Title: It Had To Be You

Warnings: Slash. Spoilers up to the end of sixth season.

Pairings: Hotch/Reid

Summary: Sometimes you don't realize what's right in front of you until it's too late. Sometimes you realize it just in time to have it.

Word count: ~9000 but I might be wrong.

DISCLAIMER: The Mark Gordon Company, ABC Studios and CBS Paramount Network Television own Criminal Minds. I just took them out to play and I promise put them back when I'm done.

Author's note: Finally! I promised myself that I would finish it before my birthday and even though I'm late I'm really happy with the way it had turned out. Technically it's the end but time will tell if it's really the end because in my head this story has two sequels running around.

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Chapter four: Finally Enjoy

It shouldn't be this simple but it was. He was flying, he was crying and he was mouthing Reid's name against his lips as he tumbled over the edge himself.

How could he be so blind to not see it? How could he be so stupid to miss the obvious? He had all clues right in front of him and if he didn't happen to be at the Martin's Tavern today on Monday morning he would show up in his office with a cup of coffee, start working on the paperwork and he wouldn't discover Reid's resignation until he would be long gone from his house and Aaron's life.

But he didn't, Aaron caught him in time and he wasn't going to let Reid slip away from his grasp.

He rubbed their cheeks together spreading the moisture of his tears over their faces between continued whispers of Reid's name.


It was a name designed to whisper against Reid's mouth, into his ear as Aaron continued to rub their cheeks together. It was a name designed to gasp breathlessly in the ebbing throes of passion, to murmur against his neck between placing soft kisses like Aaron was doing now.

He didn't remember the last time he found himself this affectionate with someone else and so much possessive at the same time. And he still had clothes on, and in a way so did Reid.

"Bedroom," he whispered against Reid's mouth as he nuzzled their noses together in an Eskimos kiss.

"Up..." Reid gasped. "Up the damned stairs," he grunted.

Aaron allowed himself to chuckle at Reid's unhidden annoyance with his own living arrangements and the chuckle ended transferring into a very unmanly squeak when Reid found very sensitive spot at the right side of Aaron's neck and grazed his teeth against it.

At the bottom of the stairs Aaron lost his jacket and Reid lost remains of his shirt. Two steps higher Aaron's shirt was opened and lost a step above it. Another step higher left Aaron wondering how Reid managed to wrap himself around Aaron like ivy and yet was still able to loosen and remove his belt. Yet another made him wonder if his back would forgive him picking Reid up bridal style and carrying him to his bedroom for continued ravishing but he knew that he wouldn't make it to the top of the stairs.

When they reached the top of the stairs Aaron had his boxers around his knees and he managed to pull Reid's boxers to his mid-tights. Reid also had his socks on and Aaron only had the right one.

It had been a longtime since he stripped his lover at the path leading to the bedroom. It was youthful, it was flooring and it was so damned sexy.

Not that he wasn't enjoying being pressed against the wall with Reid nipping his way from his left collarbone to his right nipple, scratching slightly the back of his neck and teasing his hair with the pads of his fingertips because he was enjoying it, immensely. In fact he was enjoying himself so much that for a moment he forgot that he was supposed to get Reid out of his boxers.

"Bed," Aaron breathed out and immediately after he gasped out, "Fuck!" when Reid bit his right nipple.

"Motion supported," Reid murmured as he reached down and fondled Aaron's cock.

"Which motion?" Aaron asked dizzily. "Bed or fuck?"

"Bed, fuck, fuck in bed, fuck the bed, take your pick," Reid laughed.

"How about I drag you to the bed and we will see what we can do about the fuck part," Aaron offered.

"Mhm," Reid nodded before he scrapped his teeth against Aaron's right nipple again.

"Fuck!" Aaron gasped again.

Quickly he shook his boxers off as he dragged Reid into fully standing position, stepped out from his underwear and started maneuvering Reid towards his bedroom until he had him pressed against the door of the bedroom where he yanked Reid's boxers down and pressed himself fully against the younger man once again.

He licked his way from Reid's left shoulder to his ear and sunk his teeth into Reid's earlobe once again which elicited from Reid howled out "Ho..ouch" and a sudden change of the positions.

Aaron blinked as he realized that they were no longer standing but laying on the floor which meant that Reid opened the door to the bedroom and they tumbled in.

"You okay?" Aaron asked in concern.

"No head injury," Reid whispered. "Sore backside and elbows, I will live."

Aaron pressed a gentle kiss to Reid's lips and rubbed their half-hard cocks together as he allowed himself to run his hands through Reid's hair which led Reid into wrapping his arms around Aaron's neck and deepening the kiss.

Aaron didn't mind, not at all, in fact he wouldn't mind not getting up from the floor but he knew that at some point Reid would mind.

"Bed," Aaron mouthed against Reid's lips.

"Mhm," Reid agreed before he dove in and licked the underside of Aaron's chin before he dove lower and nipped Aaron's Adam's apple.

Pleasure surged from his neck to his brain and cock and Aaron gasped.

It took an epic amount of willpower from Aaron to not assault Reid back with his hands and mouth but to kneel up between Reid's legs, drag him into sitting position and as he stood up pulling Reid up with him.

Aaron's actions seemed to puzzle Reid for all but a moment before he let out a startled mep as Aaron sized him by the arms and pushed him on the bed.

Reid bounced up once before he propped himself on his elbows and delivered Aaron a look so heated that Aaron felt himself melting before the younger man propped both of his feet on the bed and opened his knees as he smiled bashfully.

Aaron swallowed audibly as he approached the bed and quickly flopped next to Reid who seemed surprised by his reaction.

Aaron smirked, Reid's eyebrows shot to his hairline. Aaron's smirk deepened and so did Reid's frown.

"Hotch... Aaron?" Reid asked skeptically. "What's..."

Reid didn't have a chance to finish his question as Aaron swiftly moved his hand over Reid's stomach and quickly dug his fingers into his prey, the space between the tenth and eleventh rib on the left side, area which once Reid drunkenly confessed during one of the team outings years ago was his ultimate tickling spot.

The sound which tore from Reid's throat came out as a cross of something between startled mep and chocked out howl and before Aaron registered what happened Reid flipped him fully on his back, slightly diagonally to both the headboard and the edge of the bed and he climbed onto Aaron as he held his arms by his wrists.

Aaron raised his eyebrows, Reid smirked. Aaron frowned, Reid's smirk deepened.

"So," he said impishly as he wriggled his ass over Aaron's cock making Aaron practically whine, "When I was finishing my PhD from mathematics I shared the dorm with a super nice guy named Keith, completely straight by the way," he wriggled his ass again and Aaron growled. "Keith taught me few tricks which came handy later in my life and some years ago I applied one of these..." he smirked once again.

"Why you are telling me that?" Aaron asked skeptically.

"He taught me how to translate blurps," Reid's smirk deepened even more.

"Blurps," Aaron repeated. "Blurps?"

"We attended the same party," Reid said simply, he was grinning from ear to ear. "And I believe that you blurped something along the line 'under left knee' into your beer."

Jesus freaking Christ Reid was a lip-reader!

Aaron's left arm was dropped but Aaron wasn't fast enough to catch the retreating hand which sneaked over his left tight, rested on his knee dipping lower. Quickly he pushed himself into sitting position just as Reid's forefinger struck... right there.

Aaron tried to growl over the whine that burst out of his throat but the sound he ended emitting sounded to his own ears like a gurgle and a very pitiful one on that.

"You little.." he growled when Reid paused possibly committing the earlier sound to memory to keep forever locked in the confines of his mind.

Aaron pushed himself up knocking Reid flat on his back with his head at the end of the bed, his knees bent and open invitingly.

Never before in his life Aaron had wanted to bed someone so badly.

His breath hitched and he swallowed audibly.

"Upper drawer," Reid whispered huskily as he propped himself on his elbows.

Aaron turned around yanking the drawer open and grabbing the first thing his hand touched.

"I'd rather not..." Reid cracked out.

Aaron looked down at his hand and he snorted, "Why do you keep toothpaste in your drawer?"

"I was running low on the one I keep with my duffel," Reid said sheepishly. "I usually leave one in the drawer so I can grab it."

Aaron smiled and he looked inside the drawer intent on picking the right items this time. He snatched small bottle of lube and a pack of condoms when something else caught his eye.

"Harlequin Medical Romance?" Aaron asked pointedly as he turned his head to look at Reid. "Reid..."

"I call it brain-bleach," Reid deadpanned. "Emily always liked them and I never understood the appeal until my therapist explained it to me. You don't read them for intellectual values, you read them so your mind can concentrate on something simple, boringly predictable but at the very same time hardly gore. They possess... I'm rambling aren't I?"

"Yes, but I think that your therapist would found it cute that you memorized her words," Aaron smirked.

"No, she wouldn't," Reid shook his head.

"I think she would," Aaron smiled.

"She would not," Reid shook his head again. "Do we really have to talk about her now?" he looked at Aaron with his big, brown eyes with that defenseless Bambi look he sometimes threw at people to perceive him as naive and pure like freshly fallen snow.

Aaron swallowed audibly and didn't realize that somehow the lube and condoms had been taken out of his hands and that he was pushed with his back against the headboard until the cold metal of the bed-frame connected with his right shoulder-blade just as cold lube was dripped on his member.

Reid's right hand curled around Aaron's cock, giving him a tantalizingly slow squeeze before the squeeze turned into a stroke.

Aaron keened, closing his eyes to bask in the sensation.

Reid chuckled into his ear, "Do you like it?"

"Yes," Aaron blurted out. "I..." another squeeze and tantalizing stroke. "I like it very, very... oh," another stroke, "much."

"You will like it even more," Reid said huskily.

Aaron could hear him slither down the bed, letting out a soft sigh before he...

"Oh, sweet lord," Aaron keened.

Lick the slit, down the vein, swirl the tongue around the entire length and lower to kiss and suck Aaron's sack, then lick up the underside of his cock... Reid knew his way around and he was so... Oh God...

Aaron's fingers curled in Reid's hair and Aaron could practically feel him smirk. It had been so long, so very long. Aaron tried to rock his hips to meet Reid's eager mouth but Reid steadied him with his hands pushing him against the bed.

Lick the slit, down the vein, swirl the tongue around the entire length and lower to kiss and suck Aaron's sack, then lick up the underside of his cock. Methodical. Eager. Affectionate. Sexy as hell and so fucking hot that Aaron found himself pawing Reid's shoulders and arms to bring Reid up into sitting position so he could kiss that sinfully sweet mouth.

Once Aaron had Reid seated over his tights he allowed his hands to wander over Reid's body. Searching, learning, wanting more, so much more. Everything.

"More?" Reid mouthed against his mouth.

"Sweet Lord more," Aaron grunted.

Reid smiled against Aaron's lips before he sucked Aaron's tongue into his mouth just as he pressed the bottle of lube into Aaron's hands before his hand moved to stroke their cocks in unison.

Aaron barely managed to retain his hold on the bottle as he continued to kiss Reid while Reid was stroking them. Only the promise of what was about to come made him open the cap and pour some of the lube on his left hand before he brought his hand to Reid's opening just as Reid rolled the condom over Aaron's cock.

He fingered Reid slowly, taking his sweet time to get the genius as relaxed as possible until Reid was breathing sultry into his ear foreign phrases while he wrapped his arms over Aaron's shoulders like ivy.

"Please, please, please," Reid groaned into Aaron's ear, finally using English, before he dipped his tongue into Aaron's ear and proceed to show Aaron what he wanted.

"How do you want it?" Aaron breathed into Reid's ear.

"I want to see you," Reid whispered. "I don't care how, I just want to see you, touch you, feel you... Oh, Hotch," the last word came out as a mewl of pleasure.

Aaron slid lower on the bed, still keeping his fingers inside Reid, earning shudders and delicious moans from Reid's mouth until Reid slid lower over Aaron's body till the head of Aaron's cock was pressing against his opening.

Aaron watched enchanted by the sight in front of him how Reid slowly slid himself over Aaron's cock until Aaron was ball's deep inside the younger man, enveloped by the tightness of Reid's passage.

It was... exquisite feeling, being so close, so close yet feeling that this close wasn't enough and wouldn't be enough until he would get closer.

Above him Reid smiled whimsically before he lowered his head and murmured against Aaron's lips, "Breath."

Aaron did. He breathed the air through his nose, smelling the delicious scent of apples before he let out his breath against Reid's lips and quickly surged upwards capturing Reid's mouth with his and bringing him closer and closer.

Reid rested his elbows against both sides of Aaron's head as he continued to kiss the older man, moving slowly on Aaron's cock.

Aaron knew the pace. Slow, sensual, drawing out each caress, each stroke, each slide... worshiping... cherishing... It had been so long, so long, so fucking long and it was happening, really happening.

In and out. In and out. Reid was everywhere, above him, around him, crawling within Aaron's body, Aaron's soul just as much as Aaron was crawling into his.

"Spencer," Aaron whispered against Reid's lips. "Spencer, oh God, Spencer."

"Yes," Reid whispered. "So close, so close, Aaron," he whimpered.

"Come for me," Aaron said wistfully. "Come for me Spencer. I need to see you."

Reid pushed himself up on his elbows as he continued to rock on Aaron's cock until a delicious shudder passed over him and the muscles over Aaron's cock squeezed so hard that his orgasm was ripped out of Aaron and left him so dizzy that his vision swam.

When his vision focused again he was laying flat on his back, panting heavily, his breath was ruffling the curls of Reid's hair while Reid was panting into his neck.

"That..." Aaron started. "That was..."

"Yeah," Reid murmured sleepily as he slid down from Aaron's body to his side and curled around Aaron.

Aaron wrapped his arm around Reid and he pressed a soft kiss to Reid's forehead before he closed his eyes and allowed the peacefulness to lull him into sleep.

It Had To Be You

When Aaron woke up he found himself wrapped around warm, lean body that smelt of apples, sex and... coffee?

He cracked his right eye open and caught the sight of brown curls before his vision fixed on the tray that was standing on the top of a bedside table.

He smiled to himself, it had been so long since he had a breakfast in bed, even longer since he had one in the company of his lover.

"You didn't have to," Aaron whispered into Reid's hair.

"Haf to?" Reid murmured sleepily before he turned slight so he was looking at Aaron.

"Breakfast," Aaron clarified. "You didn't have to make it."

"I didn't," Reid answered simply. "I smell coffee," he stated and he quickly looked from Aaron then to the tray on the bedside table. "Did you make breakfast?"

"No," Aaron answered as he looked again at the tray.

It was there. It held two cups filled with steaming coffee and a plate with croissants on them. He knew that he didn't make it and if neither did Reid then who else could?

Reid sat up on the bed before he backed himself against the headboard just as Aaron sat up and leaned against the pillows next to Reid. Reid took the tray from the table and placed it on the bed. Only when the tray was laying on the bed Aaron saw a small note sticking out from under the one of the coffee cups. It read:

Finally! Enjoy!

It was peculiar, very peculiar and Aaron could help but find part of the message familiar.

"I..." Reid started. "I know finally."

"I know enjoy," Aaron admitted. "That shrink friend of yours...?"

"Cameron. Jessica?" Reid asked.

Aaron nodded, finally was written in Jessica's handwriting.

"Cameron and Jessica," Reid muttered. "So that's why I didn't get to meet the girlfriend yet. Damned lesbians."

"I wouldn't complain," Aaron chuckled. "Though at some point I will start freaking out that one, or both of them saw us naked but I can forgive them that."

"Because they brought us coffee and breakfast?" Reid asked cheekily.

"That too, I can forgive them because whatever mad plan hatched in their heads had worked so I'm going to take a high road now along with the good advice," Aaron said as reached for a croissant and brought it to Reid's lips. "I'm going to finally enjoy feeding my lover with good breakfast."

Reid smiled before he nibbled on the croissant.

The Not Really End

But For Now

The End

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