time," Grimmjow says softly. "Don't let it drown you. Take the weekends for yourself and your artwork, keep your business to certain hours of the day, make sure your schoolwork comes first. And remember, I'm always going to be right here in case you get too stressed… and I demand Friday nights and a portion of Saturdays."

"… What would I do without you?" Ichigo laughs.

"I shudder to think," the jock smirks. "So, do you have some free time now?"

"Maybe, what are you planning?"

"I want to ask you something," Grimmjow states seriously.

Ichigo sits and waits, relaxing in the larger male's arms as he waits for him to continue. When he doesn't, the vibrant haired teen looks over to see hesitation in those cyan pools he loves so much. He tilts his head to one side in question, a motion Grimmjow always says earns him his pet name.

"Go ahead, I'm listening."

"Don't take this wrong, okay? I don't want you to freak out or anything."

"… I'm starting to worry."

"It's nothing bad, I swear. I just… I want you to move in with me."

Ichigo can only stare in surprise, blinking a couple times as Grimmjow waits impatiently. A few minutes later, he's getting nervous and edgy.

"Please say something."

"Hmm? Oh! Uh… that would be… great," Ichigo says nervously. "But… can you tell me why?"

"Well, I was just thinking that you stay there a lot now as it is and it's a fairly big house," he rambles. "I mean, I'd like more company on the weekends and the weekdays wouldn't seem so annoying if you were there…"

"Grimm," Ichigo chuckles as he presses their foreheads together. "I think I would enjoy living with you."

Grimmjow's answering grin is huge, more ecstatic than feral, and Ichigo squeaks as he's yanked into a kiss. Joy he's never really felt before swells in his chest, the sound of his seme laughing in happiness pulling at heartstrings never touched. Once they pull away, Grimmjow sets Ichigo beside him on the couch before getting up.

"I'll start packing your stuff," he grins. "And I have a big surprise for you once we're done!"

"Wait… I'm moving now?"

"Why not? You're not that busy, I've got too much time on my hands today," the teal haired male shrugs. "Come on, I've already cleared a space for you."

"… What space?"

"Your usual space, just a bit roomier."

"My usual space is your room," Ichigo laughs.

"I know. I like you in that space."

Ichigo laughs harder, Grimmjow grinning that usual feral grin of his as he pulls his orangette off the couch and into his arms. The vibrant haired artist sighs, cuddling closer as he feels those muscles bunch and move as those large arms tighten around him. After their embrace, the two split up to get things packed and moved. It'll take all day most likely, but they won't stop until it's done. Ichigo glances over at his boyfriend, the larger male easily moving furniture Ichigo would have difficulty with. He shakes his head, carefully packing away his recent designs so he'll know where they are later.

Grimmjow looks down at his uke, the orangette passed out in a sprawl upon his side of the bed… and part of Grimmjow's. It's almost noon, but Ichigo doesn't have classes and the moving process the day before took a lot out of him. He smiles slightly, running his fingers through orange silk as Ichigo mumbles in his sleep before purring his name. With a quick kiss to Ichigo's head, Grimmjow heads downstairs to grab some lunch. Stark and Hallibel are there, Lilinette sitting on the stool at the breakfast bar.

"Hey, Grimmy!" she greets. "Where's your girlfriend?"

"Ichigo isn't my girlfriend, Lily, he's my boyfriend," he sighs for the tenth time.

"… Looks like a girl to me," she mutters.

"Is he still asleep?" Hallibel wonders.

"Yeah, he's really tired. I'm just gonna let him sleep, okay?"

The blonde woman nods and heads over to start unpacking and placing Ichigo's things, something she promised to have done far faster than the other two could've… she's down to three boxes since yesterday. It's about one when Ichigo comes stumbling down the stairs, yawning loudly as he stretches.

"Mm… What time is it?" he mumbles.

"One," Grimmjow answers as he sets a sandwich in front of the smaller male.

"… In the afternoon?" he gasps.

"Yes. You didn't have classes today and you needed some rest," the teal haired jock states.

"But… but… I… my designs..!"

"Ichigo, calm down, you're gonna burn yourself out."

"Grimmjow is right," Stark points out as he sets down a glass of orange juice. "If you don't relax once in awhile, you'll end up doing more harm to your health than good. We've been appointed to help you with that."

"… Say what?"

They say nothing more, but Grimmjow's innocent features are pointedly looking away from Ichigo's scowl. After a moment, the orangette sighs and gives his boyfriend a minute smile. None of the others have cared enough to make certain he relaxes, as annoying as it may be it's still kind of sweet.

"Oh! Your surprise!" Grimmjow says excitedly. "Hurry up and eat so I can show it to you!"

"It's a sandwich, Grimm, it's not like it's gonna get cold anytime soon."

Rolling his eyes, the teal haired jock gets up and pulls Ichigo along down a hall the other hasn't been around before. They pass a den and the doors that lead to the garden, stopping at the end of the hall. He opens the door and pushes Ichigo through, the orangette gasping as his eyes go large and his mouth drops open. The room has ceiling to floor windows down one wall and holds few things, but enough to tell Ichigo what it's for. There's a drawing desk, shelves, easels, paints… everything for the other to work with, designs or his art.

"Oh my god," Ichigo mutters. "Grimmjow…"

"It used to be my gym, but I never used it," he waves off. "I like working outside to walking a treadmill."

"Grimmjow, this is… I just… This is perfect, thank you so much!" Ichigo cheers as he throws himself into the other's arms.

"Everybody needs a space to themselves, Ichi," he murmurs into his beau's ear. "I thought you could use an area for your work… but Stark and Hallibel will lock the door if they think you're working too hard. That's the only condition I'm putting on this room, okay? Don't overwork yourself."

"I promise! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Grimmjow smiles against Ichigo's cheek, kissing the smaller male's earlobe and tightening his hold. Before he knows it, the door is closed behind him by Ichigo's foot and he's staring in surprise at the other. Ichigo is looking at him from beneath long lashes, a light blush on his cheeks.

"I want to tell you something," he murmurs.

"… I'm listening," Grimmjow breaths.

"… I think I'm ready," he states. "You know… to… well…"

"I get what you're saying, Kitten. Are you sure?"

"Yes, very."

That large grin again, ear to ear, as Grimmjow opens the door and pulls Ichigo back to their room. Ichigo doesn't wait that long, only long enough to reach the door to said room, before he's pressing himself against Grimmjow eagerly. The teal haired male fumbles for the doorknob, swinging open the door and leading Ichigo into the room before closing and locking it. He lifts the orangette up, long legs wrapping around his waist as Grimmjow's hands knead Ichigo's ass. Ichigo moans into his mouth, giving the more domineering male's tongue access to said cavern. He's dumped onto the bed, hands grasping and pulling at clothes until there's nothing left but bare skin. Grimmjow grinds down into Ichigo's hips, the smaller artist throwing back his head as he groans loudly at the spark that's jumping through his system. That sinful mouth travels down his body, licking and nipping at tan skin as strong hands hold tight to slim hips.

"Oh god, Grimm!" Ichigo moans out. "I… I don't want to wait. Just take me."

"Mm… no foreplay?"

"N-no, not this time. Please, I need you."

Grimmjow grins against Ichigo's muscled stomach, nipping one last time before reaching for his bedside table. Ichigo is already panting, the eagerness swimming in his eyes drowning out the fear that usually lies there. Grimmjow carefully stretches his lover, absently playing with Ichigo's bellybutton and ignoring the persistent arousal the smaller male tries to push him toward. Finally, he coats his own erection and slides back up his boyfriend's body, making certain their skin never leaves each other. The feeling of their sweat slicked bodies moving along one another send a tremor of pleasure through Ichigo, the orangette whimpering in need.

"Shall I take my time, or do you want it over with quickly?" Grimmjow murmurs in his ear.

"Just d-do it," Ichigo sighs.

Grimmjow sets his face in the crook of Ichigo's neck, guiding himself to his uke's entrance before pushing in completely in one thrust. The sharp intake of breath from Ichigo has Grimmjow stilling, kissing the tan neck softly to calm the other. Ichigo's mile long legs take their place around the jock's waist, the other rocking back on the rigid length to get Grimmjow moving. With a quiet moan, Grimmjow pulls almost all the way out and thrusts back in sharply. His pace is fast, his thrusts deep and hard, and Ichigo is quick to lose himself to the other. His nails claw his seme's neck and shoulders, his body writhing and arching as he gets closer to letting loose. He's never had it like this, as Shuuhei was always too worried about himself and treated Ichigo like glass when he took it slow. This time, he's overwhelmed by everything. Grimmjow scent, his body, the force behind each and every thrust, and the squeaky protest of the bed frame as it's put to the test.

"Good god," Ichigo moans. "Grimm… oh, Grimmjow! Ah!"

"Mm… Ichi," Grimmjow purrs into his ear.

The coil within Ichigo's abdomen is pulled tight, so close to snapping he can taste it. Suddenly, a harsh thrust strikes his prostate head-on and Ichigo tumbles over the edge. He screams Grimmjow's name as his release coats their stomachs, his walls tightening around his seme painfully. Grimmjow picks up his pace just a little more, racing to his own end. One final thrust, holding himself as deeply as he can possible get, he spills his seed into Ichigo's core with a growl. The smaller male gives a soft and tired moan at the feeling of being filled by the warm liquid, his drowsy amber gaze watching Grimmjow as he comes back down from his high. He's pulled out of, drawn close, and rolled so he's lying on Grimmjow's chest as the two attempt to catch their breath.

"That… was amazing," Ichigo gasps.

"Mm, hell yeah."


"Yeah, Kitten?"

"… I love you," Ichigo blushes brightly as he buries his face in Grimmjow's chest.

"I love you, too, Ichigo," the teal haired jock says with a grin that could shame the Cheshire cat.

A month later, a month they've gone strong, and Ichigo has finally fallen into a routine to keep his life on track. Grimmjow has started back in the ring, just to mess with Ichigo once in awhile, and that's drawn a huge following ten times that of when he first took the championship. He's been so supportive of his boyfriend, even going so far as to model for him in both shows and his paintings.

"Open the damn door!" Ichigo screams.

"No, you've been working too hard this week and you need a break," Stark frowns.

"My designs are due in two days! I need to finish them before…"

"Hey, Ichi," Grimmjow greets as he comes in from the garden.

He's dirty, as he was out planting more flowers in his special spot, and he's careful not to mess up the carpet with his boots. Ichigo is on him immediately, his eyes large and pleading as he gives Grimmjow a pout that normally gets him what he wants.

"Stark won't let me in my office," Ichigo whimpers. "I only have a few more designs to finish, Grimm, please tell him to unlock the door."

"… Stark?"

"His last break was last week and he only took two hours to relax before he was back to work," he sighs. "I'm not unlocking the door until tomorrow afternoon."


"Sorry, Kitten, you know the rules," Grimmjow reprimands playfully. "You need to take a break."

Ichigo grumbles under his breath, but stalks off anyway. He knows by now that he'll never convince Stark and Hallibel to go back on unlocking the door, which is one of the reasons Grimmjow didn't keep the keys for himself. Grimmjow follows after him, grinning like a fool as he heads for their adjoined bathroom.

"Come take a bath with me, Kitten."

"… Fine."

As they sit in the hot water soaking, Ichigo curled against Grimmjow's chest as the other leans back in the tub, Grimmjow absently plays with wet orange locks. He looks at his beau carefully after a moment, and then sits up. Ichigo gives him a curious gaze, straddling his lap as he waits for taller to speak.

"Can I ask you something?" he asks.

"You can ask me anything, Grimm," he grins happily.

"… I want you to marry me."

Ichigo is silent a moment, just like when he was asked to move in with the teal haired man, but he recovers faster than before. He grins widely and hugs Grimmjow tightly as he breaths a 'yes' in his ear, tears of joy running down his cheeks. He knows they'll be together forever, he can feel that much as Grimmjow cries with him as he tries to hide it. The teal haired jock can honestly say he's never loved anyone more… and Ichigo has to agree.